My God can whip your God.

My God is better than your God.
My God is more likely to exist than your God.

Does your God approve of deliberately targeting and killing non-combatants in war?

If so, then my God is morally superior to your God.
My God doesn't approve of deliberately killing non-combatants in war - as a general rule, but there may be oddball exceptions.  This does not include bombing of military targets, knowing that some non-combatants will be killed unavoidably.

Does your God reward people for deliberately targeting and killing non-combatants in war?

If so, then your God is flat out evil, and you're a fool for serving him, because his creation can never be at peace.
My God would never reward that.

Does your God want you to fake it?

For example, does He ask or require you to pretend to think or feel what you don't truly think or feel?  Does He want you to pretend to be grateful for things for which you are not truly grateful?  Does He want your thanks and praise whether it's sincere or not?  If so, then your God was stupid to create people who think integrity is honorable, and sycophancy is dishonorable.  If you think such a God will save your soul, then either you have forgotten what a soul is, or you never had much of one to begin with.
My God doesn't want me to fake anything.  But I admit that He sometimes wants me to keep my mouth shut.

Does your God ask or require you to believe improbable things?

If so, then apparently he gave you a sense of probability for Earthly survival, and nothing else.
My God expects me to use the mind He gave me for all things.

Does your God punish people for not believing He exists?

If so, then your God punishes people for honest mistakes.  People who make honest mistakes don't deserve punishment; they deserve correction.
My God doesn't punish people for honest mistakes.  He punishes people for failing to act as they believe they should act.  And He corrects people who ask for correction.

Does your God reveal Himself through Scripture?

If so, then either He reveals either the illogical God or gods of the pantheists, or He's an inconsistent and tyrannical Being who bullies people into saying He's consistent and benevolent.  For any established set of scriptures, a God with inconsistent attributes is revealed.
My God would probably be inconsistent too if I claimed to know as much about Him as scripture claims to know.  I don't pretend to know much of anything about His nature.  I simply commit my soul to a just God, and refuse to accept a God who isn't.
My God reveals people's efforts to make sense of Him through scripture bogus scripture as well as true Scripture (if true Scripture exists).  When coupled with the rest of history, scripture reveals what happens when people believe various things about God, so that we can continue to learn from the efforts of our predecessors.

Does your God torture people forever?

If so, then either you think it's moral to torture people forever, or you admit that your God is immoral.  If you think it's moral to torture people forever, then your God-given sense of justice has been totally corrupted by fear of an immoral God.  All crimes are finite.  They cause a finite amount of misery, and their perpetrators deserve to be punished by a finite amount of misery.  If God created a system in which a creature has the power to create eternal misery, then God is immoral.  But I admit that the belief in eternal torture is probably beneficial to an immoral world.
My God tortures people who deserve it, and only as much as they deserve.

Does your God reward people forever?

If so, then He's unjust for the reverse of the reasons as stated above.
My God is just, but that doesn't mean He won't forgive scumbags who ask for it.  He will, however, make them live in a world full of other forgiven scumbags until they get sick of it, and ask for justice.  Heaven and hell are places to live with others of your own kind.  There's not just one Judgment Day with fixed results that last for eternity.  Future willful actions will continue to bring future rewards or punishments.

Does your God want to be worshipped?

If so, then your God has some serious psychological issues.
My God is a bit beyond all that.

What if your God exists, and mine doesn't?

Then if your God acts significantly different from mine, one or more of the following is probably true:

The bottom line:

If you must believe bullshit in order to stay out of depression or nihilism, then by all means, believe bullshit.  Neither of our Gods would deny you that right.  But when you start to recognize it as bullshit, that's the real God's way of telling you it's time to grow up.  If you fight against it, you will stop being a real person.  You will become a phony, a robot, a God-whore like so many around you.  The real God will not require you to believe anything improbable, or to remain in any Earthly religion.  Relating to God may start with religion, but it doesn't necessarily stay there.  If you choose to stay in religion, that's okay.  But try to choose a version of it that has a God who actually is just, rather than a God who bullies you into pretending to think he's just.

If you think your God exists, and mine doesn't, then ask your God to correct me.  Ask him to beat my ass into submission if you like.  Better yet, if you have the integrity, ask the real God to correct whichever of us is further from the truth.  It's called putting your life where your mouth is.

If you're a religious terrorist, then not only are you a disgrace to your religion, but you and your God are both stupid fucking assholes.  I have no respect for either of you, and no fear of either of you.  My name is Cary Cook.  I live at 14682 Carfax Drive #D, in Tustin, California.

Oh yes...  I also have a website.