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c.69 L.(4) LICINIUS LUCULLUS, with 12,000 inf and 3,000 cav (disputed), but no authority from senate, crosses the Euphrates from Cappadocia at Tomisa, crosses the Tigris, and invades south Armenia because Mith-VI is there. 69 B76 IX-1006, 8-385, BHS 2-266, CAH 9-365, DGRBM 2-834-5, Jud 3-474, MCAW 248, atl1, bk, hifiSl, lvA, wikBθP, wikLcl, wikKPn, wikLRGA, wikRPW
c.69 MAGADATES, Armenian governor of Syria from 83, returns to Armenia to help Tigranes-II, leaving Syria in anarchy until ?.  ANTIOCHUS-XIII Asiaticus is top dog in Syria until 67. 70/69 CAH 9-381, frH 69 DGRBM 2-898, anan, hifiSl, lvA13
c.69 TIGRANES-II, king of Armenia 95-56, gives father-in-law Mith-VI of Pontus 10,000 men to recover Pontus. 69 lost the ref
c.69 Before Romans enter Armenia, ZARBIENUS of Gordyene, having approached Lucullus for alliance, is betrayed and killed by order of Tigranes-II.  Wife & kids also executed. 69 CAH 9-241, atl1, wikGrd
c.69 L.(4) LICINIUS LUCULLUS marches toward Armenian capital Tigranocerta.  Tigranes-II sends a detachment under Mithrobarzanes to defend, but he is quickly routed.  Tigranes then leaves his capital under an officer named Mancaeus, and withdraws into the interior to recruit troops. 69 B76 VI-375, CAH 9-240, 365, 367, DGRBM 2-834, GHH, hifi, wikLcl
c.69 TIGRANOCERTA, capital of Armenia, besieged by Lucullus. 69 CAH 9-240-1, DGRBM 2-834, wikPE
c.69 NAPHTHA, a flamable liquid hydrocarbon, used by Armenians in Tigranocerta repel siege engines of Lucullus. 69 wikBT
c.69 TIGRANES-II, with 150,000 inf, 55,000 cav, 20,000 slingers & archers, advances on Tigranocerta. 69 DGRBM 2-834
c.69 EARTHQUAKE in Syria.  170,000 killed. 69 atl1
c.69 L.(4) LICINIUS LUCULLUS leaves L. MURENA with 6,000 to continue siege of Tigranocerta, moves out to meet Tigranes-II. 69 CAH 9-367
c.69 TIGRANES-II, king of Armenia 95-56, despises small size of Lucullus' army, and ignores Mith-VI's advice to avoid open battle. 69 frH
c.69 L.(4) LICINIUS LUCULLUS and 1600 cav under Sextilius defeat Armenian cavalry under Mithrobarzanes. 69 atl1
69 Oct 6 Tigranocerta:  Tigranes-II's cav flees for no known reason.  The rest do likewise.  Lucullus slaughters over 10,000, losing only 5 men (disputed).  Greeks in Tigranocerta open gates and surrender the city to Lucullus.  Tig-II flees north.  Details 69 B76 VI-375, IX-1006, 18-1041, CAH 9-241, 368, CHJ 2, DGRBM 1-200, 2-834, GHH, KHA 80, atl1, lvArm, lvT2, wikTAH, wikTg2
c.69 Dau of P-8 and Cleo-3, CLEOPATRA SELENE-I dies.  Mom of Antiochus-XIII Asiaticus, queen of Syria, imprisoned at Seleucia (Zeugma) on the Euphrates 69?, executed by order of Tigranes-II. 69 atl1, wikCS1
c.69 SYRIA, under Tigranes-II of Armenia from 83, comes under Rome until 261CESeleucids are vassals until 64. 69 hifiS, rcS
c.69 ANTIOCHUS-I Theos of Commagene, Alchaudonius, and other princes transfer support to Lucullus. 69 atl1
c.69 Lucullan general SEXTILIUS besieges Tigranes' general Mancaeus at Tigranocerta. 69 atl1
c.69 TIGRANOCERTA, besieged by Lucullus 69 taken and sacked. 69 atl1
c.69 Son of A-X Eusebes and Selene (84), ANTIOCHUS-XIII Asiaticus, last king of Syria, who had been dethroned by Tigranes, goes to Gordyene, and is reappointed king of Syria until 67 by Lucullus. 69 CAH 9-381, DGRBM 1-200, 2-835, 3-1128, GHH, IDB 1-152, RAI3, MCAW 248     68 LEWH 95
c.69 Mithridates-VI of Pontus sends letter to Phraates-III of Parthia "The Romans have but one ground for waging war... lust of empire and wealth... they leave nothing that they do not lay hands on: homes, wives, lands, power.  No law, human or divine, can stand in their way."  69 BNTH 10
c.69 2nd? Rome / Parthia treaty; Euphrates is the agreed boundary between them. 69 icsPE, lvPE, wikPE
c.69 Son of Aziz, SAMPSICERAMUS-I becomes priest-king of Emesa until 43. 94 wikRFE 69 frH
c.69 L.(4) LICINIUS LUCULLUS drives Tigranes-II out of Syria, but fails to reach Artaxata. 69 B76 18-1041, GHH, lvA, wikPm
c.69 TIGRANES-II, king of Armenia 95-56, flees to join Mith-VI in Pontus. 69 Oct CAH 9-369
c.69/8 L.(4) LICINIUS LUCULLUS winters in Gordyene, seeking alliances among petty kings.  69 DGRBM 2-834, 3-1128, KHA 80
c.68 TIGRANES-II and Mith-VI raise another army. 68 atl1
c.69/8 LUCULLUS and TIGRANES-II open negotiations with Parthian counter-king, Arsaces-XVI, presently defending against his rival Phraates-III. 69/8 wikLcl
c.68 L.(4) LICINIUS LUCULLUS in Gordyene dispatches Sextilius as envoy to Phraates-III king of Parthia to establish "friendship", while he sends orders to Sornatius to bring his troops from Pontus to invade Parthia. 69 CAH 9-368 69/8 DGRBM 2-835
c.68 spring L.(4) Lucullus breaks camp, crosses mountains separating Tigris valley from the plain of Mush. 68 KHA 81
c.68 Pacorus renews his alliance with Rome. 69 GHH
c.68 mid L.(4) Lucullus' troops in Gordyene refuse to invade Parthia, and only reluctantly agree in summer to resume fighting against Tigranes and Mith-VI, who have reassembled an army. 69/8 DGRBM 2-835, 3-1128, GHH
c.68 mid Tigranes-II and Mith-VI are again defeated by Lucullus at Arsanias river. 68 DGRBM 2-835, 3-1128, GHH, KHA 81, atl1, wikLcl
c.68 L.(4) LICINIUS LUCULLUS advances north on Artaxata to force Tigranes-II into battle. 69/8 CAH 9-369, wikLcl
c.68 L.(4) LICINIUS LUCULLUS is first Roman to cross Araxes river flowing thru central Armenia.  No Roman has been this far east. 68 atl1, lvA
c.68 TIGRANES-II, king of Armenia 95-56, attacks L. FANNIUS. 68 atl1
c.68 Sep L.(4) LICINIUS LUCULLUS defeats Tigranes-II and Mith-VI at Euphrates, continues toward Artaxata, but is hit by early frost.  His troops are corrupted by his bro-in-law P. Clodius Pulcher, who says he plans to invade Parthia.  Troops refuse to follow.  Lucullus turns south to besiege Nisibis, in Mygdonia. 69/8 DGRBM 2-835, GHH, OCD 736
68 B76 IX-1006, 12-288, CAH 9-242, 369, DGRBM 3-1128, KHA 81, atl1, lvT2, wikTAH
c.68 TIGRANES-II thinks Nisibis will hold out, and tries to regain parts of Armenia captured by Romans. 68 CAH 9-242, wikTg2
c.68 late NISIBIS in Mygdonia, defended by Guras (Callimachus) bro of Tigranes, surprised and taken in a stormy night attack by Lucullus, who camps there. 68 B76 VII-446, CAH 9-369, DGRBM 2-835, 3-1128, KHA 82, MCAW 248, OCD 254, 736, atl1, wikLcl     68/7 lvT2
c.68 ABGAR-I Piqa ends.  King of Osroene at Edessa from 94, under Armenia from 88ABGAR-II succeeds until 53. 68 OCD 760, frH, rcT, wikOs. wikPsk
c.68 late Tigranes-II defeats L. Fannius, whose army is only saved by arrival of Lucullus, recovers part of Armenia. 68 DGRBM 3-1128, GHH
c.68/7 L.(4) LICINIUS LUCULLUS winters in Nisibis.  His bro-in-law P. Clodius Pulcher, tells his army he is prolonging the war for personal gain.  They refuse to fight for him. 68/7 CAH 9-242, 369, OCD 736 67 atl1, wikLcl
c.67 P. CLODIUS PULCHER leaves Lucullus' army, and joins bro-in-law Q. Marcius Rex. in Cilicia. 67 atl1
c.67 L.(4) LICINIUS LUCULLUS leaves his army at Nisibis, takes a small mobile escort, goes to Syria in an attempt to permanently exclude Tigranes from his southern possessions, then returns to Nisibis. 67 wikLcl
c.67 May L.(4) LICINIUS LUCULLUS at Nisibis, learns that Mith-VI is trying to recover Pontus.  His troops now agree to follow, and they return to Pontus. 67 B76 II-1003, CAH 9-243, 371, DGRBM 2-835, 3-1172, GHH, atl1, wikLcl
c.67 P. CLODIUS PULCHER is captured and released by pirates.  He then goes to Antioch. 67 atl1
c.67 (Arsaces-IV) MITHRIDATES-I ends.  king of Media from 88, king of Atropatene from 67DARIUS succeeds until 65. 67 wikLPK, wikP, wikPsk 66 wikAtr, wikM1A
c.67 Philip-II Philoromaeus gets support of Q. Marcius Rex, proconsul of Cilicia, who sends P. Clodius to help him at Antioch. 67 CAH 9-259
c.67 ANTIOCHUS-XIII Asiaticus, Seleucid king of Syria from 69, expelled from Antioch by relative Philip-II supported by the population of Antioch and a local ruler from Cilicia  PHILIP-II Philoromaeus rules until 66/5, relying on support from Aziz the Arab. 67/6 lvA13
66 atl1
c.66 Q. MARCIUS Rex, proconsul of Cilicia, visits Antioch, where he negotiates with Philip-II and pays for a palace and restoration of a hippodrome. 67 CAH 10-717 66 atl1
c.66 Tigranes-II refuses to offer refuge to Mith-VI of Pontus. 66 atl1
c.66 Lucullus replaced by POMPEY in Anatolia. 66 B76 9-843
c.66 POMPEY, commander of the east, decides not to pursue Mith-VI, but rather attack Tigranes-II king of Armenia, who is now more formidable. 65 DGRBM 3-483
c.66 POMPEY, in coordination with PHRAATES-III of Parthia both invade Armenia.  Pompey meets no opposition.  He is joined by the young Tigranes, who had revolted against his father, T-II.  All cities submit on their approach. 66 B76 VII-971, CAH 9 DGRBM 3-483, OCD 1073, wikTAH, wikTg2
66/5 wikRPW     65 wikPr3
c.66 TIGRANES, son of Tigranes-II of Armenia, helped by Phraates-III of Parthia, tries to kill his father and take throne.  Fails and flees to Parthia, where Phraates-III recently made treaty with Pompey. 66 DGRBM 3-1128, atl1
c.66 CARRHAE (Haran), under Armenia from 80, comes under Parthia until 116CE. 66 hifiP, rcT
c.66 Tigranes-II, of Armenia, defeated by Pompey near the Euphrates. 67 ISBE 3-1026     66 B76 IX-1006, GHH, hifi, lvArm
c.66 M.(6) Porcius CATO, military tribune in Macedonia 67-65, visits Antioch and other places in eastern provinces. 66 atl1
c.66 LAKE VAN, under Armenia from 189, comes under Rome until 37CE. 66 rcT
66 ADIABENE under Armenia from 91, comes under Parthia until ??. 66 CAH 9-263
c.66 TIGRANES-II, king of Armenia 95-55, at Artaxata, captured by Pompey, forced to make peace, loses all territory except Armenia Major, renounces Cilicia and Syria etc., pays 6,000 talents, becomes a Roman vassal.  His foreign possessions in Syria, Phoenicia, Cilicia, Galatia, and Cappadocia, which had been taken by Lucullus, are to be under Rome.  Pompey turns north. 66 B76 18-1041, LEWH 108, TTPC, atl1, lvA, cnfl
66/5 B76 8-385 65 DGRBM 3-483, MCAW 248
c.66 TIGRANES the younger defects to Romans, hoping to overthrow his father. 66 CAH 9-263, atl1
c.66 ARMENIA, under Artaxids 94-34, at its peak 95, comes under Rome until 53. 66 wikHA
c.66 BEROEA (Aleppo), under Armenia from 80, becomes an independent state until 64 under tyrant Strato. 66 rcS
c.66 MOXOENE, petty Armenian kingdom north of Gordyene and south of Lake Van, under Armenia from 189, comes under Rome until 37CE. 66 rcT
c.66 GORDYENE, under Armenia from 90, comes under Rome until 65.  Pompey makes TIGRANES the younger client king. 66 DGRBM 3-1128, rcT
c.66 SOPHENE, part of Armenia from 94, split off by Pompey, given to client king TIGRANES the younger. 66 DGRBM 3-1128
c.66 Parthian invasion from Media aimed at Artaxata occupies Tig-II. 66 CAH 9-252
c.66 MEDIA ATROPATENE, under Armenia from 88, becomes Parthian vassal state until 32. 66 guess
c.66 Nov? After settling affairs in Armenia, POMPEY, leaves L. Afranius with a part of his forces, between the Euphrates and the Araxes, and marches with the rest of his army north in pursuit of Mith-VI.  But the weather is so cold that Pompey cannot advance beyond the river Cyrnus (Kur), where he settles for winter. 66 DGRBM 3-483, atl1
c.66 Dec OROESES, king of Albania crosses the Cyrnus at the head of a large army, attacks Pompey while they are celebrating the Saturnalia, but is easily defeated by Pompey. 66 DGRBM 3-483, atl1, wikQCMC
65 wikPm
c.66/5 While Pompey is away, ANTIOCHUS-XIII Asiaticus is restored as king of Syria until 65 by Lucullus. 66/5 lvA13
c.65 ARTOG, king of Iberia 81-66, between the Albanians on the east and Colchians on the west, plans to attack Pompey, who learns of it, and invades Iberia.  Pompey seizes an impregnable frontier pass and approaches a fortress in the narrowest point of River Cyrnus.  Artog has no chance to array his forces.  He withdraws across the river and burns the bridge.  The fortress surrenders.  When Pompey is about to cross the river, Artog sues for peace, then flees to the riverPompey pursues him, routs his forces and hunts down the fugitives.  Artog flees across River Pelorus and negotiates, but Pompey agrees to terms only if he sends his kids as hostages.  Artog delays, but when the Romans cross the Pelorus in summer he hands over his kids and makes a treaty. 66/5 cnfl 65 CAH 9, DGRBM 3-483, OCD 34, atl1, cnfl, cnfl, hifiGeo, wikPm
c.65 IBERIA, north of Armenia, allied with Pontus from 77, subdued by Pompey, becomes an unequal ally of Rome. 66 CDCC 450
65 DGRBM 1-378, atl1
c.65 POMPEY, commander of east, invades Colchis. 65 atl1
c.65 POMPEY advances to river Phasis (Faz), which flows into the Black SeaHere meets his legate Servilius, commander of his fleet, who gives him intel on the movements of Mith-VI, and on the wild and inaccessible country thru which he would have to march.  Pompey resolves to give up the pursuit of Mith-VI, orders Servilius to blockade Mith-VI, and turns south.  Pompey is attacked in the rear by Iberians and Caucasian Albanians. 65 CAH 9, DGRBM 3-483, OCD 34, cnfl, cnfl, hifiGeo
c.65 ARTOG ends.  King of Iberia from 81.  Son PHARNABAZUS-II succeeds until 30. 66 rcCau
63 MRDK 343, hifiGeo
c.65 POMPEY rejects a request from Parthian king Phraates-III for a treaty proposing the Euphrates as the boundary between them. 65 atl1
c.65 mid POMPEY again reaches the Cyrnus, crosses, and goes to the Araxes, where Oroeses, king of Albanians, again rises against him, and is easily defeated. 65 DGRBM 3-483, atl1
c.65 Now that Pompey is gone, GORDYENE, under TIGRANES the younger from 66, is taken by Phraates-III king of Parthia until later 65. 65 CAH 9-363, 380 DGRBM 3-1128
c.65 POMPEY, returns from north, finds Gordyene taken by Parthians, sends Afranius to occupy Gordyene until 64, enters into direct relations with other Parthian vassals, Media and Elymais. 66 B76 9-843
65 CAH 9-380, DGRBM 3-1128, atl1
c.65 POMPEY, commander of east, returns from Armenia to Syria. 65 DGRBM 3-483 64 DGRBM 3-569
c.65 Pompey sends lieutenants Metellus and Lollius to take Damascus. 65 wikPm
c.65 POMPEY thwarts plans of Lucullus, to restore Syria to Antiochus-XIII Asiaticus. 65 DGRBM 1-200, GHH
c.65 POMPEY agrees to a treaty with Albanians, and other nations bordering the Caspian Sea. 65 atl1
c.65 The youth, ANTIOCHUS-XIII Asiaticus, last Seleucid king of Syria from 66/5, visits Pompey at Antioch to claim Seleucid thronePompey says he could not grant the diadem to a man who could not keep his kingdom and was unwelcome to his subjects.  Driven from tent of Pompey, and expelled from the kingdom of his ancestors, as unworthy to reign, and as unentitled to any compensation for loss of his hereditary dominions.
SELEUCID PERIOD from 312, ends.  Dynasty ends 56.
65 DGRBM 1-194, DGRG 2-1077, GHH     64 CAH 9-259, DGRBM 3-484, MCAW 248, atl1, lvA13
c.65 Son of A-X Eusebes ANTIOCHUS-XIII Asiaticus dies.  King of Syria (under Rome) from 69, treacherously kidnapped and killed by Sampsiceramus sheik of Emesa.  Son of Philip-I PHILIP-II Philoromaeus succeeds until 64. 67 LEWH 95, TTPC
66 hifiSl     65 RAI3, IDB 1-152     64 anan, frH, hifiSl, lvP2P     no date: B76 8-385, CAH 9-381
c.65 PTOLEMY MENNEUS, tetrarch of Chalcis (40km southwest of Beroea) 85-40, summoned by Pompey to Syria to answer for his misdeeds.  He buys impunity for 1,000 talents. 64 DGRBM 3-569
c.65 M.(2) Aemilius SCAURUS sent by Pompey to southern Syria.  He is governor of Syria until 62. Ant 14:2:3,   Wars 1:5:2    65 wikRGS
c.65 PHRAATES-III, Arsacid king of Parthia 66-57, proposes the Euphrates as the boundary between Roman territory and Parthia.  Pompey refuses to agree. 65 MCAW 248
c.65 Rome / Parthia Wars begin until 217CE. 66 wikRPW
c.65 DARIUS, Arsacid king of Media and Atropatene from 65, ends.  MITHRIDATES (III of Parthia) succeeds in Media until 55.  ARIOBARZANES-I succeeds in Atropatene until 56. 65 wikArb1, wikAtr, wikPsk
c.65 M.(2) Aemilius SCAURUS governor of Syria 65-42, goes to Damascus. Ant 14:2:3
65 late POMPEY, commander of east, goes from Syria to Armenia Minor. 65/4 CAH 9-381
65/4 POMPEY, commander of east, winters at Aspis (location unknown) in Armenia Minor. 65/4 CAH 9-381 64 atl1
winters in Amasia Pontus DGRBM 3-483
c.64 POMPEY, commander of east at Amisus, sends Afranius and A.(5) Gabinius on to Syria. 64 CAH 9-381
The east half of Pontus is now called LESSER ARMENIA or ARMENIA MINOR. 64 wikBθP
c.64 POMPEY at Amisus, restores Gordyene to Tigranes-II, sends Afranius and A.(5) Gabinius on to Syria to restore Tig-II. 64 CAH 9-381
c.64 POMPEY marches against Antiochus of Commagene. 65/4 DGRBM 1-194
c.64 ANTIOCHUS-I Theos, king of Commagene 70-38, submits to Pompey. 64 OCD 72, 273, atl1, wikA1TC
c.64 GORDYENE, occupied by Pompey from 65, restored to Tigranes-II of ArmeniaParthians leave without resistance. 64 CAH 9-263, 381
c.64 L. AFRANIUS pursues Parthians beyond the Tigris into Adiabene as far as Arbela. 64 CAH 9-263
c.64 ABGAR-II, king of Osroene at Edessa 68-53, allies with Pompey.  OSHOENE, under Armenia from 88, becomes dependent on Rome until 53. 64 CAH 9-264, atl1
c.64 PHRAATES-III, Arsacid king of Parthia 66-57, 2nd attack on Tigranes-II in south Armenia.  Conflict with Tig-II stalemates, and leaves Pompey with an excuse for making war on Phraates-III in defense of Tig-II 64 CAH 9-264, 380, atl1
c.64 POMPEY, commander of east, leaves final mop up of Mith-VI to his naval blockade, follows Afranius and A.(5) Gabinius from Cilicia to northern Syria.  Spends rest of 64 restoring order in Syria. 64 B76 8-385, CAH 9-381
c.64 POMPEY, commander of east, sends 3 commissioners to patch things up between Tigranes-II of Armenia and Phraates-III of Parthia. 64 CAH 9-380
c.64 BEROEA (Aleppo), an independent state under tyrant Strato from 66, comes under tyrant Dionysios until ?, and under Rome until 395. 64 rcS, wikAlp
c.64 PHRAATES-III, king of Parthia 66-57 agrees to a truce with Tigranes-II. 64 atl1
c.64 PHILIP-II Philoromaeus, king of Syria (under Rome) from 67, deposed by Pompey. 64 B76 8-385, 17-948, LEWH 95, anan, lvP2P     63 frH, hifiSl
c.64 APAMEA fortress on Orontes demolished by POMPEY.  Apamea annexed to Rome. 64 wikAS
64 POMPEY, commander of east, arrives at Antioch.  He is received with enthusiasm at Antioch and Seleucia Pieria. 64 CAH 9-259, MCAW 248, atl1
c.64 SYRIA, a state from 301, under a Seleucid vassal of Rome from 69, comes under Rome until 40.
Pompey, with no authority from senate,
makes Syria a province.  Ratified 62.
65 ISBE 1-855     64 B76 1-992, 17-948, CAH 10-703, CDCC 52, CHJ 2, GHH, ahe, lvP2P     64/3 ISBE 3-1026
63 frH, icsPE, lvPE
c.64 PALMYRA (Tadmor), under Seleucids from 312, independent until 30. 64 rcS, wikPlm
c.64 POMPEY at Antioch receives envoys from Syrians, Egyptians and Aristobulus of Judea. 64 atl1
c.64 ANTIOCH, capital of Syria from ?, under Seleucids from 73, made a free city by Rome, remains capitol of Syria Province until 261. 64 B76 1-992, BAX 238, BNTH 265, RAI3
comes back under Armenia until 63. 64 rcT
c.64/3 L. AFRANIUS withdraws in winter from the dry steppes of Mesopotamia, has supply problems, solved by Carrhae, before he reaches north Syria. 64 CAH 9-263
c.63 PHARNACUS, king of Colchis under Pontus from 70, ends.  ARISTARCHUS succeeds until 47. 63 rcCau
c.63 Tigranes-II having lost all his possessions except Armenia, submits to the Roman general. 63 GHH
c.63 TIGRANES the younger marries a dau of Phraates-III (Arsaces-XII) of Parthia. 63 GHH
63 POMPEY, commander of east, moves from Antioch to Damascus, where he is met by ambassadors from Syria, Egypt and Judea. Wars 1:6:4     64 B76 5-447, 17-950, ISBE 1-290
63 CAH 9-382, DGRBM 3-484, Jud 3-441, atl1, wikPm
c.63 Pompey leaves M.(2) Aemilius SCAURUS with 2 legions at Damascus as his legate of Syria until 62 controling everything from Euphrates to EgyptPompey withdraws north to Pontus. Wars 1:7:7
63 DGRBM 3-484, 737, atl1     62 DGRG 2-1078, wikPm
A.(5) Gabinius; not Scaurus 63 CAH 9-390
c.63 Son of A-X Eusebes and Selene (84), ANTIOCHUS-XIII Asiaticus dies.  Former last Seleucid king of Syria 69-67, 66-5, killed by Arabs but Philip-II Philoromaeus, another Seleucid prince, escapes, and disappears from history until 56. 63 atl1
49 GHH
c.63 Phraates-III of Parthia raises an army for restoration of his son-in-law, but is compelled to abandon his design on Pompey's approach. 63 GHH
c.63 Parthian Treaty with Rome renewed. 63 GHH
c.62 M.(2) Aemilius SCAURUS, Pompey's governor of Syria from 63, returns to Italy. 62 wikRGS
59 DGRBM 3-737
c.62 SYRIA, under Rome from 64, made an imperial province until ??. 64 IDB 3-941     64/3 MCAW 248 62 CAH 9-392, bk
c.62 Syria and Phoenicia united into 1 province. 62 GHH
c.62 TOMISA, the Euphrates bridgehead between Melitene and Sophene, is restored to Cappadocia, now under Ariobarzanes-II. 62 CAH 9-265
c.61 A.(5) GABINIUS, Pompey's legate in Syria from 63, sails back to Italy to join Pompey.  L.(2) Marcius PHILIPPUS succeeds until 59. 61 DGRG 2-1078, OCD 817, rcS, wikRGS
59 DGRBM 3-287
c.59 L.(2) Marcius PHILIPPUS governor of Syria from 61, ends, but remains in Syria.  Gn. Cornelius Lentulus MARCELLINUS comes from Rome to succeed until 58. 60 DGRG 2-1078, rcS, wikRGS
59 OCD 817, atl1
c.59 ANTIOCHUS-I Theos of Commagene 70-38 is recognized by the Senate as an ally of Rome. 59 wikA1TC
c.58 Gn. Cornelius Lentulus MARCELLINUS governor of Syria, fights Arabs. 58 atl1
c.58 Gn. Cornelius Lentulus MARCELLINUS governor of Syria from 59, ends. 58 DGRG 2-1078, rcS, wikRGS
c.58/7 Mark ANTONY, in Greece 58, joins military staff of A.(5) Gabinius, goes to Syria. 58 DGRBM 1-214
c.57 Aulus(5) GABINIUS, consul 58 comes from Rome to be proconsul of Syria until 54.  Mark Antony is cavalry commander under him. 57 CAH 9-271, Jud 7-235, OCD 77, rcS, wikAG, wikRGS
c.57 MITHRIDATES-III, bro of Orodes-II, flees from Media to Syria, asks proconsul A.(5) Gabinius for assylum and help against Orodes-IIGabinius is forbidden by senate to intervene. 57 B76 9-843
c.57 Aulus(5) GABINIUS proconsul of Syria 57-4, on arrival reinstates Hyrcanus-II as high-priest at Jerusalem, suppresses revolts, introduces important changes in the government of Judea, and rebuilds several towns. 57 wikAG
c.57 Aulus(5) GABINIUS proconsul of Syria 57-4, prevents L.(2) Marcius Philippus from going to Egypt. 57 atl1
c.57 Aulus(5) GABINIUS proconsul of Syria 57-4, rebuilds several cities and towns. 57 DGRG 2-1077
c.57 Rome - Parthia conflict breaks out. 57 B76 9-843
c.56 ARIOBARZANES-I dies.  King of Atropatene from 65.  ARTAVASDES-I succeeds until 31. 56 wikArb1, wikArt1, wikAtr
c.56 Aulus(5) GABINIUS, proconsul of Syria 57-4, sends Antony, Sisenna, and Servilius to Judea to subdue Aristobulus-II. Ant 14:6:1, Wars 1:8:6
56 DGRBM 1-214
c.56 PHILIP-II Philoromaeus, the last Seleucid reappears for a moment when he is invited by Alexandria to come and be king in Egypt, but is forbidden by Aulus(5) GabiniusSELEUCID DYNASTY from 312 disappears from history. 56 BHS 2-268
c.55 Son of Artavasdes-I TIGRANES-II dies at Artaxata.  Artaxiad king of Armenia from 95, Roman client from 66.  Son ARTAVASDES-II succeeds until 34, Roman client until 53. 56 B76 18-1041, OCD 1073
55 GHH, anan, atl1, bdrs, hifi, hystn, lvA, lvArm, rcCau, wikHA, wikLAK, wikPE, wikTAH, wikTg2     54 hystn, wikRtv2, wikTg2     pre-52 OCD 125
c.55 Ptolemy-XII Auletes sails from Ephesus to Syria, with a letter from consul Pompey requiring A.(5) Gabinius to restore him to his kingdom. 55 CAH 9-272
c.55 Aulus(5) GABINIUS, proconsul of Syria 57-54, is persuaded by Arsacid Mith-III to restore him to throne of Parthia, crosses Euphrates into Mesopotamia, gets better offer from Ptolemy-XII Auletes. Ant 14:6:2
55 CAH 9-271, 604, DGRBM 1-356, atl1
c.55 P-XII DIONYSIUS AULETES exiled king of Egypt 59-55, is recommended by Pompey to A.(5) Gabinius, promises Gabinius 10,000 talents to put him on throne of EgyptGabinius accepts. 55 CAH 9-604
c.55 Aulus(5) GABINIUS proconsul of Syria 57-54, on orders of Pompey, but with no authority from senate, proceeds thru Levant to invade Egypt in behalf of P-XII AuletesCavalry commander Mark Antony is with him. Wars 1:8:7
55 B76 VIII-282, CAH 9-604, DGRBM 1-214, wikAG
c.55 While A.(5) Gabinius is away, Syria is devastated by bandits. 55 wikAG
c.55 Parthian exiles, Mithridates and Orsanes, escape from Syria, or are released by Romans. 55 atl1
c.54 MITHRIDATES-III or IV dies.  Arsacid king of Media from 65, former co-king of Parthia, surrenders to Surena general of Orodes-II king of Parthia near Seleucia (probably Zeugma).  Executed.  Seleucia is taken by Surena.  ORODES-II (Arsaces-XX) succeeds until 37. 56 GHH     55 atl1, wikPsk     54 CAH 9, KoP, wikLPK, wikP, wikPE
c.54 GABINIUS returns from Judea to Syria. 54 implied
c.54 M.(3) Licinius CRASSUS comes from Asia to Syria to relieve Aulus(5) GABINIUS proconsul of Syria from 57.  Cavalry commander Mark Antony and writer Timagenes accompany Gabinius back to Rome.  CRASSUS succeeds until 53.  C.(5) Cassius Longinus is his quaestor. Ant 14:6:4     55 DGRG 2-1078, Jud 7-235
54 CAH 9-604, DGRBM 1-879, Jud 4-758, OCD 235, atl1, rcS, wikAG, wikRGS
c.54 P. Licinius CRASSUS brings 1,000 Gallic cavalry to join his father's army. 54 CAH 9-402, atl1
c.54 ARTAVASDES-II king of Armenia with 6,000 cav joins Crassus 54 CAH 9-402
c.53 Quaestor C.(5) CASSIUS Longinus tries to disuade Crassus from invading Parthian Mesopotamia, but rather to take a strong position on the Euphrates. 53 DGRBM 2-799
c.53 M.(3) Licinius CRASSUS, proconsul of Syria 54-3, is urged by Artavasdes-II of Armenia to advance thru Armenia, but instead he marches towards Mesopotamia. 53 atl1
c.53 ARTAVASDES-II king of Armenia with 6,000 cav sees that Crassus will not be defending Armenia, withdraws to Armenia. no date: CAH 9-402
53 ORODES-II, Arsacid king of Parthia 57-37, leads the main Parthian army against Armenia by the Araxes route.  His chief general, Surena has forces in Osroene. 53 CAH 9-402
53 M.(3) Licinius CRASSUS, proconsul of Syria 54-3, crosses Euphrates at Zeugma, invades Parthian Mesopotamia, violating treaties of 69 & 66. 54 GHH, atl1 53 B76 9-843, CAH 9-402, MCAW 254, icsPE, lvA, lvPE, wikPE, wikRPW
53 ORODES-II, Arsacid king of Parthia 57-37, attacks Crassus' ally ARTAVASDES, king of Armenia, takes capital Artaxata.  Artavasdes gets no Roman help. 53 CAH 9-609
c.53 ARTAVASDES-II, Artaxiad king of Armenia 55-34, Roman client from 55, is forced to ally with Parthians against Rome until 37.  Artavasdes gives a sis or dau in marriage to Orodes' son Pacorus. 53 CAH 10-72, DGRBM 1-370
53 Armies of CRASSUS and SURENA meet, near the Balik, Romans are hard pressed by Parthian archers and mailed cavalryYoung Publius Crassus, with 1,000 cav and 8 cohorts of inf, pursue the apparently fleeing enemy, but is soon surrounded.  ABGAR of Osroene, dependent on Rome from 64, changes sides and attacks the Romans in the rear.  Romans hold out until night.  Next day the survivors withdraw to Carrhae. 53 CAH 9-403
53 May 6 Battle of CARRHAE (Haran):  M.(3) Licinius CRASSUS with 44,000 troops is defeated by Parthian general SURENA with 10,000 horse archers & 1,000 knights.  1st use of a plentiful reserve of arrows.  The younger P. Crassus and his officers, seeing no hope of escape, suicide.  20,000 troops survive to retreat. 54 Jud 5-1059 53 B76 IV-899, VII-592, 9-843, 17-950, CAH 9-606-11, CDCC 242, DGRBM 1-356, GHH, ISBE 3-671, Jud 4-37, 5-1059, LEWH 96, MCAW 254, anan, atl1, bk, hifiP, lvA, wikGCL, wikMLC, wikPE, wikPr, wikRPW, wikTAR
53 May CRASSUS retreats from Carrhae.  Parthians, under Surena pursue.  Roman standards are taken (a big deal to the Romans).  During the night of May 8 his quaestor C.(5) CASSIUS Longinus with 500 cav flees to Sinnaca at the foot of an Armenian mountain, where Parthian cavalry cannot operate freelyCrassus then flees to Syria.  20,000 Romans die in the campaign; 10,000 are captured. 53 CAH 9-611, DGRBM 2-799, GHH, Jud 4-37, OCD 212
53 May CRASSUS again deceived by a guide, who lures him with the false offer of a treaty. 53 CAH 9-403, GHH
53 May 9 M.(3) Licinius CRASSUS dies.   Proconsul of Syria from 54, escapes to Syria with 500 cavalry.  He is killed by Surena's troops.  His head and hand with signet ring are taken to Orodes-II. now in ArmeniaWidow Cornelia will remarry in 52.  The story that the Parthians poured molten gold into his mouth will come later. 53 B76 17-950, CAH 9-611, CDCC 242, DGRG 2-1078, Dur 3-110, GHH, IDB , LEWH 109, OCD 295, SHWC, atl1, rcS, wikMLC, wikRGS, wikRPW
c.53 C.(5) CASSIUS Longinus takes control of Syria until 51.  He reorganizes the remnant of the Roman army. 53 CAH 9, DGRG 2-1078, Jud 5-234, OCD 212, atl1, rcS, wikRGS
c.53 ORODES-II of Parthia sends general Surena to invade Syria; Surena is repulsed by proconsul Cassius. 53 CAH 9, Jud 5-234, OCD 212 52 B76 9-843, GHH
c.53 ABGAR-II ends.  King of Osroene at Edessa from 68, ends.  MANU-II Aloho succeeds until 34. 53 OCD 760, frH, rcT 52 wikOs, wikPsk
c.52 Parthians raid Syria, and are repelled by M. Licinius Crassus. 52 atl1, wikO2P, wikRPW
51 PACORUS, son of Orodes-II, and his general, Osaces are sent from Parthia, cross Euphrates at Zeugma. 51 CAH 9-417
c.51 C.(5) CASSIUS Longinus, proconsul of Syria 53-1 withdraws from Judea to the Euphrates Ant 14:7:3, Wars 1:8:9 52 DGRBM 1-114
c.51 PACORUS, son of Orodes-II, and his general, Osaces get as far as walls of Antioch. 52 B76 9-843     51 B76 VII-667, 17-950, CAH 9-612, 10-715, DGRBM 2-800, GHH, atl1, wikPcr1, wikRPW
c.51 Pacorus and his general, Osaces compel Cassius to retreat within walls of Antioch.  Parthians can't take Antioch, and withdraw. 51 DGRBM 2-800, wikPcr1
51 Sep C.(5) CASSIUS Longinus proconsul of Syria, follows Parthians out of Antioch, ambushes and defeats them.  General OSACES is mortally wounded in battle and dies a few days later.  His army flees across the Euphrates. 51 CAH 9-612, DGRBM 2-800, MCAW 254, OCD 212, atl1, wikPcr1, wikRPW 50 DGRBM 1-356, GHH
c.51 C.(5) CASSIUS Longinus proconsul of Syria from 53, returns to Rome.  M. Calpurnius BIBULUS succeeds until 49.  Bibulus claims credit for the victory won by Cassius at Antioch. 51 B76 II-3, CAH 9, DGRG 2-1078, Jud 5-234, OCD 166, atl1, rcS, wikRGS, wikBb 50 wikGCL
c.50 M. Calpurnius BIBULUS proconsul of Syria, sends 2 of his sons to Egypt to demand recall of the Roman soldiers who had settled there.  Bibulus' sons are killed by those soldiers.  Cleo-VII sends Bibulus the murderers to be punished.  Bibulus returns them to Rome, saying it is up to the senate to punish them. 50 wikBb
c.50 M. Calpurnius BIBULUS proconsul of Syria, stays within walls of Antioch, until Parthians have left Syria. 50 atl1
c.50 Parthian invasion of Syria from 51 ends.  PACORUS, son of Orodes-II is recalled to Parthia. 50 B76 VII-667, 9-843, CAH 10-715
c.50 M. Calpurnius BIBULUS proconsul of Syria, removes statues of Zeus and Athena from Antioch and sends them to Rome. 50 atl1
c.50 ORODES ends.  Arsacid king of Media from 55.  PACORUS succeeds until 38. 50 wikPsk
c.49 ANTIOCHUS-I Theos of Commagene 70-38 lends troops to Pompey against Caesar. 50 DGRBM 1-194
c.49 Pompeyan M. Calpurnius BIBULUS proconsul of Syria from 51, leaves Veiento in command, and returns to Rome. Q.(10) METELLUS PIUS SCIPIO succeeds until 48. 50 DGRBM 3-1236, rcS, wikRGS     49 B76 II-3, DGRBM 2-1063, wikBb, wikMS
c.49 ARISOBULUS-II of Judea poisoned by partisans of Pompey on his way to Syria or in Syria. Wars 1:9:1     49 GHH, IDB 2-534, Jud 3-441, atl1
c.49 JONATHAN ALEXANDER of Judea is taken by Q.(10) Metellus Pius Scipio, proconsul of Syria, and beheaded at Antioch on orders of Pompey. Ant 14:7:4, Wars 1:9:2 49 GHH, IDB 2-534, Jud 2-584, atl1
c.49 CLEOPATRA-VII goes from Egypt to Syria until 48, where she recruits Arab mercenaries. 49 DGRBM 1-800 48 B76 VIII-282
c.48 Q.(10) METELLUS PIUS SCIPIO proconsul of Syria 49-8, , summoned by Pompey in Thessaly, extorts Syrians, takes his 2 legions to Anatolia. 48 OCD 678, atl1, wikMS, wikRGS
c.48 After Pharsalus, Pompeyan Q. Caecilius BASSUS flees from Thessaly to Tyre, then to Syria. 48 DGRBM 1-472, OCD 162
c.48 CLEOPATRA-VII in Syria from 49, learns that Caesar is at Alexandria, knows he is her best chance of regaining her throne, takes her Arab mercenaries to Egypt. 48 DGRBM 1-800
c.48 late MITHRIDATES of Pergamum, ordered by Caesar now in Egypt, to Cilicia and Syria to raise auxiliary forces to help him in Alexandria.  He does so quickly, and marches by land to Egypt. 48 DGRBM 2-1094
c.47 ARISTARCHUS ends.  King of Colchis under Pontus from 63OLTAK succeeds until 39, no longer under Pontus. 47 rcCau
47 Jun CAESAR takes army from Levant to Syria until later 47.  Antipater accompanies. Ant 14:8:3     47 Dur 3-188, Jud 3-77, LEWH 109, MCAW 256, wikCCW
47 Jun MATTATHIAS ANTIGONUS, youngest son of late Aristobulus-II, goes to Syria, appeals to Caesar his right to rule Judea, badmouths Antipater, who removes tunic revealing many battle scars received in service of Caesar.  Antipater accuses M.A. and his family of many anti-Roman seditions.  Caesar confirms Hyrcanus-II as high priest and offers Antipater any title he wants.  Antipater demures.  Caesar makes him procurator of Judea with permission to rebuild its walls.  Antipater is still nominally under Hyrcanus-II.  M.A. returns to Chalcis. Wars 1:10:1-3 47 Jud 3-65, OCD 71
47 CAESAR at Antioch settles affairs in Syria and surrounding regions. 47 CAH 9-434, atl1
47 ANTIOCH made a free city by Caesar until 194CE. 47 OCD 71
47 Aulus HIRTIUS, officer under Caesar 54- ?, meets Caesar in Antioch, advocates for Q. Cicero. 47 DGRBM 2-496
47 Caesar makes cousin SEXTUS CAESAR proconsul of Syria until 46 at DamascusJulius Caesar goes from Syria to CiliciaFormer Pompeyan Q. Caelius BASSUS is under Sextus.  Antipater returns to Judea. Wars 1:10:4     47 CAH 9, DGRBM 1-555, DGRG 2-1078, MCAW 256, OCD 191, rcS, wikRGS
47/6 SEXTUS CAESAR proconsul of Syria 47-6 at Damascus, sends private message to Hyrcanus-II, says he will be very displeased if Herod is convicted of murder. Wars 1:10:7 47/6 guess
47/6 SEXTUS CAESAR proconsul of Syria 47-6 at Damascus, appoints Herod governor of Coele Syria. 47 atl1
c.46 SEXTUS CAESAR dies.  Proconsul of Syria from 47 at Damascus, murdered by his own troops who were corrupted by former Pompeyan Q. Caecilius BASSUS, who illegally calls himself praetor, takes over Sextus' 2 legions, and holds up in Apamea on Orontes until 43. Wars 1:10:10     46 CAH 10-18, DGRBM 1-472, 555, Jud 5-6, OCD 162, 191, atl1, rcS, wikRGS
c.46 APAMEA on Orontes, holding out against Caesar for 3 years, taken by Q. Caecilius BASSUS until 43. 46 DGRBM 1-472, DGRG 1-152, OCD 79, 162, wikAp
c.46 Q. CORNIFICIUS is ordered by Caesar, now in Africa or Italy to take command in Syria, against rebel forces of Q. Caecilius Bassus. 46 DGRBM 1-857
c.46 Caesarean Q. CORNIFICIUS observes movements of Q. Caecilius Bassus. 46 DGRBM 1-857
c.45 Caesar's forces, under Antistius Vetus, attack Q. Caecilius Bassus. 45 atl1
45 Antipater comes from Judea to help Caesar against Q. Caecilius Bassus. Wars 1:10:10 45 GHH
c.45 Renegade Pompeyan Q. Caecilius BASSUS, illegal honcho of Syria 46-43, besieged in Apamea on Orontes by Caesarean C.(1) Antistius VETUS. 45 DGRBM 3-1251, OCD 75
c.45 PACORUS son of Orodes leads a Parthian force to Syria to help Pompeyan Q. Caecilius Bassus. 45 B76 VII-667
c.45 Caesarean C.(1) Antistius VETUS, besieging Bassus in Apamea on Orontes, forced to withdraw by Pacorus. 45 DGRBM 3-1251
44 L. Statius MURCUS is sent by Caesar to be proconsul of Syria until 43, and is sent with Q. Marcius CRISPUS to deal with renegade Q. Caecilius Bassus in Apamea on Orontes. 44 CAH 10-18, DGRBM 2-1121, OCD 703, rcS, wikRGS
44 Q. Caecilius BASSUS, illegal honcho of Syria 46-43, besieged in Apamea on Orontes from 45, now besieged by L. Statius Murcus with 3 legions until 43. no date: DGRBM 1-472
44 L. Statius MURCUS, besieging Pompeyan Bassus in Apamea on Orontes, is repulsed by Bassus, and forced to call for help to Q. Marcius Crispus governor of Bithynia, who brings 3 more legions. 44 atl1     no date: DGRBM 1-472
44 Mar 15 C.(4) Julius CAESAR ASSASSINATED
44 Sp/Oc C.(5) CASSIUS LONGINUS goes goes from Asia province to Syria, recruits 12 legions. 44 OCD 212, wikGCL, wikRGS
44 C. Antistus VETUS defects from Caesar to Cassius. 44 OCD 75
44 Oct C.(5) CASSIUS LONGINUS illegal honcho of Syria 44-2, needs to finance war against Antony, demands 700 silver talents from Judea on threat of plunder and enslavement. Wars 1:11:2 44 Jud 3-77
43 early L. Statius MURCUS, proconsul of Syria from 44, and Q. Marcius CRISPUS, Caesareans besieging renegade Q. Caecilius Bassus in Apamea on Orontes from 44, are won over by C.(5) CASSIUS Longinus.  BASSUS also joins Cassius.
APAMEA, stronghold of Bassus from 46, no longer so.
44 OCD 212, wikRGS
43 DGRBM 1-472, OCD 212, atl1
43 Apr P.(2) Cornelius DOLABELLA, after he had killed Trebonius in Smyrna, goes to Syria. 43 DGRBM 2-801
43 P.(2) Cornelius DOLABELLA, attacks Antioch unsuccessfully, then takes Laodicea on the coast. 43 DGRBM 2-801
43 4 legions sent by Cleo-VII from Egypt to help Dolabella, Caesarian party leader in the east. 44 CAH 10-18
43 Jul P.(2) Cornelius DOLABELLA dies.  Blockaded by C.(5) Cassius at Laodicea, betrayed by his allies, suicides.  Cassius takes his army and Laodicea. 44/3 CAH 10-18    43 DGRBM 1-1059, OCD 212, 358, atl1, wikC7, wikGCL
43 Jul C.(5) CASSIUS LONGINUS illegal honcho of Syria 44-2, intends to march against Egypt, goes to Judea. Ant 14:11?:2, Wars 1:11:2 43 Jud 11-619
c.43 SAMPSICERAMUS-I dies.  Sheikh of Emesa from 69, dies.  Son IMBLICHUS succeeds until 31. 48 wikRFE 43 frH
43 late C.(5) CASSIUS LONGINUS, summoned by M.(7) Brutus, returns from Judea to Syria, governs Syria until 42. 43 rcS, wikC7
c.42 early Q. LABIENUS, partisan of Cassius in Syria, sent to negotiate with Orodes-II king of Parthia 57-37. 44 DGRBM 2-698
43/2 OCD 575     42 CAH 10-49, Jud 5-234, atl1
42 early C.(5) CASSIUS LONGINUS illegal honcho of Syria from 44, leaves Fabius in charge of Syria, goes to Smyrna to join M. Brutus. 43/2 DGRBM 2-801 42 CAH 10-47, Jud 5-234, wikRGS
He leaves his neph L.(5) Cassius Longinus in charge of Syria. DGRBM 2-802
c.42 PTOLEMY MENNEUS, tetrarch of Chalcis 85-40, unites with Marion, prince of Tyre, to restore Antigonus, son of Aristobulus, to throne of Judea. 42 DGRBM 3-569
42 Oct PHILIPPI   Oct 3   Oct 23
c.42 Q. LABIENUS, partisan of Cassius, now in Parthia, learns of Philippi, defects to ORODES-II king of Parthia. 42 DGRBM 2-698, wikPcr1
41 fall ANTONY in Anatolia from spring, goes to Syria.  confirms Ptolemy of Chalcis and Imblichus of Emesa.  Expells some petty tyrants who flee to Parthia. 41 CAH 10-40
41 fall Jewish leaders including Hyrcanus-II make new charges against Herod and Phasael, to Antony in Syria. Ant 14:13:1
41 ISBE 2-689
41 fall HYRCANUS-II goes from Judea to Syria for the trial of Herod and Phasael before Antony. 41 ISBE 2-689
41 fall ANTONY in Syria, hears another Jewish delegation complain about Herod.  After consulting high priest Hyrcanus-II, he confirms tetrarchies of Phasael and Herod, apparently under Hyrcanus-II.  Delegation gets indignant.  Antony imprisons 15 and drives the rest away. Wars 1:12:5-6
41 CAH 10-40, CHJ 3-104, ISBE 2-689, Jud 8-376
41 fall ANTONY in Syria, demands much money.  One city, Aradus (formerly Arvad), rebelsAntony sends a force to raid Palmyra, but inhabitants had moved with their valuables into Parthian territory east of the Euphrates, which they prepared to defend.. 41 CAH 10-719, wikMA, wikPlm
41 fall ANTONY in Syria, makes L. Decidius SAXA governor of Syria until 40, gives Saxa 2 legions of former Cassius troops, proceeds to Tyre. 41 DGRG 2-1078, rcS, wikRGS
no date: OCD 314

Syria - Armenia 40-0