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c.100 EUDOXUS of Cyzicus 3rd voyage, he tries to circumnavigate Africa. 100 atl1
c.90 TANYIDAMANI, king of Meroe from 110, ends.  Successors unknown until 50. 90 frN, rcNA
c.50 AMANIKHABALE becomes king of Meroe until 40. 50 frN, rcNA
c.45 AMANISH-AKHETE becomes queen of Nubia 45 B76 VII-430
c.40 AMANIKHABALE, king of Meroe from 50, ends.  TERITEQAS succeeds until 10. 40 frN, rcNA
c.30 TRIACONTASCHOENOS puppet-state set up under a local petty king by C. CORNELIUS GALLUS, to act as a buffer-zone between Egypt and Ethiopia (kingdom of Aksum), as well as a loose protectorate over Ethiopia itself. 30 wikWAg
c.24 AELIUS GALLUS, 3rd prefect of Egypt 25-4, invades Ethiopia and Nubia. 24 DGRG 2-176
c.24 Kushite Queen Amanirenas is threatened by C. PETRONIUS, prefect of Egypt. 24 HRE 123, afN
c.23 NAPATA Nubia sacked by C. Petronius, never recovers.  NOBATAE people occupy the area. 23 B76 VII-430, HRE 123, bk
c.23 Ethiopians, alarmed by approach of C. Petronius to their frontier, harass the neighborhood of Philae and Syene (Souan, near Elephantine), and it becomes necessary to repel their incursions.  C. Petronius, who succeeded Aelius Gallus as governor of Egypt, tries to drive them back.  Pselcis is one of the towns which submits to him. 23 DGRG 2-675
c.22 C. Petronius defeats Ethiopians again. 22 CAH 10-150, HRE 123
c.10 TERITEQAS, king of Meroe from 40, ends.  AMANIRENAS, then AKINIDAD, then AMANISHAKHETO succeeds as queen until 1BCE. 10 frN, rcNA
c.1 AMANISHAKHETO, queen of Meroe from 10, ends.  AMANITORE succeeds as queen until ?. 10 frN, rcNA