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c.100 EROTIM, co-king of Nabateans from 110, ends.  HARITHATH(Aretas)-II continues until 95. 100 frH
c.100 LIHYAN, state in northwest Arabia, independent from 120 under king MAS'UDU at Dedan, comes under Nabatea. 100 rcAr, rri
c.95 OBAIDAH (Obodas)-I, becomes king of Nabateans until 87. 95 frH
c.87 OBAIDAH (Obodas)-I, king of Nabateans from 105, ends.  AR-RABIL (Rabbel) succeeds and ends.  HARITHATH-III (Aretas Philhellen) succeeds until 62. 87 frH
c.85 YITHAIL SADIQ, king of Maan from 95, ends.  Maan comes under Qataban until 25.  WAQABIL YITHA succeeds until 65. 85 rcAr
c.80 KARIB-IL Watar Yuhanim, king of Saba from ?, ends.  YARIM AYMAN-I succeeds until 60. 80 rcAr
c.74 MECCA comes under Jurhum tribe until 206.  Jurhum-I ibn Djahla becomes ruler until 44. 74 rcAr
c.65 WAQABIL YITHA, king of Maan from 85, ends.  ILYATHA YASHUR-II succeeds until 55. 65 rcAr
c.64 PALMYRA (Tadmor), under Seleucids from 312, independent until 30. 64 wikPlm
c.62 HARITHATH-III (Aretas Philhellen), king of Nabateans from 87, ends.  OBAIDAH (Obodas)-II succeeds until 47. 62 frH
c.60 YARIM AYMAN-I, king of Saba from 80, ends.  FARUM YANHAB possibly succeeds until 35. 60 rcAr
c.55 Minaean Kingdom of MA'IN north of Saba from 430 ends. 55 rri
c.55 SABA, under Himyar from 116, no longer so.  SAMAHU ALI YANUF-V becomes king until ?. 55 rcAr
c.55 ILYATHA YASHUR-II, king of Maan from 65, ends.  Ruler unknown until 25. 55 rcAr
c.47 OBODATH (Obodas)-II, king of Nabateans from 62, ends.  MALIKU (Malchus)-II succeeds until 28. 59 wikLNK
50 MRDK 359, frH
47 OCD 642
c.47 MALIKU (Malchus)-II, king of Nabateans 47-28, sends troops to help Caesar in Alexandria. 47 OCD 642
c.44 JURHUM-I ibn Djahla, ruler of Mecca from 74, ends.  Son Abd DJALIL succeeds until 14. 44 rcAr
41 fall ANTONY in Syria, sends a force to raid Palmyra, but inhabitants had moved with their valuables into Parthian territory east of the Euphrates, which they prepare to defend.. 41 CAH 10-719, wikMA, wikPlm
c.35 FARUM YANHAB, possible king of Saba from 60, ends.  YARIM AYMAN-II possibly succeeds until 25. 25 rcAr
c.30 PALMYRA, independent from 64, comes under Rome until 261. 30 rcS
c.28 MALIKU (Malchus)-II, king of Nabateans from 47, ends.  OBODATH (Obodas)-III succeeds until 9. 30 OCD 104, 642, 28 MRDK 359, frH
25 AELIUS GALLUS, prefect of Egypt, leads 130 freight-ships across the Red Sea against the Sabaeans of Arabia Felix (Yemen). 26 HRE 122, wikWAg 26/5 CAH 10-711
25 Roman ally OBODATH (Obodas)-III, king of Nabateans 28-9, contributes 1,000 troops under his chief secretary, Sylaeus to help Aelius Gallus. 26 wikWAg
25 mid HEROD contributes 500 troops to the Arabian campaign of Aelius Gallus, which doesn't start until 24. 26 CAH 10-155
25 BNTH 20, CAH 10-330, DGRBM 2-426
c.25 Kingdom of MAAN, under Qataban from 80, under unknown rulers from 55, ends. 25 rcAr
c.25 YARIM AYMAN-II, king of Saba from 35, ends.  SHAIRUM AWTAR, YAZIL BAYIN, and ILASHARAH YAHDUB succeed until ?. 25 rcAr
24 AELIUS GALLUS, 2nd prefect of Egypt 25-4, marches 10,000 troops including allies from Leuke Kome on Arabian campaign, crosses 900 miles of desert.  50 days later they arrive at Negrana, capture and destroy it.  His guide Sylaeus misleads him.  Heat, dehydration, and bad water diseases his army.  He fails to take Mariba in Arabia Felix, and is then driven out by Arabs, having taken nothing but information.  He never reaches his objective, Mariaba. 26 wikWAg
24 B76 1-1044, CAH 10-241, 250-3, DGRBM 2-222, DGRG 2-862, GHH
by 24 DEDAN Arabia is under Nabataeans. by 24 WPOT 296
20 ASSAD Abu Karib, king of Yemen from ?, ends.  HASSAN ibn Tubba succeeds until 50CE. 20 rcAr
c.14 Abd DJALIL, ruler of Mecca from 44, ends.  Son JURUM-II succeeds until 16CE. 14 rcAr
c.10 YADIL DARIH-II becomes king of Saba until 10CE. 10 rcAr
c.9 OBODATH (Obodas)-III, king of Nabateans from 28, ends.  HARITHATH-IV (Aretas Philopatris) succeeds until 40CE. 9 frH