47 Gn.(3) POMPEIUS, 1st son of Pompey, sails from Corcyra for Spain, but goes first to Africa. 47 DGRBM 3-489
47 Caesarean legate Aulus(5) GABINIUS, besieged in Salona by Dalmatians, dies. 47 B76 IV-370, OCD 451
45 P. VATINIUS, consul 46, sent from Rome to be proconsul of Illyria until 43. 45 OCD 1110
47 Pompeyan M.(3) OCTAVIUS, at Dyrrhachium from 48, driven out by Q. Cornificius and P. Vatinius.  Flees to Africa. 47 DGRBM 3-9
c.47 THESSALY, under Rome from ?, comes under AGESARETOS until 44. 47 atl1
47/6 Servius Sulpicius RUFUS appointed by Caesar as governor of Achaea until ?. 47 OCD 1023 46 B76 IX-664
46 Jan P. VATINIUS is proconsul of Illyricum with 3 legions to oppose Pompeyan M. Octavius.  He is successful.  He is still there until 43. 46 DGRBM 3-1235
45 OCD 1110, wikPV
46 DALMATIA, anti-Caesar from 51, threatened with invasion by Caesar, submits until 45. 46 OCD 310
46 Pompeyan Gn.(6) Domitius AHENOBARBUS is pardoned by Caesar and returns from Greece? to Italy. 46 DGRBM 1-85, wikGnDA
c.45 CORINTH, destroyed 146, rebuilt by Caesar as a Roman colony, and populated with Italian freedmen.  But the Isthmian Games are still held in Sicyon until 3. 46 ISBE 1-773     45 GHH, MCAW 257     44 B76 III-150, IDB 1-682, ISBE 1-712, atl1
45 May M.(10) Claudius MARCELLUS dies.  Formerly anti-Caesar, returning from Lesbos, murdered by one of his own attendants at the Piraeus.  Caesar is suspected of complicity. 45 B76 VI-601, OCD 646, atl1
45 DALMATIA submitted to Caesar from 46, now rebels against P. Vatimus until 44. 45 OCD 310
45 P. VATINIUS, proconsul of Illyricum, sent by Caesar to exact tribute and hostages from Illyrians. 45 atl1
c.45 Son of Sadalas I, COTYS-VI ends.  King of Asteans of Thrace from 80.  SADALAS-II succeeds until 42. 45 frH, wikOK
Son Cotys I, RHESCUPORIS-I, rules 48-42 wikOK
45 CAESAR begins massing troops for eastern campaign at Apollonia Illyricum. 45 OCD 83
45 M. Tullius Cicero Minor goes from Italy to Athens.  L. Tullius Montanus accompanies. 45 DGRBM 3-1184
45 late OCTAVIAN, age 18, nephew of Caesar, sent with M. Vipsanius Agrippa, Q. Salvidienus Rufus, and C. Maecenas from Rome to Apollonia Illyricum to complete his studies and learn army life. 45 CAH 10-6 & 7, wikELA, wikMVA 44 B76 1-367, CDCC 111, atl1
44 M'(5) ACILIUS GLABRIO is sent with troops by Caesar to Greece in preparation for his intended Parthian warHe succeeds P. Sulpicius Rufus in the government of Achaea. 44 DGRBM 2-272
44 Apr OCTAVIAN and M. Vipsanius Agrippa, in Illyria from 45, learn of the assassination,  Most army officers advise Octavian to take refuge with the troops in Macedonia.  Friends Agrippa and Rufus advise him to go immediately to Rome.  They sail from Apollonia Illyricum to Brundisium. 44 B76 1-367, 2-369, CAH 10-8, DGRBM 1-78, atl1, wikAg, wikELA
44 Apr Learning of Caesar assassination, Illyrians rebel against P. Vatinius, cut off senator Baebius and his 5 cohorts and defeat them. 44 DGRBM 1-453, HRE 95, atl1
44 Q. Hortensius Hortalus is governor of Macedonia. 44 DGRBM 2-528
44 Roman army in Macedonia, now under command of proconsul Antony, is summoned by Antony to sail to Brundisium. 44 atl1
44 M. Cicero the younger studies under rhetorician Gorgias.  Dad Cicero orders him to stop. 44 atl1
c.44 THESSALY, under AGESARETOS from 47, comes under Rome until 25. 44 rcSB2
c.44 ODESSA, under Rome from 85, sacked by Dacians and Getae, mostly abandoned and not revived until mid-first century CE. 44 rcU
44 BUREBISTA dies.  King of the Thracian Getae and Dacians from 82, murdered by his own people for losing his "luck" in backing the wrong Roman.  His kingdom splits up. 44 B76 2-615, OCD 185, hifiBst, wikBst
44 Urban praetor C.(2) ANTONIUS, bro of Antony, comes from Rome to be governor of Macedonia. 44 DGRBM 1-216, OCD 78
44 Ag/Sp M.(7) BRUTUS sails from Italy for Athens, intent on taking Macedonia, which Caesar had assigned him.  Brutus associates with philosophers, and attracts young Romans to his cause. 44 DGRBM 1-513, OCD 183, 361
44 Ag/Sp Republican Gn.(6) Domitius AHENOBARBUS sails from Italy to Macedonia to join M.(7) Brutus. 44 DGRBM 1-85, OCD 183, 361, wikGnDA
44 Sep M.(7) BRUTUS, having gathered troops, goes to Macedonia, which by now had been assigned by the senate to Antony.  Brutus, supported by Q. Hortensius Hortalus its present governor, siezes control of Macedonia. 44 DGRBM 1-513, OCD 183, 361, atl1
44/3 Troops of Caesarean P. VATINIUS defect to M.(7) Junius Brutus. 44 wikPV
43 Mar C.(2) ANTONIUS, bro and legate of Antony in Macedonia from 44, besieged in Apollonia Illyricum by M.(7) Brutus, captured and kept prisoner until 42.  Brutus now disregards all decrees of the senate. 45 DGRBM 1-216, 513, OCD 79, 183, atl1
43 DYRRHACHIUM surrendered by P. VATINIUS to M.(7) Junius Brutus. 44 wikPV
43 DGRBM 3-1235
43 The BESSI of Thrace attacked by M.(7) Junius Brutus. 43 atl1
43 P. VATINIUS proconsul of Illyricum, from 46, troops defect to M.(7) Junius Brutus, so Vatinus surrenders, and returns to Rome. 43 DGRBM 3-1235, OCD 1110, atl1
43 M.(7) Junius BRUTUS, now governor of Macedonia, recruits troops from Asia, forces submission of Thracian chiefs, defeats the Bessi. 43 CAH 10-19
43 Aug M.(7) BRUTUS, fights some Thracian tribes to get money. 43 CAH 10-19, DGRBM 1-513
43 Thracian chiefs split:  RHASCUPORIS sides with Brutus & Cassius.  RHASCUS sides with Antony & Octavian. 43 DGRBM 3-647
43 Tyrannicide P. Servilius CASCA, tyrannicide, flees Italy.  Joins M. Brutus in Macedonia. 43 OCD 210
43 M. APPULEIUS proscribed by triumvirs, flees to M.(7) Brutus in Macedonia.  Brutus makes him governor of Bithynia. 43 DGRBM 1-248
43 M.(7) Junius BRUTUS goes from Macedonia to AsiaL.(2) Gellius Publicola accompanies. 43 guess
43 M.(7) Junius BRUTUS issues coins displaying his own image, with a liberty cap and 2 daggers on other side. 43 atl1
43 CASSANDRIA Chalcidice, under Macedonia from 316, is turned to a Roman colony by Q. Hortensius Hortalus. 43 OCD 225-6
42 early C.(2) ANTONIUS dies.  Bro of Antony, prisoner of Brutus from 43, executed on instigation of Q. Hortensius to avenge murder of Cicero. 43 atl1
42 CAH 10-6, DGRBM 1-216
42 L. STATIUS MURCUS sent by C.(5) Cassius with 60 ships and a legion of elite troops sails to Cape Matapan in south Peloponnese to blockade Cleo-VII's route to the Caesarians. 42 wikC7
42 L. STATIUS MURCUS with 60 ships learns of Cleo-VII's misfortune, sees wreckage from her ships on the coast of GreeceHe is then sent by Brutus and Cassius into the Ionian Sea south of the Adriatic. 42 DGRBM 1-513, wikC7
42 spring Triumvirs send 8 legions under Decidius SAXA & C. Norbanus FLACCUS to Macedonia. 42 CAH 10-22, DGRBM 2-156, 3-730, atl1, wikLCW
42 mid C.(5) CASSIUS & M.(7) BRUTUS with 19 well paid legions cross from Asia to Thrace. 43 CAH 10-07, DGRBM 2-801, OCD 212
42 CAH 10-07
42 Q. DELLIUS deserts C.(5) Cassius and joins Antony. 42 atl1
42 8 legions under Decidius SAXA & C. Norbanus FLACCUS go from Macedonia to take the mountain-passes beyond Philippi, to stop the march of Brutus and Cassius, but B & C change their route and arrive safely at Philippi. 42 DGRBM 2-156, atl1
c.42 Son of Kotys, SADALAS-II dies.  King of Asteans of Thrace from 45, dies childless, leaving his dominions to the Romans.  Asteans come under Sapes until 31. 42 DGRBM 3-693, DGRG 2-465, frH
c.42 Son Cotys-I, RASKOUPORIS-I ends.  King of Sapeans of Thrace from 48.  RASKOS succeeds and ends.  Son COTYS-? succeeds until 31. 42 frH, wikOK
42 mid ANTONY & OCTAVIAN sail with 17 legions from Brundisium to Dyrrhachium. 42 CAH 10-22, GHH, wikAg, wikMA, wikTAR
42 OCTAVIAN gets sick at Dyrrhachium and has to be left behind. 42 CAH 10-23
42 Aug M.(7) BRUTUS & C.(5) CASSIUS with 19 legions cross Thrace and Macedonia unopposed. 42 CAH 10-07
42 Sep Triumvir generals SAXA & Norbanus FLACCUS are outflanked by C.(5) CASSIUS & BRUTUS and retreat to Amphipolis to await Antony. 42 CAH 10-7, 23, DGRBM 2-156, 3-730
42 Sep C.(5) CASSIUS & M.(7) BRUTUS with 19 legions hold high ground along both sides of the Via Egnatia west of Philippi with marsh to south and fleet at Neapolis.  They have time to fortify their position with rampart and ditch.  Brutus camps on the north and Cassius south of Via Egnatia.  Having better ground, they resolve to avoid battle, and to subdue the triumvirs by hunger. 42 CAH 10-23, DGRBM 2-156, wikMA
42 Sep? Antony & Octavian send a legion south to Achaea to get supplies. 42
42 Sep ANTONY arrives and strengthens garrisons at Amphipolis, positions his army south of via Egnatia near Philippi.  Octavian put his legions north of the road.  Antony offers battle several times, but Brutus & Cassius do not leave their defensive position.  Antony tries to secretly outflank the Republican position thru the marshes in the south. 42 wikMA
42 OCTAVIAN vows a festival and a temple of Mars Ultor (the Avenger) when war is over.  Temple is not begun until 20. 42 CAH 10-833, atl1
42 Antony & Octavian have 100,000 infantry;  the republicans just over 70,000.  But the republicans are stronger in cavalry, with 20,000 against 13,000.  Cassius commands the left, Brutus the right, facing Antony & Octavian respectively. 42 CAH 10-08
42 Oct 3 1st Battle of Philippi ANTONY commands Triumvirate's army due to Octavian's sickness.  Antony directly controls the right flank opposite Cassius.  Octavian's lieutenants are on the left opposite Brutus.  Antony defeats Cassius and plunders his camp.  Legions of M.(7) Brutus attack Octavian's camp without orders and storm it, but can't capture Octavian.  While all this is happening, Octavian is hiding in a marsh. map: pub dom

42 B76 II-327, CAH 10-8, 24, CDCC 54, DGRBM 1-513, 2-801, IDB 3-786, atl1, wikLCW, wikMJB
42 Oct 3 C.(5) CASSIUS LONGINUS, unaware of victory of M.(7) Brutus' troops, sends centurion Titinius to see how Brutus is doing.  Titinius does not return when expected.  Cassius hears false rumor of Brutus' defeat.  CASSIUS suicides near Philippi. 42 B76 II-616, CAH 10-8, 24, DGRBM 3-1158, IDB 3-786, Jud 5-234, LEWH 1111, MCAW 258, wikGCL, wikMA
PHILIPPI is not one battle, but two:   Oct 3 & 23
42 Oct AMYNTAS, secretary of Deiotarus, ally of Cassius and M.(7) Brutus deserts after 1st battle. 42 OCD 57
42 Oct M.(7) BRUTUS, moves into Cassius' camp near Philippi, decides to do nothing, in hopes that the triumvirs would run short of supplies while he has abundant supplies at Neapolis.  His Caesarian veterans threaten to defect. 42 CAH 10-24, wikMA
42 Oct Antony and Octavian try to force Brutus to fight another battle. 42 atl1
42 Oct 23 2nd Battle of Philippi M. BRUTUS, his troops in low morale, and fearing that his supply lines would be cut, attacks Octavian's troops, which repel him.  Antony then pursues and routs Brutus. map: pub dom

42 B76 II-327, CAH 10-8, 24, CDCC 54, GHH, wikMA, wikMJB, wikTAR
42 Oct 23 Son of L.(4), L.(5) Licinius LUCULLUS, general under Brutus, pursued and killed. 42 DGRBM 2-837
Oct 23
M.(7) Junius BRUTUS, with a few faithful men, he flees by night to the hills, cries out his righteous intent.  BRUTUS suicides by running into his own sword being held by 2 of his men. 42 B76 II-327, CAH 10-8, 25, CDCC 150, DGRBM 1-513, MCAW 258, OCD 183, wikMJB
42 Oct While Antony treats the losers mildly, Octavian deals cruelly with his prisoners and even beheads Brutus's corpse. 42 wikMA
42 Oct M.(2) Tullius CICERO, son of the orator, with M.(7) Brutus from ? sails to Sicily. 42 OCD 239
42 Oct? P. Servilius CASCA, a tyrannicide, and bro Caius, suicide. 42 OCD 210, wikSCs
42 Oct? ?. Livius DRUSUS suicides. 42 atl1
42 Oct? M.(6) MESSALA CORVINUS, republican at Philippi, declines command of republican army, joins Antony. 42 B76 VI-821, OCD 674
42 Oct? Q. HORATIUS FLACCUS (Horace) republican tribune, flees back to Italy. 42 B76 8-1072
42 Oct? Sextus Quintilius VARUS, republican, killed at his own request by his freedmen. 42 DGRBM 3-1231, atl1
42 Oct? Q. Antistius LABEO, republican, suicides. 42 atl1
42 Oct? OCTAVIAN gets sick, and can't return to Italy. 42 atl1
42 Oct Diehard republicans, L. STATIUS MURCUS and Gn.(6) Domitius AHENOBARBUS leave Philippi, Murcus + 80 ships to Sextus Pompeius in Sicily; Ahenobarbus with 2 legions in 50 ships to roam the Adriatic. 42 CAH 10-25, DGRBM 1-85, atl1
42 Q. HORATIUS FLACCUS, former officer of Brutus, pardoned. 42 atl1
42 PHILIPPI enlarged by Antony, who sets up altars to celebrate his victory. 42 atl1
42 THESSALONICA Chalcidice made a free city by Antony. 42 CAH 10-574, ISBE 4-837
42 Nv/Dc 2nd TRIUMVIRATE, having distributed everything in 43 Oct/Nov, redistributes everything.  Antony to get Gaul and the task of paying troops and reorganizing the east.  Lepidus, suspected of collaborating with Sextus Pompeius, gets nothing until proven innocent.  Octavian to get Spain, Sardinia, Sicily, Africa. 43 B76 VI-158, CAH 10-26, OCT 149
42 Nv/Dc L. Marcius CENSORINUS, Antonine general, given 6 legions by Antony to hold Macedonia until ?, and deal with the Parthini of Illyria. 43 CAH 10-26 41 DGRBM 1-664
42 Nv/Dc ANTONY with 2 legions goes from Macedonia to Asia to extort money owed to his troops, lands at EphesusDecidius Saxa accompanies. 43 CAH 10-26, 33
42 DGRBM 1-215, 3-730
41 DGRBM 1-664
42/1 ANTONY returns from Cilicia, winters in Greece. 43 CAH 10-10
41 spring ANTONY returns from Greece to Asia. 41 CAH 10-10
41 JULIA, dau of L. Julius Caesar & Fulvia, wid of Antonius Creticus and Lentulus Sura, sent by Sextus Pompey in Sicily with a distinguished escort and trireme convoy to Greece to wait for Antony. 41 DGRBM 2-640
40 Fb/Mr FULVIA, wife of Antony, and L. Munatius PLANCUS, flee from Perusia to Greece. 40 DGRBM 3-383, MCAW 260, OCD 838
40 L. Scribonius LIBO is sent by Sextus Pompeius from Sicily to Greece to negotiate alliance with Antony. 40 wikLSL
c.40 Mar ANTONY recently in Asia, sails to Greece. 41 CAH 10-42
40 Mar ANTONY goes from Athens to Corcyra, Antony thinks Octavian betrayed him and allied with Sextus Pompeius.  C.(1) Asinius Pollio tells Antony that his former enemy admiral Gn.(6) Ahenobarbus would join him. 41 CAH 10-42
40 Mr/Ap ANTONY fearlessly sails from Corcyra with only 5 ships to meet all 50-70 ships of Ahenobarbus in the Adriatic. 41 CAH 10-42, wikGnDA
40 Apr? FULVIA dies of a sudden illness at Sicyon.  Dau of M. Fulvius Bambalio, widow of Clodius 62-52 and Curio 51-49, 3rd wife of Antony from 47, mom of M. Antonius Antyllus d.30 and Iulus Antonius Creticus d.2. 41 CAH 10-43, DGRBM 1-215, 2-188, GHH, MCAW 260, OCD 450, atl1, wikAg
40 PARTHINI of Illyria invade Macedonia.  They are expelled by Antonine general L. Marcius Censorinus. 40 CAH 10-49
40 Ti.(4) Claudius NERO & wife Livia & infant son Tiberius in Sicily with Sextus Pompeius from 40, disagree with him, and move to Achaea until 39. 40 OCD 730, atl1
40 Sp/Oc At Treaty of Brundisium, Octavian's west and Antony's east are divided at the Illyrian town of Scodra.  In reality the frontier is the near impassable mountain barrier.  This leaves Illyricum under Octavian and Macedonia under Antony. 40 CAH 10-548
39 C.(1) Asinius POLLIO with 11 legions sent by Antony from Rome to subdue the Parthini of Illyria until later 39. 39 CAH 10-46, 47, 49, GHH, wikGAP
39 Antonine C.(1) Asinius POLLIO defeats the Parthini, recaptures SALONA port from them. 39 CAH 10, DGRBM 3-438, DGRG 2-885, OCD 852, atl1
39 Antonine C.(1) Asinius POLLIO, in Illyricum 39, returns to Rome. 39 CAH 10, DGRBM 3-438, OCD 852, GHH
39 The DARDANI fight Antonine troops. 39 OCD 313
39 Ti.(4) Claudius NERO & wife Livia & infant son Tiberius, Antonines in Achaea from 40, take advantage of Misenum amnesty, return to Rome. 40 DGRBM 2-1162
39 OCD 730
39 Oct? ANTONY & wife Octavia go from Italy to Greece, stay at Athens, which Antony makes his headquarters for reorganizing the east.  Antony sends C.(1) Asinius POLLIO with a part of his army to fight the Illyrian Parthini, who had helped Brutus and Cassius. 39 CAH 10-51, DGRBM 3-438, MCAW 260
39/8 ANTONY, winters in Athens, prepares to move east in spring. 39/8 CAH 10-21
38 spring ANTONY goes from Athens to Asia. 38 implied
38 ANTONY, in Syria from 38, returns to Athens. 38 CAH 10-54
38 OCTAVIAN in Rome sends message to Antony in Athens, asks Antony to meet him in Brundisium to help against Sextus Pompeius. 38 CAH 10-58
38 ANTONY gathers troops and fleet, sails to BrundisiumOctavian doesn't show up!  Antony returns to Greece. 38 CAH 10- 23, 54, 58
38/7 ANTONY, winters in Athens. 38/7 CAH 10-24
37 C. Fonteius Capito and C. Cilnius Maecenas sent by Octavian to establish friendship with Antony, and seek a pledge of help against Sextus.  Maecenas, accompanied by Poet C. Cornelius Gallus returns to Brundisium.  Capito remains with Antony. 38 CAH 10-25
37 DGRBM 1-602, HRE 154
37 spring ANTONY and wife Octavia leave Greece with whole fleet (300 ships), sail to Brundisium. 37 CAH 10-25, 53, 58
37 fall ANTONY leaves Italy with his 10 Phaseli and 1,000 hand picked men from Octavian's bodyguard in his 180 ships, but not having received the 4 legions promised by Octavian.  Antony and Octavia proceed to Corcyra. 37 CAH 10-55, 59, DGRBM 1-216, GHH
37 fall On Corcyra, ANTONY, tired of Octavia, sends her back to Rome using his Parthian campaign as a reason, Then sails for Syria. 37 CAH 10-55, 59, DGRBM 1-216, GHH, MCAW 260
36 early P. Canidius CRASSUS, Antonine campaigns in the Caucasus. 31 Ac31
35 spring Octavian's legates advance northeast from Aquileia towards Emona (Ljubljana) and the headwaters of the Save. 35 Ac31 18
35 Mar OCTAVIA, wife of Antony, with 2,000 troops, money, and provisions, sails from Italy to Athens, finds a detatchment with a message from Antony saying, "Just gimme the stuff and go home".  She does so. 35 Ac31 29, B76 VII-478, CAH 10-77, 92, GHH, atl1
35 M. AGRIPPA precedes Octavian to Illyricum. 35 Ac31 18, DGRBM 1-79
35 Iapodes hill settlements in northern Liburnia attacked by Romans include Monetium, Avendo and Arupium. 35 CAH 10-564
35 LiburniaLiburnian navy siezed by M. AGRIPPA. 35 CAH 10-574
35 OCTAVIAN leaves Italy, joins AGRIPPA.  They campaign against the Iapydes in northern Illyria, besiege 3,000 wariors in their main town Metulus.  Octavian is wounded when a bridge collapses.  War continues against Illyrians and Pannonians. 35 B76 1-367, CAH 10, GHH, atl1
35 OCTAVIAN & AGRIPPA campaign in Illyria until 34/3, first in Dalmatia against the Pannonii.  With ships provided by the allies, they take Siscia, garrison it with 25 cohortsWith them are M.(6) Messala Corvinus and legate C. Antistius Vetus. 35 B76 VI-821, VII-722, 1-367, CAH 10-172-3, 549, 571, GHH, IDB 2-681, OCD 75, 674, 775, wikDRP, wikIlrc
34 DGRG 1-747
35 OCTAVIAN & AGRIPPA subdue smaller tribes all along the Adriatic coast, beginning with Doclea in Dalmatia. 35 HRE 95
35 MENAS dies.  Now back under Octavian, accompanies Octavian and is killed at the siege of Siscia. 35 DGRBM 2-1035
35 SISCIA (Segesta), under the Pannoni from ?, taken by Octavian. 35 CAH 10-173, atl1
35 OCTAVIAN & AGRIPPA campaign against the Iapydes in northeast Istria and north Illyria.  They besiege 3,000 wariors in their main town Metullum.  Octavian is wounded when a bridge collapses.  Metullum is soon destroyed by fire. 35 B76 1-367, CAH 10, HRE 95, atl1
34 DGRG 2-3
35 TAURISCI Gauls (later called Norici) in northwest Dacia north of Ocra river, made tributary to Rome. 35 OCD 738
35 late OCTAVIAN, in Illyria 35, returns to Italy for winter 35/4. 35 CAH 10-173, HRE 96
35/4 South areas of former Illyria are added to Illyricum. 35/4 ooctA
35/4 Newly conquered Pannonian tribes rebel.  Garrison of Fufius Geminus is endangered. 35/4 HRE 96
34 M. Junius SILANUS serves under Antony in Greece until 32. 34 OCD 483
34 Antonines Helvius and Fufius Geminus suppress rebellions by the Iapydes and Pannonians. 34 DGRG 2-1055
34 spring OCTAVIAN returns from Italy to Illyricum until 34/3. 34 Ac31, CAH 10-173
34 DELMATAE (Dalmatians), attacked and defeated by Octavian, retreat to Sunodium (unknown location on the edge of a forest). 34 CAH 10-550, DGRG 2-1055 33 atl1
34 Promona, Dalmatian stronghold, stormed by Octavian. 34 CAH 10-173
34 Town of SUNODIUM (Synodium) probably in the Cikola valley in Dalmatia siezed and burnt by Octavian & Agrippa.  After Octavian had burned Sunodium the Dalmatians lay an ambush. 34 B76 1-367, CAH 10-87, 173, DGRG 2-1055, wikIlrc
34 Verzi, ruler of the Dalmatae takes city of Promona from the Liburni in order to ambush Octavian. 34 wikLRI
34 T. Statilius TAURUS comes from Italy to join Octavian in Illyria until 33. 34 DGRBM 3-985, OCD 1011
34 OCTAVIAN & AGRIPPA in Dalmatia, penetrate as far as Setovia and besieges it.  An enemy force comes to save it, but Octavian prevents it from entering.  Octavian is struck by a stone on the knee and is confined for several days. 34 B76 1-367, CAH 10-87, DGRBM 1-427, DGRG 1-747, 2-971, 33 wikIlrc
34 EMONA, in northwest Illyria, made an Italian colony: COLONIA JULIA by Octavian. 34 CAH 10-88
34/3 OCTAVIAN & AGRIPPA & M.(6) Messala Corvinus, in Illyria from 35, in Dalmatia 34, leave T. Statilius TAURUS in charge of Dalmatia until ?, and return to Rome with the eagles which Gabinius had lost in 48. 34 B76 VI-821, 1-367, CAH 10-87, DGRBM 1-427, 3-985, wikMVA
33 CAH 10-46, IDB 2-681, wikIlrc
33 Colony of POLA on tip of Istria peninsula founded by Octavian. 33 atl1
33 Testimos, ruler of the Dalmatae defeated by Romans. 33 wikLRI
33 Roman campaign in Illyria from 35 ends. 33 CAH 10-172
33 DALMATIA mostly conquered by Octavian, becomes an imperial province until 27. 34 TToH, TTPC
by 33 IDB 1-757
33 CAH 10-173, OCD 310
32 by spring Antonine consuls Gn.(6) Domitius AHENOBARBUS and C. SOSIUS and many senators flee from Rome to Greece.  Antony is not there yet. 32 CAH 10-49, 99, csm, wikCon
32 May ANTONY and CLEO-VII on Samos from Apr, move to Athens.  Antony sets up a quasi-senate with his defected senators. 32 Ac31 32, CAH 10-96, atl1
32 My/Jn ANTONY sends OCTAVIA a formal divorce, and orders her out of his house. 32 Ac31 33, B76 VII-478, CAH 10-96, DGRBM 3-4, GHH, atl1, bk
32 My/Jn Gn.(6) Domitius Ahenobarbus, L. Munatius PLANCUS, and others urge Antony to send Cleo-VII away.  P. Canidius Crassus says she should remain. 32 CAH 10-50
32 Jun Antonine generals L. Munatius PLANCUS and nephew M. TITIUS see that Antony is turned to mush by Cleo-VII, sail to Italy, defect to Octavian.  (1st of many) 32 Ac31 33, CAH 10-51, 97, DGRBM 3-383, 1159, OCD 838, 1079, atl1, wikAg
32 M. Junius SILANUS, under Antony in Greece from 34, sails to Italy, defects to Octavian. 32 OCD 988
32 late ANTONY puts garrisons along west coast of Greece, stations fleet at Actium, and establishes headquarters at Patrae. 32 Ac31
32/1 ANTONY and CLEO-VII winter in Greece.  His main fleet is in Actium harbor.  Greece's west coast is pitted by natural harbors.  Pockets of ships are distributed widely - in Methone, Leucas, Corcyra, Taenarum and probably Corinth. 32/1 B76 4-713, CAH 10-54, 99, MCAW 260
c.32/1 Antonine partisan from Rome, GEMINUS goes to Athens to lecture Antony about Cleo-VII.  He can't get a private audience, and is threatened by Cleo-VIIHe returns home. 32/1 DGRBM 2-238, atl1
31 early METHONE, naval port on coast of southwest Peloponnese, under Antony from ?, stormed and taken by M. Agrippa on order of Octavian. 31 Ac31, B76 2-370, CAH 10-56, DGRBM 1-79, atl1, wikMA
31 BOGUD dies.  Former king of west Mauretania 49-38, Partisan of Antony from 38, killed at Methone by M. Agrippa. 32/1 DGRBM 1-498 31 CAH 10-56, OCD 131
31 spring Corcyra, part of Macedonia province 148- , taken by Agrippa, used as a base by Octavian. 31 B76 III-149, atl1
31 spring OCTAVIAN and many senators sail from Brundisium in 400 ships under M. AGRIPPA into the Adriatic, land unopposed north of Corcyra in Epirus, marches to Actium. 31 Ac31, B76 1-367, CAH 10-56, 99, DGRBM 1-427
31 Corcyra, part of Macedonia province 148- , used as a base by Octavian. 31 B76 III-149
31 Amyntas of Galatia and Q. Dellius are summoned by Antony from Galatia to Macedonia to get auxiliaries. 31 DGRBM 1-956
31 ANTONY marches from Patrae, and camps near Punta on the south coast of the bay of Actium.  Octavian tries unsuccessfully to bring him to battle before he could concentrate the rest of his fleet or army.  Antony makes a new camp on the north side of the straits, near Preveza.  Only the plain of Nicopolis now separates the 2 armies. 31 Ac31, CAH 10-56
31 LEUCAS Island taken by Agrippa.  This gives Octavian a safer anchorage than Gomaros, and keeps Antony's other scattered ships from reinforcing him. 31 CAH 10-56, atl1
31 PATRAE Achaea, Antony's former headquarters, taken by Agrippa. 31 Ac31, CAH 10-56, atl1
31 CORINTH taken by Agrippa.  Antony is now virtually blockaded. 31 CAH 10-56, atl1
31 Amyntas of Galatia and Q. Dellius are sent by Antony into Macedonia and Thrace to seek mercenaries. 31 CAH 10-56
31 mid ANTONY sets out to overtake Amyntas of Galatia and Dellius. 31 CAH 10-56
31 While Antony is away, C. SOSIUS makes a sudden attack by sea, but is defeated by Agrippa. 31 CAH 10-56, atl1
31 ANTONY returns from visiting Amyntas of Galatia and Dellius.  Antony loses a cavalry battle. 31 CAH 10-56
31 Q. DELLIUS defects from Antony to Octavian. 31 atl1
31 AMYNTAS, king of Galatia 40-25, ally of Antony from 40, deserts before Actium. 31 OCD 57, atl1
31 Antonine C. SOSIUS is killed, along with Antonine ally Tarcondimotus-I of Cilicia Trachea. 31 CAH 10-56
31 Antonine general Gn.(6) Domitius AHENOBARBUS defects to Octavian. 31 atl1
31 Octavian's land forces occupy a position near Actium. 31 atl1
31 A few days after joining Octavian, Gn.(6) Domitius AHENOBARBUS dies dies of illness in Greece. 31 B76 I-151, atl1, wikGnDA
c.31 ASTEAN kingdom of Thrace, under Sapes from 42, comes under king SADALAS-III, son of S-II, then under COTYS-VII until 19. 31 frH, wikOK
c.31 Son of Rhescuporis, COTYS-? ends.  King of Sapeans of Thrace from 42.  Son of Sadalas-II, SADALAS-III succeeds and ends.  Son ROIMITALKES-I succeeds until 13. 31 frH, wikOK
Son of Sadalas-II, COTYS-VII succeeds until 18. 31 wikOK
31 ANTONY's army suffers from disease, lack of provisions and water.  Antony withdraws all his troops to the south bank of the gulf of Actium.  Deaths and defections continue. 31 CAH 10-57
31 Aug 29 ANTONY gives order to break out by sea. 31 Ac31
31 ANTONY goes to sea with 200-250 ships against Octavian's 400 or more. 31 CAH 10-57
31 Sep 1? DEIOTARUS, former tetrarch of west Galatia 85-40, ally of Antony from ?, deserts before the battle to Octavian. 31 CAH 10-57, DGRBM 1-955, DGRG 1-930
31 Sep 2 ACTIUM
31 Sep 2 T. STATILIUS TAURUS commands Octavian's land forces at Actium. 31 DGRBM 3-985
31 Sep 2 ANTONY, outnumbering Octavian 5 ships to 4, fights defensively, protecting the Egyptian ships, botches the battle.  His ships desert and surrender.  The whole battle produces only 5,000 casualties. 31 CAH 10-59, 103-5
31 Sep P. Canidius CRASSUS, Antonine in charge of land forces at Actium, deserts his troops, flees for EgyptHis troops surrender to Octavian. 31 atl1
31 Sep 9 Antony's land forces surrender to Octavian. 31 Ac31
31 Sep OCTAVIAN sends Agrippa back to Italy, to help Maecenas against a rebellious son of Lepidus, proceeds slowly thru Greece to Athens. 31 B76 1-367, CAH 10-106, DGRBM 1-428
31 OCTAVIAN reduces and restructures Roman armies. 31 atl1
31 OCTAVIAN is initiated into Eleusinian mysteries. 31 CAH 10-655
31 OCTAVIAN goes from Athens to Samos. 31 B76 1-367, CAH 10-61, 106
30 OCTAVIAN settles veterans at Patrae Achaea. 30 atl1
30 mid OCTAVIAN passes thru south Syria, sends C. Cornelius Gallus ahead to Egypt. 30 CAH 10-107, DGRBM 2-227
30 NICOPOLIS founded by Octavian near Actium. 30 atl1
30 C. Cassius PARMENSIS last surviving tyranicide, dies. 30 atl1
30/29 OCTAVIAN winters on Samos. 30/29 DGRBM 1-428
29 spring Consul M.(4) LICINIUS CRASSUS sent by Octavian with 4 legions to be proconsul Macedonia until 27, and repel barbarian invasions in north. 30 CAH 10-117
29 DGRBM 1-879, wikBst, lvM4LC, wikMs
29 The BASTARNAE cross the Haemus (Balkan) mountains.  They attack a Thracian tribe called Dentheletae who are allies of Rome.  Proconsul M.(4) Licinius Crassus proconsul of Macedonia 29-7 marches north to assist the Dentheletae, begins conquest of Moesia.  The Bastarnae withdraw.  Crassus marches against a major fortress held by the Moesi.  Though his vanguard is routed by a Moesi sortie, Crassus takes the fortress.  Crassus then follows the Bastarnae and eventually surprises them near the Ciabrus and routs them.  Their king DELDO is killed in single combat with Crassus.  The Bastarnae who escape across the Danube, give Rome no trouble until 27CE.  Crassus, with help of a local king of the Getae, dislodges them, then turns his attention to the Moesi.  After an arduous campaign, he forces the submission of most of the Moesi. 29 CAH 10-117, 174, 552, DGRBM 1-381, HRE 99, OCD 296, hifiBst, lvM4LC, wikWAg
29/8 OCD 162     28 bk
29 early OCTAVIAN goes from Samos to Corinth. 29 guess
29 spring OCTAVIAN sails from Corinth to Brundisium. 29 CAH 10-119, DGRBM 1-428, MCAW 264     28 CDCC 111
c.29 The TRIBALLI of Thrace, under Illyrians 335-20, come under Rome until 395CE. 29 rcWB
c.29 The ODRYSIANS of Thrace are given by M.(4) Crassus a territory hallowed by worship of Bacchus, which he had conquered from the Bessi. 29 DGRG 2-465
c.29 ROLES, a king of some tribes of the Getae, fights under M.(4) Crassus, proconsul of Macedonia, against neighboring barbarians, and is recognised by Octavian as a friend and ally. 29 DGRBM 3-654
29 MOESIA (a general name for the area from Danube to the Haemus Mountains) subdued by M.(4) Licinius Crassus, annexed to Rome, but not organized as a province until 6CE. 30 DGRG 2-367
29 B76 2-615, wikMs, wikTAR
c.29 PAEONIA, under Thrace from 57, back under Rome until 395. 29 rcEB
c.29 SERBIA comes under Rome until 395CE. 29 rcWB
29 STRABO, Greek geographer, philosopher, and historian, visits island of Gyaros in Cyclades, goes to Corinth (where Augustus is at the time) until 25. 29 B76 17-713, DGRBM 3-916, wikStr
29/8 DARDANI subdued by M.(4) Licinius CRASSUS. 29/8 OCD 313
28 2nd campaign of M.(4) Licinius CRASSUS in Thrace to 'punish' the Scordisci tribes of northwest Bulgaria (Serdi, Meldi and Artacoi). 29 hifiCT
28 M.(4) Licinius CRASSUS with 4 legions marches on Genucla.  Petty king Zyraxes escapes with his treasure over the Danube into Scythia to seek aid from the Bastarnae.  But Genucla falls to the Romans.  Crassus' campaigns result in permanent annexation of Moesia by Rome. 28 CAH 10-550, wikBst
28 SERDS of Thrace subdued by M.(4) Licinius CRASSUS.  Their land is soon named Serdica. 29 wikHS
28 B76 16-1008
27 Consul M.(4) LICINIUS CRASSUS governor of Macedonia from 30, returns to Rome. 27 CAH 10, OCD 296
27 ILLYRICUM, a province from 168, becomes a senatorial province until 11. 27 IDB 3-941, ISBE 2-803, wikDRP, wikIlrc
27 DALMATIA, imperial province from 33, becomes a senatorial province until ?. 27 CAH 10-174
27 Until now, Illyricum and Macedonia (including Achaea) were administered by proconsuls chosen from ex-praetors or ex-consuls.  After 27 Macedonia (including Epirus, Thessaly, and Achaea) are separate provinces, each under a praetorian proconsul, residing normally at Thessalonica and Corinth respectively. 27 CAH 10-567
27 MACEDONIA, imperial province from 148, becomes a senatorial province until 15CE. 27 CAH 10-174, HRE 97
27 ACHAEA, part of Macedonia from 146, becomes an independent senatorial province called ACHAEA until 15CE.  Epirus, Ionian islands, and Cyclades are joined to it.  Capital moves to Corinth. 27 CAH 10-648, CDCC 105, IDB 1-25, 685, ISBE 1-30
27 AETOLIA incorporated into Achaea province. 27 B76 I-117
26 With the Celts now inhabiting the least desirable parts of Thrace, they pose no threat to Rome.  But They refuse to acknowledge Roman rule and send recruits to serve in the Roman army. The Roman solution is to ethnically cleanse the area.  Dinas, leader of the Artacoi, sends an envoy to C. Poppaeus Sabinus, promising loyalty and friendship if the Romans leave them alone, but Dinas warns not to force the issue. 26 hifiSc
26 A legion led by Pomponius Labeo arrives from Moesia to join Sabinus.  Sicambri cohorts are added to the force.  Thracian King Roimitalkes-I of Sapes supplies auxiliaries from the Odrissae, amounting to a sizeable army to deal with the Celts. 26 hifiSc
26 SABINAS and allies attack Celts.  His Thracian allies are slaughtered by Celts.  His main force besieges Dinas. 26 hifiSc
26 DINAS, chief of the Celtic Artacoi (of northwest Bulgaria), surrenders to Romans and is imprisoned.  Co-chief Tarsa suicides.  TURESIS takes over and leads remaining Artacoi to safety. 26 hifiSc
c.25 THESSALY, under Rome from 44, comes under AGATHANOR-I until 15. 25 rcSB2
c.25 There is a governor of Macedonia named M. PRIMUS some time between 27 & 23, whose existence has been expunged from history, because of a court case in 22 embarassing to Augustus.
25 STRABO, Greek geographer, philosopher, and historian, in Greece from 29, goes to Egypt until 19. 25 OCD 1017, wikStr
c.21 early AUGUSTUS sails from Sicily to Greece until fall. 21 DGRBM 1-429
21 AUGUSTUS spends part of winter at Aegina island.  He shows his displeasure with Athens by freeing Aegina, and Eretria, from paying tribute to Athens. 22/1 CAH 10-654
c.21 VIRGIL joins Augustus in Athens. no date: CAH 10-90
21 KYTHERA island restored to Sparta by AUGUSTUS. 21 OCD 308
c.21 late AUGUSTUS, in Athens 21, sails to Samos for winter. 21 CAH 10-262, DGRBM 1-429
c.21/0 AUGUSTUS winters on Aegina island. 21/20 CAH 10-651
20 Senate sends embassy to Athens to ask Augustus to return to Rome and be consul for 19.  It includes Q. Lucretius Vespillo.  Augustus declines and appoints Vespillo. 20 DGRBM 3-1249
20 ZARMANOCHEGAS, ascetic in Athens, self immolates. 20 B76 8-913
19 M. LOLLIUS becomes proconsul of Macedonia until 18. 19 OCD 618
19/8 BESSI tribe of Thrace subdued by M. Lollius until 11. 19/8 OCD 1066
c.19/8 RHOEMETALCES who is administering the Odrysians as guardian of 3 infant sons of deceased Kotys-IV, with help of M. Lollius, reduces the Bessi. 20 DGRG 2-465 19/8 CAH 10-551
c.18 Son of Sadalas-II, COTYS-VII ends.  King of Asteans of Thrace from 31.  Son RASKOUPORIS-II succeeds in northwest until 11. 18 frH, wikOK
18 M. LOLLIUS proconsul of Macedonia from 19, recalled to Rome and sent to GaulSuccessor may be L. Tarius Rufus. 18 OCD 618 no date: CAH 10-551
18/7 HEROD, enroute to Rome, goes to Greece, presides at the Olympic games, makes large financial contribution, elected perpetual president, proceeds to Rome. 18 DGRBM 2-427, wikHG 18/7 CAH 10-330
17 Jud 2-567     16 GHH
c.17 P. Silius NERVA becomes governor of Illyricum until 16. 17 wikIlrc
c.16 P. Silius NERVA, governor of Illyricum from 17 goes to fight in the Italian Alps because there are no troops there. 16 CAH 10-537, wikIlrc
Taking advantage of this, some Pannonians and the Norici enter Istria and pillage it.
c.16 ISTRIA peninsula under Rome 177, invaded by the Norici and PannoniSilius Nerva quickly brings it under control. 16 CAH 10-174, HRE 94, OCD 775, wikIlrc
c.16 The Dentheletae (a Thracian tribe in eastern Moesia), together with the Celtic Scordisci (in the area of the Save, Drave, and Danube) attack the Roman province of Macedonia. 16 hifiSc, wikIlrc
c.16 Civil war begins in Thrace. 16 wikIlrc
c.16 DALMATIA Roman province 33-, has insurrection, which is quelled. 16 CAH 10-174, DGRG 1-747, OCD 310, wikIlrc
c.16/5 The Celtic SCORDISCI are conquered by Tiberius, and become Roman mercenaries.  Scordisci territories are included into Roman provinces of Pannonia, Moesia and Dacia. 15 wikIlrc, wikScr
by 12 hifiSc
c.15 THESSALY, under AGATHANOR-I from 25, back under Rome until 1st cen.CE. 15 rcSB2
c.14 Rebellions begin in Pannonia and northern DalmatiaPANNONIAN WAR begins until 8. 14 CAH 10-174, 579, 563, wikIlrc
c.14 VOLGAESES, a Bessian priest of Bacchus inspires enough religious fervor to become chief of the Thracian Bessi, and assembles a large army. 14 DGRG 2-1189
c.14 M. VINICIUS becomes governor of Illyricum until 13, takes over operations in Pannonia. 14 CAH 10-175, wikIlrc
c.14 SIRMIUM, on the eastern Save taken by M. Vinicius?, completing conquest of Pannonia. 14 B76 VII-722
c.13 Son of Cotys-?, ROIMITALKES-I ends.  King of Sapeans of Thrace from 31, ends.  COTYS-VIII succeeds in southeast, and ROIMITALKES-II in northwest, both until 18CE. 13 frH 11 wikOK
c.13 The Bessi want to recover the sanctuary of Dionysus, and a sacred war breaks out, which results in the overthrow of the princes of the Odrysae. 13 HRE 99
c.13 On his nephew's death, RHOEMETALCES is expelled from Thrace, to the Chersonese, by Vologaeses, chief of the Thracian Bessi, who captures its fortifications. 13 DGRBM 3-653
no date: DGRG 2-1189
c.13 Roman expansion begins in Balkans until 9. 13 CAH 10-172
c.13 PANNONIA is made a province. 13 wikMVA
13 M. Vipsanius AGRIPPA goes from Rome to Pannonia until 12, deals with problems. 13 CDCC 28, DGRBM 1-79, MCAW 268, OCD 775, wikGC
12 CAH 10-152, OCD 31
c.13 late M. VINICIUS, governor of Illyricum from 14, ends.  M. Vipsanius AGRIPPA succeeds until 12. 13 CAH 10-175, HRE 98, wikIlrc
13 M. Vipsanius AGRIPPA goes to Pannonia, fights on Balkan and Danubian boundaries in Pannonia and Dalmatia, marches down Drave and Save rivers restores order. 13 B76 1-367, CDCC 28, DGRBM 1-79, MCAW 268, OCD 775
12 M. Vipsanius AGRIPPA gets sick, returns from Pannonia to Rome.  Sextus APPULEIUS succeeds until Tiberius arrives. 12 B76 1-367, CAH 10-152, DGRBM 1-79, OCD 31, 775
12 Thracian Chersonese becomes an imperial possession. 12 CAH 10-568
12 Rome/Thrace War begins until 10. 12 CAH 10-551
12 TIBERIUS comes from Rome to take over Agrippa's command in Pannonia. 12 CAH 10-153, 175, HRE 98, LEWH 115, MCAW 268
12 TIBERIUS, helped by the Scordisci, campaigns against Pannonia, overcomes the Breuci of the Save valley, subdues the Pannoni until 11. 12 CAH 10-175, 551, GHH
11 wikIlrc
12 Herod, Alexander & Aristobulus sail from Italy to Greece. 12 implied
12 HEROD supports the financially strapped Olympic Games and ensures their futureHerod, Alexander & Aristobulus sail to Judea. Ant 16:5:3 12 wikHG
12 HEROD and his sons Alexander & Aristobulus, and Antipater, sail from Greece, to Eleusa Island off Cilicia Wars 1:23:4
11 PANNONIA conquered by Tiberius , becomes a province. 11 GHH, wikIlrc, wikTAR
11 BESSI tribe of Thrace subdued from 19/8, rebels, breaks away from the Astae. 11 OCD 1066
c.11 L.(8) Calpurnius PISO praetor of Pamphylia-Galatia from 13, is sent to Thrace, drives the Bessi from the Chersonese, quells rebellion. 13 OCD 837
11 CAH 10-175, 357, DGRBM 3-653
c.11 RHASCUPORIS-II dies.  King of Asteans of Thrace from 18, under Roman protection, is killed by Vologaeses chief of the Thracian Bessi.  KOTYS-IV succeeds until ?.  Asteans come under Rome until ? no date: DGRG 2-1189
12/11 wikOK
11 frH
c.11 RHOEMETALCES receives from Augustus his nephew's dominions, with some additions, since Tacitus calls him king of all Thrace. 11 DGRBM 3-653
c.11 PANNONIA and DALMATIA attempt rebellion, and are attacked by TIBERIUS until 9. 11 DGRG 1-747, IDB 2-681, HRE 98, OCD 310, wikIlrc
c.11 TIBERIUS continues against both Dalmatians and Pannonians, evidently getting control of the Save valley and allowing for the penetration of Bosnia. 11 CAH 10-175
c.11 ILLYRICUM senatorial province from 27, changed to imperial province because of war in Pannonia.  P. Cornelius DOLABELLA is governor until ?. 16-10 wikDRP     11 CAH 10-211, IDB 3-941, HRE 98, ISBE 2-803, wikIlrc
c.11/10 DACIANS cross the frozen Danube and plunder the Pannoni. 11 frH
10 CAH 10-552
10 Rome/Thrace War from 12 ends. 10 CAH 10-551
10 The Bastarnae again clash with Rome during conquest of Pannonia. 10 wikBst
10 There are repeated uprisings in Pannonia and Dalmatia which Tiberius suppressesPannonian War from 14 ends. 10 wikIlrc
10 late Pannonians raid across frozen Danube. 10 CAH 10-552
c.9 In summer Lepidus makes his way to Tiberius thru areas which had not been affected by the war.  Lepidus is attacked by locals who had not been weakened by fighting.  Lepidus defeats them, ravages fields, burns houses, reaches Tiberius.  This campaign ends the war. 9 wikIlrc
c.9 Pannonia is incorporated into Illyricum. 9 ooctA, wikTAR
c.9 Roman expansion in Balkans from 13 ends. 9 CAH 10-172
9 TIBERIUS(5) Claudius Nero Caesar, in Balkans 12-9, is given proconsular imperium by Augustus. 9 HRE 52
c.9 The Panninian War is now restricted to Dalmatia. 9 wikIlrc
c.9 Two Dalmatian tribes, the Perustae and Daesitiate, are almost exterminated. 9 wikIlrc
9 Aug DRUSUS Claudius Nero falls from his horse near the Rhine and injures his leg.  He gets gangrene, and messages Tiberius in Pannonia. 9 B76 III-677, 2-371, CAH 10-98, 154, CDCC 389, DGRBM 1-1085, 3-1118, HRE 52, 130, LEWH 115, MCAW 272, OCD 75, 366, bk, wikTi
9 Sep TIBERIUS(5) Claudius Nero Caesar, in Pannonia from 12, rushes to Germania to help Drusus.  C. Caesar, age 11 accompanies. 9 CAH 10-154, 551, OCD 366 8 MCAW 272
c.9 Pannonia is annexed and incorporated into Illyricum. 9 wikTAR
c.8 PANNONIAN WAR from 14 ends.
PANNONIANS finally subdued by SEXTUS APPULEIUS, who completes the conquest south of the Drave and advanced the boundary of Illyricum to the Danube.
9 CAH 10-563 8 CAH 10-175, 551, OCD 775
8 Dalmatians and Pannonians want to sue for peace due to famine and disease, but they are prevented by rebels, who have no hope of being spared by the Romans and continue to resist. 8 wikIlrc
7 L.(4) Domitius AHENOBARBUS is sent from Rome to be legate of Illyricum until 2, but is sent against the Marcomanni on the upper Rhine, where he is commander in chief until 1CE. 7 GHH, OCD 361 7-2 OCD 361
6 CAH 10-526
no date: DGRBM 1-86, wikLDA
7 STRABO completes 1st draft of  Geography . 7 ISBE 1-90
7BC or 17-18CE wikStr
7 ISTHMIAN GAMES, held biennially in Sicyon from 146, are again held in Corinth until 3. 7 CAH 10-653
3 ISTHMIAN GAMES, held in Corinth from 7, no longer so. 3 CAH 10-653
2 L.(4) Domitius AHENOBARBUS legate of Illyricum from 7, ends, but continues as commander in Germania. 2 OCD 361
1 1st son of M. V. Agrippa & Julia, CAIUS Julius Caesar Vipsanius, age 19, is appointed proconsul of Syria with imperium for the whole East, Caius, sent by Augustus with orders to recover Armenia and combat Parthian influence.  M. LOLLIUS is his chief of staff until 1CE.  They sail from Italy to Athens, then Samos. 1 B76 II-434, CAH 10-104, 274-5, 552, DGRBM 1-556, MCAW 274, wikGC