87 Jan 1 CONSULS:  optimate Gn.(6) OCTAVIUS and populare L.(2) Cornelius CINNA   Suffect: L. Cornelius Merula 87 DGRBM 2-1049, 3-8, Dur 3-123, LEWH 106, OCD 241, 746, csm, wikCon, wikCn
87 Consul Cinna's first acts is to induce tribune M. Virgilius to bring an accusation against Sulla as soon as his consulship had expired. 87 DGRBM 3-936
87 First Mithridatic War 88-85/4:  SULLA, now proconsul of Asia, ignores summons to stand trial leaves Q.(6) Metellus Pius to guard his interests in Rome, sails with 5 legions from Capua to DyrrhachiumC.(1) Antonius Hybrida accompanies. 87 B76 15-1103, CAH 9, DGRBM 3-936, LEWH 106, atl1, lvA, wikGAH, wikSl, wikTAR
87 Immediately after Sulla's departure, consul Cinna tries to empower the populares by incorporating the new Italian citizens among the 35 tribes.  Consul Octavius strongly resists. 87 DGRBM 3-8
87 Populare consul L.(2) Cornelius CINNA forms a strong popular party of the new Italian citizens, tries to rescind legislation of Sulla and recall Marius.  They collide in the forum with optimates led by consul Octavius, and are defeated.  Cinna is driven from Rome and illegally deposed by the senate.  Suffect L. Cornelius MERULA replaces him.  Cinna flees to Praeneste. 87 B76 15-1103, DGRBM 1-754, 2-1049, 3-8, DGRG 2-664, MCAW 240, OCD 241, 746, atl1
c.87 Consul L.(2) Cornelius CINNA goes to Nola, now besieged by the force left by Sulla.  Cinna, notifies C. Marius in Africa.  Cinna goes to Capua, bribes officers, then the troops, addresses the men, says his consulship had been their gift, for they, the people, had elected him, but now the Senate, by deposing him without the people's assent, had made a mockery of the popular elections.  Troops declare him rightful consul.  Cinna goes back to Nola, raises an army of supporters from Italian towns at Praeneste. 87 CAH 9-175, LEWH 106, OCD 746, atl1
c.87 Gn.(6) Octavius and L. Cornelius Merula fortify Rome, try to raise troops from towns which remained loyal and Cisalpine Gaul.  They summon Pompeius Strabo, who still retained his army to help them. 87 CAH 9-175
c.87 Quaestor? L.(4) Licinius LUCULLUS re-coins money taken from Asia for Sulla's army. 87 atl1
87 P. Servilius VATIA is one of Sulla's lieutenants in Italy.  He tries to stop return of C. Marius and his supporters, but is driven from Ariminum by M. Marius Gratidianus, who takes command of his army. 87 wikGrt, wikPSV
c.87 Q. Sertorius joins Cinna, but advises Cinna not to trust Marius. 87 B76 IX-74, CDCC 809, DGRBM 1-754, OCD 746
c.87 Ap. CLAUDIUS PULCHER commander of the troops at Nola, defeated by Cinna, impeached by a tribune, refuses to appear, deposed from command, banished, outlawed and removed from senate list. 87 CAH 9-179, DGRBM 1-770, OCD 247
87 PLACENTIA on the Po is taken by Cinna. 87 atl1
c.87 Optimate P. Caelius put in charge of Placentia by consul Gn.(6) Octavius. 87 DGRBM 1-532
c.87 P. MAGIUS is pleb tribune. 87 DGRBM 2-898
c.87 M. Marius GRATIDIANUS, neph of C. Marius, is a legate, and probably pleb tribune. 87 wikGrt
87 M. VIRGILIUS is pleb tribune.  At instigation of consul Cinna, he accuses Sulla, when Sulla is about to cross over to Greece. 87 DGRBM 3-1263
c.87 Optimate Q. Lutatius Catulus opposes Cinna and Marius. 87 OCD 217
c.87 MONEY: AS = 1oz. copper in 202, reduced to ½ oz to finance Social War.  Gold AUREUS introduced. 87 B76 12-350, Dur 3-79
c.87 Optimate consul Gn.(6) Octavius, despised by his own men, commissions Gn. Pompeius Strabo and Q.(6) Metellus Pius to defend Rome against Cinna.  Metellus declines the offer, hoping to negotiate for consulship.  Many troops defect to Cinna. 87 DGRBM 3-8, 477, OCD 746
c.87 Q.(6) METELLUS PIUS flees from Rome.  Friends of Gn.(6) OCTAVIUS beg him to flee also.  Octavius refuses, occupies the Janiculum with his few loyal troops. 87 DGRBM 3-8, OCD 678
86 B76 VI-836
c.87 L. Cornelius MERULA, newly appointed consul, negotiates return of Cinna and Marius from exile, and abdicates his consulship.  False charges will be made against him during Marius's purges. 87 wikLCM
c.87 L. Cornelius MERULA dies, Flamen Dialis (high priest of Jupiter) from ?, abdicates from consulship, receives the semblance of a trial before the people, and suicides without waiting for the verdict.  He opens his veins in the Temple of Jupiter Capitolinus imploring the gods to avenge him on Cinna and his allies.  Dispite nomination of Caesar 86, there is no Flamen Dialis until 11. 87 CAH 9-178, 828, DGRBM 2-1049, atl1, wikLCM
c.87 Eminent grammarian slave DAPHNIS, property of M.(1) Aemilius Scaurus from 90, is bought by Q. Lutatius Catulus and freed.  His name is now Lutatius Daphnis. 87 atl1
c.87 Gn. Pompeius STRABO, asked to defend Rome against consul Cinna, negotiates with Cinna, proposes joint consulship excluding both Marius and optimates. 87 OCD 857, atl1, rtp
c.87 Gn. POMPEIUS STRABO camps outside Colline Gate to defend Rome against Marius & Cinna, but then does nothing. 87 CAH 9-175
c.87 C. MARIUS, leader of populares, in Africa from 88, returns, (P. Cornelius Cethegus accompanies), lands at Telamon Etruria, proclaims freedom to slaves, gathers army, recruits 6,000 men thru Etruria to Cinna's camp.  M.(4) Junius Brutus joins him. 87 CAH 9-175, DGRG 2-1121, Dur 3-124, OCD 224, atl1, wikSl
c.87 Praetor Q.(6) METELLUS PIUS is fighting Samnites, when Marius lands in Italy. 87 DGRBM 2-1060
c.87 Senate tells Q.(6) METELLUS PIUS to make peace with the Samnites and defend them in Rome.  The Samnites demand citizenship not only for themselves but for all who had deserted to them, return of all prisoners and deserters in Roman hands, and return of all booty taken by Romans.  Metellus Pius is reluctant to agree, and the Senate backs up his refusal.  Marius and Cinna at once concede all demands and so secure Samnite support. 87 CAH 9-176, atl1
87 ARIMINUM Umbria is taken by Cinna's man Marius Gratidianus to prevent Cisalpine Gaul from helping Rome. 87 CAH 9-176, atl1
87 Gn.(2) Papirius CARBO commands under Marius. 87 DGRBM 1-611
87 Gn.(2) Papirius CARBO, CINNA, and Q. SERTORIUS link up with Marius and march on Rome.  Cinna divides forces into 3.  Main body under himself and Gn. Papirius Carbo near Colline Gate, a detachment under Q. Sertorius on the left bank of the Tiber upriver from Rome, one downstream under Marius outside Ostia.  Objective is to starve Rome into submission.  Bridges are built across the Tiber above and below the city to cut off the food supply. 87 CAH 9-176, DGRBM 1-611, OCD 241, atl1
c.87 OSTIA port taken and sacked by Marius. 87 CAH 9-176, DGRG 2-501, atl1
87 Gn. Pompeius Strabo had failed to receive any suitable promises from Cinna and Marius, and so he fights an indecisive engagement against Q. Sertorius around the Janiculum. 87 CAH 9-176
87 Senate passes a decree granting citizenship to all who had surrendered but not received enfranchisement to get reinforcements, but tho many promise support, barely 16 cohorts are raised. 87 CAH 9-176
87 Military tribune Ap. Claudius opens gates of the Janiculum to Marius, who lets in Cinna and his men.  But the populares are driven back across the Tiber by Gn.(6) Octavius, reinforced by 6 cohorts from Pompeius Strabo's army.  Cinna's cavalry commander, Milonius is killed. 87 CAH 9-176
87 PLAGUE hits armies of Gn.(6) Octavius and Gn. Pompeius Strabo, who gets it. 87 CAH 9-177
87 To starve out the senate, MARIUS takes control of towns in which grain is stored:  Antium, Aricia, Lanuvium and other places. 87 CAH 9-177, DGRG 2-121
87 Populares and optimates fight at Colline Gate at the north end of Rome.  Outcome indecisive.  Cinna tries to assassinate Gn. Pompeius STRABO, but he is saved by son Pompey, who also quells a dangerous mutiny in Strabo's army. 87 DGRBM 3-477, atl1
87 Marius and Cinna march along Via Appia and halt 20km from Rome, probably near Aricia.  Gn.(6) Octavius, Q. C. Metellus Pius, and P. Licinius Crassus (probably consul of 97) deploy on the Alban Mount.  Optimate morale is bad.  Dissatisfied with Octavius' leadership, the troops offer Metellus command.  His refusal causes desertions.  Crassus is eager to fight, but the army's lack of enthusiasm leads Metellus to negotiate with Cinna, whom Metellus agrees to acknowledge as consul.  But Octavius and Marius ensure that it comes to nothing. 87 CAH 9-176
87 Q.(6) Caecilius METELLUS PIUS main power behind the optimates, quits and sails to Africa, succeeds P. SEXTILIUS as governor until 84. 87 CAH 9-177, atl1, hifiC, wikAf, rcNA
87 Senate, afraid that a famine would lead to riots, sends envoys to Cinna to negotiate for peace.  Cinna asks if they accept him as consul.  Envoys have no instructions on this, so they return to the city.  Many desert to the populares, without waiting for the envoys to return.  Senate thought it wrong that L. Cornelius Merula should be deprived of consulship, but Merula abdicates, even offering to act as a mediator.  Envoys are sent to Cinna with orders to address him as consul.  They ask Cinna to swear that when he enters the city there would be no killing.  Cinna refuses, but promises that he would not willingly cause any man's death, but suggests that Gn.(6) Octavius stay out of the way.  Envoys invite Cinna and Marius to enter the city. 87 CAH 9-177 -8
87 MARIUS refuses to enter Rome until his exile is officially repealed. 87 CAH 9-178, wikCn
87 Senate quickly votes to repeal exile of Marius, but after 3 or 4 tribes had voted, Marius quits the BS and enters the city with his bodyguard, the Bardyiae, consisting of slaves who kill at Marius' order. 87 CAH 9-178, wikCn
87 Rome taken by populares under C. MARIUS.  Sullan partisans are punished by Cinna, some massacred by Marius over Cinna's objection.  They include praetorian senator Q. Ancharius, Atilius Serranus. 87 B76 II-548, CAH 9, DGRBM 1-168, 3-788, OCD 241
c.87 L.(2) Cornelius CINNA is restored as consul, and the armies reenter Rome.  Cinna rules Rome until 84. 87 bk, wikCn
87 Optimate consul Gn.(6) OCTAVIUS dies.  He refuses to flee, takes his seat on his curule chair.  Cavalry led by C. Marcius Censorinus are sent to kill him.  His head is brought to Cinna and then mounted on the rostrum - 1st consul to suffer such a fate. 87 CAH 9-178, DGRBM 1-664, 3-8, GHH, atl1
c.87 Gn. POMPEIUS STRABO dies.  (father of Pompey), defending Rome for senate, dies of plague.  He is so hated by the soldiers, that they drag his corpse thru the streets.  Q.(6) Metellus Pius takes over.  Pompey's house is plundered, and he does not appear in public till after the death of Marius. 87 CAH 9-177, 181, DGRBM 3-477, OCD 857, atl1, rtp, ttpm, wikPm
Strabo killed by lightning. DGRBM 3-477
c.87 Marius and Cinna massacre optimates for 5 days.  Victims include: M. Baebius, Atilius Serranus, P. Lentulus, C. Numitorius.  The people refuse to plunder their property. 87 DGRBM 1-453, GHH, MCAW 240, atl1
c.87 Optimate CORNUTUS is marked for death.  His slaves hide him in his house, then hang a dead body by the neck, put a gold ring on its finger, and show it to Marius' guards, after which they give it a noble burial.  Cornutus is conveyed by his slaves into Gaul. 87 atl1
c.87 C.(2) Flavius FIMBRIA defeats P.(5) Licinius Crassus Dives. 87 atl1
no date: OCD 648
c.87 M.(3) ANTONIUS the orator dies.  Hunted down and killed by soldiers of Marius. 87 CAH 9-178, DGRBM 1-213, GHH, OCD 76, atl1
c.87 SEXTILIUS, an Etruscan, betrays C. Julius Caesar Strabo to assassins sent by Marius and Cinna. 87 DGRBM 3-810
c.87 Anti-Marians L.(4) Julius CAESAR, and bro C.(1) Julius CAESAR STRABO killed fighting in the streets by partisans of C. Marius. 87 B76 II-434, DGRBM 1-538, OCD 190, atl1, wikL4JC
c.87 Marius' old rival Q.(1) Lutatius CATULUS dies.  Optimate, prosecuted by C. Marius and neph M. Marius Gratidianus.  Catulus suicides by suffocation without waiting for the verdict.  Son Q.(2) escapes. 87 B76 II-648, CAH 9-178, DGRBM 1-655, OCD 217, atl1, wikGrt
c.87 Rumors of the return of Sulla bring a halt to the killing. 87 atl1
87 C. NORBANUS, praetor in Sicily 91-, defeats Samnite attack on Rhegium. 88 DGRBM 2-1209 87 OCD 737, atl1
87 Ap. CLAUDIUS PULCHER is military tribune. 87 DGRBM 1-770
c.87 POSIDONIUS of Apamea, Stoic philosopher on Rhodes from 95, anti-Marius, sent to Rome by Rhodians to appease Marius. 87 GHH
c.87 Senator Q. ANCHARIUS greets Marius in the street.  Marius does not return the greeting.  Marius bodyguard - the Bardyaei - kills Ancharius, apparently on Marius prior orders.  This act is repeated, so that even friends of Marius dread to greet him. 87 atl1
87  Edictum? Mariae et Corneliae    Following the march on Rome by Marius and Cinna after Sulla's departure for the Mithridatic War:
Enacted retributional proscriptions against members of the Sullan political faction.  Names Marius and Cinna consuls for 86 without legitimate election.
87 atl1, unrv
87 late Optimate, P.(5) Licinius CRASSUS Dives and son Caius suicide to avoid capture by Marians.  Son M.(3) Licinius Crassus, also a Sulla partisan, flees to Spain where he has relatives, until 84. 87 CAH 9-180, DGRBM 1-874, OCD 295, atl1 87/6 wikMLC
86 Jan 1 CONSULS, self appointed without election, both populares:  L.(2) Cornelius CINNA (2nd) is sole consul until Jan 1, when C. MARIUS (7th) joins him.
Suffect: L.(7) Valerius Flaccus
86 CAH 9-179, DGRBM 1-754, 2-959, 3-937, Dur 3-124, LdHR 304, LEWH 106, OCD 241, 648, csm, wikCon
86 Jan On his 1st day as consul, C. MARIUS orders Sullan senator Sextus LUCILIUS thrown from the Tarpeian Rock without trial. 86 CAH 9-179, LdHR 305, atl1
86 Jan Consuls Marius & Cinna, in full control of Rome, depose Sulla, confiscate his property, and are voted to replace him in command of the east. 86 DGRBM 3-937, Dur 3-110, OCD 648
86 Jan C. MARIUS is operated on for varicose veins in one leg, then tells the physician to skip the other leg, because its not worth the pain. 86 atl1
86 Jan C. MARIUS builds a villa near Cape Misenum, which will earn the admiration of Sulla. 86 atl1
Jan 13
Consul C. MARIUS dies of a fever, age 70.  Suffect: L.(7) Valerius FLACCUS is chosen by Cinna as colleague.  Cinna is master of Rome.  Marius corpse is buried until 81. 86 B76 15-1103, DGRBM 1-754, 2-158, 3-937, GHH, LdHR 306, LEWH 106, MCAW 240, OCD 241, atl1, bk, wikELJC, wikGM
86 Funeral of C. Marius:  C. Flavius FIMBRIA causes attempted murder of Q.(5) Minucius Scaevola, who escapes. 86 DGRBM 2-150, atl1
86 Λ CENSORS V plebs L.(2) MARCIUS PHILIPPUS and M. PERPERNA:  They barely nibble at the problem of compiling a list of Roman citizens.  Philippus excludes from the Senate his own uncle, the exiled Ap. Claudius. 86 CAH 9-180, 10-415, DGRBM 3-202, 287, OCD 802, 816, wikCns, wikCon
86 P. Servilius VATIA joins Sulla in Greece until 82. no date: wikPSV
c.86 App. CLAUDIUS expelled from senate by neph L.(2) Marcius Philippus. 86 DGRBM 3-287
c.86 Sextus LUCILIUS, Sulla partisan, becomes pleb tribune until 85. 86 DGRBM 2-822
86 Poet ACCIUS refuses to stand in presence of C.(3) Julius Caesar. 86 atl1
86 POMPEY is accused of embezzling (along with his dead father) loot from Asculum Picenum in 89.  He is defended by censor L.(2) Marcius Philippus, Gn.(2) Papirius Carbo, and rising orator Q. Horetnsius.  Just for luck, Pompey agrees to marry the dau of praetor Antistius, who presides at the trial.  Blame is shifted on to a freedman, and Pompey is acquitted. 86 CAH 9-181, DGRBM 2-525, 3-287, 477, atl1, rtp
86 Gn.(2) Papirius CARBO is chosen to be consul by Cinna to replace dead Marius. 86 DGRBM 1-611
c.86 Athens library sent to Rome by Sulla. 86 GHH
c.86 C.(3) Julius Caesar is praetor. 86 GHH
c.86 Cinna and Sertorius massacre freed slaves, who had been responsible for many violent crimes. 86 atl1
c.86 C.(4) Julius CAESAR betrothes (possibly marries) COSSUTIA to please his father.  She is a pleb girl of wealthy equestrian family whom he had been with since boyhood. 84 Dur 3-167
c.86 Samnites are granted citizenship. 86 GHH
c.86 C.(4) Julius Caesar, age 14, is nominated Flamen Dialis (priest of Jupiter) by uncle Marius.  It carries membership in the sacred college and a decent income.  Since the FD not only had to be a patrician but also be married to a patrician, he breaks his engagement to Cossutia, a pleb.  This nomination is subsequently annulled by Sulla. 87 DGRBM 1-539 86 MCAW 241, atl1, wikLCM
84 wikELJC
86  Lex Valeria  by consul suffect L.(7) Valerius Flaccus, cancels 3/4 of personal debts. 86 CAH 9-180, Dur 3-124, atl1, unrv
2/3 of personal debts LdHR 320
86 Consul L.(7) Valerius FLACCUS, with 12,000 men, sails to Epirus enroute to Macedonia, to to take command of war against Mith-VI and undermine Sulla in Asia.  C.(2) Flavius Fimbria is legate. 86 CAH 9-157, DGRBM 2-158, 3-937, LdHR 2-321, LEWH 106, OCD 436, atl1
86 CINNA is re-elected consul for 85. 86 atl1
c.86 Tragic poet and literary scholar L. ACCIUS dies.  Favorite subjects include Trojan War legends and the house of Pelops. 86 B76 14-540, wikLA
85 Jan CONSULS:  L.(2) Cornelius CINNA (3rd) and Gn.(2) Papirius CARBO 85 B76 II-548, DGRBM 1-611, 754, OCD 204, csm, wikCon
c.85 Q. SERTORIUS made praetor and promised both provinces of Spain. 85 LdHR 321 83 B76 IX-74, DGRBM 3-789
c.85 Sullan Sextus LUCILIUS, pleb tribune 86, thrown from the Tarpeian rock by his Marian successor P. POPILLIUS LAENAS. 85 DGRBM 2-822
85 Marian P. POPILLIUS LAENAS is pleb tribune. 85 DGRBM 2-708
c.85 Praetors, supported by tribunes, devise an edict to restore financial stability by reasserting the official rate of exchange between the silver denarius and the bronze as, which had been allowed to fluctuate and destabilize.  Praetor M. Marius GRATIDIANUS, neph of C. Marius, anticipates his colleagues and the tribunes by publishing  Edictum Gratidiana de Re Nummaria  and claiming credit for it.  It reasserts the former official exchange rate of denarius to as, and fixes the weight of silver coins in order to prevent fraud.  He hoped to win sufficient popularity to become consul.  Fails, but becomes a popular hero and gets statues of him erected. 86/5 CAH 9-180 85 atl1, unrv, wikGrt
c.85 Letter from SULLA, now in Macedonia to the senate, arrives, threatening revenge on his opponents. 85 atl1
c.85 Adultery of Melinus and Sassia, mom of A. Cluentius Habitus. 85 atl1
85 M. Tullius CICERO completes his education with Stoic philosopher Diodotus. 85 atl1
85 C. CLAUDIUS PULCHER is made praetor and sent to Sicily until ?. 85 DGRBM 1-770
85 Pompey marries Antistia, dau of P. Antistius until 82. 86 DGRBM 1-209 85 rtp
c.85 C.(3) Julius CAESAR, father of the dictator, dies of no apparent cause at Pisa when C.(4) is 16.  He allies with his uncle C. Marius against Sulla. 85 OCD 189, atl1, vrm 84 DGRBM 1-539, sjsu, ttjc, wikELJC, wikJC
c.85  Ad Herennium  anonymous Latin treatise on art. 87 B76 I-89
c.85 Λ CENSUS V  Roman citizens, 463,000, so most enfranchised Italians were not registered.  Despite this, no further census is held until 70. 86 CAH 9-180 85 CAH 9-328, atl1     84 wikCn
c.85 HOT WATER:  C. Sergius Orata begins to install a system for heating water in otherwise neglected villas.  He then sells the villas at a high mark up.  Similar systems are soon installed in public baths thruout Italy.
He also heats seawater by circulating hot air beneath tanks, and uses this to promote faster growth of oysters.
85 TTT
c.85 Consuls L.(2) Cornelius CINNA (3rd) and Gn.(2) Papirius CARBO illegally declare themselves consuls for 84. 85 B76 II-548, atl1
85/4 1st Mithridatic War with Rome from 88, ends.
84 Jan 1 CONSULS same as 85:  L.(2) Cornelius CINNA (4th) and Gn.(2) Papirius CARBO (2nd) 84 B76 II-548, csm, wikCon
c.84 Consuls gather troops planning to attack Sulla in Greece.  Cinna assembles an army at Brundisium and sends part across to Liburnia, intending to pre-empt Sulla. 84 DGRBM 1-754, LdHR 321, atl1
c.84 While consuls gather troops, a letter from Sulla arrives at the senate.  He promises vengeance on his enemies, but no interference with others.  Senate proposes to mediate between Sulla and his enemies, and to guarantee Sulla's safety if he returns to Rome.  Senate also orders consuls to suspend military preparations. 84 DGRBM 3-937, LdHR 321, atl1
c.84 Freedmen and new citizens are distributed among all 35 tribes. 84 atl1
84 Opponents of L. Cornelius Cinna sail from Italy to join Sulla in Anatolia. 85 atl1
c.84 Consuls ignore senate order to suspend preparations, assemble army at Ancona, and sail a division to DalmatiaA 2nd division is driven back by a storm.  Many desert rather than fight fellow Romans. 84 DGRBM 3-937, LdHR 321
c.84 Consul Gn. Papirius CARBO plans to seize hostages from Italian cities to secure their loyalty against Sulla, but is stopped by senate. 84 atl1
c.84 Just before Cinna's murder, POMPEY flees from his camp to Picenum, where he levies troops without holding any public office, or having any authority from the senate or people.  He recruits initially from his dad's veterans and clients in Picenum. 84 DGRBM 3-477, rtp 83 atl1
c.84 Consul L.(2) Cornelius CINNA works to transport his troops across the Adriatic to confront Sulla.  The troops don't want a fight that promises no booty.  CINNA is killed in a mutiny at Ancona.  Carbo quells the mutiny, but gives up hope of invading Greece.  The division in Dalmatia is recalled.  Cinna's widow Annia will marry M. Calpurnius Piso. 85 B76 15-1103
84 B76 II-548, 14-793, atl1, bk, CAH 9, DGRBM 1-180, 754, 3-374, Dur 3-110, GHH, LdHR 322, MCAW 241, wikCn
c.84 Gn.(2) Pompeius CARBO is ordered by tribunes to return and stand for election.  Bad omens (a thunderstorm) cause election to be suspended.  Carbo is sole consul for the rest of 84. 84 LdHR 323, atl1
c.84 Gn.(2) Pompeius CARBO, sole consul, continues Cinna's moderate policy, gives equal citizenship to Italians, supports disarmament. 84 OCD 204
c.84 Envoys return with Sulla's reply.  He promises never to reconcile with Marian leaders, but will not defy senate instructions.  He demands immediate restoration of property and honors to him and his men. 84 LdHR 323
c.84 Antiochus-XIII Asiaticus, son of A-X comes from Syria to Rome. 84 GHH, anan
c.84 L.(1) Licinius MURENA appointed by senate to relieve Sulla as commander in Asia. 84 atl1
c.84 Marian leaders, to gain popular support for inevitable war with Sulla, get 2 popular laws passed. 84 LdHR 324
c.84 Tribune L. Junius Brutus proposes an agrarian law to give public lands of Campania to poor citizens. 84 LdHR 324
84  Decretum de Civitate  Restores rights of citizens expelled by Cinna.  Freedmen are enrolled as citizens and distributed in the 35 tribes via senatorial decree. 84 unrv
c.84 Praetor Q.(6) METELLUS PIUS governor of Africa from 87 returns to Italy, and remains in Liguria until 83.  C. FABIUS HADRIANUS governs Africa until 82. 84 DGRBM 2-1060, OCD 678, rcNA
c.84±2  Rhetorica  of Herennium, 1st Latin texbook of rhetoric, published. 84±2 OCD 372
c.84 C.(4) Julius CAESAR, military tribune to M. Thermus in Asia from ?, returns to Rome. 84 Dur 3-167
c.84 M. FONTEIUS is quaestor. 84 atl1
c.84 C.(4) Julius CAESAR is nominated Flamen Dialis, high priest of Jupiter, as Merula, the previous incumbent, had died 87.  But Caesar never takes office. 84 wikELJC
83 MCAW 242
The high priest of Jupiter is not permitted to touch a horse, sleep 3 nights outside his own bed, or 1 night outside Rome, or look upon an army. wikJC
c.84 Envoys from Sulla land at Brundisium, learn of Cinna's death, sail back to Epirus to tell Sulla. 84 CAH 9-186, LdHR 323
c.84 Ptolemy-XI ALEXANDER-II, prisoner in Pontus from 88, found by Sulla, shipped to Rome until 80. 84 B76 VIII-282
84 M. Tullius CICERO writes treatise  De Inventione  about composition of arguments. 84 wikCc
c.84 C.(4) Julius CAESAR, age 17, marries patrician CORNELIA, dau of L. Cornelius Cinna until her death in 68. 84 B76 3-576, CAH 9-178, Dur 3-167, atl1, ttjc, wikJC     83 DGRBM 1-539, 854, MCAW 242, wikCn
83 Jan 1 CONSULS, both populares:  L.(7) Cornelius SCIPIO ASIATICUS and C. NORBANUS 83 DGRBM 2-1210, 3-748, LEWH 106, OCD 737, csm, wikCon
c.83 Jan M.(6) Junius BRUTUS is pleb tribune. 83 wikM6JB
c.83 Jan Tribune M.(6) Junius BRUTUS tries to found a colony at Capua, in opposition to omens and auspices. 83 DGRBM 1-511, atl1
c.83 M. Marius GRATIDIANUS, neph of C. Marius, is praetor 2nd time. 84-82 wikGrt
83 Sextus NAEVIUS lays claim to legal possession of property of P. Quinctius, who returns to Rome, in response to a court summons. 83, atl1
c.83 SULLA, in Asia from 88, with 40,000 men, 15,000 lbs gold, 115,000 lbs silver, art works, and a text of ARISTOTLE's works, in 1200 transport ships, sails from Dyrrhachium with army to Brundisium, where he finds no opposition. 83 B76 3-576, CAH 9-162, 187, CDCC 708, DGRBM 3-937, Dur 3-110, 125, GHH, LdHR 325, MCAW 242, atl1, bk, wikSl, wikTAR
c.83  Writings of Aristotle  owned by Sulla from 85, brought to Rome by gramarian Tyrannion.  Edited again. 84 OCD 115
no date: B76 1-1165
83 Luxurious lifestyle of Carvilius Pollio, who is first at Rome to have silver fittings on his dinner-couches.  (Before Sullan victory) 83 atl1
83 When Sulla arrives in Italy, Gn.(2) Papirius CARBO proconsul of Gaul, hurries to Rome, pushes a decree which calls Q.(6) Metellus Pius and all senators who support Sulla enemies of Rome. 83 CAH 9-162, DGRBM 1-611
c.83 Sullan Q.(6) METELLUS PIUS in Liguria from 84, learns of Sulla's return, hurries to Brundisium, and is one of the first of the nobles to join him.  Others include L. Sergius Catiline. 83 DGRBM 2-1060, atl1
no date: wikCat
c.83 Pompey supports Sulla against Gn.(2) Papirius Carbo and the Marian faction. 84 MCAW 242, ttpm
c.83 POMPEY, with a private army of 3 legions from Picenum, takes command at Auximum.  While the rest of the aristocracy hasten to join Sulla, Pompey decides to distinguish himself by some brilliant success over the populares. 83 CDCC 708, DGRBM 3-477
c.83 M. Pupius PISO appointed quaestor to consul L.(7) Cornelius Scipio, but he quickly deserts this party to Sulla. 83 DGRBM 3-374
83 M.(3) Licinius CRASSUS joins Sulla. 83 DGRBM 1-874
c.83 Populare government of Rome continues to brand Sulla a public enemy, denounces his treaty with Mith-VI of Pontus as a national humiliation. 84 Dur 3-125
c.83 Sulla's 2nd CIVIL WAR begins between optimates and populares intil late 82. 83 GHH, wikTAR
I can't unscramble the order of events in this war.
83 SULLA follows Via Appia, probably as far as Caudium, detours by way of Saticula and Calatia before heading for his 1st objective, Capua. 83 CAH 9-189
83 SULLA defeats C. NORBANUS at Canusium in Apulia.  Norbanus evacuates Apulia, and falls back on Capua. 83 CAH 9-189, DGRG 1-503, atl1
c.83 SULLA wins many Marian soldiers to his side, and marches north into Campania, where populare consul, C. Norbanus is waiting for him, on the Vulturnus at the foot of Mount Tifata, near Capua.  Sulla defeats Norbanus and chases him to Capua.  Norbanus loses 6,000+ men; Sulla loses 70, continues up Via Latina towards Teanum Sidicinum 83 CAH 9-189, DGRBM 2-1210, DGRG 2-1207, LEWH 106, MCAW 242, OCD 738, atl1
c.83 Populare consul L.(7) Cornelius SCIPIO advances with another army which longed for peace against Sulla and Metellus near Teanum.  The Sullans know this, and send envoys to Scipio to negotiate.  Scipio takes hostages for the conference and marches down to the plain.  Only 3 from each side confer, so what passed between them is not known.  Apparently during the armistice Scipio sends Sertorius to tell Norbanus something, and hostilities cease while they wait for answers.  Scipio's army decides to defect to Sulla.  Scipio is taken prisoner in his camp but dismissed by Sulla uninjured. 83 CAH 9-190, DGRBM 3-748, LEWH 106, atl1
c.83 SULLA makes a dedication of land and water to Diana on Mount Tifata. 83 atl1
c.83 ANTIOCHUS-XIII Asiaticus becomes king of Syria, and goes to Rome to ask for help. 83 anan
83 or 75 wikP1P
no date: lvP1P
83 M. FONTEIUS becomes legate in Farther Spain until ?. 83 DGRBM 2-180
83 Sullan M.(3) Licinius CRASSUS campaigns successfully in Umbria against Marians. 83 DGRBM 1-875
83 Q. SERTORIUS, enroute to Norbanus at Capua, captures SUESSA (Aurunca?), which had already gone over to Sulla. 83 CAH 9-190, atl1
CONFUSION ALERT!  SUESSA Pometia is 15km west of Norba.   SUESSA Aurunca is 20km NE of Sinuessa.
83 Sullan M.(3) Licinius CRASSUS recruits for Sulla from among the Marsi. 83 atl1
c.83 POMPEY is surrounded by 3 armies, commanded respectively by M.(5?) Brutus, C. Caelius Caldus, and C. Carrinas, who want to prevent his escape to Sulla.  Pompey concentrates all his forces in one spot, and attacks M. Brutus when he could receive no help from the other generals, and completely defeats him.  Marian generals then quarrel among themselves, and withdraw from the country. 83 DGRBM 3-478, rtp
c.83 SULLA, with 40,000 men, marches to gates of Rome.  Many aristocrats join him, including POMPEY, Q. Lutatius Catulus. 83 CAH 9, Dur 3-125, ahe
c.83 P. Cornelius CETHEGUS joins Sulla. 83 atl1
c.83 L.(2) Marcius PHILIPPUS joins Sulla. 83 atl1
c.83 POMPEY meets SULLA, dismounts, and salutes him as imperator.  Sulla returns the same salute to Pompey, now age 23, never having held public office. 83 DGRBM 3-478, atl1, rtp
83 2nd Mithridatic War begins in Pontus until 81.
83 Populare L. Junius Brutus Damasippus is defeated by Pompey. 83 OCD 183, atl1
c.83 Tribune M.(6) Junius Brutus establishes a colony at Capua. 83 CDCC 163, OCD 183
83 C.(3) Valerius FLACCUS, in Spain from 93, returns to Rome because of a property dispute between P. Quinctius and a Naevius.  Flaccus ruled that Naevius had seized the property improperly and ordered restitution.  The case drags on, but Flaccus becomes propraetor in Gaul until 81. 83 DGRBM 2-159, rcIb, wikGVF
83 M. PUPIUS PISO refuses to serve as quaestor under L.(7) Cornelius Scipio. 83 atl1
c.83 Populare praetor Q. SERTORIUS learns of defections to Sulla, abandons the war, recruits followers in Etruria, escapes thru Gaul to Nearer Spain until 80 to secure it against Sulla. 83 DGRBM 3-790, GHH, LEWH 107, MCAW 242, OCD 980, atl1, rcIb
83/2 B76 IX-74
c.83 ROME BURNS.  Fire is blamed by every faction on another faction. 
CAPITOLINE TEMPLE of Jupiter, Juno, and Minerva burnt.  Etruscan style.  Next 69.
Λ Sibylline Books , sold to Tarquin, kept in it from ?, are destroyed.   See 76.  Gn.(2) Papirius Carbo is suspected of arson.
84 AΨΨ 379
83 CDCC 161, DGRBM 1-611, DGRG 2-768, HRE 146, OCD 203, 989, wikSB 82 AΨΨ 369
83 Grammarian Staberius Eros, poet Publilius Syrus and astronomer Manilius all arrive on same ship, as slaves from Antioch. 83 atl1
83/2 Sullan M.(3) Licinius CRASSUS captures town of Tuder Etruria. 83 atl1
82 CAH 9-193
82 Jan 1 CONSULS, both populares:  Gn.(2) Papirius CARBO (3rd) and C. MARIUS Jr., age 27.  Carbo is to protect Etruria and Umbria; Marius is to guard Rome and Latium. 82 B76 II-548, DGRBM 1-611, OCD 204, atl1, csm, wikCon
82 M. OCTAVIUS LIGUR is pleb tribune. 82 DGRBM 2-786
82 M. POMPONIUS becomes aedile. 82 DGRBM 3-493
82 C.(3) Scribonius CURIO is praetor. 82 DGRBM 1-901
82 M.(4) Junius BRUTUS is under Carbo. 82 DGRBM 1-511
82 Sulla makes treaty with Italian allies. 82 atl1
82 Populare C. NORBANUS abandons Capua, retreats to Praeneste. 83/2 CAH 9-190
82 Senate passes a decree to use temple ornaments to pay soldiers. 82 atl1
82 spring As soon as weather permits, hostilities resume.  Carbo's legate C. CARRINAS is routed by Sullan Q.(6) Metellus Pius at Aesis river in Umbria.  Carbo, however, pursues Metellus, who ships his army to Ravenna. 82 spring CAH 9-193, DGRBM 1-611, 615, 2-1060, DGRG 1-56, LdHR 329, atl1
82 Populare consul Gn.(2) Papirius CARBO liquidates leading optimates in Rome.  Populares evaccuate Rome. 82 Dur 3-125
82 Populare consul C. MARIUS Jr. removes much gold from the Capitol and elsewhere in Rome, and keeps it at Praeneste. 82 atl1
c.82 Sullan partisans are admitted by treachery into Neapolis.  They then massacre inhabitants. 82 CAH 9-193, DGRG 2-409
82 Senator VENULEIUS executed by order of Sulla. 82 DGRBM 3-1239
82 Populare consul C. MARIUS Jr. leads army out of Rome to attack Sulla.  Badly defeated by Sulla at Sacriportus (probably between Signia and Praeneste), flees to Praeneste. 82 CAH 9-192, DGRBM 3-938, DGRG 2-664, Dur 3-125, TToH, atl1
82 C. VERRES becomes quaestor to consul Carbo, embezzles military funds, and deserts to Sulla. 84 atl1     82 B76 X-404, DGRBM 3-1242
82 SULLA camps at Setia Latium.
Q.(6) Metellus Pius takes command in Umbria, supported by Pompey & Crassus in Picenum and Marian country.  Carbo musters troops, but poorly manages them.  Carbo remains entrenched at Clusium Etruria.  Marius Jr's headquarters is at Praeneste, where he keeps the Roman treasury.
82 LdHR 329
82 Marius Jr. with 40,000 men marches toward Setia, sees Sulla's army, and falls back to Signia. 82 LdHR 330
82 L. Junius BRUTUS DAMASIPPUS, populare praetor urbanus at Rome, receives message from Marius Jr. ordering him to kill senators Q.(5) Mucius Scaevola, P. Antistius, L.(1) Domitius Ahenobarbus, C. Papirius Carbo Arvina, and other distingished men.  He does so. 82 CAH 9-192, DGRBM 3-733, 938, OCD 183, atl1
82 Q.(5) Mucius SCAEVOLA dies.  Populare, pontifex maximus from 89, about to defect to Sulla, killed by Brutus Damasippus.  No successor until 81. 82 B76 VIII-940, CAH 9-192, DGRBM 3-938, OCD 183, 957
82 P. ANTISTIUS dies.  Father of wife of Pompey, killed by Brutus Damasippus.  Widow Calpurnia learns of it and suicides. 82 CAH 9-192, DGRBM 1-209, 582
82 Carbo's legate, C. MARCIUS CENSORINUS is defeated by POMPEY at Sena Gallica in Umbria on Adriatic coast.
SENA GALLICA taken and sacked by Pompey.
82 CAH 9-193, DGRBM 3-478, DGRG 2-962, atl1, wikBSG
82 8 populare legions under C. Marcius Censorinus are sent by Carbo to raise the siege of Praeneste.  Pompey ambushes them in a defile and penns the survivors on a hill.  Censorinus escapes and returns to Carbo, but his army blames him for falling into Pompey's trap.  The majority disperse to their homes, while one legion goes to Ariminum. 82 CAH 9-193, OCD 204
82 SULLA fortifies approaches to Praeneste. 82 atl1,
82 Gn.(2) Papirius CARBO, populare consul, defeated by Pompey in Picenum, Etruria, and Cis. Gaul against Sulla, Q.(6) Metellus, and Pompey. 82 CAH 9-190, OCD 204
82 100,000 SAMNITES under C. Pontius Telesinus, plus some Lucanians under M. Lamponius, march toward Praeneste, supposedly to relieve the town, but really with another object.  At night he marches on Rome, which had been left without protection. 82 CAH 9-193, DGRBM 3-497, Dur 3-125, atl1
82 SULLA leaves Carbo to his own devices at Clusium Etruria, hurries to protect Afella from Samnites at Praeneste. 82 CAH 9-193
82 RAVENNA Umbria occupied by Metellus Pius lieutenant of Sulla, who then goes to Faventia Umbria. 82 CAH 9-193, DGRG 2-693
82 L. Junius BRUTUS DAMASIPPUS, populare praetor urbanus, sent with only 2 legions by Carbo to relieve Marius Jr. at Praeneste.  They are blocked by Sulla. 82 CAH 9-194, DGRBM 1-511, OCD 183
82 Oct SULLA, aware of the Samnite/Lucanian threat to Rome, leaves Q. Lucretius OFELLA with a large force to blockade Praeneste and marches with the main body of his army to Rome. 82 DGRBM 3-938, atl1
82 Nov 1 SULLA barely arrives in time to save Rome.  Near the Colline Gate at the north end of Rome he barely defeats Samnite army thanks to Crassus defeating the Samnites and pursuing them to Antemnae.  50,000 men killed on each side.  Samnite leader Pontius Telesinus is killed.  His head is carried under the walls of Praeneste, to let Marius Jr. know that his last hope is gone.  Sulla orders massacre of at least 3,000 Samnite prisoners. 82 CAH 9-118, DGRBM 1-615, DGRG 1-139, 3-497, 938 Aug 23 LdHR 334, atl1, bk, wikSl
82 Ap.(13) CLAUDIUS PULCHER dies.  Marches under Sulla on Rome, and is killed near it. 82 DGRBM 1-770
82 Populare remnant besieged at Praeneste, surrenders to Q. Lucretius Afella.  Sulla spares the Romans, but massacres the Praenestines. 82 DGRBM 3-938, Dur 3-125, atl1
82 C. MARIUS Jr. dies.  Besieged at Praeneste, he hides in a tunnel and suicides  Q. Lucretius Afella cuts off his head, and sends it to Sulla, who nails it up in the forum. 82 DGRBM 2-640, Dur 3-125, atl1
c.82 PRAENESTE, municipium from 90, sacked by Sulla.  becomes a veteran colony. 82 CDCC 716
82 Populare consul Gn.(2) Papirius CARBO learns of loss of Praeneste, retreats to Ariminum. 82 CAH 9-190, DGRBM 1-611, 3-478
82 Pompey follows Gn.(2) Papirius Carbo to Ariminum, defeats him again in the Apennines, and compels him to retire. 82 DGRBM 1-611, 3-478
82 Son of L.(3), M. Licinius LUCULLUS (bro of L.(4)) defeats a detachment of Gn.(2) Papirius Carbo under Quinctius, near Fidentia in Cisalpine Gaul. 82 DGRBM 2-838, atl1
82 M. Licinius LUCULLUS (bro of L.4) defeats partisans of Gn.(2) Papirius Carbo, near Placentia. 82 DGRG 2-636
82 Populare C. NORBANUS joins Carbo in Cisalpine Gaul. 82 DGRBM 2-1210
82 SULLA goes to Campus Martius, find that all opponents had fled, declares them hostes, confiscates their property, then marches out against Gn.(2) Papirius Carbo, now in Etruria. 82 CAH 9-193, DGRBM 1-611
82 Sulla's cavalry defeats Carbo's army at Glanis River. 82 CAH 9-193
82 Some Spaniards in Carbo's army desert to Sulla at Glanis River.  Carbo orders all Spaniards in his army killed. 82 DGRBM 1-611
82 SULLA and CARBO fight all day at Clusium Etruria with no clear winner. 82 CAH 9-193, DGRBM 1-612, atl1, wikPSV
82 POMPEY and CRASSUS fight against C. CARRINAS near Spoletium Umbria and shut him up in Spoletium.  Carbo sends a relief detachment under C. Marcius Censorinus, which is ambushed by Sulla, and loses nearly 2,000 men.  Carrinas is besieged at Spoletium, but escapes by night. 82 CAH 9-193, DGRBM 1-612, 615, 3-478, DGRG 2-1033, atl1
c.82 Sep Populare C. NORBANUS night attacks camp of Q.(6) Metellus Pius near Faventia Umbria, and is defeated.  Populares lose 10,000 men killed and 6,000 desert to Metellus.  Carbo with only 1,000 men, withdraws to Arretium. 83 OCD 738
82 B76 VI-836, DGRBM 1-612, 2-1060, 1210, DGRG 1-894, atl1, wikFv
82 At Faventia Umbria, Lucanian P. Albinovanus, defects from populare C. Norbanus to Metellus Pius.  Albinovanus agrees to betray Norbanus' commanders in exchange for amnesty.  Albinovanus invites Norbanus and officers to a banquet, at which all are murdered.  But Norbanus did not attend.  Norbanus flees to Rhodes. 82 CAH 9-194, DGRBM 1-612, 1210, OCD 738, atl1
82 Lucanian P. Albinovanus surrenders Ariminum to Metellus Pius.  All Cisalpine Gaul goes over to Metellus. 82 CAH 9-194
82 Populare M. PERPERNA VENTO, with some troops, flees to Sicily. 82 DGRBM 3-202
82 Populare consul Gn.(2) Papirius CARBO deserts!.  At Clusium Etruria, he leaves generals C. Carrinas, C. Marcius Censorinus, and Brutus Damasippus to carry on the war, while he sails from Italy to Africa. 82 CAH 9-194, DGRBM 1-612, 3-478, OCD 204, atl1
82 M. AURIUS dies.  Prisoner of Q. Sergius, murdered probably at instigation of bro-in-law Statius Albius Oppianicus. 82 atl1
no date: DGRBM 1-444
82 Nov SULLA executes 8,000 populare POWs. 82 B76 VIII-832, Dur 3-125, GHH, LEWH 106, rcSI, wik1Tr,
82 Nov Senate ratifies all Sulla's acts, as consul and proconsul, votes him a gilt equestrian statue, to be set before the rostra.  A first. 82 CAH 9-199
82 Populare C. MARCIUS CENSORINUS dies.  Commands 8 legions enroute to relieve Praeneste, ambushed, captured, and executed. 82 CAH 9-195, DGRBM 1-664
82 Populare general C. CARINUS dies.  Hunted down by Sulla and executed. 82 CAH 9-195, DGRBM 1-615
82 Sulla goes to Antemnae Latium, where 3,000 Samnites besieged by M.(3) Licinius Crassus want to surrender.  Sulla promises them safe-conduct if they kill those in the town who still resist.  They do so, but when they emerge they are brought to Rome and penned in the Villa Publica along with prisoners taken at Colline Gate.  All are massacred by Sulla's troops. 82 CAH 9-195
82 M.(2) Licinius CRASSUS, in Spain from 85, returns to Rome, joins Sulla. no date: OCD 295
82 Nov L. Junius BRUTUS DAMASIPPUS dies.  Populare praetor urbanus, defeated by Sulla and executed. 82 OCD 183, wikELJC
82 Optimates: SULLA, Q.(6) Metellus Pius, and Pompey enter Rome unchallenged.  Sullans occupy Rome. 82 B76 15-1103, CAH 9, Dur 3-125, GHH, MCAW 242, OCD 204
c.82 late Sulla's 2nd CIVIL WAR from 83 ends. 82 wikTAR
c.82 L. Cornelius SULLA has senate declare him dictator until 81. 82 B76 15-1103, Dur 3-125, TToH     82/1 wikLRD
82 SULLA, in order to connect Pompey more closely to himself, compels Pompey to marry Aemilia, dau of his wife Caecilia Metella, by her former husband M.(1) Aemilius Scaurus.  Therefore, Pompey must divorce his wife Antistia, though her father had been murdered by Marius as a partizan of Sulla, simply because of his connection with Pompey.  Aemilia must leave her husband M' Acilius Glabrio, though she is now pregnant. 82 DGRBM 1-209, 3-478, atl1, rtp, ttpm
82 POMPEY sent by Sulla to Sicily because Carbo is there. 82 DGRBM 3-478
82 SULLA issues  proscription list : 40 senators, 2,600 businessmen including 1,600 equites.  He offers up to 12,000 denarii for them dead or alive.  SULLAN PURGE is worse than the previous Marian purge:  Many neutrals and even conservatives listed for death or exile.  Spreads even to provinces, because Sulla wants their estates for his troops and friends.  47,000 killed.  Proscription is to end June 1, 81. 82 CAH 9-197, bk, Dur 3-125, MCAW 242
150,000 killed. 82 GHH
82 Gn.(5) Domitius AHENOBARBUS, populare, proscribed by Sulla, flees to Africa. 82 DGRBM 1-85
82 Populare L.(7) Cornelius SCIPIO, proscribed by Sulla, flees to Massilia, lives there until death. 82 DGRBM 3-748, atl1
82 In Sicily POMPEY catches up with Carbo, and has him executedFurther victories follow in Africa. 82 atl1, rtp, ttpm
82 In Lilybaeum Sicily populare consul, Gn.(2) Papirius CARBO dies, executed by Pompey.  His head is sent to Sulla. 82 B76 II-548, DGRBM 1-612, atl1     no date: OCD 204, 857
82 C. Papirius CARBO ARVINA dies.  Murdered by Marian praetor Brutus Damasippus in the Curia Hostilia during the siege of Volaterrae Etruria. 82 DGRBM 1-611, 81 OCD 204
82 Beneficiaries of Sullan purge:  M.(3) Licinius Crassus, C.(3) Scribonius Curio, who buy up property of proscription victims. 81 atl1     no date: OCD 295, 302
82 Colonies for Sulla's veterans established. 82 GHH
82 Poet Q. Valerius Soranus is questioned by Pompey, and executed. 82 atl1
82  Lex Cornelia de Civitate  restores senatorial power, plus several public policies.  Sulla incorporates inhabitants of Spain, Gaul, and Sicily with Roman citizenship and adds them to the Assembly to weaken it. 82 unrv
82  Lex Cornelia de proscriptione  sentences named persons to death or exile. 82 EDRL 550, 658
82  Lex Cornelia de tribunis plebis  inspired by the desire to strip pleb tribunes of power.  Only senators can be elected tribunes.  X-tribunes are excluded from higher magistracies.  Legislative proposals of tribunes had to be previously approved by the senate.  Their right of intercession is restricted. 82 EDRL 550
82 10,000 SLAVES of Cornelian tribe liberated by Sulla. 82 Bruce Acts 214
82 Sulla tells the Senate to appoint an interrex, because both consuls had been proscribed and both are now dead.  Senate chooses L.(7) Valerius Flaccus.  Sulla tells Flaccus to appoint Sulla dictator, not for a fixed period, but until stable government had been restored. 82 CAH 9-199
82 SULLA orders L.(1) Licinius MURENA to cease hostilities, asks Mith-VI of Pontus to be reconciled with Ariobarzanes-I for a slice of Cappadocia.  M-VI agrees. 82 CAH 9-963
82  Lex Valeria  allows debtors to pay only 1/4 of their debts and frees them from the rest.  Criticized later as a very bad law.  In force only a few years. 82 EDRL 560
82  Lex Valeria  by L.(7) Valerius Flaccus appoints Sulla "dictator for the making of laws and for the settling of the constitution". 82 DGRBM 3-939, atl1, wikLRL     82/1 wikSl
82 Sulla, now perpetual dictator, appoints L.(7) Valerius Flaccus magister equitum. 82 CAH 9-199, GHH, TToH, wikTAR     81 wikSl
c.82 M. Marius GRATIDIANUS dies.  Neph of C. Marius, scourged and tortured by progressive amputations, then executed at the tomb of Q. Lutatius Catulus by friends of Catulus led by L. Sergius CATILINE, who parades his head on a pike from the Janiculum to the Temple of Apollo, and then has Sulla add him to the proscription list to make it legal. 82 CAH 9-195, wikCat, wikGrt 81 atl1
82 Q. Lucretius AFELLA dies.  Illegally stands for consul 81, but is killed by order of Sulla. 82 CAH 9-200, atl1
81 Jan 1 CONSULS:  Gn.(4) Cornelius DOLABELLA and M. Tullius DECULA   But Sulla holds all power. 81 DGRBM 1-1058, 3-1183, OCD 189, 358, csm, wikCon, wikGCD
81 Jan? 2nd Mithridatic War from 83 ends.  Peace restored on terms of 84.
81 Jan 27-8 Splendid 2 day triumph of Sulla for victory over Mith-VI and the 2nd Civil War.  Loot from Praeneste is paraded.  At the end of it he claims the name FELIX "happy", and attributes his success to the gods, particularly Venus.  A gold statue is put up of Sulla on horseback. 81 CAH 9-200, DGRBM 3-939, GHH, LdHR 342, atl1
81 Jan? NORBA Latium, still under Populares, falls to Sulla. 81 CAH 9-195
81 Q. HORTENSIUS HORTALUS is quaestor. 81 wikQHr
81 P. Cornelius LENTULUS SURA is quaestor to Sulla. 81 DGRBM 2-730
81 SULLA acquires a bodyguard of slaves made of relatives of victims of his purge. 81 MCAW 242
81 CORPSE of C. MARIUS, buried from 86, is dug up by order of Sulla and thrown into the Anio River.  Marius' monuments are destroyed.  His ghost will be reported frightening peasants when revolutions are imminent. 81 CAH 9-199, atl1
c.81 L.(1) Licinius MURENA governor of Asia from 84, and son L.(2) return to Rome, has his undeserved triumph over Mith-VI, probably dies soon after. 83 wikLRGA
81 DGRBM 2-1121, atl1
81 Centurion L. LUSCUS is convicted of 3 murders during the Sullan proscription, and condemned 64. 81 DGRBM 2-842
81 Rhodian ambassador and rhetoric teacher APOLLONIUS MOLON is sent to Rome.  He gets the senate to restore control of the Caunians to Rhodes.  Cicero listens to him just for rhetorical tips. 81 DGRG 1-576, atl1
81 T. Annius LUSCUS is sent by Sulla with proconsular authority against Sertorius in Spain. 81 DGRBM 2-842
81 C.(4) Julius CAESAR is ordered by Sulla to divorce CORNELIA, his wife from 84, because she is dau of Cinna.  Caesar refuses, and is therefore proscribed for death.  He hides in Sabine land and is caught by Sullan troops.  He buys off their leader Cornelius with 2 talents, then sails from Italy to Cilicia until 78. 83/2 B76 3-576
81 DGRBM 1-539, atl1, ttjc     80 MCAW 244     no date Dur 3-167, sjsu
81 Greek arts and sciences are patronized at Rome from this time. 81 GHH
81 P. QUINCTIUS tried.  C. Aquilius Gallus presides.  M.(9) Claudius Marcellus is a judge. 81 DGRBM 2-224, 935
c.81 M. Tullius CICERO begins career.  1st court case: Speech Pro Quinctio is still extant.  He defends P. Quinctius, a victim of Sullan proscription.  C. Aquilius Gallus presides. 83-1 wikCc     82/1 MCAW 241     81 B76 4-607, DGRBM 1-709, 2-224, LdHR 349, OCD 234, atl1
81 P. Cornelius SULLA, neph of L.C.S., uses family connection to get mercy for several of the proscribed. 81 wikPCS
81 Towns punished by Sulla for supporting his opponents include: Arretium, Florentia, Interamnium, Larinum, Praeneste, Spoletium, Sulmo, and Volaterrae. 81 atl1
81 COLONIES for Sulla's veterans include: Arretium, Capua, Clusium, Faesulae, Nola, Pompeii, Praeneste, Suessula, Urbana, and Aleria on Corsica. 81 CAH 9-204, atl1
81 SULLAN PROSCRIPTION of 81 includes:
81 atl1
C. CARRINAS, praetor 82.
81 M. PUPIUS PISO divorces wife ANNIA, who had been the wife of Cinna, to please Sulla. 81 atl1
81 Decline of agriculture in Italy: grain is supplied to Rome by the provinces. 81 GHH
81 State free GRAIN DISTRIBUTION suspended until 70 to keep poor from flocking to Rome. 81 Dur 3-126, LEWH 106
81 C.(3) Valerius FLACCUS, propraetor in Gaul from 83, returns to Rome, has triumph for Celtiberia and Gaul. 81 atl1, wikGVF
81 Sextus ROSCIUS the Elder of Ameria is murdered.  His son by the same name is suspected. 81 atl1
81 XENOCLES of Adramyttium speaks in senate to defend Asia Province against charge of supporting Mith-VI of Pontus. 81 atl1
81 L. Cornelius Chrysogonus, while at the camp of L. Sulla at Volaterrae Etruria, plots to seize property of accused of parricide Sextus Roscius, and persuades the decurions of Ameria not to seek an interview with Sulla. 81 atl1
81 Gn.(5) Cornelius DOLABELLA, is urban praetor. 81 DGRBM 1-1058
81 The POMERIUM (legal and religious boundary of Rome denoted by marker stones, as opposed to walls) is expanded by Sulla.  Again 44. 81 atl1
80 wikPmr
81 M.(5) Valerius MESSALA RUFUS becomes augur. 81 atl1
81 X-slave L. VOLCACILIUS PLOTUS, possibly the first freedman to write history, opens a rhetoric school at Rome, which is attended by Gn. Pompey. 81 atl1
c.81 AEMILIA SCAURA, stepdau of Sulla, wife of Pompey, dies in childbirth by previous husband M' Acilius Glabrio. 82 DGRBM 3-478, ttpm
81 atl1     80 OCD 857, rtp
c.81  CORNELIAN LAWS  (leges Corneliae) begin until 79:  A series of Sullan reforms hoping to ensure a permanent aristocatic state by constitution.  Repeals law of 151 forbidding successive consulships.  Restores Lex Annalis of 342: 10 year interval between consulships. 82-79 Dur 3-126, LEWH 106, wikLC 81 B76 15-1103, bk, OCD 1022, unrv
81  de praetoribus  6 PRAETORS from 197 raised to 8 by addition of 2 urban praetors. 81 EDRL 550
raised from 8 to 10 81 atl1
81  Agraria  settles Sulla's veterans on various colonies in Italy.  120,000 veterans settled mainly in Etruria & Campania. 81 unrv
81  Lex de Λ ambitu 70  Sulla's law against bribery at elections. 81 EDRL 549
81  Annalis  sanctions Sulla's past acts; part of his program to strengthen the Senate. 81 wikLRL
80 MCAW 245
81  de Censoribus  reduces or eliminates the office of CENSOR, but restored by legislation of Gn. Pompeius Magnus and P. Licinius Crassus c.70. 81 unrv
81  de civitate?  frees and gives citizenship to slaves who supported him, naming them Cornelii. 81 atl1
81  de Falsis  severely punishes falsification of wills and counterfeit gold. 81 atl1
81  de imperio  Separates the imperium domi (in the city of Rome with its environs) from imperium militiae. 81 EDRL 549
81  de iniuria  Punishes 3 kinds of injury committed by violence: beating, striking, causing pains and home invasion. 81 EDRL 549
81  de Judicaria   Jury membership, reserved to equites from 123, transfered to senators until 70. 81 HRE 42, atl1
81  de Magistratibus  fixes sequence of magistrates.  Makes quaestorship prerequisite for praetorship, which is prerequisite for consulship.  Reaffirms Lex Villia Annalis (180) requiring 10 year gaps between holding the same magistracy.  Time intervals between tenures of office are set. 81 EDRL 550, atl1
81  de Maiestate  many adjustments to public behavior codes and establishment of courts.  Revises treason law to circumvent illegalities or rogue behavior of provincial governors.  Proconsuls may not take troops out of their provinces without senate approval.  Exiles anyone who calls in military forces, or begins hostilities against another country without senate approval. 81 EDRL 550, OCD 641
81  de Pontificum Augurumque Collegium  increases number of priests and augurs to 15.  Repeals Lex Domitia 104 until 63. 81 atl1
81  de Proscriptione  massive proscriptions and confiscations of Marian political opponents. 81 atl1
81  de Proscriptorum Liberis  restricts children of the proscribed from holding magistracies. 81 atl1
81  de Provinciis de Ordinandis  sets rules for administration of provinces by X-consuls or X-praetors who assume governorship of a province as pro-magistrates with a prorogated imperium. 81 EDRL 549, 659, atl1
81  de Senatum ex Equestri Ordine  Adds equites to the senate and increases size from 300 to 600 (and expands curia hostilia to accommodate them). 81 atl1
81  de Sicariis et Veneficis  outlaws murder by witchcraft. 82 DGRA 687
81  de Sumptuaria  limits personal expenditures on entertaining/feasts. 81 EDRL 550, atl1
81  de Tribunis Plebis  reduces tribune power by requiring senate's approval before proposed bills could be brought to the Assembly, limits veto power (intercessio) to protection of individuals, and excludes ex-tribunes from election to other magistracies.  (void 75) 81 CAH 9-201, atl1
80 MCAW 245
81  de Viginti Quaestoribus  12 QUAESTORS from 197 increase to 19 to handle provinces + 1 more to handle water supply.  X-quaestors are automatically senators. EDRL 550, atl1
81 QUAESTIONES (standing courts investigating crimes against the state) increased to at least 7.  Only senators may serve on juries.  (void 70) 81 LEWH 106, OCD 641, 1022
81 P. Cornelius LENTULUS SURA is quaestor to Sulla. 81 B76 VI-146
81 Q. HORETNSIUS is quaestor. 81 DGRBM 2-526
81 L. VALERIUS TRIARIUS is urban quaestor. 81 DGRBM 3-1172
81 M.(9) Aemilius LEPIDUS is made praetor and sent to Sicily. 81 DGRBM 2-764
c.81 SULLA reluctantly agrees to pardon C.(4) Julius Caesar. 81 atl1
81 P. Cornelius LENTULUS SURA quaestor to Sulla, refuses to justify his conduct, when challenged by Sulla. 81 atl1
81 TAXES no longer farmed out to publicans, but paid directly by provinces.  81 Dur 3-126, LEWH 106
81 SULLA DISBANDS his ARMY.  Orders no more armies in Italy. 81 Dur 3-126
c.81 PROSCRIPTIONS are officially ended by Sulla. 81 atl1
81 Jul Consular elections for 80 are held.  Sulla (now dictator) runs and is elected, with his supporter, Q.(6) Caecilius Metellus Pius. 81 CAH 9-205
81 Oct LUDI VICTORIAE SULLANAE "Games for the Victories of Sulla" run from 26 October to 1 November.  He dedicates 1/10 of his booty to Hercules, feasts the Roman people on a lavish scale, extended the pomoerium (sacral boundary of Rome).  During the games his wife Metella falls ill.  Sulla, now an augur, to avoid pollution, has her removed from his house before she dies, and divorces her 81 CAH 9-205
81 SULLA orders Mithridates-VI of Pontus to surrender parts of Cappadocia which he still holds.  M-VI complies. 80 CAH 9-356
81 Q.(6) Caecilius METELLUS PIUS appointed Λ pontifex maximus by Sulla until 63. 81 B76 VI-836, wikPM, wikQCMP
80 Jan 1 CONSULS:  L. Cornelius SULLA (2nd) and Q.(6) Caecilius METELLUS PIUS 80 B76 VI-836, 15-1103, DGRBM 2-1060, LdHR 348, OCD 678, 1022, atl1, csm, wikCon, wikSl
c.80 early SULLA resigns dictatorship and appears in the forum as an ordinary citizen.  He invites any critics to speak.  No takers. 81 Dec CAH 9-205, wikSl     80 B76 15-1103, LdHR 350 79 TToH
80 Consul SULLA is assigned Cisalpine Gaul.  Instead, he moves to a villa near Puteoli, spends his time in hunting, fishing, drinking with friends from the theater, and writing his memoirs. 80 CAH 9-206
c.80 Gn.(4) Cornelius DOLABELLA, consul 81, becomes proconsul of Macedonia until 78. no date: CAH 9-210, OCD 358
80 NOLA, under Samnites from ?, taken by Romans, after which Samnite general C. PAPIUS MUTILUS flees to Teanum.  His wife Baestia refuses to let him in, because he is proscribed.  MUTILUS suicides with a dagger. 80 CAH 9-195, atl1
c.80 POPULONIUM on east coast of Etruria, besieged by Sulla from ?, falls, never recovers. 80 atl1
c.80 C.(1) Claudius MARCELLUS is praetor. 80 DGRBM 2-933
c.80 L. Scribonius LIBO is praetor. 80 wikLSL
80 Gn.(5) Cornelius DOLABELLA, praetor 81, made proconsul of Cilicia until 79.  C. Verres is legate. 80 B76 X-404, CAH 9-354, DGRBM 1-1058, OCD 358, atl1
80 L.(2) Domitius AHENOBARBUS is made praetor and sent by Sulla as proconsul to Nearer Spain. 80 DGRBM 1-86, 3-790
80 Sertorian War: Q. Sertorius lands in Spain until 72 to support a Lusitanian rebellion. 80 CDCC 809, Dur 3-137, OCD 980, LEWH 107, wikTAR
c.80 Gn. POMPEY, Sullan governor of Africa from 82, with many elephants and lions from Numidia to grace his triumph, returns to Rome.  Sulla calls him Magnus "Great", which becomes his surname.  But Sulla is reluctant to grant Pompey a triumph, which is reserved for dictators, consuls, or at least praetors. 81 CAH 9-197, rtp 80 DGRBM 3-478, ahe 79 wikAf
80 FAESULAE Tuscia, having supported the populares, occupied by Sullan troops, destroyed until 75. 80 B76 IV-129, wikFl
c.80 After death of P-IX, his neph Ptolemy-XI ALEXANDER-II, hostage in Rome from 84, is sent by Sulla back to Egypt. 81 B76 VIII-282, DGRBM 3-597
80 B76 I-994, CAH 9-388, MCAW 244, resh     80/79 ISBE 3-1050
80 Statius Albius OPPIANICUS murders his own sons, so that he is free to marry Sassia, whose former husband, A. Aurius, was murdered during proscriptions. 80 atl1
c.80 ALEXANDER POLYHISTOR, scholar from Miletus, now a slave, is bought by Gn. Cornelius Lentulus Clodianus, and soon freed. 80 atl1
c.80 LUCULLUS bros: Lucius(4) now in Asia, and Marcus, both supported by Sulla, are elected curule aediles for 79. 80 B76 VI-375, DGRBM 2-832, 838, atl1, wikLcl
c.80 Sullan general L.(4) Licinius LUCULLUS, commanding a fleet in east from ?, in Asia from 84, returns to Italy. 80 DGRBM 2-832, wikLcl
c.80 CURIA (senate house) restored and enlarged by Sulla.  It lasts until 52. 80 CDCC 246, OCD 302
80 TAXES of some allied states relieved by Sulla until 75. 80 atl1
c.80 Gn. POMPEIUS MAGNUS, age 25, and only an equite, has a triumph for victories in Africa. 81 CAH 9-197, DGRBM 3-478, atl1
c.80 Gn. POMPEY marries MUCIA TERTIA (half-sis of Q.(8) Caecilius Metellus Celer) until 62. 80 CAH 9-206, OCD 857, rtp
c.80 VOLATERRAE Etruria, besieged from 82?, falls. 80 atl1     79 CAH 9-195
c.80  Lex Cornelia de sicariis et veneficiis  dealing with injuries and deaths obtained by magic. 81 EDRL 550 80 wikLRL
c.80  Lex Cornelia de captivis  on last wills made before the testator becomes a prisoner of war.  They are valid if the testator died in captivity, "as if he died a free Roman citizen". 82-79 EDRL 549
c.80  Lex Remia  a calumniator (tricky lawyer) is to be tried before the same tribunal {quaestio) before which he had prosecuted the innocent accused. 82-79 EDRL 558
c.80 M. Tullius CICERO defends Sextus Roscius of Ameria against a fabricated charge of parricide, writes  Pro Roscio Amerino , gets aquittal, establishes his reputation.  The case makes Sulla look bad. 80 DGRBM 3-662, OCD 234, atl1, bk, wikCc       80/79 B76 4-607, 610
c.80 Q. CALIDIUS, supported by consul Q. Metellus Pius, is elected praetor for 79.  Calidius had obtained recall of Metellus' father from exile. 80 DGRBM 1-563, 2-1060, atl1
c.80 Restoration of the Capital begun by Sulla. 80 atl1
c.80 P. Junius takes over responsibility for maintenance of temple of Castor. 80 atl1
c.80 Temple of Fortuna Virilis in Rome from 100, is renovated by Sulla. 80 CDCC 71
c.80 Fortuna mosaicTemple of Fortuna Primigenia at Praeneste, built 120, is renovated by Sulla.  Buildings flanking the basilica are each embellished with a nymphaeum with a MOSAIC FLOOR depicting scenes from the Nile. photo: Yann Forget

110-100 wikPl
80 atl1
c.80 Senatorial decree confirms land grants made by Sulla to sanctuary of Amphiaraos at Oropos Attica. 80 atl1
c.80 CAECILIA METELLA Dalmatica dies during games celebrating anniversary of battle at Colline Gate.  She is dau of L.(5) Caecilius Metellus Dalmaticus, widow of M.(1) Aemilius Scaurus, and wife of SULLA from 88, by whom she bore twins Faustus and Fausta. 81 atl1
80 wikCMD
c.80 SULLA marries 5th wife Valeria, dau of M. Valerius Messala Niger.  She is a young divorcee whom he saw at a theater. 80 CAH 9-206, atl1
c.80 SULLA decides not to stand for consul of 79, nominates Servilius Vatia and Claudius Pulcher. 80 atl1
Pompeii theaters
Large theater left 120, small (Odeon) theater right 80BCE       photo: Brooklyn Museum
c.80 AMPHITHEATER (Odeon) built at Pompeii.  Seats 1,500, small compared to theater of c.120.  Privately funded, probably by local officials Quinctius Valgus and Marcius Porcius. 82 TToH 80 roh 70 roh
80/79 Consul Q.(6) Caecilius METELLUS PIUS is sent by Sulla as proconsul to Farther Spain to recover it from Marian Sertorius until 71. 80 B76 VI-836
80/79 OCD 678, wikRCH 79 CDCC 809, DGRBM 2-1060, 3-790, GHH, LdHR 356, atl1, rcIb
79 Jan 1 CONSULS:  Ap.(14) CLAUDIUS PULCHER and P.(1) Servilius VATIA (later Isauricus) both friends of Sulla 79 CAH 9-206, DGRBM 1-525, 770, DGRBM 3-1232, OCD 247, csm, wikCon, wikPSV
c.79 Praetor Q. CALIDIUS is sent to Nearer Spain until ?. 79 DGRBM 1-563
c.79 L. MANILIUS is made praetor. 79 DGRBM 2-917
79 Envoys of Mithridates-VI of Pontus and Ariobarzanes-I of Cappadocia arrive in Rome.  Senate orders M-VI to withdraw from Cappadocia. 79 atl1
c.79 SULLA, believing a prophesy which said he will soon die, resigns consulship and dictatorship, refuses consulship of 78, leaving Rome to the bungling senate. 80 B76 15-1103, bk, Dur 3-126
79 CAH 9, GHH, IDB 1-478, LEWH 108, LdHR 348, MCAW 244, OCD 1022, SHWC, atl1, wikELJC
79 M. Licinius LUCULLUS and bro L.(4) are curule aediles.  They produce noteworthy games. 79 DGRBM 2-831, 838, atl1 78 B76 VI-375
c.79 C.(1) Claudius MARCELLUS goes to Sicily, succeeds Lepidus. 79 DGRBM 2-933
c.79 PHILO of Larissa, head of Platonic Academy 109-??, and pupil Antiochus of Ascalon, both in Rome 88-?, have fight in which Antiochus gets leadership of Academy until 68. 80 EoΦ 3-382
79 B76 14-540, EoΦ 3-384
no date: OCD 822
c.79 L.(4) Licinius LUCULLUS is elected praetor, having been given special dispensation to stand for office when under-age. 79 atl1
79 M. Tullius CICERO asserts rights of inhabitants of Arretium to Roman citizenship, during defense of an Arretine woman. 79 atl1
79 M. Tullius CICERO marries wealthy pleb TERENTIA, a marriage of convenience, but lasts until 46. 79 wikCc
c.79 M. Tullius CICERO, in conflict with Sulla, goes, supposedly for health reasons, to Greece until 78, remains out of Italy until 77.  Bro Quintus accompanies. 80 DGRBM 3-231     79 B76 6-912, 14-540, CDCC 198, DGRBM 1-192, 709, 746, MCAW 244, OCD 239, atl1, wikCc
79 Gn.(5) Cornelius DOLABELLA proconsul of Cilicia from 80, returns along with C. Verres to Rome. 79 OCD 358 78 B76 X-404
c.79 Mamercus Aemilius Lepidus Livianus fails in first bid to be elected consul. 79 CAH 9-206, atl1
c.79 Aesernia, still under populres, falls to Sulla. 79 CAH 9-195
c.79 L. TUCCIUS, Sulla's physician, dies suddenly. 79 atl1
79 The height of the atmosphere calculated by Posidonius to be 800 stadia (148km).
Actual average height of the atmosphere above sea level is 2.4km
79 GHH
79 Gn. POMPEY supports populare M.(9) Aemilius Lepidus for consul, contrary to wishes of Sulla. 79 B76 14-293, DGRBM 3-479, OCD 598, 857
78 Jan 1 CONSULS:  populare M.(9) Aemilius LEPIDUS supported by Pompey gets many more votes than colleague Q. Lutatius CATULUS supported by Sulla. 78 B76 II-648, VI-158, 14-793, CAH 9-206, DGRBM 2-764, 3-479, OCD 217, 597, atl1, csm, wikCon, wikQLCt
78 P.(1) Servilius VATIA, consul of 79, assigned to south Anatolia, prepares a fleet to clear the seas of pirates.  Stays until 74.  T. Labienus serves under him.  L.(9) Valerius Flaccus is military tribune. 78 CAH 9-354, DGRBM 2-159, 3-1232, atl1, wikPSV, wikTLb
78 C. LICINIUS MACER is quaestor. 78 DGRBM 2-883
78 L. VALERIUS TRIARIUS is praetor. 78 DGRBM 3-1172
c.78 L. MANILIUS becomes proconsul of Narbonensis. 78 DGRBM 2-917
c.78 Gn.(4) Cornelius DOLABELLA, proconsul of Macedonia from 80, returns to Rome and triumph.  Ap.(14) Claudius PULCHER succeeds until death 76. 78 OCD 247, 358     77 atl1
78 L. Cornelius SULLA settles a dispute at Dicaearchia colony on the coast of Campania. 78 atl1
78 L. Cornelius SULLA finishes the 22nd book of his memoirs 2 days before his death. 78 wikSl
78 L. Cornelius SULLA dies, age 60, in retirement, from a colon ulcer "which broke out into lice".  An epitaph, which Sulla himself wrote, is inscribed on the tomb, reading: "No friend ever served me, and no enemy ever wronged me, whom I have not repaid in full".  Son by 4th wife Cealia Metella, FAUSTUS and his sis are left under guardianship of L.(4) Licinius Lucullus.  Pregnant 5th wife Valeria will bear a dau, Cornelia Postuma. 78 B76 IX-661, CAH 9-207, DGRBM 3-939, 943, Dur 3-127, GHH, MCAW 244, atl1, bk, rtp, ttpm, wikELJC, wikJC

Italy 78-53