c.30 EMESA, kingdom from ?, rulerless from 31, dissolved until 20, becomes autonomous community free of dynastic rule, under supervision of the Roman governor of Syria. 30 wikRFE
c.30 1st son of Alex Jannai & Salome Alex(2) HYRCANUS-II dies age 80.  Former high priest 69-67, 62-40, accused of conspiracy with Nabataeans, murdered by Herod before going to Rhodes lest Octavian make him king. Ant 15:6:3-4     30 B76 V-581, CAH 10-741, CHJ 3, DGRBM 2-544, IDB 2-534, Jud 8-380, 1146, atl1, bk, wikH2, wikHD
30 HEROD puts 2nd wife Mariamne-I & her mom Salome Alex(2) in fortress Alexandrion with secret orders to Joseph and Sohemus to kill them if he doesn't return from Rhodes.  He also puts his mom Cypros and other family members in Masada, then leaves for Rhodes Ant 15:6:5
30 DGRBM 2-950, ISBE 2-627, 691, Jud 5-1179, 11-990, JE 6-358
30 COSTOBAR, governor of Idumea, writes to Cleo-VII that he is willing to deliver Idumea to her rather than continue serving Herod. Ant 15:7:9
30 While Herod is in Rhodes, his wife Mariamne-I balls Sohemus. Ant 15:7:1 30 JE 6-358
30 mid DAMASCUS under Cleo-VII from 37 reclaimed by Octavian, under Rome until 37CE no date: OCD 311 '  
c.30 HILLEL, Babylonian Jew, student of Shemiah and Avtalyon, comes to Judea.  He is active until 9CE. 30 bk, hawa
c.30 HILLEL elected nasi until 10CE.  His zugoth partner is Menahem the Essene. 30 Jud 8-482-3
c.30 High priest from 36, HANANEL deposed by Herod, who appoints JOSHUA ben Phabi successor until 23. Ant 15:3:1
30 CBCNT 71, rcHL, rvlv, wikAnn, wikHP
30 NICOLAS of Damascus, historian and philosopher, at Egyptian court from ?, goes to Judea, received at Herod's court. 30 MCAW 265
c.30 ABILENE, under Cleo-VII from 36, given by Octavian to ZENODORUS, son of Lysanias-I, who becomes tetrarch until 20. 33 DGRG 1-4 30 IDB 1-9
c.30 AURANITIS (later Hauran) east of Gilead, under Zenodorus from ?, sold to Nabataeans. 30 CAH 10-733
c.30 GADARA, under Rome from 63, comes under Herod until 4. 30 rcJdn
30 late At Rhodes, Herod defends his conduct as an ally of Antony  Octavian, praises his loyalty, confirms him as king of Judea, returns all property which Antony had given to Cleo-VIIHerod asks Octavian to spare Alexander, friend of Antony.  Request denied. Ant 15:6:7, Wars 1:20:2-3       30 GHH, ISBE 2-691, Jud 8-380, jeH1
30 late OCTAVIAN, after settling Egyptian affairs, goes from Egypt to Levant.  Herod meets him at Ptolemais and accompanies him as far as Antioch. Ant 15:7:3-4
30 CAH 10-254, ISBE 2-691, atl1
30 late Places joined or rejoined to Herod's dominions: Judea, Samaria, Galilee, Gadara, Gaza, Anthedon, Hippos, Jericho, Ituraea, Trachonitis, and Idumea. Ant 15:7:3     30 CHJ 3-114, GHH, IDB 4-189, ISBE 1-907, Jud 5-1449, jeH1
30 late STRATO'S TOWER, under Cleo-VII from 37, reverts to Herod.  See 22. 30 CHJ 3-114
30 late Octavian exempts Judea from tribute. 30 GHH
29 Plague hits Judea. 29 GHH
29 MARIAMNE-I learns that Herod plans to murder her.  She stops balling him.  Herod puts her on trial for adultery with Sohemus.  His sis, Salome(1), is chief witness against her.  Mariamne-I's mom Salome Alexandra(2) appears and incriminates her own dau. Ant 15:7:1
29 DGRBM 3-698, GHH, wikHG
29 late MARIAMNE-I dies.  Dau of Jonathan Alex & Salome Alex(2), 2nd wife of Herod from 37, executed.  Her sons are: Alexander & Aristobulus-IV, both executed 7, daus: Salampsio and Cypros. Ant 15:7:4-6, Wars 1:22:5     29 B76 VI-617, CAH 10-741, CHJ 3-114, DGRBM 2-950, GHH, IDB 2-589, 2-534, ISBE 2-627, 691, JE 6-358, Jud 8-381, 11-990, bk, wikHG     29/8 lvHG
In  Wars  Herod kills Mariamne & Joseph after returning from Antony in 34.  In  Antiquities  Herod kills Mariamne & Sohemus after returning from Octavian in 29. IDB 2-589
29 Herod, while hunting in Samaria, falls ill.  A rumor of his death is spread at Jerusalem. Ant 15:7:7 29 GHH
29 SALOME ALEXANDRA(2) tries to win over the commanders of the 2 fortresses in Jerusalem, declares herself Queen, stating that Herod is mentally unfit to rule. Ant 15:7:8 29 GHH, wikHG '  
29 Dau of Hyrcanus-II, widow of Jonathan Alex d49, SALOME ALEXANDRA(2) executed without trial by son-in-law Herod. Ant 15:7:8     29 GHH, wikHG
28 CHJ 3-114, IDB 2-534, ISBE 2-691, JE 6-358, Jud 2-587
28 Herod adorns and strengthens Jerusalem. 28 GHH
28 HEROD marries Samaritan MALTHACE, until 5/4. 28 lvHG     24/3 ISBE 2-692
28 HEROD marries CLEOPATRA of Jerusalem, until ?. Ant 17:1:3     28 lvHG
25 wikCJ     22 ISBE 2-692
c.28 MALIKU-II ends.  King of Nabataeans from 47.  OBODATH(Obodas)-III succeeds until 9. 30 ISBE 3-468, OCD 104, 642, rcJdn     28 IDB 3-492, MRDK 359
27 SAMARIA city rebuilt by Herod, renamed SEBASTE.  (Sebastos is the Greek translation of Augustus.)  Herod erects a temple to Augustus on its hightest hill, and allocates land to its 6,000 inhabitants. 27 CAH 10-328, 448, CHJ 3, Jud 8-382, wikHG 25 GHH
27 COSTOBAR, governor of Idumea, conspires against Herod until 25. Ant 15:7:9     28 wikHG 27 CAH 10-335
26 Greek theater erected by Herod.  Greek games and customs introduced. 28 wikHG 26 GHH
26 Idumean COSTOBAR, governor of Idumea, 37-, husband of SALOME(1), sis of Herod from 34 is divorced by her (which women could not do under Jewish Law). Ant 15:7:10
27-25 wikCs
26 DGRBM 3-698
25 Conspiracy against Herod's life detected. 27 wikHG     25 GHH
25 mid Drought and famine; Herod acts promptly and generously.  He imports grain from Egypt, dispenses it freely, along with free clothing, and lightens taxes. 25 BNTH 22, CAH 10-330, GHH, Jud 8-384, MCAW 265, wikHG     24 bk, jeH1
25 mid HEROD contributes 500 troops to the Arabian campaign of Aelius Gallus. 26 CAH 10-155
25 BNTH 20, CAH 10-330, DGRBM 2-426
25 COSTOBAR, divorcee of Herod's sis Salome(1) 34-26, governor of Idumea, conspiring against Herod from 27, siezed and executed with all his followers by order of Herod. Ant 15:7:8     29 GHH     28 wikHG 27-25 wikCs     26 CAH 10-741, DGRBM 3-698     25 ISBE 2-691, JE 6-358, Jud 5-990
24 HEROD builds palace in upper city of Jerusalem. Ant 15:9:3     24 CHJ 3, IDB 2-589, ISBE 2-691     23 wikHG
24 TRACHONITIS, BATANAEA, AURANATIS (all east of Gilead), under Zenodorus tetrarch in Transjordan, taken by Augustus, annexed to Syria until 23. 24 CAH 10-288, 729
c.24  3rd Book of MACCABEES  written in Alexandria.
23 High priest from 30, JOSHUA ben Phabi deposed by Herod, who appoints father of Mariamne-II, SIMON ben Boethus successor until 5. 25 GHH     24 Jud 4-1169, rcHL
23 BNTH 61, CBCNT 71, ISBE 2-691, Jud 10-139, rvlv, wikHG, wikHP
23 HEROD marries 3rd wife MARIAMNE-II, dau of high priest Simon ben Boethus, until 7/6. 25 GHH     24 ISBE 2-691 23 BNTH 23, DGRBM 2-950, wikHG
23 M. Terentius VARRO suppresses widespread banditry in Trachonitis. 23 CAH 10-715
23 TRACHONITIS, BATANAEA, AURANATIS (all east of Gilead), under Syria from 24, given by Augustus thru Varro to Herod. Ant 15:10:1     24/3 CAH 10-729, 741     23 CHJ 3-115, ISBE 2-633, Jud 7-1476, 8-379, lvHG
22 wikHG     21 GHH
23 HERODIUM fortress built by Herod in Judea. Ant 16:2:1     23 wikHG
23 HEROD sends sons by 2nd wife Mariamne-I: ALEXANDER, age 14, and ARISTOBULUS to Rome for education until 17. 24/3 CAH 10-742
23 CAH 10-155, 327, 332, ISBE 2-691, Jud 2-567, MCAW 264 '  
23 Herod ARCHELAUS, son of Herod by wife Malthace, born in Judea. 23 lvHA, wikHA 21 jeA
22 STRATO'S TOWER, under Herod from 30, Judea's biggest seaport, reconstruction begins until 10.  It is renamed CAESAREA, and remains autonomous until 13. Ant 14:4:4     25 ISBE 1-712, wikHG     22 B76 II-434, BNTH 21, CAH 10-328, CHJ 3-115, GHH, MCAW 265, OCD 191
22 Agrippa appointed by Augustus to govern the East until 21. 22 GHH
22 HEROD makes will, declares kids by Mariamne-I, ALEXANDER & ARISTOBULUS his successors, though he had killed their mom. Ant 16:4:6, 17:5:4 22 ISBE 2-627,
22/1 HEROD visits Agrippa at Mytilene Lesbos. 22/1 Jud 2-418, 4-379 '  
21 Agrippa governor of the East from 22, returns from Lesbos to Rome until 17. 21 CAH 10-142, Jud 2-418, OCD 31
21 Herod ANTIPAS, son of Herod by Malthace, born in Judea. 21 B76 V-3 20 Jud 3-75
20 GADARA in the Decapolis, under Herod 30-4, complains to Augustus of Herods taxation.  Augustus brushes them off.  This is the only instance of such complaint.  Herod's economy is better than that of any of his immediate predecessors. 20 CAH 10-330, GHH '  
20 Herod PHILIP-I, son of Herod by wife Cleo of Jerusalem, born in Judea. Wars 1:28:4 20 B76 VII 940
c.20 SIDON, autonomous from 64, put under Rome by decree of Augustus, remains so until 395CE. 20 ISBE 4-502, Jud 14-1507
20 HEROD refunds a third of taxes back to Judeans. 25 wikHG     20 BNTH 22, CAH 10-330
c.20 Son of Lysanias-I ZENODORUS dies.  Tetrarch of Abilene from 30, appears before Augustus in Syria to beg for restitution of his dominions, but dies suddenly of illness at Antioch.  The north quarters of his land, Iturea and Abilene stays in his family.  The south quarters, Trachonitis, Auranitis, Batanea, Ulantha and Gaulanitis (Golan), are given by Augustus (now visiting Syria) to Herod. Ant 15:10:3, Wars 1:20:4     31 DGRBM 3-1311, DGRG 1-4     21 GHH     20 CAH 10-281, 729, CHJ 3-115, DGRBM 3-1311, IDB 1-9, 480, 773, 2-590, ISBE 2-691, 940, lvHG
20 City of PANEAS (Panias) given by Augustus to Herod until 4. 20 B76 17-950, CAH 10-741, IDB 1-480, ISBE 1-569, Jud 8-379
20 ULATHA (area N of Sea of Galilee) given by Augustus to Herod until 4. 20 CAH 10-741
20 Herod's kingdom is now at its largest: It includes most of south Syria, Galilee to Idumea, much of Transjordan including Perea. 20 B76 17-950, Jud 8-379
20 PHERORAS, bro of Herod, is nominated by Herod to rule Perea, because he doesn't want his sons to have any power yet.  Augustus complies and makes Pheroras tetrarch of Perea. 20 CAH 10-326, 742, '  
c.20 Kingdom of EMESA, out of business from 30, restored under the Roman governor of Syria, by Augustus to IMBLICHUS-II, son of Imblichus-I, until 14. 20 CAH 10-731, DGRBM 2-548, HRE 113, frH, wikRFE
c.20 IMBLICHUS-II, king of Emesa 20-14, who had fought for Antony at Actium, and had his family taken hostage, receives his family back. 20 CAH 10-728
19 HEROD prepares for rebuilding of the temple. 20 MCAW 269, bk, lvHG 20 wikHG       19 GHH
19 2nd TEMPLE rebuilding begun by Herod.  It is encompassed by an open area all around and a wall twice as big as the previous wall.  Dedicated in 10, but not finished until 64CE. Ant 15:6:1, Wars 1:21:1     20 B76 IX-881, IDB 2-590, 4-550, ISBE 2-691, wikHG     20/19 BNTD 12, CHJ 3-123     19 BNTH 21, ENBD 522     19/8 FHBC 280     17 GHH
18/7 HEROD goes to Greece, enroute to Rome to see Alexander and Aristobulus, his sons by Mariamne-I.  Sis Salome(1) accompanies. 18 DGRBM 2-427, wikHG 18/7 CAH 10-330
17 Jud 2-567     16 GHH
17 ALEXANDER and ARISTOBULUS, sons of Herod by Mariamne-I, in Rome from 23, return with Herod and Salome(1) to Judea. 18/7 CAH 10-330, DGRBM 2-427, Jud 8-381     17 JE 6-359, Jud 2-567     17/6 ISBE 2-692     16 CAH 10-742
17 M. Agrippa again becomes governor of the East until 13. 17 CAH 10-651 17 B76 1-367, CAH 10-142, 146, wikMVA '  
17 ALEXANDER, son of Herod by Mariamne-I, marries GLAPHYRA until 7.  She is dau of Cappadocian king Archelaus. Ant 16:1:2, Wars 1:23:1 18/7 wikArcC       17 DGRBM 2-427     16 GHH '  
17 ARISTOBULUS, son of Herod by Mariamne-I, marries BERENICE-I until ?.  She is dau of Costobar the Idumean and Salome(1) sis of Herod. Ant 16:1:2, Wars 1:23:1 17 DGRBM 2-427, Jud 3-442, 4-601     16 GHH
17 HEROD compells all subjects to take a loyalty oath to him.  Pharisees refuse, but remain unpunished because there are 6,000 of them.   Again 8. Ant 15:10:4 17 CAH 10-329, 747
16 HEROD invites M. Agrippa to visit Judea. Ant 16:2:1     17 DGRBM 1-79     16 Jud 2-418 '  
16 Salome(1), sis of Herod, conspires against Alexander and Aristobulus, his kids by Mariamne-I. 16 GHH
16 HEROD marries PALLAS, until ?. 16 lvHG
16 HEROD marries PHAEDRA, until ?. 16 lvHG
16 HEROD marries ELPIS, until ?. 16 lvHG
15 M. Vipsanius AGRIPPA, governor of eastern provinces, in Syria from 17, accepts Herods invitation to visit, comes to Berytus. 17 DGRBM 1-79 15 B76 1-367, 2-815
15 BERYTUS, free city from 82, , under Rome from 68, re-established, expanded, made a colony by M. Agrippa, and settled with Roman veterans. 16 CDCC 116, OCD 166
15/4 CAH 10-717
15 M. Vipsanius AGRIPPA, at invitation of Herod, visits Jerusalem.  Herod orchestrates an elaborate tour and lavish reception.  Agrippa offers a hecatomb(?) in the temple and donates to the public. Ant 16:2:1
17 DGRBM 1-79, 2-426     15 B76 1-367, CAH 10-156, 330, CHJ 3, Jud 2-418, MCAW 268
15 fall? M. Vipsanius AGRIPPA, governor of eastern provinces, sails from Berytus to Black Sea. Ant 16:2:2 16 DGRBM 1-79
14 NICOLAS of Damascus sent by Herod to Ephesus to plead to Agrippa for Jewish rights in Asia and CyreneAgrippa grants rights in Asia, but not Cyrene. 14 CAH 10-331, Jud 12-1140, MCAW 269
14 spring HEROD sails north with a fleet to help Agrippa in his planned campaign in Bosporus. Ant 16:2:2     19 Jud 8-379
14 CAH 10-268, 330, Jud 2-418     no date: B76 1-367
c.14 Son of Imblichus-I, IMBLICHUS-II dies.  Priest-king of Emesa from 20.  Son SAMPSICERAMUS-II succeeds until 42CE. 14 wikRFE 11 frH
14 HEROD with Agrippa in Anatolia and Aegean 14, returns to Judea. 14 implied
14 HEROD refunds a quarter of taxes back to Judeans. 14 BNTH 22, CAH 10-330, wikHG
14 Salome(1) and Pheroras accuse Alexander and Aristobulus (kids of Mariamne-I) of having threatened to avenge the death of their mother (29). 14 GHH
c.14 Cities of Antipatris, Cyphron, Phasaelis, etc. built by Herod.  Antipatris, in honor of his father; Cypros, for his mother; Phasaelis, for his brother; plus 2 strongholds named Herodium for himself. Ant 16:5:2
14 GHH
no date: jeH1
13 DORIS, 1st wife of Herod, and their son Antipater, exiled from 37, recalled to Jerusalem until 7/6.  Herod makes Antipater his legal heir. Wars 1:23:1     14 ISBE 2-692, lvHG     13 GHH, Jud 3-442, 6-174, wikHG no date: Jud 3-77
13 CAESAREA, biggest port in Judea, under reconstruction 22-10, comes under Rome until 395CE.  Made civil and military capital of Judaea. 13 rcHL
13 AGRIPPA, governor of eastern provinces from 17, recalled from Lesbos to Rome.
13 Herod and son Antipater go to Rome where Antipater is left under guardianship of M. Agrippa to cement Herod's friendship with Rome. Ant 16:3:3     13 CAH 10-742, Jud 3-78, 418 12 GHH
12 SALOME(1), sis of Herod, obtains info from her dau Berenice-I on Berenice's husband Aristobulus.  She then forges letters implicating Alexander & Aristobulus in a plot to kill Herod. 12 Jud 3-442, 4-601
no date: Jud 2-567
12 Herod suspects his sons from his marriage to Mariamne I, Alexander and Aristobulus, of threatening his life. 12 wikHG
12 ALEXANDER and ARISTOBULUS, sons of Herod & Mariamne I, flee to fortress Alexandrion.  They are captured and imprisoned. Ant 14:3:4 12 Jud 3-442
12 HEROD takes sons Alexander and Aristobulus to Aquileia Italy to be tried.  Antipater accompanies as a witness. Ant 16:4:1, Wars 1:25:3
13 CAH 10-742
12 ISBE 2-627, 692, Jud 2-567, wikHG
12 MEETING at AQUILEIA:  Herod charges sons Alexander and Aristobulus with trying to kill him.  Other son Antipater bears witness against them.  Augustus forces official reconciliation between Herod and his sons Alexander & Aristobulus.  At Herods death, his kingdom is to be trisected between them and Antipater, with Antipater in chief. Ant 16:4:1-5 12 CAH 10-334, ISBE 2-692, Jud 2-567, wikHG
11 DGRBM 2-427
12 TRACHONITIS, under Herod 23-?, spreads a false rumor that Herod is dead.  They resume banditry. Ant 16:9:1
12 Herod, Alexander & Aristobulus return from Eleusa Island off Cilicia to Judea. 11/0 ISBE 2-692
12 HEROD amends his will (22) so that his 1st son by Doris - Antipater would succeed him and Alexander and Aristobulus would succeed Antipater.  He reads it aloud in Jerusalem. Wars 1:23:5 13 ISBE 2-627, 692
12 wikHG
12 HEROD takes army to Trachonitis, demands extradition of rebel bandits who are sheltered by Syllaeus vizir of Nabataea, and compensation for their raids.  The dispute drags on.  Herod kills relatives of bandits. Ant 16:9:1 12 CAH 10-334, OCD 104
From 12 to 7BCE there is a constant stream of accusations of conspiracy against Herod, arrests, and reconciliations between Herod and his 2 sons by Mariamne-I. CHJ 3-126
11 HEROD's domestic troubles increase. 11 GHH
10 Mar 5 CAESAREA, biggest port in Judea, under reconstruction from 22, under Rome from 13, finished, dedicated and opened for business.  Its port is called Portus Augustus.  Augustus donates 500 talents. 13 ISBE 1-712, Jud 5-6
10 B76 II-434, CAH 10-330, 725, CHJ 3, GHH, IDB 1-480, ISBE 1-567, MCAW 273, bk     9 BNTH 263, wikHG
10 2nd TEMPLE, begun 19, sanctuary completed, temple dedicated, but not finished until 64CE. 10 CHJ 3, wikHG '  
10 HEROD and ANTIPATER reconcile. 10 ISBE 2-627
c.10 ARCHELAUS, king of Cappadocia 36-17CE, fears for his dau Glaphyra, wife of Alexander.  He visits Jerusalem. Ant 16:9:6 '  
c.10 ARCHELAUS king of Cappadocia and HEROD travel together from Jerusalem to Antioch. Ant 16:9:6 '  
10 Herod AGRIPPA born to Aristobulus son of Herod and Berenice-I dau of Costobar & Salome(1). Ant 16:9:6 10 Jud '  
10 MENAHEM the Essene, zugoth with Hillel from 50, resigns to serve Herod.  SHAMMAI succeeds until 30CE. 30 CHJ 3
after Herods height of power: Jud 11-1308
9 HEROD appeals to new governor of Syria C. Sentius Saturninus for permission to invade Nabataea for sheltering bandits of Trachonitis.  Permission granted.  Herod invades, begins war with Nabataeans. Ant 16:9:1   10 wikHG
9 CAH 10-334, 750, CHJ 3, IDB 4-677
9 ANTIPATRIS, 10 miles northeast of Joppa, built by Herod. 9 GHH, IDB 1-152, ISBE 1-148
9 TRACHONITIS given to Herod by Augustus. 9 ISBE 4-883
9 Nabataeans are again defeated by Herod. 9 lvHG, wikHG
9 SYLLAEUS, vizir of Nabataea and ambassadors of Herod both go to Rome and appeal to Augustus. 9 Jud 12-743
9 While SYLLAEUS is in Rome, OBODAS-III dies.  King of Nabataea from 30, dies of poison, apparently by Syllaeus' agents.  His son Aeneas siezes throne as Aretas and ARETAS-IV succeeds until 40CE.  He fails to ask permission from Augustus, and thereby nearly loses throne to Syllaeus. 9 BNTH 28, CAH 10-254, 730, CDCC 603, IDB 1-183, 3-492, ISBE 3-468, Jud 3-407, 12-743, 1308, MRDK 359, OCD 104, lvHG, rcJdn, wikHG
9 SYLLAEUS, vizir of Nabataea, persuades Augustus that Herod's invasion was unjust. 9 lvHG, wikHG 8 GHH
9 PETRA, capital of Nabataea, on caravan route from Gaza to Aqaba, reaches height, and prospers until time of Trajan.  Its culture is Hellenistic, its language Aramaic. 9 MCAW 274
9 Augustus is miffed because Herod didn't consult him before invading Nabataea.  He sends word to Herod that their friendship is ended.  Reconciled in 8. 9 CAH 10-334, wikHG
9 Herod again suspects son Alexander of plotting to kill him. 9 wikHG
8 C. Sentius SATURNINUS, governor of Syria 9-6, holds census of areas under his authority.  This includes Judea 8 BRDTNT 244
8 HEROD arrests sons Alex & Ari on a charge of treason. 8 IDB 2-590
8 HEROD visits Rome to ask what to do about Alex & Ari.  Augustus orders a trial at Berytus by a court of Romans & Herods relatives. 8 GHH, IDB 2-590, wikHG
8 HEROD sails from Italy to Judea. 8 implied
8 Rebellion in Trachonitis; suppressed. 8 GHH
8 ARETAS-IV confirmed on the throne of Nabataea by Augustus. 8 CAH 10-150
8/7 AUGUSTUS is persuaded by Nicolas of Damascus and Aretas-IV of Nabataea that Sillaeus lied about Herod in 9.  Augustus renews relations with Herod, but not as before because of Herod's family feuds. 8/7 CAH 10-334
8/7 HEROD again compells all subjects to take a Λ loyalty oath, this time to Augustus as well as himself.  The 6,000 pharisees again refuse. Ant 17:2:4     8 CAH 10-741, 750       8/7 BNTH 23, CAH 10-329
8/7 HEROD fines pharisees for refusing loyalty oath.  Wife of Pheroras, bro of Herod, sides with pharisees and pays their fine. 8/7 CAH 10-335 7 GHH
8/7 HEROD has several pharisee leaders condemned and executed for inciting refusal to take oath. 8/7 CAH 10-335 6 wikHG
c.7 ANTIPATER, son of Herod & Doris, bribes Eurycles, a Spartan guest at court, to imply a conspiracy by Alexander against his father Herod. Ant 16:10:1 '  
c.7 Augustus sets up a trial court at BERYTUS, appoints judges Saturninus, Pedanius, and their lieutenant Voluninius.  Herod and most of his family are present, but sons Alex & Ari are confined at Platana village near Sidon and not permitted to attend.  Herod bases his case on their insults because he has no proof of plots. They are convicted of conspiracy and sentenced to whatever Herod wants to do with them. Ant 16:11:1, Wars 1:27:3 8 GHH
7 CAH 10-742, ISBE 2-627, wikHG
c.7 ALEXANDER and ARISTOBULUS, are taken by Herod from confinement at Platana to Tyre and sailed to Caesarea.  Tero, an old soldier, pleads for them and names people who are indignant at Herods actions.  Herod arrests them and Tero and his sons.  Herod's barber accuses Tero of urging him to cut Herod's throat.  Herod examines all by torture and executes the lot of them. Ant 16:11:2, 4, Wars 1:27:3, 5
7 CAH 10-742, IDB 2-590, ISBE 2-627, Jud 2-567
c.7 Herod's sons by Mariamne-I ALEXANDER and ARISTOBULUS are killed.  Sent to Samaria (now Sebaste) and strangled on Herod's order.  But their kids survive:  Alex's: Alexander and Tigranes; Ari's: Herod of Chalcis, Agrippa-I, Aristobulus-IV, Herodias, Mariamne. Ant 16:11:8, Wars 1:27:6 7 BNTH 258, CHJ 3, GHH, IDB 2-534, Jud 2-378, 567, 3-78, 8-381, MCAW 272, bk, wikHG 7/6 IDB 2-590, ISBE 2-692 6 DGRBM 1-483, 2-427, JE 6-359
7? HEROD, remorseful for killing Alex & Ari, befriends their children.  Alex's: Alexander is betrothed to a dau of Pheroras.  Ari's: dau Mariamne is betrothed to a son of Antipater, and his other dau Herodias to Herod Philip-I. Ant 17:1:2, 3, Wars 1:28:2, 29:1
CONFUSION ALERT!  There are 2 Herod PHILIPs.
Son of Herod & Cleo of Jerusalem; ruled as tetrarch 4BC to 34CE.
Son of Herod & Mariamne-II; named successor 6BCE in case he out-lives Antipater.
c.7 ANTIPATER, 1st son of Herod, is hated by all because they know he framed Alex & Ari.  He spends much money trying to buy friends of Pheroras, Saturninus governor of Syria, and others in Rome.  He is apparently successful with Pheroras, but Pheroras soon dies. Ant 17:1:1, Wars 1:28:1, 29:1 '  
c.7 GLAPHYRA, dau of Archelaus of Cappadocia, widow of Alexander son of Mariamne-I returns to Cappadocia. Wars 1:28:1, 2:7:4 7 Jud 5-152
c.7 HEROD revises his will, leaving kingdom to Antipater until 6. Ant 17:3:2, Wars 1:29:2 7 Jud 3-78 '  
c.7 HEROD, having lost favor of Augustus, is a nominal king from this time. 7 GHH
c.7 Wife of Pheroras grows impudent around the palace.  She insults Herods youngest daus: Salome dau of Elpis, Roxane dau of Phedra. Wars 1:29:1
c.7 Judea is virtually reduced to a Roman province. 7 GHH     6 TToH
c.7 PHERORAS and ANTIPATER conspire with some pharisees to poison Herod.  They and their wives pretend to dislike each other in public to divert suspicion of their alliance, but Salome dau of Elpis keeps Herod informed. Wars 1:29:1
c.7 HEROD denounces Pheroras' wife for insulting his youngest daus, conspiring with pharisees, and turning Pheroras against him.  He orders Pheroras to repudiate her or him.  He then orders Antipater to quit company with Pheroras and his family. Ant 17:3:1, Wars 1:29:2
c.7 PHERORAS, bro of Herod, is ordered out of Herod's kingdom.  He and his family return to Perea, where he has been tetrarch from 20, vowing never to return while Herod lives. Ant 17:3:3, Wars 1:29:4
7 ANTIPATER, son of Herod, goes to Tarentum to avoid suspicion when Herod is poisoned. 7 GHH
c.7 HEROD gets sick.  He asks bro Pheroras to visit.  Pheroras refuses.  Herod recovers. Wars 1:29:4
c.7 1st son of Herod, ANTIPATER, in Italy, gets friends to write to Herod asking that Antipater be sent to Rome.  He also sends friend Antiphylus to get some poison from Antiphylus' bro, a physician in Alexandria.  He then persuades his uncle Pheroras to poison Herod while Antipater is in Rome.  Antipater then gets uncle Theudio to deliver the poison to Pheroras, who delivers it to his wife. Ant 17:3:2, Wars 1:29:2, 30:3, 5
c.7 ANTIPATER gets Herod to send him to Rome with a copy of Herod's will naming him sole heir, so as to get Augustus to approve the will. Ant 17:3:2,
Wars 1:27:2
5 CAH 10-336
c.7 SYLLAEUS, vizir of Nabataea, follows Antipater to Rome in order to oppose him. Ant 17:3:2, Wars 1:29:3
c.7 PHERORAS, living in Perea, gets sick.  Herod learns of it and visits him, though uninvited, and cares for him.  Pheroras repents of intent to poison Herod, tells his wife to bring the poison and destroy it by fire before his eyes.  Wife complies but keeps some poison in case of emergency. Wars 1:29:4, 1:30:6
c.7 PHERORAS dies.  Bro of Herod, tetrarch of Perea, dies of illness. Ant 17:3:3, Wars 1:29:4 7 GHH     5 CAH 10-336, Jud 13-368
7/6 HEROD gives bro Pheroras a magnificent funeral in Jerusalem, but is suspected by all Judea of having poisoned him. Wars 1:29:4
7/6 Freedmen of Herod tell him that Doris and her dau brought an alchemist from Arabia to make an aphrodisiac for Pheroras 2 days before Pheroras died, and that the alchemist acted on orders from Syllaeus vizir of Nabataea.  Herod tortures some freedmen and servants to get info.  One of them blames it all on Doris, reporting her friendship with Pheroras' women. Wars 1:30:1
7/6 A steward of Antipater, tortured by Herod, says Antipater planned for Pheroras and wife to poison Herod while Antipater is in Rome.  Widow of Pheroras is arrested by Herod, attempts suicide, tells Herod the whole story, and produces the poison given to her by Pheroras. Wars 1:30:5
7/6 DORIS, 1st wife of Herod 45-37, back in Jerusalem from 13, again sent away. 7/6 lvHG
7/6 MARIAMNE-II, 3rd wife of Herod from 23, is exposed for knowing of the plot to kill Herod and not telling him.  She is divorced. Wars 1:30:7     7 GHH
5 DGRBM 2-950 4 wikM3wH
dies in 20 BCE Jud 11-990, jvlM
c.6 HEROD revises will:  Son of Mariamne-II, Herod Philip-I is blotted out.  ARCHELAUS is to succeed.  ANTIPAS gets Galilee & Perea. 6 wikHG
no date: CAH 10-237
c.6 Father of Mariamne-II, high priest from 23, SIMON ben Boethus deposed by Herod, who appoints MATHIAS ben Theophilus successor until 4. 7 GHH     5 BNTH 62, CBCNT 71, rcHL, rvlv, wikHP
no date: Jud 11-1131
c.6 BATHYLLUS, a freedman of Antipater, interrogated by Herod, produces other poison intended for use if the 1st poison failed.  He shows letters forged by Antipater to incriminate Archelaus and Philip. Wars 1:31:1
c.6 BERENICE, dau of Salome(1) & Costobar, widow of Aristobulus d.7, marries Theudian bro of Doris divorcee of Herod. 6 DGRBM 1-483, Jud 4-601
c.6 HEROD summons Antipater back in a friendly manner, promising to drop charges against his mom Doris if he hurries. Wars 1:31:3 5 CAH 10-336
c.6 ANTIPATER, son of Herod & Doris, sails from Tarentum to Caesarea.  Nobody tells him that his plot is exposed. Wars 1:31:3
c.6 HEROD starts getting sick. Wars 1:31:7
c.5 P. Quintilius VARUS, governor of Syria 6-4, visits Herod in Jerusalem until conclusion of Antipater's trial. Wars 1:31:5
5 Mar 23 Full LUNAR ECLIPSE. 5 Mar 23 mrec
c.5 Nabataean troops are sent to help Varus in Judea. 4 CAH 10-730
c.5 ANTIPATER returns to Jerusalem.  His friends are stopped at the gate, so he enters alone.  He is arrested in the presence of Varus and imprisoned. Ant 17:5:7, Wars 1:31:5
c.5 ANTIPATER in prison is visited by his mom Doris and wife.  Only now is he told of the evidence against him. Wars 1:31:5
c.5 Antipater is charged with intended murder of Herod, tried in Jerusalem before Varus.  After being presented with the evidence, he is invited to make a defense.  He has none, and just says God knows he is innocent.  Convicted.  Herod and Varus write an account of the trial and send it to Rome.  Herod says he won't execute Antipater until Augustus OKs it. Wars 1:31:4-5 5 IDB 2-590, wikHG
c.5 P. Quintilius VARUS, governor of Syria 6-4, in Jerusalem 5, after conclusion of Antipater trial, returns to Syria. Ant 17:5:7
c.5 Herod, now seriously ill, names his son (Herod) Antipas (by Malthace) as his successor. 5 wikHG
5 late HEROD revises will:  Son of Malthace, ANTIPAS is to succeed.  ARCHELAUS son of Malthace, and Herod PHILIP-I son of Mariamne-II, effectively slandered by Antipater, get nothing.  1,500 talents go to Augustus.  SALOME(1) gets generous gifts including Jamnia. Wars 1:31:7
5 CHJ 3-127, Jud 8-387
CONFUSION ALERT!  There are 2 Herod PHILIPs.
Son of Herod & Cleo of Jerusalem; ruled as tetrarch 4BC to 34CE.
Son of Herod & Mariamne-II; named successor 6BCE in case he out-lives Antipater.
c.5 Envoys sent to Rome to request Augustus's final decision respecting Antipater. 5 GHH
c.4 A wife of Herod from 28, MALTHACE dies of illness in Rome.  Her children are Antipas, Archelaus, and Olympias. Ant 17:10:1, Wars 2:3:1 5/4 lvHG     4 wikMlt
4 JESUS born at Bethlehem.  There is no extrabiblical reference to a "massacre of innocents" or magi visit.  [Casiodorus and Clemens place this in 3BCE; Eusebius has it in 2; and Tertullian in 1BCE.] 7/6 CHJ 3     6 bk 5/4 ISBE 2-693
4 CDCC 472, GHH, MCAW 272
when Quirinius is governor of Syria  (which is 3-2BCE at the earliest, after Herod-I is dead) Luke 2:2
c.4 Herod is seriously ill.  (possibly a cancer-like affection called Fournier's gangrene) 4 GHH
c.4 Some Jewish scholars interpret Daniel 9.24-27 and 1Enoch 10:10 (250) to mean that the Messiah will deliver Israel from foreign rulers in the 77th generation.  They compute 76 generations to have passed since the creation. 4 lvHG
no date: lvMs
c.4 1st wife of Herod 45-37, DORIS dies.  Back in Jerusalem from 13, executed by Herod. 4 wikHG
c.4 Auxiliary units of Gauls operate in Herod's kingdom. 4 CAH 10-350
4 Mar 2 popular pharisee teachers Judah ben Sarifai & Mathias ben Margalot say the gold eagle over the main entrance of the Temple of Jerusalem is an idolatrous Roman symbol.  Taking advantage of Herod's illness, they incite their pupils to remove the eagle.  Riot ensues.  Herod arrests, tries, and sentences Judas & Matthias to death. Ant 17:6:2, Wars 1:32:2     4 CAH 10-336, CHJ 3, GHH, Jud 10-336, wikHG
4 Mar 12 High priest from 5, MATHIAS ben THEOPHILUS deposed by Herod for his part in the gold eagle incident.  Herod appoints JOESER ben BOETHUS successor until later 4.  Unpopular advocate of compliance with Roman census Ant 17:6:4
5 CBCNT 71
4 BNTH 62, IDB 3-301, Jud 10-139, 11-1131, rcHL, rvlv, wikHP, wikBθ
Mar 13
JUDAH ben Sarifai & MATHIAS ben Margalot and 40 of their pupils are burned alive. Ant 17:6:4     4 CAH 10-336, Jud 10-335, CHJ 3, FHBC 231, wikHG
4 Mar 13 Partial LUNAR ECLIPSE.   "As for the other Matthias who had stirred up the sedition, he [Herod] had him burned alive along with some of his companions.  And on that same night there was an eclipse of the moon.  But Herod's illness became more and more severe...." Ant 17:6:4
4 Mar 13 mrec
4 Mar HEROD gets sicker, goes to hot baths at Callirrhoe east of Dead Sea, then returns to Jericho. Ant 17:6:5, Wars 1:33:5     4 GHH '  
c.4 At Jericho HEROD orders sis Salome(1) & husband Alexas to imprison Jewish aristocrats in the Hippodrome in Jericho to insure undisturbed succession of his sons - or to kill them at his death according to Josephus. Ant 17:8:2, Wars 1:33:6     4 CAH 10-337, GHH
4 Mr/Ap Embassy to Rome from 5 returns with permission to kill or exile Antipater. Ant 17:7:1 3 GHH
4 Mr/Ap HEROD dying at Jericho, receives letter from Augustus approving death penalty for Antipater, unless Herod chooses to banish him.  Herod's pain increases, and he tries to stab himself with a knife, but is prevented by his cousin Achiabus. Ant 17:7:1, Wars 1:33:7     4 CHJ 3-127, wikHG
4 Mr/Ap 1st son of Herod by Doris ANTIPATER dies.  Herod's suicide attempt gives Antipater the courage to try to bribe his guard to let him go.  The guard tells the warden, who tells Herod, who orders Antipater executed by poison. Ant 17:5:7, Wars 1:33:7 4 B76 I-425, CAH 10-742, CHJ 3, Jud 8-382, MCAW 272, bk, wikHG 3 GHH
4 Mr/Ap HEROD again changes his will (or possibly Salome(1) forges a change):  Son Archelaus (by Malthace) would rule as ethnarch over the tetrachy of Judea, Samaria, and Idumea;  Antipas (by Malthace) to be tetrarch of Galilee.  Philip (by Cleo of Jerusalem) to be tetrarch of Perea, Gaulanitis (Golan), Trachonitis, Batanaea, and Paneas.  Salome(1) is given the cities Jamnia, Azotus, and Phasselis in the Gaza region. Ant 17:8:1, Wars 1:33:7     4 CAH 10-157, 331, 337, IDB 2-356, 3-785, ISBE 4-883, wikHG     3 GHH
4 Mr/Ap Son of Antipater & Cypros HEROD dies.  King of Judea from 37, dies of intestinal cancer and dropsy, age @70, at Jericho 5 days after Antipater.  Herod was appointed king by the senate in 40 and assumed title of basileus in 37. Ant 17:8:1, Wars 1:33:8 4 B76 17-950, CAH 10-742, CHJ 3-127, DGRBM 2-428, ISBE 2-693, MCAW 272, bk, wikHG     3 GHH
4 Mr/Ap Salome(1) & husband Alexas tell the soldiers that Herod changed his mind about executing the aristocratic prisoners in the hippodrome.  They get the prisoners released before telling the soldiers that Herod is dead.  Salome(1) then reads his last will at the Hippodrome. Ant 17:8:2, Wars 1:33:8     3 CAH 10-337, GHH, ISBE 2-693
4 Apr ARCHELAUS is offered a crown by soldiers at Jericho.  He wisely refuses it until confirmed by Augustus. Ant 17:8:4, Wars 2:1:1     3 GHH
4 Apr Herod's corpse is transported with great pomp to Herodium, and buried. Ant 17:8:3, Wars 1:33:9     4 CHJ 3-127, wikHG
4 Apr Jerusalem mourns for Judas and Matthias and their 40 pupils who were massacred by Herod, demand deposition of high priest Joeser ben Boethus, and expulsion of gentiles from court.  On Passover some extremists beg sustenance from the crowd. Ant 17:9:3, Wars 2:1:2-3
3 GHH, Jud 3-333-4
c.4 Sadducee, high priest from 4, JOEZER ben Boethus deposed.  Herod Archelaeus appoints Sadducee ELIEZER ben Boethus successor until 3. Ant 17:9:1     4 rcHL, rvlv     3 wikHP
4 Apr ARCHELAUS goes to the temple, meets popular reps who demand tax relief, promises amnesty and lower taxes after the succession is ratified by Augustus.  He sends Nicolas of Damascus to Rome to contend for him before Augustus. Wars 2:1:2
4 CAH 10-377, Jud 3-333, 12-1140
c.4 ARCHELAUS sends a Roman cohort to disperse the mourners at the temple.  Mob retaliates, kills the Romans.  Archelaus orders the whole army to suppress them.  3,000 Jews killed. Ant 17:9:3, Wars 2:1:3 4 Jud 3-334     3 GHH
c.4 Extremist Jews sends a delegation to Rome to ask Augustus to abolish the whole house of Herod and annex Judea to Syria. Wars 2:6:1
4 Jud 3-334
4 Apr P. Quintilius VARUS, governor of Syria 6-4, takes Augustus' treasurer named Sabinus with him to Caesarea to install Sabinus as procurator of Caesarea to supervise the distribution of Herod's property. Ant 17:9:3, Wars 2:2:2, 2:2:4
4 CAH 10-157, Jud 14-589
4 Apr ARCHELAUS leaves steward Philip in charge of palace and domestic affairs.  He, Salome(1), and Antipas go to Caesarea to meet Varus. Wars 2:2:1 3 GHH
4 Apr VARUS and SABINUS at Caesarea learn how Archelaus handled the recent problem at Jerusalem.  Sabinus favors Antipas over Archelaus and sends a letter to Augustus expressing his preference. Ant 17:9:3 Wars 2:2:2, 2:2:4
4 Apr P. Quintilius VARUS orders Sabinus to keep his hands off Jewish treasure until the succession is resolved by Augustus. Ant 17:9:3, Wars 2:2:2
4 Apr ANTIPAS, 2nd son of Herod & Malthace, goes to Rome to persuade Augustus that Herod's previous will, in which Antipas was named king, was the correct one.  He remains until later this year. Ant 17:9:4, Wars 2:2:3
4 CAH 10-337
4 Apr ARCHELAUS now figures he better go in person to Rome.  Salome(1) accompanies him supposedly to support him, but really to accuse him before Augustus.  They remain until later this year. Ant 17:9:3, Wars 2:2:2
4 CAH 10-377
c.4 P. Quintilius VARUS, governor of Syria 6-4,leaves Sabinus in Caesarea goes to Jerusalem to restrain extremists, stations 1 legion in Jerusalem, returns to Antioch. Ant 17:10:1, Wars 2:2:2, 2:3:1
c.4 SABINUS, procurator of Caesarea, goes from Caesarea to Jerusalem, siezes palace, tries to extort money and get Jews to surrender the citadel. Ant 17:10:2, Wars 2:2:2, 2:3:1
4 Jud 14-589
4 May Jews gather to Jerusalem for Pentecost.  Many are armed and indignant at Romans.  They encamp around Jerusalem effectively surrounding the Romans, whom they soon outnumber. Ant 17:10:2, Wars 2:3:1
4 May SABINUS, with 1 legion at Jerusalem, sends letter to Varus asking for help, lest the legion be overwhelmed. Ant 17:10:2, Wars 2:3:2
4 May Extremist Jews around Jerusalem, irritated with shifting policies of Sabinus, group into many armed bands, some proclaiming their leader king. Ant 17:10:2
4 CAH 10-388
4 My/Jn SABINUS, with 1 legion at Jerusalem, goes to top of fortress Phasael, orders his legion to attack the nearby Jews. Ant 17:10:2, Wars 2:3:2
4 My/Jn Legion under Sabinus at Jerusalem surprise attacks Jews around the temple, besieges the citadel.  Many are killed on both sides.  Romans rob the treasury.   Sabinus gets 400 talents. Ant 17:10:2, Wars 2:3:3
c.4 3,000 Samaritans under Annius Rufus and Valerius Gratus, join the Romans against the Jews. Ant 17:10:3, Wars 2:3:4
c.4 DOR a Roman protectorate from 64, comes totally under Rome. 4 rcHL
c.4 GILEAD (formerly Bashan), under Judea from 37, Roman client kingdom of BATANEA under Philip until 34. 4 rcS
c.4 IDUMEA:  2,000 veterans of late Herod-1 revolt.  Herod's cousin?, ACHAIBUS opposes them. Wars 2:4:1
c.4 JUDAS ben HEZEKIAH, extremist of Galilee, heads a band of rebels called ZEALOTS near Sepphoris, siezes the armory at Antipas' palace. Ant 17:10:5, Wars 2:4:1     4 Jud 10-359
c.4 SIMON of PEREA dies.  Former servant of Herod-I at Jericho, with nothing going for him but a good looking body, claims to be king of Judea, burns palace and other buildings, plunders many cities.  He is defeated and killed by Samaritans under Gratus. Ant 17:10:6, Wars 2:4:2
c.4 Shepherd ATHRONGES organizes a band of thieves, claims to be king of Judea, opposes Herodians and the Romans. Ant 17:10:7, Wars 2:4:3 4 Jud 3-822
c.4 QUMRAN community, probably a branch of Essenes, having been away from Khirbet Qumran from 36, return and remain until 68CE. 5 MCAW 273
4 BNTH 104, ENBD 299
c.4 P. Quintilius VARUS, governor of Syria 6-4, leads 2 legions and 4 cavalry troops south, picks up 1,500 Lebanese troops at Berytus, meets other auxiliaries at Ptolemais, including Aretas-IV of Nabataea.  At Ptolemais, he sends Caius with a detachment to Sepphoris, sends Aretas-IV plundering and burning, leads the rest to Samaria. Ant 17:10:9, Wars 2:5:1     4 CAH 10-338, Jud 3-334
c.4 CAIUS, captain under Varus, defeats Judas ben Hezekiah, who escapes from Sepphoris. Wars 2:5:1
4 Jud 3-75, 10-354
c.4 SEPPHORIS, administrative center of Galilee from 100, burnt by Caius, captain under Varus, inhabitants enslaved. Ant 17:10:9, Wars 2:5:1 4 Jud 3-75, 10-354, 14-1177
c.4 P. Quintilius VARUS, governor of Syria 6-4, camps by Samaria, meets Samaritan leaders Gratus & Rufus, also meets Joseph, cousin of Archelaus. Wars 2:5:2
c.4 People of EMMAUS see Varus approaching, flee.  Emmaus is burnt by Varus. Ant 17:10:9, Wars 2:5:1
c.4 P. Quintilius VARUS, governor of Syria 6-4, marches to Jerusalem, scatters insurrectionists, rescues his besieged legion.  SABINUS dares not face Varus, sneaks out of Jerusalem and goes to Caesarea.  Varus sends his army out to round up rebels, imprisons most, crucifies @2,000. Ant 17:10:9-10, Wars 2:5:2 4 CHJ 3
c.4 ARETAS-IV, king of Nabataea 9BC-40CE, after plundering Judea without discretion, is sent home by Varus. Wars 2:5:3
c.4 GALILEE, under Judea from 104, comes under Rome until 395. 4 rcHL
c.4 P. Quintilius VARUS, governor of Syria 6-4, learns of 10,000 rebels in Idumea, marches to Idumea.  Rebels, on advice of Achiabus (Herod's cousin), surrender.  Varus forgives most, but sends the leaders to Rome for trial. Ant 17:10:10, Wars 2:5:3
c.4 ARCHELAUS, ANTIPAS, and SALOME(1), in Rome from April, return with Augustus' succession verdict. 4 guess
c. 4 Since Augustus did not confirm Herod's will, no one receives the title of King.  However, the 3 sons are granted rule of the stated territories.  Herods kingdom is reduced to an ethnarchy and 2 tetrarchies under a single procurator - Sabinus until ?.
ARCHELAUS becomes ethnarch of Samaria, Judea, Idumea until 6CE with a promise to be made king if he does well.
ANTIPAS becomes tetrarch of Galilee & Perea until 39CE.
PHILIP (son of Cleo of Jerusalem) becomes tetrarch of Iturea, Trachonitis, Batanea, and Gaulanitis (Golan) until 34CE.  Capital Paneas is renamed Caesarea Philippi.
SALOME(1) gets Jamnia, Ashdod(Azotus), and Phasaelis, and a palace in Ascalon, but all under Archelaus.
SYRIA gets Gaza, Gadara, Hippos, and Abilene.
Wars 2:6:3
4 CAH 10-338, IDB 1-9, 2-773, ISBE 1-569, 2-390, JE 9-680, Jud 3-334, 853, MCAW 272, wikHG
c.4 JUDEA, client kingdom of Rome from 40, becomes ethnarchy until ?, under Archelaus until 6CE. 4 rcHL
c.4 P. Quintilius VARUS, governor of Syria 6-4, leaves the same legion garrisoned in Jerusalem, returns with the other 2 legions to Antioch. Ant 17:11:1, Wars 2:5:3
c.4 SEPPHORIS rebuilt by Antipas, who makes it his capital. 4 CAH 10-338
c.4 SAMARIA receives a 25% tax reduction by Archelaus for not participating in the extremist riots. Wars 2:6:3
4 CAH 10-338
c.4 GADARA, under Herod from 30, becomes part of Galilee until 39CE 4 rcJdn
c.4 JUDAS the Galilean attempts insurrection, tries to become king. Ant 17:10:5, Wars 2:4:1
4 CHJ 3-133
3 Sadducee, high priest from 4, ELIEZER ben Boethus deposed.  Herod Archelaeus appoints JOSHUA ben SIE successor until 6CE. Ant 17:13:1
3 CBCNT 71, rcHL, rvlv, wikHP
3 ARCHELAUS executes 3,000 people in the temple; the tumult is suppressed. Ant 17:11:3, Wars 2:6:2     3 GHH
2/1 PANEAS founded by tetrarch Herod Philip as a center of trade and the cult dedicated to Pan. 2/1 CHJ 3-20