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c.720 PING dies.  King of Eastern Zhou from 770.  His son Xiefu also dies.  Grandson Ji Lin succeeds as HUAN King of Zhou 719-697. 720 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckZR, friC, icZ, tcgEZ, wikCM, wikSA, wikT, wikZ
719 frie, rcC, yut, yutZ
720 SOLAR ECLIPSE recorded in China. 720 TTS
c.720 Duke MU of Song from 728 ends.  Son of Xuan, Yuyi succeeds as Duke SHANG of Song 719-11. 720 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckS, friC, wikS
c.719 Duke HUAN of Wey from 734 ends.  XUAN succeeds 718-00. 719 CHAC 26, ckW, friC, WeiSA
c.719 ZHENG invaded by a coalition, which defeats Zheng infantry, strips Zheng grain fields, and withdraws. 719 ICMH 24
c.718 Marquis YI of Jin from 724 ends.  Son Guang becomes Marquis AI of Jin 717-09. 718 CHAC 26, ckJ, friC, wikJ
O ends: MRDK
c.717 ZHUANG duke of Zheng 743-01 defeats invading southern YEN army at Zhe. 717 ICMH 24
c.716 Duke WEN of Qin from 766 ends.  Son JING does not rule, but is granted ducal title posthumously.  Jing's son becomes Duke XIAN (aka NING) of Qin 715-04. 716 CHAC 26, icHu, icZ, wikQn
Ning 715-04 ckQn, friC, icHu, icZ
Chu 715-03 MRDK
c.716 ZHUANG BO of Quwo from 731 ends.  Cheng becomes Duke WU of Quwo 716-678. 717 ckJ 716 wikJ
c.715 Capital of Qin, at BIANJIAZHUANG on the Qian River from 762, moved to PINGYANG southeast of Yong 714-678. 715
CHAC 493
c.715 Marquis XUAN of Cai from 749 ends.  Son Ji Fengren becomes Marquis HUAN of Cai 714-695. 715 MRDK, wikCai
Duke: friC
c.714 ZHUANG duke of Zheng 743-01 defeats Rong invaders at 2nd battle of Zhe. 714 ICMH 25
c.713 Duke XIAN of Qin 715-04 defeats King Bo of the Rong people. 713 icZ
c.712 Duke YIN of Lu from 722, killed.  Bro HUAN succeeds 711-694. 712 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckLu, friC, icZ     711 rcC
c.711 Marquis MU of Yen from 728 ends.  Son XUAN succeeds 710-698. 711 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckY, friC     698 rcC
c.711 Duke SHANG of Song from 719 ends.  Son of Mu, Feng succeeds as Duke ZHUANG of Song 710-692. 711 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckS, friC, wikS
c.709 Marquis AI of Jin from from 717 kidnapped and murdered by Duke WU of Quwo.  Son XIAO-ZI succeeds 708-05. 710 CHAC 26, ckJ, friC, icZ
709 MRDK, ckJ, wikJ
709 Jul 17 SOLAR ECLIPSE recorded in China.   "Duke Huan, 3rd year, 7th month, day jen-chen, the first day (of the month).  The Sun was eclipsed and it was total."
(Chun-chiu, book I)
709 Jul 17 mrec
c.707 ZHUANG duke of Zheng 743-01 rebels against King Huan of Zhou. 707 ICMH 25
c.707 HUAN king of Eastern Zhou 720-697 mobilizes troops of Chen, Wey, and Cai to personally lead attack on Zheng.  Coalition is defeated at Xugo (aka Ruge).  King Huan takes an arrow in the shoulder. 707 CHAC 552, ICMH 25, EnoSA, icZ
c.706 Duke HUAN of Chen from 744 ends.  Bro Gui Yao succeeds as Duke LI of Chen 706-00. 706 MRDK, ckChn
c.706 A CHU leader moves into SUI, in north Hubei, and claims to be king in a land technically under King Huan of Zhou. 706
CHAC 556
c.706 YEN overrun by the Northern (Shan) Rong. 704 ICMH 26
c.706 QI attacked by the Northern (Shan) Rong, who get all the way to the capital. 706 CHAC 922, wikQi
704 ICMH 26
c.705 Marquis XIAO-ZI of Jin from 708 murdered by Duke WU of Quwo.  Min becomes Marquis MIN of Jin 704-678. 707 CHAC 26, MRDK, friC
706 ckJ     705 wikJ
c.705 Duke XIONG TONG of Chu 740-690 assumes title King WU of Chu, implying equality with Zhou king and independence of Chu. 706 or 3 wikChu
704 ICMH 26
703 CHAC 516, wikWS
c.704 SABEOL king of Dangun dyn of Korea from 772.  MAERUK succeeds until 646. 704 rcK
c.704 Duke XIAN of Qin 715-04 conquers the Dang-shi clan of Rong people under King Bo. 704 icHu
c.704 Duke XIAN (aka NING) of Qin from 715 ends.  Son MAN usurps without ducal title as CHUZI 703-698. 704 MRDK, wikQn
Ning 715-04 CHAC 26, ckQn, friC, icHu
c.704 Sinicized kingdom of Chu in Hupei and on middle Yangzi spreads into south Honan. 704 GHCC
c.704 State of QUAN annexed by Chu. 704 wikChu
c.703 GWUL, king of Gi dyn of Joseon Korea from 722 ends.  WHE succeeds until 675. 703 rcK
c.702 Duke HUAN of Cao from 756 ends.  Son Ji Shegu succeeds as Duke ZHUANG of Cao 701-671. 702 MRDK, ckCao, friC, rcC, wikCao
c.701 Duke ZHUANG of Zheng from 743 dies.  Sons have civil war.  Zheng supremacy from 771 ends.  Son Ji Tu succeeds as Duke LI of Zheng 700-697. 701 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckZ, ckZg, friC, rcC, wikSA, wikZ, wikZg
c.700 SIBERIA:  KARASUK Culture from 1300 ends.  Extends from the Aral Sea to the upper Yenisei in the east and south to the Altai Mountains and the Tian Shan.  People change from settled communities to seasonal nomads.  Small curved knives similar to those at An-Yang in China have been found. 700 B76 V-708, 4-301, wikKrs
c.700 TAGAR Culture east of Mongolia begins until 100.  Semi-settled people who design animals on small knives, belt and harness plaques and broad daggers.  They live in timber huts heated by clay ovens and large hearths.  Some settlements are fortified.  They raise livestock, mostly large horned, and horses, goats and sheep.  Harvest is collected with bronze sickles and reaping knives. 700 mxfld, wikTng
c.700 Duke XUAN of Wey from 718 ends.  HUI succeeds 699-97. 700 CHAC 26, ckW, friC, WeiSA
c.700 Handheld ΛCROSSBOW invented? in China.   (See Greece 450) by 771 ICMH 15     700 ask
500 csmt, lndws     5-400 wikCrs
350 PW 16     341 ask
c.700 MAPS described in Chinese texts, but are not discovered until 200. 700 fcts
c.700 Duke LI of Chen from 706 ends.  Neph Gui Lin succeeds as Duke ZHUANG of Chen 699-93. 700 MRDK, ckChn
c.698 CHUZI usurper of Qin from 704 ends.  Son of Duke Xian succeeds as Duke WU of Qin 697-78. 698 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckQn, friC, wikQn
c.698 Duke XI of Qi from 730 ends.  Son Zhu'er becomes Duke XIANG of Qi 697-86. 698 CHAC 26, MRDK, bk, ckQi, friC, wikQi     697 rcC     696 ICMH 26
c.698 Marquis MU of Yen from 728 ends.  Son HUAN succeeds 697-91. 711 CHAC 26 698 rcC
c.698 Marquis XUAN of Yen from 710 ends.  Son HUAN succeeds 697-91. 698 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckY, friC
c.697 Duke LI of Zheng from 700 suspended until 679.  Bro CHAO succeeds 696-95. 697 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckZg, friC
c.697 Duke HUI of Wey from 700 suspended until 686.  QIAN becomes marquis 696-87. 697 ckW
c.697 Grandson of Ping, HUAN ends.  King of Eastern Zhou from 720.  Son Ji Tuo succeeds as ZHUANG 696-82. 697 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckZ, ckZR, icZ, tcgEZ, wikCM, wikT, wikZ
696 friC, frie, yut, yutZ
c.695 Duke CHAO of Zheng from 696 killed by minister Gaoqumi.   Bro TZU WEI succeeds and ends 694.   Infant Ji Wei succeeds as Duke TZU-I of Zheng 693-80. 695 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckZg, friC, icZ
c.695 Marquis HUAN of Cai from 714 ends.  Son Ji Xianwu becomes Marquis AI of Cai 694-75. 695 MRDK, wikCai
Duke: friC
c.694 Duke HUAN of Lu 711-694 and his wife, who is sis of Duke Xiang of Qi, visit the court of Qi.  Duke Huan learns of his wife's former and continuing incestuous relationship with Xiang, and confronts her with it.  She tells her bro.  Xiang gets Huan drunk at a party, then has him killed while returning to his camp.  News leaks out, so Xiang has his assassin executed. 693 EnoSA
c.694 Duke HUAN of Lu from 711 murdered in Qi.  Son ZHUANG succeeds 693-62. 694 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckLu friC     693 EnoSA, rcC
c.693 Duke ZHUANG of Chen from 699 ends.  Bro Gui Chujiu succeeds as Duke XUAN of Chen 692-48. 693 MRDK, ckChn
c.692 Duke ZHUANG of Song from 710 ends.  Son Jie succeeds as Duke MIN of Song 691-82. 692 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckS, friC, wikS
c.691 Marquis HUAN of Yen from 697 ends.  Son CHUANG becomes Duke 690-58. 691 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckY, friC, rcC
c.690 XIONG TONG, Duke of Chu 740-04, King WU of Chu from 704, ends.  Son Xiong Zi succeeds as King WEN of Chu 689-77. 690 CHAC 26, ICMH 26, MRDK, ckChu, friC, wikChu     689 rcC
c.689 CHU capital, DANYANG from 1030, moved by King Wen south to YING until 278. 695-89 wikChu
689 CHAC 1027     680 wikChu
c.688 King WEN of Chu passes thru Teng and welcomed by its ruler enroute to attack CHEN. 688 ICMH 27
c.688 State of CHEN invaded by Chu, annexed by 680. 688 wikChu
c.688 State of TENG destroyed by King WEN of Chu returning from Chen.  Teng is left semi-autonomous until 678. 688 ICMH 27
c.688 The term hsien (district) appears as applied to a conquered territory. 688 GHCC
c.688 Duke WU of Qin 698-78 exterminates Gui-rong (Shanggui of Longxi) and Ji-rong (Tiansui Commandary). 688 icZ
c.687 Marquis QIAN of Wey from 696 ends.  Former Duke HUI 699-97 reinstated 686-69. 687 ckW
687 METEORITES recorded in Spring and Autumn Annals.  "Stars fell like a shower." 687 B76 12-36
c.687 Duke WU of Qin 698-78 exterminates Gui-rong (Shanggui of Longxi) and Ji-rong (Tiansui Commandery). yr 10: icHu
c.687 Duke WU of Qin 698-78 exterminates Du-bo Fief (southeast of Xian), Zheng-guo Fief (Zheng-xian County), and Xiao-guo Fief (an alternative Guo Fief, different from the Guo domain conferred by Zhou King Wenwang onto his bro, Guo-shu). yr 11: icHu
687 icZ
c.687 XIAOGUO, a tract of Guo land near present Baoji, annexed by Qin. 687 CHAC 476
c.686 Duke XIANG of Qi from 697, murdered by ministers Lian Cheng and Guan Zhifu.
Bro Wuzhi created Duke ZHIFU of Qi by Lian Cheng and Guan.
Duke Zhifu is killed by Yong Ling.
Powerful clan leaders convene to decide on a successor.  They bypass Xiang's oldest surviving bro Jiu (presently in Lu), and choose Xiang's bro Xiaobo, presently exiled in Ju.  Men loyal to prince Jiu go to Lu to inform him.
686 CHAC 26, GHCC 60, MRDK, bk, ckQi, ckZ, EnoSA, friC, icZ, wikQi, wikSA
685 ICMH 27, rcC
c.686 Xiaobo starts from Ju to Qi to become duke.  Jiu partisan Guan Zhong leads Lu troops to attack Xiaobo, who is shot with an arrow and presumed dead.  Jiu, thinking his rival dead, takes time to assemble forces.  Xiaobo hurries to Qi and becomes Duke HUAN of Qi 685-43.  He sends an army to attack Prince Jiu's forces.  Prince Jiu retreats to Lu. 686 CHAC 26, GHCC 60, MRDK, ckQi, ckZ, EnoSA, friC, wikQi, wikSA
685 ICMH 27, rcC
c.685 Duke ZHUANG of Lu 693-62 invades QI, but is defeated at Ganshe. 685 ICMH 27
c.685 Duke HUAN of Qi sends messenger to order Duke Zhuang of Lu 693-62 to kill his bro Jiu and Guan Zhong.  Duke Zhuang executes prince Jiu but not renouned statesman Guan Zhong. 685 EnoSA
c.685 Duke Huan of Qi, makes GUAN ZHONG his prime minister until 645. 685 EnoSA, icZ, yut
684 bk
c.685 WALL of Qi begun to protect Qi from anything south of it.  Presently existing parts will not be built until 500.  Not finished until 476. 770 iic
685 wikGWQ
c.684 State of TAN terminated by Duke Huan of Qi. 684 ICMH 28
c.684 Duke HUAN of Qi invades LU, but is routed at Zhengzhou (aka Daliang). 684 ICMH 28
c.682 XI state annexed by Chu. 684-80 wikChu
c.682 XI state annexed by ZHENG. 684-80 wikZ, wikZg
c.682 Duke Huan of Qi marries a dau of the king of Zhou. 682 ICMH 28
c.682 Duke Huan of Qi reorganizes Qi onto 3 provinces of 5 districts each. 682 ICMH 28
c.682 Son of Huan, ZHUANG ends.  King of Eastern Zhou from 696.  Son Ji Huqi succeeds as XI until 677. 683 yut, yutZ     682 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckZR, icZ, wikCM, wikT, wikZ
681 MRDK, friC, frie, rcC, tcgEZ
c.682 Duke MIN of Song from 691 ends.  Bro Yuyue succeeds as Duke HUAN of Song 681-51.  Civil war follows. 682 CHAC 26, ICMH 28, MRDK, ckS, friC, wikS
c.681 Duke HUAN of Qi calls a meeting of rulers in town of Ke.  Duke Huan demands that duke Zhuang of Lu attend.  At Ke, Lu general Cao Mei puts knife to throat of Duke Huan of Qi and demands that he return border land taken from Lu.  Huan agrees.  Cao Mei throws down the knife.  On advice of Guan Zhong, Huan reluctantly keeps his word.  Qi and Lu make peace.  Honorable behavior is now a recognized political tool. 681 EnoSA 680
ICMH 28, 29
c.680 Duke HUAN of Qi calls a meeting of rulers in town of Juan in Lu to resolve balance of power and the civil war in Song.  Kings of Qin and Jin do not attend, but the king of Zhou sends a repHuan is recognized as hegemon, leader of the allied lords, and protector of the Zhou royal houseBut the people of Song reject their resolution. 680 EnoSA, ICMH 28
c.680 Duke TZU-I of Zheng from 693 ends.  Former duke LI 700-697 reinstated 679-73. 680 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckZg, friC
c.679 Marquis MIN of Jin from 704 killed by Duke Wu of Quwo, an ambitious junior branch of Jin.  After bribes from Duke Wu of Quwo, King Xi of Zhou makes Duke Wu of Quwo into Duke WU of Jin until 677. 679 CHAC 26, 482, MRDK, friC, icZ, wikJ 678 ckJ, wikJ
c.679 SONG invaded by Qi and allies, forced to submit. 679 ICMH 29
c.679 Conference at Kuen in Wey.  Wey, Zheng, and Song accept supremacy of Duke HUAN of Qi. 679 ICMH 29
c.679 Duke HUAN of Qi 685-43 declares himself a "hegemony lord", and is accepted as such by King Xi of Zhou. 679 ICMH 29, icZ, yut
c.678 Duke WU of Qin from 698 dies.  For the first time men are sacrificed (66 of them) to accompany him in death.  (human sacrifice 621)   Bro succeeds as Duke DE of Qin 677-76. 678 CHAC 26, CHC 1-32, MRDK, ckQn, friC, wikQn 677 icZ
c.678 Capital of Qin, at PINGYANG from 714, moved northwest by Duke De to YONG 677-383. 678 CHAC 493 677 CHAC 459, CHC 1-31
c.678 State of TENG, semi-autonomous under Chu from 688 annexed by Chu. 678 CHAC 510, ICMH 29, MRDK, wikChu
c.678 SONG invaded by Lu, which is then forced to withdraw by a force sent by Duke HUAN of Qi.. 678 EnoSA
c.677 Duke WU of Jin from 679 dies.  Son Guizhu becomes Duke XIAN of Jin 676-51. 677 CHAC 26, 558, MRDK, ckJ, friC, icZ, wikJ
c.677 QUWO, capital of a fragment of Jin from 746, no longer capital. 677 wikJ
c.677 King WEN of Chu from 689, ends.  Son Tu'ao succeeds as King XIUNG CHIEN of Chu 676-75. 677 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckChu friC, wikChu     676 rcC
c.677 CHIAO YI becomes ruler of Wu until 653. 677 MRDK
c.677 Son of Zhuang, XI ends.  King of Eastern Zhou dyn from 682.  Son Ji Lang succeeds as HUI 676-52. 677 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckZR, friC, tcgEZ, wikCM, wikT, wikZ
676 friC, frie, rcC, wikT, yut, yutZ
c.676 Duke DE of Qin from 678 ends.  Son succeeds as Duke XUAN 675-64. 676 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckQn, friC, wikQn
c.676 Qin adopts the summer sacrifice and festival known as Fu. 676 CHC 1-32
c.675 WHE, king of Gi dyn of Joseon Korea from 703 ends.  JON succeeds until 658. 675 rcK
c.675 Marquis AI of Cai from 694 ends.  Son Ji Xianwu becomes Marquis MU of Cai 674-46. 675 MRDK, wikCai
Duke: friC
c.674 An uncle of King Hui of Zhou named Tui rebells until 672.  King Hui flees to Zheng capital. Hui yr 2: icZ
c.674 Duke ZHUANG of Cao 701-671 expels Rong raiders. 674 CHAC 923
c.673 Duke LI of Zheng 700-697 and from 679 ends.  Son Ji Jie succeeds as Duke WEN of Zheng 672-28. 673 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckZg, friC
c.672 Qin introduces worship of the Green Di (Qing Di) of the east. 672 CHAC 980
c.672 Count Ligong of Zheng and Linfu Lord of Guo-fief aided King Hui of Zhou by killing usurper uncle Tui and restoring Hui. Hui yr 4: icZ
c.672 QI attacks the Rong. 672 CHAC 923
c.672 Duke XIAN of Jin 677-51 attacks Li-rong (Xi Rong) barbarians, capture 2 Li-rong women, Shaoji and Liji. 672 icHu, icZ
c.672 King XIUNG CHIEN (Tu'ao) of Chu from 676 murdered by his younger bro Xiong Jun, who succeeds as King CHENG of Chu 671-26. 675 CHAC 26, friC
672 MRDK, ckChu, wikChu     671 rcC
c.671 WEY, which had opposed king Hui of Zhou, is attacked by Qi on orders from Hui of Zhou. 671 CHAC 555
c.671 Duke ZHUANG of Cao from 701 ends.  Son Ji Ji succeeds as Duke XI of Cao 670-61. 671 MRDK, ckCao, friC, rcC, wikCao
c.670 Duke XIAN of Jin 676-51 annexes 16 or 17 small states in Shansi, dominates 38 others, and absorbs some Rong tribes.  Some conquered states were Geng, Huo, Yu, and Western Guo. no date: wikJ
c.669 Duke XIAN of Jin destroys all potentially rival families. 669 ICMH 29
c.669 Duke HUI of Wey 699-97 and from 686 ends.  YI succeeds 668-61. 669 CHAC 26, ckW, friC, WeiSA
c.667 To counter the rising of Jin, Duke HUAN of Qi calls conference of rulers of Lu, Song, Chen and Zheng where Huan is elected leader.  Their oath makes QI (in Shandong) head of a confederation against barbarian invasions.  Hegemony of Qi begins. 667 CHAC 555, GHCC, wikQi, wikSA
651 scr
c.666 Duke XIAN of Jin 676-51 marries Rong women Shaoji and Liji. 664 CHAC 923
c.665 Liji, wife of Duke XIAN of Jin 676-51, conspires to poison the meat crown prince Shensheng gives to his father.  When this fails, she smears honey on her body to attract bees, asks Shensheng help her drive away the bees, and then accuses him of molesting her.  Shensheng flees to Xincheng city and commits suicide. 665 icZ
c.664 Duke HUAN of Qi 685-43 and the state of Lu plan to help Yen from encroaching Mountain (Shan) Rong nomads.  Lu backs out.  Duke HUAN alone destroys statelets of Shan-rong and Guzhu (formerly Zhu-guo ) in Manchuria. 664
CHAC 555, 923, icHu, wikQi
c.664 Yen and Qi armies destroy the Mountain (Shan) Rong statelet and the Guzhu statelet under command of Qi Counsellor Guan Zhong, Marquis Qi Huang gong, and Count Yan. 664 icHu, icZ
c.664 Duke XUAN of Qin from 676 ends.  Bro succeeds as Duke CHENG of Qin 663-60. 664 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckQn, friC, wikQn
c.663 The DI conquer the Taiyuan plains north of Jin, and replace the Rong in this important economic zone. by 662 CHAC 923
c.662 The CHI (Red) DI invade the state of Xing in central Hebei.  Qi counsellor GUAN ZHONG insists that Qi help Xing. 662
CHAC 555
c.662 Duke ZHUANG of Lu from 693, ends.  Ji Ban usurps throne and ends.  Son MIN succeeds 661-60. 662 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckLu, ckZ, friC
661 rcC
c.661 Jin expands military, forms 2 armies out of 1. 661 CHAC 573
c.661 WEY kingdom conquered by Jin.  WEY continues as a Jin duchy. 661 CHAC 571, icZ, yut, yutZ
c.661 HUO kingdom destroyed by Jin. 661 CHAC 571, icZ, yut, yutZ
c.661 GENG state conquered by Jin. 661 CHAC 571, icZ
c.661 The Chang Di barbarians invade and overrun the minor state of Xing. 661 CHAC 949, ICMH 29, icHu
c.661 Rong and Chang Di barbarians under Sou Man invade Wey and destroy its army at Yong.  Only 30 chariots survive.  Wey capital Chaoge falls.  Duke YI of Wey from 668 is butchered.  DAI succeeds and ends 660.  WEN succeeds 659-35. 661 CHAC 26, ICMH 30 ckW, friC, icHu, WeiSA
660 CHAC 555, WeiSA
c.661 Duke XI of Cao from 670 ends.  Son Ji Ban succeeds Duke CHAO of Cao 661-53. Li 662 rcC, wikCao
661 MRDK, ckCao, friC
c.660 The Quan Rong north of the Wei River are again defeated by GUO. 660 CHAC 923
c.660 Jin crown prince Shensheng is sent against Chi Di barbarians of Dongshan. 660 icZ
c.660 WEY nearly destroyed by Di barbarians.  People escape the capital, Chaoge, but are pursued by the Di and massacred near the Yellow River.  A few hundred flee southeast to Song. 661 ICMH 30
660 CHAC 923, WeiSA
c.660 Duke HUAN of Qi with 3,000 troops and 300 chariots tries to rescue Wey from the Di barbarians, but arrives after they leave. 660 ICMH 30, wikQi
c.660 WEY occupied by Jin, and given to a Jin general Biwan , who becomes marquis of Wey. occupied by Qin 661 ICMH 30     661 icZ
c.660 CAO comes under Chu until 632. Li 660 rcC
c.660 Duke CHENG of Qin from 664 ends.  Bro Renhao succeeds as Duke MU of Qin 659-21. 660 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckQn, friC, wikQn
c.660 Duke MIN of Lu from 661 ends.  Son XI succeeds 659-27. 660 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckLu, ckZ, friC     659 rcC
c.660 MONGOLIANS invade Honshu (main island of JAPAN), probably via Korea, overcome the Ainu.  JIMMU (aka Tenno) becomes legendary 1st Emperor of Japan until 585. trad date 660 JBE 2178, LEWH 150, MCAW 70, MRDK, TAWH 17, TTPC, mxfld, wikEJ
probable date 40 MRDK
This date is arbitrarily chosen over 13 centuries later.
c.659 Duke MU of Qin 659-21 conquers Maojin-rong. 659 icHu
c.659 XING state collapses from attacks of the Chi (Red) Di. 659 CHAC 555
c.659 Duke HUAN of Qi, allied with Song and Cao rush to help Xing state, drive off the Chi (Red) Di.  No battles mentioned.  Duke Huan leads the Xing remnant to a safe place, builds them a city and provides for them. 659 CHAC 555, wikQi
658 ICMH 30
c.658 Duke CHUANG of Yen from 690 ends.  Son XIANG succeeds 657-18. 658 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckY, friC, rcC
c.658 Jin attacks Xiangyang city of Guo-guo. 658 icZ
c.658 JON, king of Gi dyn of Joseon Korea from 675 ends.  HYO succeeds until 634. 658 rcK
c.657 Duke HUAN of Qi tells his allies, "Let there be no damming of irrigation water, no witholding sales of grain, no changes of heir apparents, no promoting of concubines to replace wives, and no involvement of women in state affairs." 657 CHAC 557
c.656 Duke HUAN of Qi, sends army to invade Chu lands.  No battle is fought.  But Huan blocks northward expansion of Chu, which becomes a nominal vassal of Qi. 656 EnoSA, ICMH 30, wikQi
Chu Wall
CHU WALL built along the A Po Zhai mountain ridge in Lushan county of Henan province to protect Shen (Nanyang).  Not much remains of it.
656 tcgGW
c.656 Duke HUAN of Qi, assembles loyal states and allies with Lu, Song, Chen and Wey to punish Chu by devastating the state of CAI, a follower of Chu.  CHU is forced to attend an interstate conference at Shaoling called by Duke Huan. 656 CHAC 556, ckZ
655 ICMH 31
c.655 JIN army marches thru YU Kingdom enroute to attack Guo. 655 ICMH 30
c.655 Jin prince CHONGER, endangered by Liji's conspiracies, escapes to Di Statelet. 655 icZ
c.655 Western GUO is destroyed by Duke XIAN of Jin.  Guo nobility and leader Gongchou flee to Zhou capital Loyang.  Later they arrive in the State of Wen at the home of Guo Gongchou's father in law. 655 CHAC 477, ICMH 30, icZ, wikWG, yut, yutZ
c.655 YU Kingdom sacked by Duke XIAN of Jin on his way home from Guo.  Yu is annexed by Jin. 655 ICMH 30, icZ, yut, yutZ
c.654 QUWO land attacked by Duke XIAN of Jin.  Prince Yiwu of Quwo flees to a Shaoliang, at the advice of Ji-rui. 654 icZ
c.653 CHIAO-YI ruler of Wu from 677 ends.  TI-YI succeeds until 623. 653 MRDK
c.653 Duke CHAO of Cao from 661 ends.  Son Ji Xiang succeeds as Duke KUNG of Cao 652-18. 653 MRDK, ckCao, friC, rcC, wikCao
c.652 Jin attacks Di. Di counter-attacks.  Jin withdraws. 652 icZ
c.652 Son of Xi, HUI ends.  King of Eastern Zhou from 676.  Son Ji Zheng succeeds as XIANG 651-19. 652 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckZR, friC, icZ, tcgEZ, wikCM, wikT, wikZ
651 frie, rcC, yut, yutZ
c.651 Duke XIAN of Jin from 677 dies.  Barbarian queen Liji puts 15-year old son Xiqi on throne and makes Xun Xi chancellor to help him.  Jin official named Li Ke kills Xiqi.  Chancellor Xun Xi then enthrones toddler Zhuozi, youngest son of Duke Xian.  Li Ke kills Zhuozi and his aunt Liji.  Xun Xi then hangs himelf.  Shaoji, younger sis of Liji and mother of Zhuozi, is imprisoned.  Li Ke invites Prince Chonger, then in Qi, to rule Jin.  Chonger declines, so Li Ke invites Prince Yiwu, then in Wei.  Yiwu, supported by Qi and Qin, becomes Duke HUI of Jin 650-37, who then orders Li Ke to commit suicide. 651 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckJ, ckZ, EnoSA, friC, icZ, wikJ, wikQi, wikHui
650 ICMH 31
c.651 Duke HUAN of Song from 681 ends.  Son Zifu succeeds as Duke XIANG of Song 650-37. 651 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckS, ckZ, friC, wikS
c.651 Duke HUAN of Qi 685-43 campaigns against Bai (White) Di barbarians in the west. 651 icHu, icZ
c.651 Duke HUAN of Qi holds meeting at Kui Qiu in Song with reps of Lu, Song, Zheng, Wey and Zhou, asserts hegemony of QI with oath of alliance.  Huan of Qi thus becomes overlord over weaker states of Zhou and replaces the king of Zhou as highest judicial person. 651 GHCC 60, ckZ, icZ, yutZ
650 ICMH 31
c.651 Duke HUI of Jin 650-37 captured by Qin.  Jin is restored as a vassal of Qin until 636. 651 friC, wikJ, wikQi
c.650 Upper Xiajiadian culture 1150-350.  Phase 3 from 750 ends.  Phase 4 begins until 350 in Liaoning and eastern Inner Mongolia. 650
CHAC 930
c.650 Northern RONG advance south as far as suburbs of Loyang. 649 ICMH 31
c.650 Northern RONG are driven off with difficulty by Qi and Xu.  Last mention of Rong.  The DI begin rise. 650 CHAC 919, 924
c.650 BRONZE AGE in China from 1500 ends.
IRON AGE begins V.
700 B76 11-1062
650 TAWH 17
c.650 Λ BEER:  A commentator writes that people  "will not do without beer.  To prohibit it and secure total abstinence from it is beyond the power even of sages.  Hence, therefore, we have warnings on the abuse of it."    (See German 800Sophocles 450) 650 wikHAB
c.650 A series of WALLs built by Chu along its northern frontier to prevent intrusion of the Jin and Qi states.  This is the 1st part of the Great Wall. 650 tcg
c.648 Duke XUAN of Chen from 692 ends.  Son Gui Kuan succeeds as Duke MU of Chen 647-32. 648 MRDK ckChn
c.648 SHUDAI, half bro of King Xiang of Zhou 651-19, conspires with Rongdi barbarians to attack King Xiang.  Jin attacks the Rong to help Zhou.  Shudai flees to Qi until 640.  Qi also helps Zhou by sending Guan Zhong against the Rong. Xiang yr 3: icZ
c.648 State of HUANG from 891 conquered by Chu. 648 CHAC 509, wikHng
c.647 Drought and resulting famine in Jin.  Duke Mu of Qin, sells some cheap grain to Jin. 648 icZ
647 bk, wikHui
c.646 MAERUK king of Dangun dyn of Korea from 704.  MAMUL succeeds until 590. 646 rcK
c.646 Marquis MU of Cai from 674 ends.  Son Jiawu becomes Marquis ZHUANG of Cai 645-12. 646 MRDK, wikCai
Duke: friC
c.645 Famine in QIN.  Duke Hui of Jin, whom Qin had previously helped in a famine, refuses to help.  Duke Mu of Qin invades Jin. 646 icZ, wikHui
645 ICMH 31, bk
c.645 JIN is defeated by Qin in 3 battles, main one at Han Yuan. 645 CHAC 573, ICMH 31, icZ
c.645 The Qin/Jin war moves into HANN (a clan of Jin).  Here Duke Hui of Jin is captured and taken to Qin.  Qin officers occupy 5 Jin towns south of the Yellow River, and an area north of it.  Jin land east of the Hangu Pass is now under Qin. 645 CHAC 573, CHC 1-33, ICMH 31, 32
c.645 Duke Hui of Jin is released by Qin, and allowed to return to Jin.  But his son, prince Ziyu is kept in Qin as hostage until 638. 645 ICMH 32
c.645 Small state of XU attacked by Chu. 645 ICMH 31
c.645 GUAN ZHONG, chancellor of Qi from 685, dies.  2nd son Zhao, will become Duke XIAO of Qi 642-33. 648 icZ     646 bk     645 CHAC 554, EnoSA, wikT, yutZ
c.643 Duke Hui of Jin sends men to the Di tribe, where Prince Chonger, son of Duke Xian of Jin is hiding to kill him. no date: wikHui
c.643 Chonger, son of Duke Xian of Jin leaves the Di to live at Linzi in Qi, where Duke Huan gives him a wife. 643 ICMH 32
no date: wikHui
c.643 Duke HUAN of Qi from 685 dies.  Succession struggle follows.  1st son Wukui hanged in same year.   Zhao, son of Guan Zhong, supported by army of Duke Xiang of Song, becomes Duke XIAO of Qi 642-33, but there is no recognized leader of Zhou states. 645 bk     643 B76 4-304, CHAC 26, 560, GHCC 60, ICMH 32, MRDK, ckQi, ckZ, EnoSA, friC, icZ, wikQi, wikSA     642 icZ, rcC
c.643 Chonger of Jin, living at Linzi, is gotten drunk by his Jin entourage, and carried off to Jin.  (Chonger's side of the story?) 643 ICMH 32
c.641 Duke Mu of Qin invades the State of Wei (then called Liang) and easily conquers it. 641 wikHui
c.641 Liang statelet exterminated by Qin. 641 icZ
c.641 Rui statelet exterminated by Qin. 641 icZ
c.640 The DI barbarians advance south to Loyang. 640 ICMH 32
c.640 Qi and the Di make alliance and fight Wey. 640 CHAC 948, ICMH 32
c.640 SHUDAI, half bro of King Xiang of Zhou 651-19, exiled in Qi from 648, returns to Zhou court at request of King Xiang. 640 icZ
c.639 HUA GUO fief, which had defected from Zheng to Wey, is attacked by Zheng. 639 icZ
c.638 Prince ZIYU, son of Duke Hui of Jin, hostage in Qin from 645, hears of fathers illness, flees Qin without taking his Qin wife (who doesn't follow), and goes to Jin before his father dies. 638 ICMH 32, icZ, wikHui
c.638 Duke XIANG of Song refuses to attack the Chu army as it crosses the Hong River, and is therefore defeated in battle.  Xiang then allies with Chu. 638
c.637 Duke XIANG of Song from 650 ends.  Son Wangcheng succeeds as Duke CHENG of Song 636-20. 637 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckS, ckZ, friC, wikS
c.637 Chonger, son of Duke Xian of Jin, in Chu from ?, passes thru Cao and is treated rudely by Duke Gong of Cao on his way to Jin. 637 wikCao
636 wikWen
c.637 King Xiang of Zhou allies with Rongdi barbarians, weds a daughter of the Rongdi ruler. 637 icZ
c.637 King Xiang of Zhou allied with Rongdi barbarians, campaigns against Zheng. 637 icZ
c.637 Duke HUI of Jin from 650 dies of illness.  Son Ziyu becomes Duke HUAI of Jin until 636. 637 CHAC 26, 568, ICMH 32, MRDK, ckJ, ckZ, friC, icZ, wikJ, wikQi, wikHui
c.637/6 CHONGER learns that his half bro Ziyu is now Duke HUAI of Jin, decides to go to Qin.  Duke Mu of Qin gives Chonger the wife Ziyu left behind. 637/6 ckZ
c.637/6 Duke HUAI of Jin kills minister Hutu for not recalling his 2 sons from Chonger's entourage. 637/6 ckZ
c.636 Duke Mu of Qin with 500 chariots, 2000 cavalry, and 50,000 field soldiers, escorts Prince Chonger to Jin capital.  Duke HUAI of Jin from 637 flees.  Chonger sends an assasin who kills duke Huai at Gaoliang 635.  Chonger becomes Duke WEN of Jin 636-28.  He refuses to give any member of the royal house a position in his court. 637 bk
636 CHAC 26, 568, ICMH 32, MRDK, ckJ, ckZ, friC, icZ, wikJ, wikQi,
c.636 Duke Wen of Jin asserts independence from Qin.  Jin ascendance begins until 620. 636 EnoSA, wikJ
c.636 Zhou King Xiang 651-19 spurns his wife, who is dau of the Rongdi ruler.  She messages her father, and the Rongdi attack Zhou. 636 icHu, icZ
c.636 King Xiang's bro SHUDAI pays the Rongdi ruler to attack King Xiang and the Zhou court.  Rongdi nomads attack Zhou. 636 icZ
c.635 Small state of YUAN either conquered or voluntarily absorbed by Jin. 635 ICMH 33
c.635 Duke WEN of Wey from 659 ends.  CHENG succeeds 634-00. 635 CHAC 26, ckW, friC, wikSA
c.635 King XIANG of Eastern Zhou 651-19, is challenged by his bro Shudai, who is supported by the Rongdi.  Xiang flees to city of Fan in Zheng.  SHUDAI becomes counter-king of Zhou, and makes Xiang's Rongdi queen his concubine. 640 ICMH 32
635 CHAC 560, ckZ
no date: icZ
c.635 Exiled in the city of Fan in Zheng, king Xiang of Zhou asks help from Jin and Qin. 635 CHAC 560, ckZ, icZ
c.635 The Rongdi occupy Zhou from Loyang as far east as Wey. no date: icZ
c.635 Duke Wen of Jin drives the Di barbarians from the Zhou capital to west of the Yellow River, kills Shudai. 636 icHu, wikJ
635 ICMH 33
c.635 Duke Wen of Jin supports King Xiang of Zhou against his bro Shudai and is rewarded with lands near the Zhou capital. 635 CHAC 560, wikJ
c.634 HYO ends.  King of Gi dyn of Joseon Korea from 658.  YANG succeeds until 615. 634 rcK
c.634 DI barbarians, now west of the Yellow River, split into CHI (Red) DI and BAI (White) DI. 634 ICMH 33
c.634 8 tribes of RONG barbarians submit to Duke Mu of Qin. 634 ICMH 33
c.634 JIN/QIN alliance is dominant in north China. 634 ICMH 34
c.633 Jin expands military, forms 3 armies under Huyan, Qiehu, and Luanzhi. 633 CHAC 573, ICMH 34
c.633 Chu with vassals Wey and Cao invade Song.  Chu army under Zoyu Techen besieges Shanqui, capital of Song.  Duke appeals to Jin for help. 633 ICMH 34
c.633 Duke Wen of Jin wants to attack Chu, which was then besieging Shanqui, capital of Song.  but he must travel thru two Chu vassals, Wey and then Cao. 633 CHAC 560, ICMH 34, wikJ
c.633 Duke XIAO of Qi from 642 ends.  Bro Pan, becomes Duke ZHAO of Qi 632-13. 633 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckQi, friC, wikQi     632 rcC
c.632 LU, ally of Chu from ?, defects to Jin. 632 ICMH 34
c.632 Duke Wen of Jin is refused passage thru Wey for attacking Cao.  Jin then crosses the river elsewhere, attacks Wey, taking the land of Wulu. January 632 icZ
632 ICMH 34
c.632 Duke Wen of Jin now occupying Wey, allies with Qi and Qin, excluding Wey from alliance.  Wey lord tries to ally with Chu.  Wey ministers oust him, so he flees the capital.  Jin then attacks Cao. 632 ICMH 34, WeiSA
Feb. 632 icZ
c.632 CAO, under Chu from 660, is crushed by Jin, which takes the capital, and Duke Gong of Cao prisoner.  Cao is under Jin until 487. 632 icZ, rcC
after Chengpu: wikCao
c.632 Duke Wen of Jin, and Qin and Qi promise not to attack Chu if Chu withdraws from Song.  King Cheng of Chu 671-26 orders armies to withdraw, but general Zoyu refuses, challenges Duke Wen to battle.  Cheng of Chu leaves Zoyu with only a third of the army and withdraws. 632 ICMH 34
c.632 Chu general Zoyu approaches Jin army in Cao.  Duke Wen, keeping his promise, retreats from Zoyu 3 times. 632 ICMH 34
c.632 Battle of CHENGPU in Wey (or Lu).  Northern alliance, including Qin, Qi, Song, and led by Duke Wen of Jin, defeats King CHENG of Chu 674-26.  Shortly after the battle Duke Wen holds a meeting at Jitu with King Xiang of Zhou and rulers of six other states.  Wen affirms loyalty and receives from King Xiang the title of "Ba" or hegemon. 632 CHAC 543, EnoSA, ICMH 34, bk, ckZ, icZ, wikCao, wikChu, wikJ, wikQi, wikT, wikWS, yutZ
c.632 QIN, a kingdom in Shansi, succeeds to hegemony at the time of the coalition formed by Duke Wen of Jin. 632 GHCC
c.632 Duke MU of Chen from 647 ends.  Son Gui Shuo succeeds as Duke KUNG of Chen 631-14. 632 MRDK, ckChn
c.630 DI barbarians invade QI. 630 ICMH 36
c.630 QI troops at Xu leave to defend Qi. 630 ICMH 36
c.629 Duke WEN of Jin, supported only by Mu of Qin, besieges capital of Zheng.  Mu is persuaded by Wan of Zheng to defect to Zheng.  Mu garisons the capital and Wen abandons siege. 630 icZ
629 ICMH 36
c.629 Jin expands military, from 3 to 5 armies until 621. 629 CHAC 573
c.628 A Wey army invades Di homeland. 628 ICMH 36
c.628 JIN and CHU, at war from 633, make peace. 628 ICMH 36
c.628 Duke WEN (Chonger) of Jin from 636 dies peacefully.  Son Huan succeeds easily as Duke XIANG of Jin 627-21. 629 bk     628 B76 4-304, CHAC 27, 561, ICMH 36, MRDK, ckJ, ckZ, EnoSA, icZ, wikJ, wikWen
c.628 Di barbarians ask peace from Wey. 628 CHAC 948
c.628 Duke WEN (aka Bo) of Zheng from 672 dies.  Son Ji Lan succeeds as Duke MU of Zheng 627-06. 628 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckZg, friC, icZ
c.628 Jin defeats Qin, which was attacking Zheng. 628 wikJ
c.627 Duke MU of Qin secretly planned to attack Zheng, but the Qin army retreats after being tricked into believing that Zheng was prepared for invasion.  The retreating Qin army is ambushed by Jin troops and defeated at Yao (near Luoning County, Henan province) and suffers heavy casualties, 3 Qin generals captured. 627
CHAC 561, EnoSA, icZ, wikQn
c.627 Duke XI of Lu from 659, ends.  Son WEN succeeds 626-09. 627 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckLu, ckZ, friC     626 rcC
c.626 In state of Lu 3 sons of Duke Huan 711-694, all having participated in succession fights, each receives a large domain that remain influential for generations. 626
CHAC 571
c.626 King of Zhou uses a Di army to defeat Zheng, then marries dau of Di leader. 626 ICMH 37
c.626 King CHENG of Chu from 671, murdered by eldest son, Xiong Shangchen, who succeeds as King MU of Chu 625-14. 626 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckChu, ckZ, friC, icZ, wikChu     625 rcC
c.625 MU duke of Qin dispatches general Mengmingshi against Jin. 625 icZ
c.625 MU duke of Qin begins to conquer the Western Rong tribes. 625 icZ
c.625 Zang Wenzhong a liberal minister of Lu, abolishes the practice of punishing a shaman who fails to make it rain in a drought. 625
CHAC 584
c.625 Zang Wenzhong abolishes 6 border checkpoints in opposition to conservatives. 625
CHAC 580
c.625 Qin invaded by Jin until 624. 625 CHAC 561, wikJ
c.624 MU duke of Qin again dispatches general Mengmingshi against Jin invaders.  After crossing the river, Qin army burns their ships and defeats Jin. 624 icZ
c.624 A JIN army defeats QIN again at Pangya, mostly by a suicidal chariot charge led by Lang Shin. 624
c.624 Qin expels Jin invaders.  Duke Mu of Qin holds a funeral for those killed at the ambush at Yao, and refuses to advance east further.  Mu focuses on expanding Qin borders in the west. 624
CHAC 561, wikJ, wikQn
c.623 Jin counter-attacks Qin and takes Xincheng. 623 icZ
c.623 TI-YI ruler of Wu from 653 ends.  CHIEH-SSU succeeds until 588. 623 MRDK
c.623 Qin, using You Yu as a guide, conquers the Xirong statelet under Xirong lord Chi Ban.  Once Chi Ban submits to Qin, the rest of Western Rong nomads acknolwedge Qin as overlord. 623 CHC 1-33, ICMH 37, icHu, icZ
c.623 Duke MU of Qin is recognized by the Zhou king as hegemon (ba) over the Western Rong. 623 CHC 1-33
c.623 State of JIANG is eliminated by Zhu of the Chu kingdom and annexed by CHU.  After Jiang is destroyed, the Jiangs migrate northeast. 623 yut, yutZ
c.622 Jin ministers, Zhao Shuai (Zhao Shuaichengzi), Luan Zhi (Luan Zhenzi), Jiuji Zifan and Huobo, all die.  Zhao Dun assumes Zhao Shuai's post. 622 icZ
c.622 State of LIAO annexed by CHU. 622 wikChu
c.621 Duke MU of Qin from 660 dies.  177 people are buried alive with him (the most ever).  (human sacrifice 678, 384)
Son Ying becomes Duke KANG of Qin 620-09.
621 B76 4-307, CHAC 26, 974, CHC 1-32, MRDK, ckQn, ckZ, friC, icZ, wikQn
c.621 Jin military:  5 armies from 629, reduced to 3 armies until 588. 621 CHAC 573
c.621 Duke XIANG of Jin from 627 dies.  Son Yigao becomes Duke LING of Jin 620-07. 621 CHAC 27, MRDK, ckJ, friC, icZ, wikJ, wikQi     620 ICMH 37
c.620 QIN tries to dispute the Jin succession by sending a son of duke Wen with a Qin army, which is defeated by Ling supporters at Linghu. 620
c.620 Duke CHENG of Song from 636 ends.  Son Chujiu succeeds as Duke ZHAO-I of Song 619-11. 620 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckS, friC, wikS
c.618 Son of Hui, XIANG dies.  King of Eastern Zhou from 651.  Son Ji Renchen succeeds as CHENG king of Zhou 618-13. 619 CHAC 26, ckZR, icZ, tcgEZ, wikCM, wikZ     618 MRDK, friC, frie, rcC, wikT, yut, yutZ
c.618 Duke XIANG of Yen from 657 ends.  HUAN-I succeeds 617-02. 618 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckY, friC, rcC
c.618 Duke KUNG of Cao from 652 ends.  Son Ji Shou succeeds as Duke WEN of Cao 617-595. 618 MRDK, ckCao, friC, rcC, wikCao
c.617 Jin attacks Qin and takes Shaoliang.  Qin counter-attacks. 617 icZ
c.616 Qin attacks Jin and takes Jima. 616 icZ
c.615 YANG ends.  King of Gi dyn of Joseon Korea from 634I succeeds until 594. 615 ICMH 37
c.615 QIN and JIN fight an indecisive battle at Hoqu (winding area of Yellow River). 615 ICMH 37, icZ
c.614 King MU of Chu from 625 ends.  Son Xiong Lu succeeds as King ZHUANG of Chu 613-591. 614 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckChu, ckZ, friC, wikChu     613 rcC
c.614 Duke KUNG of Chen from 631 ends.  Son Gui Pingguo succeeds as Duke LING of Chen 613-599. 614 MRDK, ckChn
c.613 Duke ZHAO of Qi from 632 ends.  Son She murdered by his uncle Shangren, who succeeds as Duke YI of Qi, 612-09. 613 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckQi, friC, wikQi     612 rcC
613 July Λ ASTRONOMY V: Comet, possibly Halley's, recorded in Spring and Autumn Annals. July 613 chna, wikTlca
c.613 Son of Xiang, CHENG dies.  King of Eastern Zhou from 618.  Son Ji Ban succeeds as KUANG 612-06. 613 CHAC 26, MRDK, icZ, tcgEZ, wikCM, wikZ     612 friC, frie, rcC, wikT, yut, yutZ     611 ckZR
c.612 Marquis ZHUANG of Cai from 645 ends.  Son Shen becomes Marquis WEN of Cai 611-592. 612 MRDK, wikCai
Duke: friC
c.611 Duke ZHAO-I of Song from 619 ends.  Brother Bao succeeds as Duke WEN of Song 610-589. 611 CHAC 27, MRDK, ckS, friC, wikS
c.609 Duke YI of Qi, from 612 murdered by two ministers and his heir is deposed.  Elder bro Yuan becomes Duke HUI of Qi 608-599. 609 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckQi, friC, icZ, wikQi     608 rcC
c.609 Duke KANG of Qin from 621 ends.  Son Dao becomes Duke GONG of Qin 608-04. 609 MRDK, ckQn, friC, icZ, wikQn
c.609 WEN, Duke of Lu from 626, ends.  Son XUAN succeeds 608-591. 609 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckLu, friC     608 rcC
c.607 Duke LING of Jin tires of opposition by minister Zhao Dun, plots to kill him.  Zhao Dun is forewarned, and fights his way out of the palace and flees the country. 607
c.607 Duke LING of Jin from 620 killed at Daoyuan Garden by Zhao Chuan neph of Zhao Dun.  Zhao Chuan sends a messenger to recall Zhao Dun, who returns and sends Zhao Chuan to the Zhou court, then retrieved former duke Xiang's brother, Heitun, who becomes Duke CHENG of Jin 606-00. 607 CHAC 27, MRDK, ckJ, ckZ, friC, icZ, wikJ, wikQi
c.607 ZHENG defeats a Song army at Daji, captures 460 chariots. 607 ICMH 38
c.607 ZHENG defeats alliance of Jin, Song, Chen, and Wey by itself. 607 wikZ
c.607 JIMMU TENNO, 1st emperor of Japan, campaigns east from Hyuga along the inland sea, subdues tribes, ends at Yamato, establishes capital. 607 B76 V-560
c.606 KUANG dies.  King of Eastern Zhou from 612.  Bro Ji Yu succeeds as DING king of Zhou until 585. 607 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckZR, friC, icZ, wikCM, wikZ     606 friC, frie, rcC, tcgEZ, wikT, yut, yutZ
c.606 King Zhuang of Chu campaigns northward, allies with northern states against Rong barbarians in the Luhun area. 606 ICMH 38, icHu, icZ
c.606 King Zhuang of Chu sends envoy to King Ting of Zhou (606-585) to express his will to take the royal domain of Zhou in Honan. 606
c.606 JIN troops invade Zheng, force it to defect from Chu to Jin until 603. 606 ICMH 38, icZ
c.606 CHU troops invade Zheng. 606 ICMH 38
c.606 Duke MU of Zheng from 627 ends.  Son Ji Yi succeeds as Duke LING of Zheng until 605. 606 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckZ, ckZg, friC
c.605 Duke LING of Zheng from 606 ends.  Son Ji Jian succeeds as Duke XIANG of Zheng 604-587. 605 CHAC 27, MRDK, ckZg, friC
c.605 King Zhuang of Chu attacks and destroys the dangerously powerful Ziyue family. 605 ICMH 38
c.605 King of Zhou expells his Di queen for infidelity.  Her Di kinsmen then occupy Loyang. 605 ICMH 38
c.605 CHU, encouraged by Zhou misfortunes, again invades Zheng.  Chu continues to invade Zheng annually until 603. 605 ICMH 38
604 icZ
c.604 Jin helps Zheng against Chu. 604 icZ
c.604 Duke GONG of Qin from 609 dies.  Son Rong succeeds as Duke HUAN of Qin 603-577. 604 CHAC 27, MRDK, ckQn, friC, icZ, wikQn
c.603 ZHENG, allied to Jin from 606, but tired of Chu invasions, switches alliance back to Chu until 602. 603
c.602 Duke HUAN-I of Yen from 617 ends.  XUAN succeeds 601-587. 602 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckY, friC, rcC, wikQn
c.602 ZHENG, allied to Chu from 603, switches alliance back to Jin. 602 ICMH 38
c.602 HUANG HO (Yellow River) in northerly course from 2278, flowing into Chihi Gulf at Tientsin, shifts to southerly course of Shandong Peninsula until 70CE. 602
B76 8-1129
c.601 Bai (White) Di barbarians and Jin make peace and then attack Qin. 601 CHAC 948, ICMH 39
c.601 Qin general Chi defeated and killed by Jin. 601 icZ
601 Sep 20 SOLAR ECLIPSE recorded in China.   "Duke Hsuan, 8th year, 7th month, day chia-tzu.  The Sun was eclipsed and it was total."
(Chun-chiu, book VII)
601 Sep 20 mrec
c.600  BOOK of ODES"  the oldest chronologically authenticated Chinese poems, an anthology going back to Shang Dyn, main theme:  human love.  305 works dating from the 11th to 7th centuries, traditionally said to have been compiled by Confucius.  Majority date to the Western Zhou period. 600 MCAW 81
part number & meaning date BCE
  Guo feng   160 "Airs of the States"   8th-7th century
  Xiao ya   74 "Lesser Court Hymns"    9th-8th century
  Da ya   31 "Major Court Hymns"   10th-9th century
  Zhou song   31 "Eulogies of Zhou"   11th-10th century 
  Lu song   4 "Eulogies of Lu"   7th century
  Shang song    5 "Eulogies of Shang"   7th century
c.600 A general trend toward disillusionment with wealth and power begins in Asia. 600 CSHB 2
c.600 RICE:  Farmers in the flood plain of the Yellow River shift from millet to rice. 600 mxfld
c.600 STOVES, less wasteful of heat than fireplaces, appear in China. 600 bk B76 8-710
c.600 PRE-CLASSICAL PERIOD of Chinese language ends.  Began 1000.  Corresponds to Western Zhou.  Many inscriptions on a variety of media, with development of a "Spartanlike" grammar and increased vocabulary.  CLASSICAL PERIOD begins until 200.  Includes most revered works of Chinese literature and philosophy.  Many bronze inscriptions remain, but are overwhelmed by those on jade, and brushed ink texts on bamboo and wood strips, a single column of characters on each strip. 600 B76 15-223, CHAC 90
c.600 Duke CHENG of Wey from 634 ends.  MU succeeds 599-89. 600 CHAC 26, ckW, friC, WeiSA
c.600 Duke CHENG of Jin calls assembly of vassals at Hu, thus competing with Chu for hegemony.  Chen refuses to attend for fear of Chu. 600 icZ
c.600 CHEN invaded by Jin. 600 ckZ
c.600 Jin rescues Zheng from Chu. 600 icZ
c.600 Duke CHENG of Jin from 606 dies.  Son Ji Ju succeeds as Duke JING of Jin 599-81. 600 CHAC 27, MRDK, ckJ, ckZ, friC, icZ, wikJ, wikQi
c.600 ZHENG, allied to Jin from 602, invaded by ChuJin troops arriveChu troops withdraw.  Same in 599. 600 ICMH 39
c.599 Duke HUI of Qi from 608 ends.  Son Wuye becomes Duke JIANG QING of Qi 598-82. 599 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckQi, friC, wikQi     598 rcC
c.599 Small state of CHEN crushed by King ZHUANG of Chu.  Duke LING of Chen from 613 ends.  Son Gui Wu succeeds as Duke CHENG of Chen 598-69. 599 MRDK, ckChn, ckZ
598 ICMH 39, icZ
c.599 King ZHUANG of Chu 613-591 is recognized as leader of the confederation. 599 GHCC 597 GHCC
c.598 Jin defeated by Chu at Battle of Mi. 598 CHAC 561, wikJ
c.597 State of ZHENG crushed by King ZHUANG of Chu 613-591.  Continues as a Chu vassal until 584. 597 ICMH 39, ckZ, icZ
c.597 JIN sends 3 armies led by Xunlinfu, Sui Hui and Zhao Suo to rescue Zheng.  Armies reach Yellow River, and learn that they are too late.  Generals quarrel over proceeding or returning.  They cross the riverChu troops arrive to water their horses.  Jin generals quarrel over battle preparations. 597
ICMH 39, icZ
c.597 Battle of BIKing ZHUANG of Chu 613-591 defeats armies of Qin or Jin or both. 597 GHCC 60
595 MRDK, ckCao, friC, wikSA
Defeats Jin, 597 ICMH 39, bk, icZ
Defeats Jin, no date: ckZ, wikChu
c.595 SUNDIAL used in China.  (See Egypt 800, Anatolia 550, Greece 550) 600-591 TTS
600-501 TToH
c.595 FUMIGATION developed in China to rid houses of pests. 600-591 TTS, TTT
c.595 Duke WEN of Cao from 617 ends.  Son Qiang succeeds as Duke XUAN of Cao 594-78. 595 MRDK, ckCao, friC, rcC, wikCao
c.595 ZHENG, vassal of Chu 597-84 attacked by Jin. 595 icZ
c.595 Chu enters Zheng, defeats Zheng troops, north to defeat Jin on bank of Yellow River. 595 icZ
c.595 CHI (Red) DI invade Jin as far as city of Qing. 592 ICMH 40
c.595 SONG invaded by Chu troops who besiege Shangqui until 594. 595 ICMH 41 594 icZ
c.594 SONG agrees to ally with Chu who then abandon siege of Shangqui. 594 ICMH 41
c.594 I ends.  King of Gi dyn of Joseon Korea from 615CHAM succeeds until 578. 594 rcK
c.594 Fiscal reform in state of LU in Shandong, taxes levied according to acreage of arable land and crop yield.  1st agrarian taxes in Lu. 594 CHAC 573, CHC 1-27, GHCC 61, ICMH 41, ckLu
c.594 JIN, hassled by the CHI (Red) DI, is now invaded by Qin as far as Fushi, where they are defeated by Jin officer Wei Ko. 594 ICMH 41
c.594 CHI (Red) DI destroyed by JIN officer Sui Hui.  Land annexed. by Qin 594 ICMH 41
594 & 3 CHAC 948
593 & 2 ICMH 41     593 icZ
c.592 Marquis WEN of Cai from 611 ends.  Gu becomes Marquis JING of Cai 591-43. 592 MRDK, wikCai
Duke: friC
c.591 King ZHUANG of Chu from 613, dies.  Son Xiong Shen succeeds as King GONG of Chu 590-60. 591 CHAC 26, 567, ICMH 41, MRDK, ckChu, ckZ, friC, icZ, wikChu     590 rcC
c.591 The DI are subjugated by JIN.  But fighting continues against the statelets set up by the Xianyu subset of Di. 591
CHAC 948
c.591 Qi, attacked by Jin, sends a prince to Jin as hostage. 591 icZ
c.591 Duke XUAN of Lu from 608, ends.  Son CHENG succeeds 590-73. 591 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckLu, friC     590 rcC
c.590 More agrarian taxes in LU.  Military duties imposed on country residents. 590 CHAC 573, GHCC 61
c.590 MAMUL king of Dangun dyn of Korea from 646.  DAMUL succeeds until 545. 590 rcK
c.590 The RONG agree to peace with QIN.   Qin duke's bro tries a surprise attack on the Rong, and is defeated. 590
c.590 ZHENG vassal of Chu 597-? is raided by Jin.  Fields stripped. 590 ICMH 41
c.589 Duke WEN of Song from 610 ends.  Son Xia succeeds as Duke GONG of Song 588-76. 589 CHAC 27, MRDK, ckS, friC, wikS
c.589 Duke MU of Wey from 599 ends.  DING succeeds 588-77. 589 CHAC 26, ckS, ckW, friC, WeiSA
c.589 Duke JIANG QING of Qi invades LU, which asks Wey for help.  JIANG QING besieges Lung and takes it, then proceeds south to Chaoqui, and heads homeward. 589 ICMH 41, icZ
c.589 A wey army under Sun Liang Fu and Shi Qi invades Qi.  It meets the returning Qi army and is defeated at Xinzhu. 589
c.589 Wey army under Sun Liang Fu and Shi Qi retreats to Juju in Wey, and fortifies a camp.  Pursuing Qi also makes camp.  Sun Liang Fu goes to Jin for help. 589
c.589 Jin general Wei Ko is given 800 chariots to help Wey against Qi. 589 ICMH 42
c.589 Jin general Wei Ko, allied with troops of Lu and Wey and Di mercenaries overtakes Qi army at AN in Qi, where the Qi army is defeated. 589 CHAC 561, ICMH 42, ckZ, wikJ
c.589 QI defeats QIN in battle. 589 GHCC, wikQi
c.589 Capital of Jin:  at Jiang from ?, moved to newly founded XINTIAN, on high ground near confluence of Fen and Kuai Rivers.  Occupied until 376. 589 or 85 CHAC 457
c.588 Jin military:  3 armies from 621, expanded to 6 armies until end of Spring & Autumn Period. 588 CHAC 573
c.588 CHIEH-SSU ruler of Wu from 623 ends.  CHIH-CHI succeeds until 585. 588 MRDK
c.587 QIN military advisors are sent to WU to train them to rebel against Chu. 587 ICMH 42
c.587 Duke XUAN of Yen from 601 ends.  Son CHAO succeeds 586-74. 587 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckY, friC, rcC
c.587 Zheng attacked by Jin. 587 icZ, friC
c.587 Duke XIANG of Zheng from 604 ends.  Son Ji Fei succeeds as Duke TAO of Zheng 586-85. 587 CHAC 27, MRDK, ckZg, friC
c.585 Duke TAO of Zheng from 586 ends.  Son Ji Hun succeeds as Duke CHENG of Zheng 584-71. 585 CHAC 27, MRDK, ckZg, friC
c.585 CHIH-CHI ruler of Wu from 588 ends.  SHOU-MANG succeeds until 560. 585 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckWY
c.585 Son of Qing, DING ends.  King of Eastern Zhou dyn from 606.  Son Ji Yi succeeds as JIAN until 571. 586 CHAC 26, ckZR, icZ, wikCM, wikZ     585 MRDK, friC, frie, rcC, tcgEZ, wikT, yut, yutZ
c.585 JIMMU (aka Tenno) legendary 1st Emperor of Japan from 660 dies. trad date 585 wikEJ 581 JBE 2178
c.584 WHALE OIL LAMPS used in Yen kingdom. Chao yr 2 TTT
c.584 ZHENG, vassal of Chu from 597, rebels until 575, and is invaded by Chu. 584
c.584 JIN attacks Chu in order to help Zheng, which now allies with Jin until 575. 584
c.584 JIN / WU alliance against Chu begins until 520. 584 EnoSA, icZ
c.583 JIN and CHU are in a series of wars.  Wuchen, former minister of Chu, finding refuge in Jin, suggests that Jin send aid to Wu, in order to have an ally south of Chu. 584 EnoSA
583 CHAC 563
c.583 Wuchen of Jin is sent to Wu state to seek a military alliance.  He succeeds. 582 ckZ
c.583 JIN and WU attack Chu. 584 EnoSA
c.583 Duke JING of Jin 599-81 exterminates Zhao Tong and Zhao Gua families, breaks power of Zhao family, executes Zhao officers Tung and Kuo. 583 ICMH 43, icZ
c.582 Duke QING of Qi from 598 ends.  Son Huan becomes Duke LING of Qi 581-54. 582 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckQi, friC, wikQi     581 rcC
c.581 Duke JING of Jin from 599 dies.  Son Shouman becomes Duke LI of Jin 580-73. 581 CHAC 27, ICMH 43, MRDK, ckJ, friC, wikJ, wikQi
c.581 SUIZEI, 3rd son of Jimmu d. 585, becomes legendary 2nd Emperor of Japan until 549. trad date 581 JBE 2178, MRDK, wikEJ
probable date 10BC MRDK
c.580 Duke LI of Jin restores good relations with Qi and Qin at Linghu.  They unite to oppose ChuDuke Huan of Qin returns to Qin and tears up the document. 580 CHAC 561, ICMH 43, icZ
c.580 Duke HUAN of Qin allies with Di barbarians and attacks Jin. 580 icZ
c.579 After exhaustive warfare, a minister of Song arranges a peace conference between Qi, Duke Huan of Qin, Duke LI of Jin and King Gong of Chu , at which they agree to limit military strength.  Other states essentially become satellites. 579 CHAC 561, wikJ, wikQi, wikSA, wikWS
c.578 CHAM ends.  King of Gi dyn of Joseon Korea from 594GON succeeds until 560. 578 rcK
c.578 Duke LI of Jin accuses Qin of breaking alliance.  Jin and vassals invade Qin, pursue Qin to Jing River, defeat Qin at Masui, and capture Qin general Chengchai. 578 ICMH 43, EnoSA, icZ
c.578 Duke XUAN of Cao from 594 ends.  Bro Ji Fuchu succeeds as Duke CHENG of Cao 577-55. 578 MRDK, ckCao, friC, rcC, wikCao
c.577 Duke DING of Wey from 588 ends.  XIAN succeeds 576-59. 577 CHAC 27, ckW, friC, WeiSA
c.577 Duke HUAN of Qin from 604 ends.  Son Hou succeeds as Duke JING of Qin 576-37. 577 CHAC 27, 561, MRDK, ckQn, friC, wikQn
c.576 Duke GONG of Song from 588 ends.  Son Cheng succeeds as Duke PING of Song 575-32. 576 CHAC 27, MRDK, ckS, friC, wikS
c.576 State of WU makes 1st diplomatic overtures to Zhou League. 576 CHAC 526
c.575 ZHENG, ally of Jin from 584, defects back to Chu. 575 ICMH 43, icZ
c.575 Duke Li of Jin and Duke LI of Qin assemble a northern coalition.  Duke Li personally leads troops across the river, defeat King GONG of Chu at YANGLING in southeast Zheng.  Jin is now strongest power in China. 575 ICMH 43, ckZ, EnoSA, wikSA
574 CHAC 561, wikJ
c.575 After Yangling, Duke Li of Jin forces ZHENG to drop alliance with Chu and re-ally with Jin. 575 ICMH 43
c.574 Duke CHAO of Yen from 586 ends.  Son WU succeeds 573-55. 574 CHAC 27, MRDK, ckY, friC, rcC
c.574 Duke LI of Jin from 580 executes general Xi Qi and 2 other ministers of Xi family, replacing them with favorites.  Civil war follows. 574
c.573 Duke LI of Jin from 580 tries to expel some of his powerful ministers, and is killed in a coup by the Luan and Zhonghang clans.  Jin sends emissaries (led by a Zhi family member) to the Zhou court to retrieve Zizhou, who becomes Duke DAO of Jin 572-58. 574 CHAC 27, 561
573 ICMH 45, MRDK, ckJ, ckZ, friC, icHu, wikJ, wikQi     572 icZ
c.573 CHENG, Duke of Lu from 590, ends.  Son XIANG succeeds 572-42. 573 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckLu, friC     572 rcC
c.572 Duke Dao of Jin attacks Zheng and reaches Chen statelet. 572 icZ
c.571 Duke CHENG of Zheng from 584 ends.  Son Ji Kunwan succeeds as Duke XI of Zheng 570-65. 571 CHAC 27, MRDK, ckZg, friC
c.571 Son of Ding, JIAN ends.  King of Eastern Zhou from 585.  Son Ji Xiexin succeeds as LING until 544. 572 CHAC 26, ckZR, icZ, wikCM, wikZ     571 MRDK, friC, frie, rcC, tcgEZ, wikT, yut, yutZ
c.571 Jin erects a fortification wall at Hulao against Zheng backed by Chu. 571 ckZ
c.570 CHU invades Wu.  (no chariots used because Wu has much swamp land) 570 ICMH 45
c.569 QIN, now weakened, allies with Rong and Di barbarians. 569 ICMH 45
c.569 Duke CHENG of Chen from 598 ends.  Son Gui Ni succeeds as Duke AI of Chen 568-34. 569 MRDK ckChu
c.565 Duke XI of Zheng from 570 ends.  Son Ji Jia succeeds as Duke CHIEN of Zheng 564-30. 566 ckZg     565 CHAC 27, MRDK, friC
c.563 BIYANG, an independent city state in south Shandong, taken by Jin and allies in order to give it to the prime minister of Song. 563 ICMH 45
c.562 XIANG, Duke of Lu from 572-42, is stripped of power by the 3 Huan families, retains only religious prerogatives.  LU army is reorganized.  Power of the dukes is centralized until 400.  Earliest case of ministerial lineage supplanting the ruler of a state. 562
CHAC 598 GHCC, ckLu, ckZ
c.562 Zheng rescued by Qin from attacks by Duke DAO of Jin. 562 icZ
c.562 ANYI becomes administrative center for Wey until 339. 562 CHAC 1027
c.561 SHOU-MANG ruler of Wu from 585 dies.  CHU-FAN succeeds 560-48. 561 CHAC 26, ICMH 45 MRDK, ckWY, spYue
c.560 GON ends.  King of Gi dyn of Joseon Korea from 578SAK succeeds until 519. 560 rcK
c.560 King GONG of Chu from 590 ends.  Son Xiong Zhao succeeds as King KANG of Chu 559-45. 560 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckChu, friC, wikChu     559 rcC
c.559 Λ KITES 1st recorded in China.  Allegedly invented by philosophers Mozi and Lu Pan, but possibly invented in Maylasia. 559 hobby
400-391 TTS
c.559 QIN invaded by coalition of 18 states under Duke DAO of Jin.  Coalition pursues Qin across the Jingshui River. 559 ICMH 46, icZ
c.559 Duke XIAN of Wey from 576 deposed until 546 by Sun Linfu and Ning Zhi, who install Duke SHANG of Wey 558-47. 559 CHAC 27, ckW, friC, WeiSA, yut
c.558 Duke DAO of Jin from 572 ends.  Son Biao becomes Duke PING of Jin 557-32. 558 CHAC 561, MRDK, ckJ, ckZ, friC, wikJ, wikQi
c.558 ZI GENG becomes prime minister of Chu until 551. 558 CHAC 27, 521
c.557 QI invaded by Jin which besieges Linzi and goes east as far as Jiao and south as far as Yi on Shandong Peninsula. 557 icZ
c.557 QIN fights with JIN. 557 wikQn
c.557 Qi Kingdom eliminates Lai Yi. 557 yut, yutZ
c.556 A town in Lu is besieged by a Qi force.  300 Lu troops break out and run on foot to get help. 556
c.555 Responding to appeal from Lu, a Jin army under Xun Yan and Shi Gai invades Qi.  They succeed, but are forced to withdraw to Zheng because of a Chu invasion of Zheng. 555
c.555 Duke WU of Yen from 573 ends.  Son WEN-I succeeds 554-49. 555 CHAC 27, MRDK, ckY, friC, rcC
c.555 Duke CHENG of Cao from 577 ends.  Son Ji Sheng succeeds as Duke WU of Cao 554-28. 555 CHAC 27, MRDK, ckCao, friC, rcC, wikCao
c.554 JIN, with most of its army now in Zheng, is invaded by QI.  Duke PING of Jin 557-32, with a small force, but masterful deception, defeats Qi at Pingyin. 554
c.554 Duke LING of Qi from 581, who made his son Ya, who was born by a concubine, his heir instead of his eldest son, Guang, is now ill.  Guang returns and kills Ya with help of Cui Zhu and Qing Feng.  LING dies upon hearing this.  Son Guang becomes Duke ZHUANG of Qi 553-48. 554 CHAC 26, MRDK, ckQi, friC, icZ, wikQi
553 rcC
c.552 Duke XIANG of Lu 572-42 visits Jin court.  Jin minister Luan Cheng flees to QI until 550. 552 icZ
c.552 ZI GENG, prime minister of Chu from 558, ends.  YUAN ZI FENG succeeds 551-48. 552 CHAC 521
c.551 KUNG FUTZU (CONFUCIUS) born to the Kung family in Lu.  Son of military officer Kung He, who dies 3 years later, leaving widow Yan Zhengzai to raise Kung Qiu (his original name) in poverty. 551 B76 4-1108, wikCnf
c.550 TAOISM founded by LAO-TSU in Honan province.  Lao-Tsu supposedly writes  TAO-TE-CHING . 565 TTPC
550 scr    520 bk
c.550 WEY invaded by QI. 550 ICMH 46
c.550 Duke ZHUANG of Qi 553-48 escorts Jin minister Luan Cheng back to Jin and almost takes Jin former capital Jiang. 550 icZ
c.550 JIN is invaded by Duke ZHUANG of Qi 553-48, who attacks the capital, takes Ghaoge, and withdraws. 550 ICMH 47, icZ
c.549 Duke WEN-I of Yen from 554 ends.  Son YI succeeds 548-45. 549 CHAC 27, MRDK, ckY, friC, rcC
549 Jun 19 SOLAR ECLIPSE recorded in China.   "Duke Hsiang, 24th year, 7th month, day chia-tzu, the first day of the Moon.  The Sun was eclipsed and it was total."
(Chun-chiu, book IX)
549 Jun 19 mrec
c.549 SUIZEI, 3rd son of Jimmu, legendary 2nd Emperor of Japan from 581 ends.  Son ANNEI succeeds until 511. trad date 549 JBE 2178, MRDK, wikEJ
probable date 20CE MRDK
c.548 CHEN invaded by Zheng with 700 chariots.  Ruler of Chen surrenders, and is treated well. 548
c.548 Duke ZHUANG of Qi from 553 murdered by soldiers ordered by minister Cuizhu and some other ministers and generals.  Bro Chujiu becomes Duke JING of Qi, 547-490.  Cuizhu becomes prime minister. 548 CHAC 27, ICMH 47, MRDK, ckQi, friC, icZ, wikQi     547 rcC
c.548 QI defeated by Jin at Gaotang. 548 CHAC 520, icZ
c.548 YUAN ZI FENG, prime minister of Chu from 551 dies. 548 CHAC 520
c.548 Chu conducts a statewide survey to prepare for registering its population to regulate taxes and military duties. 548
CHAC 574
c.548 CHU-FAN ruler of Wu from 560 ends.  YU-TSAI succeeds until 530. 548 CHAC 27, ckWY
547 MRDK
c.547 Duke SHANG of Wey from 559 ends.  Former Duke XIAN 576-59 reinstated 546-44. 547 CHAC 27, ckW, friC, WeiSA
c.546 LU is invaded by Jin troops, which take city of Gaouyu. 546 ICMH 48
c.546 XU, minister of Song, persuades prime ministers of Jin and Chu to hold a peace conference at Song capital Shangqiu. 546 CHAC 562, ICMH 48
c.546 Peace conference held in Shangqiu.
Qin, Jin, Qi, and Chu kingdoms agree to another truce.  Recognizes several smaller states as satellites of Qin, Jin, and Qi.
546 CHAC 562, ckZ, wikQi, wikSA
545 bk
c.545 DAMUL king of Dangun dyn of Korea from 590.  DUHOL succeeds until 509. 545 rcK
c.545 XU invaded by ChuLU and QI march to rescue. 545 ICMH 48
c.545 Duke YI of Yen from 548 ends.  Son HUI succeeds 544-36. 545 CHAC 27, MRDK, ckY, friC     544 rcC
c.545 King KANG of Chu from 559, ends.  Son Xiong Jun succeeds as King JIA'AO of Chu 544-41. 545 CHAC 27, MRDK, ckChu, friC, wikChu     544 rcC
545/4 Son of Jian, LING ends.  King of Eastern Zhou from 571.  Son Ji Gui succeeds as JING 544-20. 545 CHAC 27, MRDK, ckZR, icZ, wikCM, wikZ     544 friC, frie, rcC, tcgEZ, wikT, yut, yutZ
c.544 Duke XIAN of Wey from 546 ends.  XIANG succeeds 543-35. 544 CHAC 27, ckW, friC, WeiSA
c.544 A JIN minister writes: "Yu, Guo, Jiao, Hua, He, Yang, Hann, and Wei were all states of the surname Ji.  This is how Jin grew to be a large state.  If we had not taken over the smaller states, where would be the gain?  Ever since the reigns of duke Wu and duke Xiang, Jin annexed many states.  Who bothered to investigate?" 544 CHAC 567
c.543 Marquis JING of Cai from 591 ends.  Ban becomes Marquis LING of Cai 542-31. 543 MRDK, wikCai
Duke: friC
c.543 Zheng ministers quarrel.  One is killed.  Zi Chan becomes prime minister until 522. 543 ICMH 48
c.543 Under prime minister Zi Chan 543-22, ZHENG is first state to clearly establish a law code including fiscal reform and 1st agrarian taxes in Zheng. 543 CHAC 573, GHCC 61, wikT, wikZ
c.542 Duke XIANG of Lu from 572 ends.  Son CHAO succeeds 541-10. 542 CHAC 27, MRDK, ckLu, ckZ, friC, icZ     541 rcC
c.541 King JIA'AO of Chu from 544, murdered by his uncle Xiong Qian, who succeeds as King LING of Chu 540-29. 541 MRDK, ckChu, friC, wikChu     540 ICMH 48, rcC
c.540 Jin general Wei Shu attacks and defeats Di barbarians. 540 ICMH 48
c.538 Prime minister Zi Chan of Zheng imposes more agrarian taxes to support military. 538 CHAC 573, GHCC 61
c.538 King Ling of Chu notifies duke Ping of Jin that he intended to call an assembly of lords, meaning he now intends to act as sole hegemon.  Ling assembles the meeting at Shen (Nanyang). 538 EnoSA
c.537 Duke JING of Qin from 577 dies.  Son succeeds as Duke AI of Qin 536-01. 537 CHAC 27, 486, MRDK, ckQn, friC, icZ, wikQn
c.536 Yen invaded by Jin. 536 icZ
c.536 Duke HUI of Yen from 544 ends.  Son TAO succeeds 535-29. 536 CHAC 27, MRDK, ckY, friC, rcC
c.536 An iron tripod cauldron in either Jin or Zheng has a law code is inscribed on it prescribing punishments. 536 CHAC 579,
CHC 1-26, bk, wikTCL
c.535 Duke XIANG of Wey from 543 ends.  LING succeeds 534-493. 535 CHAC 27, ckW, friC, WeiSA
c.534 Barbarians of north Shanxi submit to Jin. 534 ICMH 48
c.534 Duke AI of Chen from 568 ends.  Neph Gui Wu succeeds as Duke HUI of Chen 533-32. 534 MRDK, ckChn
c.532 Duke HUI of Chen from 533 suspended until 529. 532 MRDK
c.532 Duke PING of Song from 575 dies.  Son Zuo succeeds as Duke YUAN of Song 531-17. 532 CHAC 27, MRDK, ckS, friC, icZ, wikS
c.532 Duke PING of Jin from 557 ends.  Son Yi becomes Duke ZHAO of Jin 531-26. 532 CHAC 27, MRDK, ckJ, friC, wikJ, wikQi
532 Λ ASTRONOMY V: NOVA recorded in Records of the Grand Historian and Zuo Zhuan. 532 wikTlca
c.532 TIEN clan of Qi destroys several rival families, dominates Qi, and expands Qi power against rival states. 532 CHAC 589, wikQi
c.531 CAI kingdom, invaded by Chu.  Marquis LING of Cai from 542 ends.  Lu becomes Marquis PING of Cai 530-22.  Cai land comes under Chu until ?.  CAI kingdom is forced to relocate, first to Xincai. 531 ICMH 49, MRDK, wikCai wikChu
Duke: friC
c.531 YU-TSAI ruler of Wu from 547 ends.  YU-MEI succeeds until 527. 544 CHAC 27     531 ckWY
530 MRDK
c.530 At Lu, Nan Kuai leads revolt against Ji family at Pi until 528. 530 ICMH 49
c.530 CONFUCIUS, age 19, marries, gets job under the duke of Lu. 530 MCAW 97, wikCnf
c.530 Duke CHIEN of Zheng from 564 ends.  Son TING succeeds 529-14. 530 CHAC 27, MRDK, ckZg, friC
c.529 XU, ally of Wu, besieged by Chu. 529 ICMH 49
c.529 King Ling of Chu begins long-prepared campaign against Wu.  It is so big and slow that it drains Chu resources while passing thru.  King Ling personally joins forward camp. 529 EnoSA
c.529 Wei family, including Ling's younger bro, revolts against King LING of Chu, siezes Zizhou, kills heir apparent, besieges Gucheng.
King LING of Chu from 540, is deposed by younger bros, looses all will to fight, wanders the countryside and suicides out.  Bro Xiong Bi succeeds as King ZIAO, but is cheated into committing suicide by his younger bro Xiong Ju, who succeeds as King PING of Chu 528-16.
529 CHAC 27, ICMH 49, MRDK, bk, ckChu, EnoSA, friC, icZ, wikChu
528 rcC
c.529 CAI, under Chu from 531, rebels. 529 ICMH 49
c.529 Former Duke HUI of Chen, suspended from 532, restored until 505. 529 MRDK
c.529 Duke TAO of Yen from 535 ends.  Son KUNG succeeds 528-24. 529 CHAC 27, MRDK, ckY, friC, rcC
c.528 Duke WU of Cao from 554 ends.  Son Ji Xu succeeds as Duke PING of Cao 527-24. 528 MRDK, ckCao, friC, rcC, wikCao
c.527 King Ping of Chu sends prime minister to Qin to procure a wife for his son.  The proposed Qin bride is so good looking that the minister returns and advises Ping to marry her himself.  Ping takes his advice, and is not disappointed. 527 EnoSA
c.527 YU-MEI ruler of Wu from 530 ends.  LIAO succeeds until 514. 527 CHAC 27, ckWY 526 MRDK
c.526 Duke ZHAO of Jin from 531 ends.  Son Qiji becomes Duke QING of Jin 525-12.  Jin dukes become figureheads and the state was controlled by six clans: Fan, Zhonghang, Zhi, Han, Zhao and Wei. 526 CHAC 27, ckJ, friC, wikJ, wikQi
c.524 Duke KUNG of Yen from 528 ends.  Son PING succeeds 523-05. 524 CHAC 27, MRDK, ckY, friC, rcC
c.524 Duke PING of Cao from 527 ends.  Son Ji Wu succeeds as Duke TAO of Cao 523-15. 524 MRDK, ckCao, friC, wikCao     523 rcC
c.523 JIN is controlled by 6 clans until 475.  Zhao, Wei, Hann, Zhi, Fan and Zhong. 523 wikWS
c.522 Marquis PING of Cai from 530 ends.  Dongguo becomes Marquis DAO of Cai 521-19. 522 MRDK, wikCai
Duke: friC
c.522 Zi Chan prime minister of Zheng from 543 ends. 522 CHAC 573
c.522 Chu elder prince Jian flees to Zheng where he is killed. 522 icZ
c.522 Family of Wu Zuxu exterminated by King Ping of Chu 528-16.  Wu Zuxu of Chu flees to Wu, and becomes advisor to king Liao. 522 ICMH 49, icZ
c.520 YANZI, envoy from Qi, visiting Jin, is asked about the situation in Qi.  Yanzi answered that it was not good, because the ruler showed no benevolence toward his subjects.  By contrast, the ruler of Chen was benevolent, and therefore would soon annex Qi. 520
mtp p48
c.520 JIN / WU alliance from 584 ends. 520 EnoSA
c.520 Metal COINS begin in China:  miniature bronze spade and knife coins.   (See Greece 600, Cyprus 530, Darius-I 510), Etruscan 470) 1000 ehow     770 fcts
6th cen.: cnnws
770-476 wikACC
600-300 bggy     500 PW 16
c.520 Son of Ling, JING dies.  King of Eastern Zhou from 544.  Son Ji Meng succeeds as DAO and is killed.  6 Jin ministers go to Zhou court and quell succession struggle.  Other son Ji Gai succeeds as JING-II king of Zhou 519-476. 521 tcgEZ, wikCM, wikZ
520 CHAC 27, MRDK, ckZR, friC, frie, icZ, rcC, wikT     519 yut, yutZ
c.520 Barbarian state of KU overrun by Qin, becomes a province under a Qin governor. 520 ICMH 49
c.520 LAO TSU founder of TAOISM, dies. 520 TAWH 17
c.519 SAK ends.  King of Gi dyn of Joseon Korea from 560YO succeeds until 503. 519 rcK
c.519 Marquis DAO of Cai from 521 ends.  Shen becomes Marquis ZHAO of Cai 518-491. 519 MRDK, wikCai
Duke: friC
c.517 Duke YUAN of Song from 531 ends.  Son Touman succeeds as Duke JING of Song 516-451. 517 CHAC 27, MRDK, ckS, friC, wikS
c.517 CONFUCIUS supposedly meets LAO TSU. 517 MCAW 101
c.517 Civil war in Lu.  3 ministerial families (Ji Mengsun, Ji Shuson, Ji Jisun) drive duke Chao of Lu 541-10 from the capital until 515. 517 ICMH 50, icZ
c.516 King PING of Chu from 528 dies.  Son Xiong Zhen succeeds as King CHAO of Chu 515-489. 516 CHAC 27, EnoSA, MRDK ckChu, friC, icZ, wikChu
515 ICMH 50, rcC
c.515 Prince Zichao opposes king JING-II of Zhou 519-476.  Jin leads various vassal armies to the Zhou court.  Zichao accepts the position of minister until 513. 515 icZ
c.515 Duke TAO of Cao from 523 captured by Duke Jing of Song, and held prisoner until his death.   Bro Ji Ye succeeds as Duke XIANG of Cao until 512. 515 MRDK, ckCao, friC, rcC, wikCao
c.515 Wey and Song petiiton Jin to have Duke CHAO of Lu restored. 515 ICMH 50, icZ
c.515 Duke CHAO of Lu 541-10, exiled from 517, restored. 515 guess
c.514 Jin royal families of Qixisun and Shuxiangzi exterminated by 6 clans Zhao, Wei, Hann, Zhi, Fan and Zhong. 514 icZ
c.514 LIAO ruler of Wu from 526 murdered by Zhuan Zhu, allowing HOLU to succeed as king of Wu until 495.  Wu begins ascendance. 515 CHAC 27, ICMH 50 wikT, yutZ     514 MRDK, bk, ckWY, ckZ, icZ
c.514 Duke TING of Zheng from 529 ends.  Son Ji Chai succeeds as Duke XIEN of Zheng 513-01. 514 CHAC 27, MRDK, ckZg, friC
c.513 Prince Zichao rebels against king JING-II of Zhou 519-476, who flees to Jin court until 512. 513 icZ
c.513 Casting of laws on a bronze tripod vessel in order to enforce destruction of Qi and Yangshe lineages. 513
CHAC 599, CHC 1-26
c.513 IRON CASTING first mentioned. 513 GHCC
c.513 CONFUCIUS says Jin action in casting a bronze tripod with a text of the written set of punishments would be likely to disrupt social hierarchies. 513
CHAC 1007
c.512 Duke QING of Jin from 525 dies.  Wu becomes Duke DING of Jin 511-475. 512 CHAC 27, MRDK, ckJ, friC, icZ, wikJ, wikQi
c.512 King JING-II of Zhou 519-476, exiled in Jin from 513, escourted back to Zhou capital by Duke Ding of Jin.  Prince Zichao flees to Jin Chu until ?. 512 icZ
c.512 Zhou capital: LOYANG from 771, moved by king JING-II to CHENGZHOU until ?. 512 icZ
c.512 Sun Wu (better known as Sun Tzu or Sun Zi, 535-?), begins to follow king Holu of Wu, and help him to eliminate Xu kingdom of lower Huai valley. 514 icZ
512 CHAC 538, yut, yutZ
c.512 State of XU annexed by CHU until 504. 512 wikChu, yut, yutZ
c.512 Duke XIANG of Cao from 514 ends.  Bro Ji Tong succeeds as Duke YIN of Cao 511-06. 512 ckCao, friC     510 rcC, wikCao
509 MRDK
c.511 Wu general Sun Wu invades CHU, captures Shu, kills 2 former Wu generals who had defected to Chu.
This is his only feat recorded at the time.  His susequent fame is due solely to his book, "Art of War".
511 ICMH 50
c.511 ANNEI TENO, son of Suizei, legendary 3rd emperor of Japan from 549, ends.  Son ITOKU succeeds 510-476. trad date 511 wikEJ
510 JBE 2178
probable date 50CE MRDK
c.510 YUN CHANG becomes ruler of Yue until 496. 510 rcC
c.510 Wu Yue Chunqiu mentions a Wu incursion into Yue. 510 CHAC 564, spYue
c.510 Kingdoms of Wu and Yue begin constant war until 473. 510 B76 4-69
c.510 Duke CHAO of Lu from 541 exiled by his own chancellor.  Bro TING succeeds 509-495. 512 ICMH 50     510 CHAC 27, MRDK, ckLu, ckZ, friC     509 rcC
c.509 DUHOL king of Dangun dyn of Korea from 545.  DALEUM succeeds until 491. 509 rcK
c.507 Yue general GOUJIAN is defeated by a Wu army at Mt. Kuniji. 507 ICMH 51
c.506 State of Chen, ally of Chu, destroyed by Cai. 506 ICMH 51
c.506 Duke HUI of Chen from 529 ends.  Son Gui Liu succeeds as Duke HUAI of Chen 505-02. 506 MRDK, ckChn
c.506 CAI, invaded by Chu, appeals to Wu for help. 506 ICMH 51
c.506 Whole WU army under king Holu invades CHU.  Wu forces (led by Sun Tzu according to later accounts) defeat Chu in 5 battles including at Yuzhang and BOJUWu sacks and occupies Chu capital YING.  King ZHAO of Chu flees to Yun. 506 CHAC 563, GHCC, ICMH 51 bk, ckZ, EnoSA, wikChu, wikT
c.506 Chu minister Shen Baoxu goes to seek help from Qin. 506 icZ
c.506 Duke YIN of Cao from 509 ends.  Bro Ji Lu succeeds as Duke CHING of Cao 505-02. 506 MRDK, ckCao, friC, rcC, wikCao
c.505 Qi Yanzi, statesman of Qi, dies. 505 yut, yutZ
c.505 YANG HU, a retainer of the Ji family, rebels and seizes power from the Ji family. 505 wikCnf
c.505 LU, technically under duke Ting 509-495, comes under control of YANG HU of the ruling Ji family until 503. 505 ICMH 52
c.505 Duke PING of Yen from 523 ends.  Son CHIEN succeeds 504-493. 505 CHAC 27, MRDK, ckY, friC, rcC, yut
c.505 Duke AI of Qin 537-01 sends 500 chariots plus infantry under generals Zipu and Zihu to help Chu against Wu.  They are joined by a Chu force under prince Zoxi of Chu. 505 ICMH 52
506 icZ
c.505 Prince Zoxi of Chu engages a Wu force at Qi.  A Qin force joins, and they defeat the main Wu army under Prince Fugai at YiPrince Fugai withdraws. 505
c.505 Chu and Qin armies then attack Wu allies. 505 ICMH 52
c.505 TANG destroyed by Chu and Qin armies. 505 ICMH 52
c.505 King Holu of Wu at Yunshi, attacked by Qin troops, retreats to defensive position at Zhun, where he is defeated by Prince Zoxi of ChuKing Holu retreats to Wu. 505 ICMH 52-3
c.505 Qin defeats King Holu of Wu at Junxiang. 504 icZ
c.505 Prince Fugai of Wu tries to usurp throne, is defeated by Holu loyalists, and flees to Chu. 505 ICMH 53
c.505 Chu builds a fleet, defeats Wu at sea off Zhangan. 505 ICMH 53
c.504 State of XU, annexed by CHU from 512, conquered by Zheng. 504 ICMH 53
c.504 Yue defeated by king Holu of Wu.  King of Yue escapes. 504 ICMH 53
Goujian is king: ICMH 53
c.504 WU again attacks YING, capital of Chu.  ZHAO, king of Chu, moves capital to territory taken from Ruo. 504 wikChu
c.504 A  LAW CODE  is inscribed on bamboo in Zheng. 504 wikTCL
c.503 YO ends.  King of Gi dyn of Joseon Korea from 519GANG succeeds until 486. 503 rcK
c.503 YANG HU of the Ji family, in control of Lu from 505, defeated by a steward of the Meng family, and exiled.  Ting is restored as duke of Lu 509-495. 503 ICMH 53 by 501 wikCnf
c.502 Duke CHING of Cao from 505 ends.  Son Ji Yang succeeds as Baron PO-YANG of Cao 501-487. 502 MRDK, ckCao, friC, rcC, wikCao
c.502 Duke HUAI of Chen from 505 ends.  Son Gui Yue succeeds as Duke MIN of Chen 501-479. 502 MRDK, ckChn
c.501 4 procedures for Λ MEDICAL diagnosis:  examination of complexion and tongue, auscultation, medical history of patient, taking pulse. 501 GHCC
c.501 Duke XIEN of Zheng from 513 ends.  Bro SHENG succeeds 500-463. 501 CHAC 27, MRDK, ckZg, friC
c.501 Duke AI of Qin from 537 ends.  Son does not rule, but is granted title Duke YI of Qin posthumously.
Son of Yi succeeds as Duke HUI-I of Qin 500-491.
501 CHAC 27, MRDK, ckQn, friC, wikQn
c.501 CONFUCIUS made governor of Chungtu city in Lu until 500. 501 MCAW 103, wikCnf

East Asia 500-481