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c.110 CIMBRI confederation, in Helveti land from 112, move west into Rhone valley in the Roman province of Narbonensis.  Cimbri remain until 104.  Teutons remain until 102. 110 B76 I-480, GHH
109 hifiCT
no date: OCD 240
c.110 CONTONIATUS, king of the Iontora(?) in Gaul, maintains friendly relations with Romans. 110 atl2
c.109 More wandering Germanics cross the Rhine into Gaul. 109 hifiCT
c.109 Germanic CIMBRI ask to settle on Roman land.  Senate refuses. 109 LdHR 2-240, atl2
c.109 Consul M. Junius SILANUS is sent to Transalpine Gaul.  He is defeated by the Cimbri. 109 CAH 9-24, DGRBM 1-655, 2-955, 3-819, DGRG 1-954, GHH, LdHR 2-240, MCAW, SORH, atl2, wikGM     no date: OCD 240
c.108 Consul M.(1) Aurelius Scaurus is defeated by the Cimbri. 108 SORH
c.107 Consul L.(2) Cassius LONGINUS enters Gallia Narbonensis to oppose the Cimbri confederation in defense of Allobroge allies. 107 DGRG 1-954, hifiHlv
c.107 TIGURNI (subtribe of Helvetii) under chief Divico move down the Rhone. 107 LdHR 2-240
c.107 TOLOSA, under Romans from ?, rebels, becomes capital of the Volcae Tectosages. 107 SORH
c.107 The TIGURINI defeated by Consul L.(2) CASSIUS LONGINUS by lake Geneva. 107 DGRBM 2-955
c.107 Consul L.(2) CASSIUS LONGINUS gains ground against the Volcae near Tolosa. 107 wikRGG
107 Consul L.(2) CASSIUS LONGINUS is defeated by the Helvetian Tigurini under chief Divico at Burdigala Aquitania.  CASSIUS is killed.  Senior surviving officer C. Popillius Laenas saves the lives of the remaining soldiers by surrendering half the baggage and a humiliating agreement.  Remnants of army are allowed to escape after surrendering possessions and passing under a yoke. 107 CAH 9-24, 92, DGRBM 1-655, 1057, SORH, atl2, hifiBtc, wikGM, wikBB, wikHlv, wikRGG
c.107 Grandfather of L. Calpurnius Piso, L. PISO is killed in battle at Burdigala. 107 hifiHlv
c.107 The BELENDI, a subtribe of Biturices Vivisci, probably following the Cimbri, become detached. 107 hifiBtc
c.106 Consul Q.(2) Servilius CAEPIO goes from Italy to Gaul until 105/4. 106 wikGM
c.106 Q.(2) Servilius CAEPIO recaptures TOLOSA, capital of the Volcae Tectosages, and removes sacred treasures from its temple: over 50,000 15-pound bars of gold and 10,000 15-pound bars of silver.  Border of Provence is now extended to Tolosa. 106 DGRBM 2-1209, DGRG 1-955, 2-672, SORH, atl2, wikGM
106/5 DGRG 2-1216, wikRGG
105 LdHR 2-241
c.106 The GOLD of TOLOSA is transported to Massilia.  Most of it vanishes. 106 wikGM
c.105 Consular legate M. Aurelius SCAURUS is defeated and captured by Cimbri.  When brought before the leaders, he warns them not to cross the Alps, and is thereupon killed by Boiorix, one of the chiefs. 107 GHH
105 DGRBM 3-738, atl2
c.105 Q.(2) Servilius CAEPIO, in Transalpine Gaul from 106, made proconsul. Cisalpine 105 wikQSC
c.105 Consul Gn. MALLIUS MAXIMUS, a novus homo, is sent to reinforce proconsul Q.(2) Servilius Caepio. 105 B76 I-480, DGRG 1-955
c.105 Q.(2) Servilius CAEPIO, proconsul of Gaul, refuses to cooperate with consul Gn. Mallius Maximus against the Cimbri confederation. 105 DGRBM 1-534, OCD 188, atl2, wikRGG
104 LdHR 2-241
c.105 Oct Consul Gn. Mallius Maximus is camped on the east bank of the RhoneProconsul Caepio is camped on the west bank at ARAUSIOThe Cimbri and Teutons storm one camp after the other.  Caepio's army is destroyed.  The remnant of treasure he took from Tolosa is lost.  80,000 troops and 40,000 camp followers are killed, all because of the arrogance of Caepio.  Q. Sertorius, escapes by swimming over the Rhone in his armor. 105 B76 I-480, 11-504, 15-1101, CAH 9-24, DGRBM 2-955, 3-788, DGRG 1-955, 1080, 2-1216, Dur 3-110, GHH, LEWH 105, MCAW, OCD 188, 240, SORH, TTPC, atl2, bk, hifiBo, wikHlv, wikGM, wikRGG
104 LdHR 2-241
105 After Arausio, Q.(2) Servilius CAEPIO and consul Gn. Mallius MAXIMUS advance against Germanic tribes: Teutoni, Cimbri, and Tigurini/Marcomanni/Cherusci. 105 wikQSC
105/4 Q.(2) Servilius CAEPIO, in Transalpine Gaul from 106, proconsul from 105, fired from command, returns to Rome, accused of many things. 105 atl2
winter 105/4 OCD 188
105/4 C. Flavius FIMBRIA takes over command in Gaul against the CimbriHe is elected consul in absentia. winter 105/4 wikRGG
c.104 Germanic CIMBRI, in Rhone valley from 110, ravage the country between the Rhone and Pyrenees, then enter Spain until 102.  They conflict with the Celtiberi. 105 SORH     105/4 GHH
104 atl2     no date: DGRG 1-955, 1080, OCD 240
c.104 COPILLUS, leader of Tectosages, captured by L. Cornelius SULLA. 104 atl2
c.104 C. Marius with new army enters Gaul and remains defensive. 104 SORH
c.104 ARLES (formerly Arelate) Gaul, under Rome 123-?, rebuilt.  Canal dug to Mediterranean. 104 wikAr
c.103 Germanic CIMBRI, in Spain from 104 expelled by the Celtiberi, return to Rhone valley. 104 GHH   103 DGRG 1-1080, SORH, atl2 102 Dur 3-119, wikGM
no date: OCD 240
Cimbri ally with Helveti and Teutons for joint invasion of Cisalpine Gaul, The Teutons from Narbonensis, the Cimbri by Brenner Pass, and the Tigurini from the northeast.
c.103 Germanic CIMBRI approach Italy. 103 GHH
c.103 Consul C. MARIUS marches army from Rome to Transalpine Gaul.  L. Sulla is his legate. 103 CAH 9, DGRG 1-955
c.103 Consul C. MARIUS trains army in Transalpine Gaul.  Having recruited a motley mob with lavish promises, he now has to discipline them harshly into an army.  Homosexuality is punished with death. 103 CAH 9 102 MCAW
c.103 C. LUSIUS, neph of C. Marius, military tribune in the Cimbri war from 111, killed by his tent-comrader Trebonius for attempting a homosexual assault on him.  Marius acquits Trebonius and rewards him with a crown, an honor usually reserved for a soldier who saves another in battle. 106 DGRBM 2-843
104 atl2
no date: wikTT
c.103 Consul C. MARIUS, at war with the Cimbri and Teutons, sends a letter to test the loyalty of the Gauls and Ligurii.  Letter commands them in the first part not to open the inner part, which is sealed, before a certain date.  Afterwards, before that date had arrived, he demands the letter back, and finds all seals broken. 103 atl2
c.103 C. MARIUS, in Gaul 103, has to return to Rome to manage elections, because consul Orestes has died. 103 wikGM
c.102 Consul C. MARIUS returns to Gaul until 101. 102 implied
c.102 Consul C. MARIUS fortifies his camp and digs a new channel at mouth of the Rhone. 102 atl2
c.102 L. Cornelius SULLA Felix defeats the Tectosages, who are in arms against the Romans, and takes their king Copill prisoner. 103/2
DGRG 1-955
c.102 SULLA, now at odds with Marius, gets himself transferred to the staff of consul Catulus. 102 MCAW
c.102 CIMBRI and TEUTONS decide to approach Italy by different routes. 102 atl2
c.102 Consul C. Marius entrenches himself near the junction of the Rhone and the Isere. 102 DGRG 1-955, LdHR 2-244
c.102 TEUTONS under king Teutobodus, and AMBRONES in the Rhone valley from 110, move toward Alps, pass camp of camp of Marius.  Neither attacks.  They ask the Romans if they have any messages for their wives.  They take 6 days to get past the camp. 102 DGRG 1-955, Dur 3-119, LdHR 2-244, atl2
c.102 Q. SERTORIUS, soldier under Marius, goes as a spy into camp of the Teutons. 102 B76 IX-74, DGRBM 3-788, atl2
c.102 Consul C. MARIUS attacks rear of a column of Teutons under Teutobodus and defeats them in 2 battles near AQUAE SEXTIAE 20 km northeast of Massilia.  200,000 Teutons killed, 90,000 captured.  King Teutobodus is either killed or captured. 102 B76 I-169, 7-960, 8-40, 11-504, CAH 9, DGRBM 3-1015, DGRG 1-169, 955, 2-1120, 1133, Dur 3-110, 119, GHH, LdHR 2-246, MCAW, OCD 648, SORH, TTPC, atl2, wikGM, wikTAR, wikRGG     102/1 B76 15-1101
c.102 After Aquae Sextiae Consul C. MARIUS burns a pile of German weapons in sacrifice to Mars.  While doing this, he receives news of his re-election as consul for 101. 102 MCAW
c.102 6,000 Teuton survivors settle between the Meuse and Scheldt rivers, become ancestors of the Atuatuci. 102 DGRG 2-1133
c.102 Consul C. MARIUS sells off plunder from Teutons. 102 atl2
c.102 Consul C. MARIUS defeats Ambrones, a subtribe of Helvetii. 102 bk, wikRGG
c.101 Germanic CIMBRI, in Rhone valley, cross east thru Helveti land, cross eastern Alps by Brenner Pass, some sliding down the slopes on their shields, into Venetia. 101 DGRBM 2-956, DGRG 1-945, LdHR 2-247
no date: OCD 240
c.101 C. MARIUS, in Gaul 102, crosses back into Italy because the Cimbri are there. 101 DGRBM 2-956
c.101 CIMBRI and TEUTONES WAR with Rome from 113 ends.  Germans will not threaten Rome for 5 centuries. 101 Dur 3-110
c.101 Germanic CIMBRI withdraw from Italy to north of Alps.  The destruction of these invaders keeps Northern Gallia quiet for a time, and there will be no great movement of barbarians until the Helveti migration 58. 101 guess
c.101 Boiorix, king of the Cimbri (& Boii?) ends. 101 hifiBo
c.101 Tigurini branch of Helvetii retreat after defeat of Cimbri. 101 atl2
c.101 NORICUM, Celtic kingdom from 400, comes under Rome until ?. 101 ooctA

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