The land we call Syria is abbreviated from Assyria because the name stuck after Assyria fell in 612.  It is arbitrarily called Aram here because the Torah calls it Aram even before the Arameans arrived.
c.1200 ARAM suffers invasions, social and political crisis. 1200 WPOT 119, hifi
c.1200 AMURRU, independent kingdom from ?, ends because of invasions of Sea Peoples. 1200 WPOT 119, hifi
c.1200 DAMASCUS, under Egypt from 1259, no longer under Egypt, but oppressed by Sea Peoples until ?. 1200 wikD
c.1200 HALAP, under Hittites from ?, reverts to a small market town, returns to Arameans until 900. 1200 B76 1-465, rcS
c.1200 HAZOR under Egypt from 1600, destroyed by Sea Peoples. 1200 hifi, hifiHz
c.1200 HAZOR under Egypt from 1600, no longer so. 1200 rcCan
c.1200 ARVAD sacked by Sea Peoples, but recovers. 1200 hifi
c.1200 PHOENECIA, under Egypt from 1285, is now free of Egyptian domination. 1200 mxfld
c.1200 GALILEE, partly under Egyptian hegemony from 1480, comes under Hazor until 1100, but is infiltrated by Israelites. 1200 rcHL
c.1200 SIDON overcome by the king of the "Askalonians" (probably Sea People).  Flee in ships to Tyre.
TYRE is taken over by Sidonians, and becomes chief Phoenician port.
1200 ENBD 1302, MWΦ 9, rcHL
1198 WBANE 342
c.1200 ACCO, under Egypt from 1900, comes under TYRE until 1000.
c.1200 LATE BRONZE AGE in Canaan from 1500, Late Bronze-2 from 1400, Late Bronze-2b from 1300, all end.
Λ IRON V AGE begins until 300.
EARLY IRON AGE begins until 900.   Iron-1a begins until 1150.
1200 CWH, IDB 1-207, Sdl 1-154, SHT 1-620, WBANE 94 1000 Flap, LEWH 15
(See Anatolia 1400, Indus Valley 1300, Crete 1200, Europe 900, Africa 700, Egypt 670)
c.1200 IRON smelting furnaces exist at Gerar. 1200 B76 11-1061
c.1200 CANAAN, under Egypt from 1274, is now free of Egyptian domination, but oppressed by Sea Peoples. guess
c.1200 ZIKLAG, town in Negev, under Egypt from 1800, comes under Philistines of Gath until 1010. 1200 rcCan
c.1200 JOPPA, under Egypt from 1400, comes under Philistines of Ashdod until 990. 1200 rcHL
c.1200 Philistine cities ASHDOD, ASKALON, EKRON, GAZA, and GATH, under Egypt from 1600, independent until 975. 1200 rcHL
c.1200  ORACLES of BALAAM , poetic portions of Numbers 23-24, written. 1200 AYGC 15
c.1200 GERAR Canaanite city-state southeast of Gaza, comes under Philistines of Gaza until 1000. 1200 rcCan
c.1200 Thanks to Hittites, local  IRON V production begins period of rapid growth in Aram, Canaan, Europe, and Persia until 1000.
(See China 1200, Egypt 1150)
SHT 1-595
c.1200 TOB, east of Sea of Galilee, under Bashan from 1250, disputed until 990. 1200 rcCan
c.1200 Tell JEMMEH (10 km south of Gaza) occupied by Canaanites from 1450, taken by Sea Peoples. 1200 mxfld
c.1200 SEMITES in Egypt, remaining after Exodus, migrate north. 1200 TTPC 8
c.1199 DEBORAH, judge of Israel from 1237, ends. 1199 CBCOT     1169 ISBE 1-680
c.1198 ISRAEL, at peace from 1237, aggressed by Midianites until 1191. 1263 lgbt     1256 kical     1231 trubi
1221 bomb     1202 ds     1199 CBCOT 1198 HCC, bivu     1193 btl     1144 bica
c.1198 SHASU tribes of Edom cross into Egypt during reign of Seti-II 1199-94. 1205 WPOT 231
c.1195 UGARIT probably attacked by Sea Peoples.  A level of destruction appears 1195-85. 1195 hifi, pczy
c.1194 ALALAKH, Aram destroyed by Sea Peoples. 1200 IDB 4-264, hifi
1194 MCAW 46
c.1193 BAAL-TERMEG, king of TYRE, ends.  BAAL-??? succeeds to 1163. 1220 hifiT
1193 rcLeb, wikT
c.1191 ISRAEL, aggressed by Midianites from 1198, delivered by GIDEON ben Joash, who judges Israel until 1151. 1256 lgbt     1251 kical     1247 lara
1225 trubi     1215 bomb     1195 ds
1194 bihi, htc     1192 CBCOT
1191 HCC, bica, bivu     1162 ISBE 1-680     1186 btl
1150 WBH 27     1186 1075 MCAW 50
c.1190 Latest Ugaritic texts. 1190 ISBE 4-939
c.1185 Emar Aram destroyed by Sea Peoples. 1185 hifi
c.1182 UGARIT destroyed by Sea Peoples, never rebuilt.  This leaves Sidon and Gebal the leading states in Phoenicia. 1185 pczy     1182 hifi
1180 rcS
no date: WBANE 340
c.1215 AMMURAPI, 8th king of Ugarit from 1215, ends.  1215 wikAm
c.1180 GERAR is a center for metalurgy.  Λ Iron V bars are used here to make weapons. 1180
SHT 1-597
c.1175 PELESET, a tribe of Sea People, settle on plain of Canaan between Joppa and Gaza.  This land becomes called PHILISTIA. 1175
IDB 1-584
c.1175 Southern Israelite territories are conquered and occupied by Philistines. 1186-68 hifiI
c.1170 TSIKAR, a tribe of Sea People, settle at DOR, establish independent kingdom. no date: BHoE 512, WBANE 340
c.1163 BAAL-???, king of TYRE, from 1193, ends.  PUMMAY succeeds to 1125. 1163 hifiT, rcLeb, wikT
c.1160 SHASU of Seir cross into Egypt during reign of Ramses-III. 1180 WPOT 231
c.1160 RAMSES-III makes abortive attempt to recover Aram. no date: MCAW 46
c.1151 GIDEON, judge of Israel from 1191, dies.   Son ABIMELECH succeeds until 1149. 1216 lgbt     1214 kical     1207 lara
1184 trubi     1176 bomb     1155 bihi, ds 1152 CBCOT     1151 HCC, bivu     1146 btl 1144 bica     1135 biti     1122 ISBE 1-680     1120 WBH 27
c.1150  SONG of DEBORAH  written.  This is the 1st actual writing of a part of the Torah. 1150 IDB 1-500
1150 or later: AYGC 13 1125 IDB 3-442
c.1149 ABIMELECH ben Gideon, judge of Israel from 1151, gets a millstone dropped on his head by a woman.  Orders his armor bearer to kill him so that history would not credit a woman with doing it.  TOLA succeeds until 1129. 1213 lgbt     1211 kical
1204 lara     1182 trubi
1174 bomb     1152 bihi, ds, htc 1149 CBCOT, HCC, bivu
1141 bica     1120 WBH 27     1119 ISBE 1-680
c.1129 TOLA, judge of Israel from 1149, dies. 1190 lgbt, kical     1181 lara     1175 trubi 1152 bomb     1129 bivu, ds     1126 CBCOT, HCC     1123 btl     1118 bica     1110 biti
c.1126 JAIR becomes judge of Israel until 1105. 1190 lgbt     1189 kical     1181 lara     1175 trubi 1170 bomb     1131 bihi, htc     1129 ds     1126 CBCOT, HCC, bivu     1123 biti, btl     1118 bica
c.1125 PUMMAY, king of TYRE, from 1163, ends. 1125 hifiT, rcLeb, wikT
c.1125 SHECHEM, occupied from 1450, destroyed. 1125 IDB Sup-821
c.1115 Philistines aggress Israel until 1075. Jg 13:1     1115 CBCOT
c.1115 Amorite SIHON captures areas of Moab (from Arnon to Jabbok and Jordan rivers).  Sihon forms his own kingdom around the city of Heshbon. Jg 13:1
1115 hifiAm
c.1112 ARAMEANS in north Aram arrive at Carchemish (under Hittites 1190-10) and turn west. 1112 TAWH 56
c.1110 Much PAPYRUS shipped from Egypt to Gebal (Byblos). just before 1100 BBP 14
c.1108 AMURRU, overrun by Sea Peoples from 1200, taken by TIGLATH-PILESER-I, king of Assyria 1115-1076. no date: MWΦ 10
c.1108 GEBAL, SIDON, ARVAD all pay tribute to TIGLATH-PILESER-I. no date: MWΦ 10
c.1107 ELI becomes judge of Israel at Shiloh until 1067. 1109 bihi, htc     1108 lara     1107 HCC, bivu     1104 bica, kical     1100 DHJ 89
c.1105 JAIR, judge of Israel from 1126, dies.  ELI remains at Shiloh 1107-1067.  Ammonite adversity begins in Gilead until 1087. 1170 kical   1159 lara   1150 bomb
1107 ds     1105 HCC, bivu
1104 CBCOT     1101 biti, btl     1096 ISBE 1-680, bica
c.1100  MOSAIC LAW   Sum of laws in Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy (which may be as late as 622)   (See Eshnunna 1930, Lipit Ishtar 1870, Hammurabi 1790, Hittite 1370, Middle Assyrian 1100, COMPARE) arbitrary date
IDB 3-80-86
Covenant Code post-1200 IDB 3-83
c.1100  PHOENICIAN ALPHABET  V, an extension of Proto-Canaanite:  22 consonants developed by Semites in Levant to communicate with diverse tongues of trading partners.  Becomes base of Semitic and all European script.   (See Linear-B 1150, Veracruz 1000, India 850) 2000 ENBD 1346
1750-1651 TTS
1400 mom 13-1200 wss
1100 TAWH 16 1075 MCAW 51 1000 TTT
c.1100 GALILEE, under Hazor from 1200, comes under Israel until 722. 1100 rcHL
c.1100 OLD ARAMAIC PERIOD begins until 200.  Starts from being spoken in Aramaean city-states to becoming a major means of communication in diplomacy and trade thruout Mesopotamia, Levant, and EgyptANCIENT ARAMAIC phase begins until 500.  The alphabet of Ancient Aramaic is based on Phoenician.  There is unity in the written language.  The central phase of Old Aramaic will be its official use by the Achaemenid Empire (500-330). 1100 wikAL
c.1094 TIGLATH-PILESER-I, king of Assyria 1115-1076, raids Aram. 1094 IDB 4-722
c.1094 WENAMON, Egyptian envoy, sent to GEBAL to buy timber for Ramses-XI.  He is robbed, and arrives without credentials or gifts.  He notifies his superiors who send more trading goods, and Wenamon buys his timber for "500 rolls of fine quality papyrus". 1100 IDB 3-802, 4-722, 918
1091 MCAW 51     1080 SOTS 115
Ram-XI yr 5: wikWnmn
1079 B76 17-944
1060 AYGC 212, WBANE 342
1050 IDB 3-792
c.1090 DOR, occupied by Tsikar Sea People from 1170, taken by TJEKKER Sea People.  Contains no Philistine pottery. 1090 WPOT 61
c.1087 AMMONITES, opposing Israel in Gilead from 1105, defeated by JEPHTHAH ben Gilead, who becomes judge of Israel until 1081. 1159 lara     1157/6 trubi     1152 kical 1150 lgbt     1135 bomb     1100 WBH 28 1089 bihi, ds, htc     1087 HCC, bivu
1086 CBCOT     1083 biti     1078 ISBE 1-680
c.1087 PHILISTINES begin aggressing Israel in southwest until 1047. 1164 trubi     1096 ISBE 1-680 1088 ds     1087 HCC
c.1081 JEPHTHAH ben Gilead, judge of Israel from 1087, dies.  IBZAN of Bethlehem succeeds until 1075. 1153 lara    1152/1 trubi    1147 kical
1130 bomb     1095 btl     1094 bica
1083 bihi, ds, htc     1081 HCC, bivu
1080 CBCOT, WBH 29     1077 biti     1072 ISBE 1-680
c.1075 IBZAN of Bethlehem, judge of Israel from 1081, dies.  ELON succeeds until 1065. 1146 lara     1143 trubi     1141 kical
1124 bomb     1088 btl     1087 bica
1076 ds     1075 HCC, bivu
1072 CBCOT    1071 bihi, htc    1067 biti
c.1069 SAMSON begins opposing Philistines in western Israel until 1049. 1164 trubi    1137 GHH    1128 lara 1122 kical     1118 bica     1076 ISBE 1-680   1075 CBCOT 1071 bihi   1069 HCC, bivu   1009 biti
c.1068 1st battle at Ebenezer:  PHILISTINES defeat ISRAELITES between Ebenezer & Aphek.  Israelites go to Shiloh and get the ark, bring it back to Ebenezer.  Philistines defeat them again, kill 30,000, capture the ark until 1061, take it to Ashdod. 1145 trubi     1141 TTPC 1116 GHH     1068 lara
1060 CBCOT
1050 B76 III-767, 17-941, IDB 1-156, 3-37, MCAW 50,51, WBANE 96
c.1068 HOPHNI & PHINEHAS, sons of Eli, killed in 1st battle at Ebenezer. 1068 lara     1050 B76 III-767, 17-941, IDB 1-156, MCAW 51, WBANE 96
c.1067 ELI, judge of Israel at Shiloh from 1107, learns of the capture of the ark and death of his sons, falls over backward and dies.  SAMUEL succeeds at Ramah until ?.  He travels in a yearly circuit to Bethel, Gilgal, & Mizpah. 1145 trubi     1116 GHH
1069 bihi, htc     1068 lara
1067 HCC, bivu, kical
1064 bica     1059 MCAW 50 1050 DHJ 89     1039 lgbt
c.1067 SHILOH, capital of Israel from ?, destroyed by Philistines.  Priesthood moves south to Nob 2km east of Jerusalem. 1050 ENBD 1177, Jud 15-943, Sdl 3-72
c.1065 ELON, judge of Israel from 1075, dies.
ABDON succeeds until 1058.
1136 lara     1133 trubi     1131 kical
1127 lgbt     1115 bomb     1077 bica
1066 bihi, ds     1065 HCC, bivu     1062 CBCOT     1061 htc     1057 biti
c.1061 ARK of the COVENANT, taken by Philistines 1068, returned via Beth-Shemesh to Israelites. 1050 MCAW 51, stlt
7 years after taken: MCAW 51
c.1058 ABDON, judge of Israel from 1065, dies. 1128 lara    1123 kical    1108 bomb
1069 bica     1062 ISBE 1-680     1058 HCC, bivu, ds
1055 CBCOT     1049 biti
c.1050 GEBAL (later called Byblos) under Egypt from 1550, no longer so. 1050 rcLeb
c.1050 Egypt loses last remaining possessions in Canaan. 1050 hifiAm
c.1049 SAMSON opposing Philistines from 1069, crushed at temple of Dagon in Gaza.  SAMUEL is now the only recognized leader in Israel. 1144 trubi     1117 GHH     1110 hifiI 1108 lara     1105 kical     1078 bica 1055 CBCOT     1051 htc
1049 HCC, bivu     989 biti
c.1047 ISRAELITES defeat PHILISTINES at 2nd battle at Ebenezer.  Philistine aggression from 1087 ends until ?. 1125 trubi     1056 ISBE 1-680     1050 CBCOT
1049 or 47 bivu     1048 ds
1047 HCC     1030 MCAW 50
c.1047 JOEL & ABIJAH, sons of Samuel, begin to judge Israel at Beersheba until 1043. 1049 or 47 bivu
1047 HCC     1040 hifiI
c.1043 JOEL & ABIJAH, sons of Samuel, judges of Israel at Beersheba from 1047, end. 1043 bivu     1035 hifiI
c.1043 Israel asks Samuel to give them a king.  Samuel assembles the people, and chooses Saul. 1Sam 10:19-25
1096 GHH     1043 bivu
no date: 1Sam 8:1-22
c.1043 Ammonites under king Nahash besiege Jabesh-Gilead.  Inhabitants send messengers thruout Israel asking for rescue.  Benjamite field worker Saul threatens Israel with buchery if tribes fail to rescue Jabesh-Gilead.  Saul leads Israelites to victory against the Ammonites. 1Sam 11:1-11
1000 hifiAm
c.1043 SAMUEL summons Israelites to Gilgal to form a kingdom. 1Sam 11:14-15     1043 bivu
no date: 1Sam 8:1-22
c.1043 SAUL made 1st king of Israel by SAMUEL until 1011. 1116 trubi     1147 lara     1095 GHH
1051 ds    1046 bica     1043 HCC, bihi, biti, bivu     1040 htc     1038 kical     1035 hifiI     1030 DHJ 93, RAI3     1029 Jud 14-909     1025 MCAW 50, TTPC, bk, mxfld, rcHL     1020 B76 17-941, LEWH 46, MRDK, Sdl 2-282, SHWC 29, WBH 20     1019 lgbt     1010 btl
Kingdom of ISRAEL begins to 722.
United until 930.
c.1030 HADADEZER of Beth Rehob, Aramean king of Zobah, leads coalition of Amorites, Edomites, Arameans, attacks Israel. 1030
B76 I-475
c.1030 SAUL takes some Moabite cities. 1Sam 14:47     1030 CBCOT
c.1025 SAMUEL secretly annoints David king of Israel, and disappears from history. 1 Sam 16     1083 trubi 1025 TTPC, htc
c.1020 Saul's son Jonathan befriends David, who moves to the king's house. 1 Sam 18:1     1020 htc
c.1020 SAUL, king of Israel, defeats Philistines.  Stops Philistine aggression until ?. 1020 IDB 3-793
c.1015 David appointed armor-bearer to Saul. 1 Sam 16:21     1015 htc
c.1014 David appointed captain over 1,000. 1 Sam 18:13     1010 htc
c.1013 David marries Mical, dau of Saul. 1 Sam 18:21     1008 htc
c.1013 Saul tells his servants and son Jonathan to kill David.  Jonathan warns David.  Saul repents. 1 Sam 19 1007 htc
c.1012 David and Jonathan covenant together at Ramah. 1 Sam 20     1006 htc
c.1012 David leaves Mical behind, flees to Nob and is helped by Ahimelech the priest.  He gives David the consecrated bread, and the sword of Goliath.  Saul's servant Doeg the Edomite is present. 1 Sam 21 1006 htc
c.1012 David flees to Achish, Philistine king of Gath (1st time).  He feigns madness.  Achish kicks him out. 1 Sam 21:10-15     1006 htc
c.1012 David flees to the Cave at Adullam.  400 men join him. 1 Sam 22:1-3    1005 htc
c.1012 David goes to the king of Moab at Mizpah, asks permission for his parents to join him.  400 men join him. 1 Sam 22:3-5 1005 htc
c.1012 Saul at Gibeah summons Ahimelech and his priests from Nob to account for helping David.  Ahimelech and 85 priests are executed.  Abiathar, son of a priest, flees to David.  Nob is destroyed. 1 Sam 22:6-23 1005 htc
c.1012 David takes city of Keilah from the Philistines.  Abiathar gets an ephod at Keilah, and gives it to David.  Saul marches his army to Keilah.  David uses the ephod for divination, and "learns" that the men of Keilah will deliver him to Saul. 1 Sam 23:1-12 1005 htc
c.1012 David with 600 men goes to wilderness of Ziph.  Ziphites go to Gibeah and inform Saul.  David goes to the wilderness of Maon.  Saul goes there, but learns of a Philistine invasion, and goes to deal with it. 1 Sam 23:13-27 1005 htc
c.1012 David with 600 men goes to wilderness of Engedi.  Saul with 3,000 men pursues.  Saul goes into a cave to take a dump.  David and his men happen to be hiding in the cave.  David sneaks up on Saul and cuts off his skirt.  Saul is apparently unaware of it, because he leaves with his army instead of trapping David and his 600 in the cave.  David later finds Saul and shows him the skirt cutout to prove he could have killed Saul, but didn t.  Saul again repents. 1 Sam 24:1-22 1005 htc
c.1012 Samuel dies at Ramah. 1 Sam 25:1     1005 htc
c.1012 David goes to the wilderness of Paran in Sinai. 1 Sam 25:1     1005 htc
c.1012 David encounters Nabal and his dau Abigail at Carmel.  After Nabal is dead, David marries Abigail and Ahinoam of Jezreel. 1 Sam 25 1005 htc
c.1012 David returns to the wilderness of Ziph.  The Ziphites again inform Saul, who marches 3,000 men under captain Abner to Hakilah (hill in Judah).  At night David sneaks into Saul's camp and steals Saul's spear and water jar.  Later David shows Saul his spear and water jar, proving that he could have killed him and didn't.  Saul repents agian.  . 1 Sam 26 1004 htc
c.1012 David with 600 men returns to Gath and live with king Achish, who had previously expelled him for madness.  Achish gives them Ziklag, where they live a year & 4 months. 1 Sam 27 1003 htc
c.1011 Philistines invade Judah and camp at Shunem (5km north of Jezreel).  Saul is afraid of their number, and asks Yahweh for guidance.  Yahweh doesn't respond, so Saul consults the witch of Endor, who conjures up Samuel, who tells Saul that Yahweh is angry at him for not killing enough Amalekites, and that Saul and his sons will be killed tomorrow, and David will be king. 1 Sam 28:4-17 1000? htc
c.1011 Philistines camp at Aphek.  Saul camps at a spring in Jezreel.  David and his 600 are with the Philistines, who complain to Achish about a Hebrew being in camp.  Achish assures them that David is OK, but advises David to leave camp.  David and his 600 depart.  Philistines go to Jezreel. 1 Sam 29:1-11 1000 htc
c.1011 ZIKLAG, town in Negev, under Philistines of Gath from 1200, taken by Amalekites, than back under Philistines of Gath until 1000. 1010 rcCan
c.1011 David and his 600 return to Ziklag and find it destroyed by Amalekites.  David's wives and the rest of the women and kids have been taken.  David takes 400 men and pursues the Amalekites, defeats them, and recovers all captives and spoils, plus more from the Amalekites.  He sends some of the spoils to cities of Judah.  1 Sam 30 1000 htc
c.1011 SAUL, king of Israel, defeated by Philistines at Mt. Gilboa.  3 sons of Saul: Jonathan, Abinadab, Malchishua are killed.  Saul wounded by arrows. 1 Sam 31:1
1055 GHH 1012 TTPC 1000 htc
c.1011 SAUL dies.  1st king of Israel from 1043, suicides at Mt. Gilboa to avoid capture by Philistines. 1Sam 31:4     1055 GHH     1012 TTPC 9     1011 HCC, bihi, biti, bivu, ds     1010 B76 16-207, DHJ 111, MCAW 50, 51, RAI3, btl, kical, rcHL   1007 lara     1005 Jud 14-909     1004 bica     1000 LEWH 46, WBH 20, htc 979 lgbt
c.1010 DAVID at Ziklag receives an Amalekite who tells him of Saul's defeat, and claims to have killed Saul at his own request.  David kills the Amalekite. 2Sam 1:1-16 1000 htc
c.1010 DAVID and wives, Ahinoam & Abigail, go from Ziklag to Hebron.  DAVID annointed king of Judah until 970 at Hebron.  Not king of all Israel until 1003. 2Sam 2     1076 trubi     1055 GHH     1012 TTPC 9     1011 HCC, bihi, biti, bivu, ds     1010 B76 16-207, DHJ 126, ISBE 1-681, Jud 5-1318, MCAW 51, RAH, RAI3, btl, kical, mxfld     1007 lara     1005 hifiI     1004 bica     1000 WBH 20, htc 979 lgbt
c.1010 HEBREWS of eastern plains flee to fortified cities.  Philistines occupy evacuated cities. no date: 1Sam 31, Antiq 6:14:7
c.1010 ABNER, general under Saul, proclaims ISHBOSHETH (Eshbaal), son of Saul, king, takes him to Mahanaim (location disputed).  ISHBOSHETH becomes king of Gilead, the Ashurites, Jezreel, Ephriam. 2Sam 2:8-9,
Antiq 6:1:3     998 htc
c.1009 JOAB defeats ABNER at Gibeon, and pursues him.  ASAHEL, bro of Joab, pursues ABNER and is killed by him.  David's army stops pursuit.  Joab & Abner make peace. 2 Sam 2:12,
Antiq 6:1:3     998 htc
c.1006 ISHBOSHETH king of some parts of Israel from 1010, goes to Mahanaim, becomes king of all Israel except Judah until 1004. 2 Sam 2:9-10     998 htc
c.1004 ABNER, main general of ISHBOSHETH, accused by him of fornicating with a concubine of Saul, negotiates with David, who offers alliance if Abner will deliver Davids wife MICHAL to him.  David also offers Ishbosheth 100 Philistine forskins for Michal. 2Sam 3:7-13 998 htc
c.1004 MICHAL, dau of Saul, former wife of David, current wife of Paltiel, delivered by Ishbosheth to Abner to give to David.  Abner delivers Mical, and defects to David at Hebron. 2Sam 3:14-20
998 htc
c.1004 ABNER is killed at Hebron by JOAB, who is forgiven by David. 2Sam 3:27     998 htc
c.1004 ISHBOSHETH, king of 11 tribes of Israel in Mahanaim (near Ammon) from 1006, murdered by 2 of his captains, Banah & Rechab, who take his head to David in Hebron.  David has them executed. 2 Sam 4:6-12 993 htc
c.1003 DAVID, king of Judah from 1010, receives elders from 11 tribes at Hebron.  They annoint DAVID king of all Israel until 970. 1150 TAWH 16     1068 trubi   1048 GHH 1005 bk     1004 HCC, bica, bihi
1003 MCAW 52     1000 B76 5-518, 17-945, BCoC 187, LEWH 43, MRDK     993 htc

Levant 1000-612               Syria & Urartu 1000-612
V             V