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c.207 Battle of JULU250,000 Qin troops under Zhang Han plus 200,000 allies under Wang Li vs. 55,000 Chu troops under Xiang Yu, who decisively defeat the larger Qin army.  The bulk of Qin's armies is destroyed in this battle. 207 wikBJ
c.207 General, Sai, marquis of Kaowu, surrenders to Liu Bang. 207 HFHD 104
c.207 ZIYING, after being on Qin throne 46 days, goes to Bashang and surrenders to Liu BangQIN DYNASTY of China ends.  Began 221. 207 CHAC 16, 975, CHC 84, 115, ICMH 112, R2T 70, scar, tcgQ, wikSA
206 B76 4-308, 428, 10-58, 14-1, EoΦ 2-90, GHCC, PW 17, bk, icQn, qnwu, rcC, scar, wikCHC, wikEGH, wikT
c.207 GuanzhongLiu Bang arrives at Xianyang, capital of Qin, and occupies it, forbids his troops to kill civilians and pillage conquered cities.  Peace in Xianyang is restored temporarily.  Liu Bang enters the palace, sees the women and treasure, and stays there.  Zhang Liang finally talks him into returning to his army at Bashang. 207
CHC 84, HFHD 99, ICMH 112, R2T 70, wikCHC
206 wikGz
c.207 After Julu, ZHANG TU, general under Han Guang king of Yen 208-6, joins the rebel coalition under Xiang Yu. 207 wikZT
c.207 ZHANG TU, general under Han Guang king of Yen, is sent to lead an army to assist rebel forces from Zhao state, which are under attack by Qin general Zhang Han. 207 wikZT
c.207 LIU BANG declares himself king of Guanzhong, sends men to defend Hangu Pass against Xiang Yu. 207 ICMH 113, Nov. R2T 71
c.207 CAO WUSHANG, general under Liu Bang sends envoy to Xiang Yu, saying that Liu Bang would become King of Guanzhong in accordance with King Huai-II's earlier promise, while Ziying would be appointed chancellor. 207 spks
c.207 LIU BANG voids all Qin laws, declares 3 new laws:  he who kills a person will be killed;  he who wounds another person will be punished equal to the harm he has done;  he who steals will be punished equal to what he has stolen. 207 Nov. R2T 71, SDFH 149
c.207 XIANG YU, with 400,000 troops, arrives at Hangu Pass, finds it occupied by Liu Bang's troops. 207 R2T 73, wikXY
c.207 General YING BU, on orders from Xiang Yu, storms Hangu Pass, and takes it.  Xiang Yu and his 400,000 enter Guanzhong. 207 Nov.
R2T 74
c.207 TIEN AN made King of Jibei by Xiang Yu until later 207. 207
HFHD 191
c.207 TIEN AN dies.  King of Jibei 207, attacked and killed by Tian Rong. 207
HFHD 191
c.207 XIANG YU and his 400,000 reach Xian east of Xianyang, camp at Hong Gate (Hongmen) 30km from Liu Bang and his 100,000 at Bashang. 207 Dec. R2T 74
c.207 WU TI becomes ruler of Cao at Nanyue until 136. 207 MRDK 469
c.207 Zhao general serving Qin, ZHAO TUO defeats King An Duong Vuong of the kingdom of Au Lac in north Nam Viet. 207 wikZT
c.207 AN DUONG THUC ends.  King of Au Lac kingdom of Nam Viet from 257.  Chinese military commander VO VUONG TRIEU succeeds as king of Nam Viet until 137. 207 rcSAM
c.206 XIANG YU invites Liu Bang to a Feast at Hong Gate (Hongmen) intending to kill Liu Bang.  However, Xiang Yu listens to his uncle Xiang Bo (a friend of Liu Bang's strategist Zhang Liang) and spares Liu Bang's lifeFan Zeng leaves the tent and orders Xiang Yu's cousin Xiang Zhuang to kill Liu Bang while performing a sword dance.  Liu Bang suspects treachery, excuses himself to go to the latrine.  He tells Fan Kuai and 3 others to join him.  Leaving Zhang Liang to cover for him, Liu Bang and his companions escape to Bashang. 207/6 R2T 78 206 HFHD 86, spks, wikCHC, wikT, wikXY
no date: HFHD 53
c.206 LIU BANG, flees from Bashang by way of Li gorge to Nancheng. 207 HFHD 114
c.206 LIU BANG, outnumbered 4 to 1 by Xiang Yu, withdraws from Qin capital Xianyang. 207 ICMH 113
c.206 XIANG YU and his 400,000 arrive at Xianyang. 206 Jan. ICMH 113, qnwu, wikT
c.206 ZHANG LIANG goes from Hanzhong to Hann in spring, and returns in winter. 206 HFHD 10
c.206 ZIYING and members of the Qin royal family are executed by order of Xiang Yu. 206 CHC 84, 115, ICMH 113, R2T 81, qnwu, spks, wikCHC, wikT
c.206 Xiang Yu's rebel force loots Xianyang, burns Epang Palace.  Fire burns 3 months. 206 CHC 84, ICMH 113, R2T 81, qnwu, spks, wikCHC, wikT
c.206 XIANG YU sends an envoy to king Huai-II of Chu telling him of all that transpired and asking for instructions (expecting that king Huai would declare Xiang Yu king of Guanzhong).  King Huai restates his previous promise that whoever first took Guanzhong would be its king.  i.e. Liu Bang, Lord of Pei from 209, is king of Guanzhong. 206
HFHD 141, R2T 82
c.206 XIANG YU assembles his generals, proposes that they overthrow king Huai-II of Chu and divide Chu among themselves.  Generals agree. 206
R2T 82
c.206 JIUJIANG, a Qin commandery from ?, made a kingdom by Xiang Yu, who appoints YING BU king of Jiujiang until 196. 206
c.206 CAO SHEN is made Marquis of Jiancheng until 202. 206 HFHD 199
c.206 XIANG YU assigns King Huai-II the honorific title of "Emperor Yi of Chu", and orders him to the remote area of Chen south of the Yangtze, then secretly orders vassal kings in that area to assassinate Huai-II enroute.  HUAI-II is murdered by generals under Ying Bu. 206 HFHD 92,
Jan. R2T 85, bk, qnwu, spks, wikCHC, wikChu, wikXY
c.206 XIANG YU proclaims himself "Hegemon-King of Western Chu". 206 Mar. HFHD 44,
Feb. R2T 85, bk, qnwu, wikCHC, wikChu, wikXY
c. 206 LIU BANG is assigned (by Xiang Yu) the remote areas of Ba and ShuLiu Bang wants the area of Hanzhong (in southwest Shaanxi Province).  Liu Bang sends Xiang Bo to Xiang Yu to request that area because it is a small part of Guanzhong, and Liu Bang deserves the title of king of Guanzhong.  Xiang Yu agrees, and grants Liu Bang the title king of Han, capital at Nanzheng, which he holds until 195.  Liu Bang is allowed to take only 30,000 soldiers to Hanzhong.  But over 10,000 men voluntarily follow Liu Bang. 206
CHAC 969, CHC 85, HFHD 65, ICMH 114, R2T 82, 85, 88, bk, rcC, spks, wikCHC
c.206 General HAN XIN working for Xiang Yu from 208, friend of Zhou Ke, defects to Liu Bang of Han. 206 wikCHC, wikHX
c.206 ZHOU KE appointed Grandee Secretary by Liu Bang until 204. 206 HFHD 39
c. 206 GuanzhongGuanzhong is divided by Xiang Yu into 3 kingdoms under Qin generals:
ZHANG HAN is King of Yong, ruling west of Xianyang with capital in Feiqiu.
SIMA XIN is King of Sai, ruling from Xianyang east to the Yellow River with capital in Yueyang.
DONG YI is king of Zhai ruling over Shang Prefecture with capital in Gaonu.
They are ordered to prevent Liu Bang from returning to Guanzhong.  These 3 kingdoms last until 198.
CHC 116, HFHD 8, 183, 189, 208,
ICMH 114, Feb.
R2T 85, bril

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