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c.332 Temple of Apollo at Didyma 10 miles south of Miletos, destroyed 494, rebuilding begins. 300 Dur 2-618
finished after 300 OCD 340
c.332 CILICIA, under Macedonia 333-16, BALAKROS, son of Nicanor, becomes satrap until 328.  PHILOTAS is co-ruler. 332 CAH 6-860, lvA, rcT
c.331 ARIARATHES-I satrap of Cappadocia from 350, becomes king until 322. 331 frH, rcT, wikCpS, wikLRC
c.331 SINOPE on Black Sea, under Persia from 362, comes under Cappadocia until 322. 331 rcT
c.331 KALAS, satrap of western Phrygia from 333, ends.  DIMARCHOS succeeds until 323. 331 rcT
c.331 ASANDER Macedonian satrap of Lydia from 334 ends.  MENANDER, appointed by Alex-III, succeeds until 321. 331 DGRBM 2-1030, rcT
c.331 late General MENES sent by Alex-III with 3,000 talents from Susa west to take over Cilicia, Syria, and Phoenicia. 331 DGRBM 2-1040
c.330 Spartans sue for peace with Macedonia.  Antipater negotiates directly with League of Corinth, but Spartan emissaries prefer to go to Anatolia and deal with Alex-III, who fines Sparta's allies 120 talents and requires Sparta to join the League of Corinth. 330 wikAnt
c.330 AUTOLYCUS of Pitane (Aeolis), astronomer, flourishes.   Wrote:   On the Moving Sphere ,  On Risings and Settings  350-00 OCD 154 330 BHM 84, 680 no date: OCD 154
c.330 SMYRNA, occupied continuously from 1000, no longer occupied continuously. 330 about
c.330 EPHESUS, under Macedonia 334-23;, comes under tyrant HEGESIAS until 320. 330 rcT
c.330 Λ KNIDOS moved from the south coast to a strategic position at the cape, becomes great strategic and commercial city. 330 B76 II-1015, OCD 257
c.330 POLLEMARCHOS, pupil of Eudoxos, and CALLIPOS of Cyzicus, astronomer, move to Athens. 330 brian
c.330 AESCHINES moves from Athens to Ionia until 323. 330 B76 5-579, CDCC 30, lvG
c.330 Historian EPHOROS of Cyme dies in Aeolis. 330 B76 III-918, wikEΦ
c.330/29 DIONYSIUS, tyrant of Heraclea 338-05, siezes a grain shipment bound for Athens. 330/29 CAH 6-500
c.329 NEARCHUS satrap of Lycia and Pamphylia from 333 recalled by Alex-III to bring reinforcements. 329 DGRBM 2-1146, lvG
c.329 LYCIA and PAMPHILIA come under Antigonus, satrap of Phrygia until 301.  Antigonus would rule Phrygia from Celaenae for next decade, keeping open Alex's supply lines back to Macedonia. 330/29 hwD
c.328 BALAKROS Macedonian governor of Cilicia from 332 ends.  Co-governor PHILOTAS continues until 321. 328 rcT
c.327 ARTABAZOS ends.  Satrap of Bithynia from 376, resigns his satrapy, to son ZIPOETES succeeds.  (Ziboetes) becomes prince of Bithynia until 298/7.  Bithynia is given to Cleitus the White. 328 DGRBM 1-369
327 CAH 9-1023, DGRBM 3-1329     326 GHH, wikLRB, wikZ1
c.326 ARTABAZOS, former satrap of Bithynia 376-28, dies age 71. 326 DGRBM 1-465
c.326 ADA, satrap of Caria at Halicarnassus from 334 under Alex-III, ends. 326 lvA
c.325 Poet musician TIMOTHEUS of Miletos writes  Persae .  The papyrus is the oldest extant Greek manuscript. 325 TToH
c.325 Son of Harpalus of Elimiotis, CALAS-I satrap of Paphlagonia from 334, ends.  DIMARCHOS-I succeeds until 323. 325 wikLPΦ
c.324 HARPALUS, Alex-III's runaway treasurer mans 30 ships in Cilicia and sails west for Greece. spring 324 CAH 6-85
c.324 EPICURUS studies under NAUSIPHANES of Teos Ionia until 323. 324 OCD 723
c.324/3 Athenian general LEOSTHENES, captain of Anatolian mercenaries, returns to Athens, organizes the return of mercenaries disbanded by satraps in Anatolia, and maintenance of them at Taenarum (southernmost point in Greece). 324/3 OCD 596
c.323 DIMARCHOS, satrap of western Phrygia from 331, ends.  LEONNATUS succeeds until 322. 323 rcT
c.323 DIMARCHOS-I satrap of Paphlagonia from 325, ends.  EUMENES-I of Cardia succeeds until 316. 323 wikLPΦ
c.323 Craterus, enroute to Macedonia, is now in Cilicia where Polyperchon is building a fleet when Alex-III dies. 323 CAH 7.1-27, lvG, wikCrt, wikPoly
c.323 At news of death of Alex-III, CYNANE, dau of Philip II and Audata, goes to Anatolia to offer her dau Eurydice to new king PHILIP-III Arrhidaeus. 323 DGRBM 1-911, wikArrh
c.323 PAPHLAGONIA, under Macedonia from 334, goes independent under Persian Ariarathes until 306. 323 rcT
c.323 Thracian general EUMENES of Cardia, former secretary of Alex-III, put in charge of Cappadocia & Paphlagonia until 316.  But as they are not yet subdued, and technically under Persian Ariarathes 331-22, Perdiccas orders Leonnatus and Antigonus, governor of Phrygia, Lycia and Pamphylia, to secure them for EumenesLeonnatus and Antigonus ignore the order. 323 B76 III-993, 8-376, CAH 6-860, CDCC 847, OCD 415, wikEum
c.323 LEONNATOS, Macedonian satrap of Hellespontine Phrygia, doesn't want to help Eumenes conquer Cappadocia, flees to Thrace, ostensibly to reinforce Antipater in the Lamian War. 323 GHH, OCD 596
c.323 ANTIGONUS-I Monophthalamus, satrap of Phrygia, Lycia and Pamphylia from 332, confirmed as such until 306.  He ignores order of Perdiccas. 323 B76 1-990, hifi, wikAntg, wikEum, wikPrd
c.323 PERGAMUM, under Macedonia from 334, comes under Antigonus until 301. 323 rcT
c.323 MENANDER, satrap of Lydia 331-21, summoned by Alex-III to conduct reinforcements to Babylon.  He does so. 323 DGRBM 2-1030
c.323 MENANDER, satrap of Lydia 331-21, after death of Alex-III, hurries back from Babylon to secure his satrapy. 323 DGRBM 2-1030
c.323 LYDIA, under Macedonia from 334, under satrap Menander from 331, comes under Antigonus until 321. 323 rcT
c.323 AESCHINES, in Ionia from 330, learns of death of Alex-III, moves to Rhodes until 315. 324 DGRBM 1-28
c.323 ILIUM (Troy-8), under Macedonia from 334, comes under Antigonus until 301. 323 rcT
c.323 EPHESUS, under Macedonia from 334, comes within kingdom of Lysimachus until 282, remains under tyrant Hegesias 330-20. 323 rcT
c.323 TEMPLE of ARTEMIS at Ephesus, destroyed from 356, 3rd Temple reconstruction begins until 300. 323 wikToA
c.323 SMYRNA, under Macedonia from 334, comes under Lysimachus until 282. 323 rcT
c.323 CAPPADOCIA, under Macedonia from 333, contested between Ariarathes-I and Eumenes of Cardia until 322. 323
c.322 PERDICCAS, regent of the empire, goes from Babylon to Anatolia to help Eumenes subdue Ariarathes of Cappadocia, which they do. 322 CAH 7.1-34, DGRBM 3-186, GHH, wikWD
c.322 ARIARATHES-I dies.  King of Cappadocia from 331, age 82, refuses to submit to Perdiccas and is captured and crucified, with many of his relatives, by Perdiccas and EumenesSon ARIARATHES-II escapes to Armenia, finds refuge with petty king Ardostes until 301.  CAPPADOCIA, contested between Ariarathes-I and Eumenes of Cardia from 323, comes under Eumenes until 319. 323/2 OCD 107, 203
322 B76 II-539, BHS 1-97, CAH 7.1, DGRBM 1-280, 2-88, 1095, DGRG 1-506, GHH, atl4, frH, rcT, wikLRC
c.322 SINOPE on Black Sea, under Cappadocia from 331, comes under Macedonia until 301. 322 rcT
c.322 PERDICCAS turns west to deal with Antigonus-I, satrap of Phrygia, Lycia and Pamphylia, for disobeying his order. 322 atl4
no date: wikAntg
c.322 LEONNATOS, satrap of western Phrygia from 323, now working for Antipater, defeated and killed in Thessaly by Greek insurgentsEUMENES of Cardia succeeds as satrap of western Phrygia until 321. 322 OCD 596, lvLx, rcT
c.322 SARDIS, free city under Macedonia from 334, is subjugated by Antigonus-I Monophthalamus.  Under him until 301. 322 ISBE 4-336
c.322 Antigonus-I Monophthalamus satrap of Phrygia, Lycia & Pamphylia 323-06, with son Demetrius, flees to Greece. 323 wikAntg, wikEum, wikPrd     322 atl4
c.322 COMMAGENE, under Persia from 546, comes under Macedonia until 306. 322 rcT
c.322 At instigation of Olympias, CLEOPATRA, sis of Alex-III, leaves Pella, comes to Sardis Lydia, offers her hand to Perdiccas. Sep 322 lvG, lvLx
c.322 PERDICCAS, tecnically married to a Persian, breaks his engagement with Nicaea, dau of Antipater, and marries Cleopatra, a sis of Alex-III. 322 lvLx, atl4, wikPrd
c.322 PERDICCAS grand vizir of Asia from 323, claims guardianship, usurps imperial title.  This provokes anti-Perdiccas coalition of Antipater, Craterus, Antigonus-I, Lysimachus, Ptolemy. 321 lvPt1
no date: B76 8-376
c.322 ISAURA, a strongly fortified city at the foot of Mt. Taurus in Pamphilia, is besieged by PERDICCAS.  The Isaurians burn it and die in flames rather than be captured. 322 atl4
no date: wikIsr
c.322 EUMENES, general under Perdiccas, recruits a local cavalry force of over 6,000. 322 atl4
c.322 EPICURUS of Samos age 19, in Athens from 323, rejoins his now destitute parents at Colophon Lydia until 311. 323 B76 6-914, GHH, IDB 2-122     322 atl4 320 CHHΦ
c.322 late CRATERUS crosses from Anatolia to Macedonia, joins Antipater. 322 LEWH 80
c.322 late 1st War of the Diadochi begins until 320. late Dec 322 lvD, lvG, lvLx
c.321 ANTI-PERDICCAS ALLIANCE is cemented by marriages:
Antipater gives daughters:  Phila to Craterus until later 321,  Eurydice to PtolemyNicaea, who had once been promised to Perdiccas, marries Lysimachus, governor of Thrace.
321 OCD 325, lvLx
no date: hwD
c.321 PERDICCAS consults with advisers, and decides to attack Ptolemy in Egypt. 321 atl4
c.321 PERDICCAS grand vizir of Asia from 323, usurper of imperial title from 322, leaves Eumenes, satrap of Cappadocia, in charge of Anatolia and Syria,  puts Neoptolemus under Eumenes, invades Egypt against Ptolemy-IEumenes, with no experience as a military commander, faces Craterus, the best of Macedonian generals. 321 B76 8-377, CAH 7.1-129, DGRBM 2-1155, GHH, MCAW 172, Shaw 389, atl4, wikNpt, wikPt1 320 lvPt1
c.321 ANTIPATER, regent of Macedonia, leaves Polyperchon in charge of MacedoniaAntipater, Craterus, and Antigonus cross to Anatolia, to oppose partisans of regent Perdiccas. 322 DGRBM 2-1044
321 DGRBM 1-883, GHH, OCD 73, atl4, wikAnt
no date: DGRBM 1-201
c.321 NEOPTOLEMUS immediately negotiates with hostile Macedonian leaders, Antipater and Craterus.  On being ordered by Eumenes to join him with his contingent, Neoptolemus refuses to comply.  Eumenes attacks and defeats his army, and compells all Macedonian troops in his service to take an oath of fidelity to Perdiccas. 321 DGRBM 2-88, 1155, atl4, wikNpt
c.321 NEOPTOLEMUS, with a small body of cavalry, flees from Eumenes to Craterus. 321 DGRBM 2-88, 1155, wikNpt
c.321 Pharnabazus commands a cavalry squadron for bro-in-law Eumenes. 321 DGRBM 3-241
c.321 CRATERUS and NEOPTOLEMUS attack EUMENES and ALCETAS bro of Perdiccas near the Hellespont and are defeated by them.  Heavy losses on both sides. 321 DGRBM 1-883, 2-1155, atl4, hwD, wikEum, wikNpt
321/20 lvG
c.321 NEOPTOLEMUS is killed in single combat by EUMENES. 321 DGRBM 2-88, 1155, atl4, hwD, wikNpt
c.321 CRATERUS dies.  Defeated in battle in Anatolian Hellespont by Eumenes, tumbles under his horse, dies of wounds. 322 LEWH 88     321 B76 III-223, BHS 1-35, CAH 7.1, DGRBM 1-883, GHH, atl4, hwD, lvLx, TAG 6, 17, wikCrt, wikEum
c.321 LYDIA, under Antigonus from 323, comes under Macedonian satrap CLEITUS until 318. 321 rcT
c.321 1st War of the Diadochi from 322 ends with death of Perdiccas in Egypt. 320 lvD, lvLx
c.321 ANTIPATER learns that Perdiccas is dead.  Antipater and Antigonus-I go from Anatolia to Syria. 321 wikAnt
c.321 CLEOPATRA, sis of Alex-III, at Sardis Lydia, out of luck with dead Perdiccas, and already odious to Antipater, offers herself to Eumenes of Cardia. 321 lvG,
c.321 CLEOPATRA, at Sardis, advises Eumenes of Cardia to leave Sardis, and retire to Celaenae for winter. 321 atl4
c.321  TREATY of TRIPARADISUS  in North Syria appoints satraps, in effort to hold the empire together.
c.321 EUMENES of Cardia, satrap of western Phrygia from 322, condemned to death as a supporter of Perdiccas by Treaty of Triparadisus, which ousts him and appoints ARRHIDAEOS successor until 318. 321 DGRBM 2-88, rcT
c.321 ALCETAS bro of Perdiccas, and ATTALUS son of Andromenes, bro-in-law of Perdiccas, now with EUMENES of Cardia, condemned to death by Treaty of Triparadisus. 321 DGRBM 2-88, wikAlct, wikAtls
c.321 Antigonus, satrap of Phyrgia from 322, Lycia & Pamphylia from 329, confirmed by Treaty of Triparadisus, given command of the Royal Army in Anatolia.  Antipater and Antigonus are ordered to conquer and kill Eumenes of Cardia. 321 B76 1-990,
TAG 6, atl4, hwD
320 hwD, wikEum
c.321 NICANOR is assigned Cappadocia and Paphlagonia by Treaty of Triparadisus. 321 DGRBM 2-1176
c.321 ATTALUS, bro-in-law and fleet commander of Perdiccas, condemned to death by Treaty of Triparadisus, sails from Rhodes to Caria, joins Alcetas. 321 DGRBM 1-409, 2-88
c.321 ASANDER, general under Antipater is defeated by Alcetas, bro of Perdiccas, who is now with Attalus. 321 atl4
c.321 DIONYSIOS tyrant of Heraclea 338-05, marries AMASTRIS, dau of Oxyartes and former wife of Craterus. 322 DGRBM 1-137
321 atl4
321/20 ANTIPATER, guardian of Alex-III's son Alexander-IV and bro Philip III, returns with royal family from Syria to Anatolia until 320/19. 321
B76 8-377
321/20 MENANDER Macedonian satrap of Lydia from 331 deposed by Treaty of TriparadisusCLEITUS the White, Macedonian admiral loyal to Antipater, succeeds until 318. 321 DGRBM 1-785, OCD 249, rcT
321/20 PHILOTAS Macedonian governor of Cilicia from 328, removed by Treaty of Triparadisus, to be used elsewhere by PerdiccasPhiloxenus, governor of Ionia, is appointed (either by the treaty or Perdiccas) governor of Cilicia until 319. 321 DGRBM 3-329, 331, rcT
321/20 EUMENES satrap of Cappadocia & Pamphilia, winters at Celaenae Phrygia. 321/0 DGRBM 2-89
c.320 HEGESIAS tyrant of Ephesus from 330, murdered by 3 sons of Echeanax.  Philoxenus, governor of Ionia demands that the Ephesians deliver the 3.  They refuse.  So Philoxenus imprisons the 3 in Sardis.  EPHESUS is directly under Lysimachus until 281. 320 rcT
c.320 STRATONICE, sis of Perdiccas negotiates with Docimus, now shut up in a fortress with other Perdiccas partisans in Phrygia.  She induces Docimus to come out, then has him siezed. 320 DGRBM 3-925
c.320 Antigonus-I Monophthalamus, satrap of Phrygia, Lycia, and Pamphylia 323-06, in Pisidia defeats ALCETAS bro of Perdiccas, and ATTALUS son of Andromenes, bro-in-law of Perdiccas.  Attalus, Docimus, Philotas, and Polemon are captured and imprisoned in Pisidia until 317.  Alcetas retreats to Termessos in Pisidia. 320 DGRBM 1-98, 410, 1057, 3-330, 433, OCD 69, wikAlct, wikAtls
c.320 Bro of Perdiccas, ALCETAS dies.  Siezed by people of Termessos, who deliver him to partisans of Antigonus-I .  Suicides out. 320 DGRBM 1-187, wikAlct     319 atl4
c.320 LEONIDAS, general of Antigonus defeats EUMENES satrap of Cappadocia & Pamphilia with 3,000 Macedonians on plains of Orcynia Cappadocia, pushes him east, then besieges him in fortress of Nora on the border between Cappadocia and Lycaonia, where he holds out for more than a year, until the death of Antipater throws his opponents into disarray. 320 B76 8-377, BHS 1-43, DGRBM 2-752, GHH, LEWH 90, hwD, atl4, wikEum
c.320 CLEOPATRA, sis of Alex-III, out of luck with Eumenes of Cardia, now returns to Sardis, reconciles with Antipater. no date lvG
c.320 EUMENES, besieged in Nora Cappadocia by Antigonus 320-19, sends friend Hieronymus the historian to Antipater. 320 DGRBM 2-457
320/19 ANTIPATER, guardian of Alex-III's son Alex-IV and bro Philip-III, hands over forces in Anatolia to Antigonus, returns with royal family from Anatolia to Macedonia. 321 atl4     320 hwD, wikAnt     319 lvLx
c.319 ANTIPATER dies.  Regent of Macedonia from 321, dies age 81, leaving POLYPERCHON regent until 317.  Polyperchon lacks sufficient prestige to keep his generals together. 319 B76 8-377, 15-180, CAH 7.1, Dur 2-712, LEWH 90, MCAW 174, OCD 73, 210, 855, atl4, bk, hwD, lvD, lvG, lvPt1, wikAnt, wikArg, wikEur, wikWD
c.319 CASSANDER son of Antipater refuses to accept Polyperchon as guardian.  Cassander secretly goes from Macedonia to Anatolia, unites with Antigonus, Lysimachus, & Ptolemy against Polyperchon. 319 B76 1-990, 8-377, 15-181, atl4, hwD
c.319 CLEITUS, Antipater's satrap of Lydia from 321, attacked by Antigonus-I, sails to Macedonia to report it to Polyperchon.  Becomes admiral under Polyperchon until 318. 319 OCD 249, wikClt
c.319 Sis of Alex-III, CLEOPATRA, now that Antipater is dead, finds herself an unmarketable commodity at Sardis, put under house arrest by Antigonus-I Monophthalmus, remains unmarried until death 308. 319 lvG
c.319 2nd War of the Diadochi begins when Ptolemy-I of Egypt invades Phoenicia.  Lasts until 316 in west and 315 in east.
Polyperchon, lawful regent of (Philip Arridaeus and Alexander-IV) and Eumemes
Cassander (son of Antipater), Ptolemy, and Antigonus-I Monophthalmus, supreme commander of Macedonian forces in Anatolia.
B76 8-377, hwD, lvD, lvPt1
c.319 ANTIGONUS-I Monophthalamus, satrap of Anatolia 321-06, besieging EUMENES, partisan of Polyperchon, satrap of Cappadocia & Pamphilia in Nora Cappadocia 320-19, sends Hieronymus the historian, a friend of Eumenes, to make peace.  Antigonus promises Eumenes reinstatement in exchange for help against Polyperchon.  Eumenes accepts.  Neither intends to keep his word. 319
B76 8-377, atl4, hwD, lvD
c.319 ANTIGONUS-I Monophthalamus attacks Ephesus and Lydia. 319 atl4
c.319 ANTIGONUS-I Monophthalamus sends general Leonidas to lead some mutinous troops back to Macedonia. 319 atl4
c.319 EUMENES of Cardia, besieged in Nora fortress from 320, escapes. 320 GHH
c.319 Polyperchon, official guardian of the empire, needing allies, sends message to Eumenes; offers him the post of Strategos (commander) of Anatolia.  Eumenes accepts. 319 B76 III-993, hwD     317 GHH
c.319 ANTIGONUS-I Monophthalamus sends general Menander to oppose recent defector Eumenes. 319 atl4
c.319 MENANDER learns of Eumenes escape from Nora, marches into Cappadocia, attacks Eumenes, chases him into Cilicia.  Menander drops out of history. 319 DGRBM 2-1030
c.319 CAPPADOCIA, under Eumenes from 322, comes under Antigonus-I until 301. 319 rcT
c.319 Eumenes in Cilicia, begins building a fleet. no date: wikAntg
c.319 PHILOXENUS governor of Cilicia from 321/20 ousted by EUMENES, who succeeds until 316. guess
c.319 ARRHIDAEOS, satrap of western Phrygia 321-18, attacks Cyzicus, but fails to capture it. 319 BHS 1-110, DGRBM 1-350, atl4
c.319 ANTIGONUS-I Monophthalamus uses Arrhidaeos' attack on Cyzicus as a pretext to require his resignation.  Arrhidaeos refuses, fortifies himself at Cius. 319 DGRBM 1-350
c.318 ANTIGONUS-I Monophthalamus invades western Phrygia, confining Arrhidaeos to Cius.  Byzantium, Chalcedon, and Cyzicus ally with Arrhidaeos 318
BHS 1-111
c.318 ARRHIDAEOS, satrap of western Phrygia from 321, fortified at Cius from 319, drops out of history.  PTOLEMAEUS succeeds until 313. 318 rcT
c.318 Polyperchon sends message to Eumenes in Cilicia; says the allies are giving him 500 talents, and that they are ordering the 3,000 Macedonian "Silver Shields" to place themselves under Eumenes, since he had been appointed supreme commander of all Anatolia. 318 atl4
c.318 EUMENES in Cilicia gathers a large mercenary force, despite opposition of Ptolemy-I and Antigonus. 318 atl4
c.318 SOSIGENES, officer under Eumenes, is commander of Eumenes' Phoenician fleet stationed at Rhosus Syria. 318 DGRBM 3-882
c.318 Antigonus' fleet, after victories in Hellespont, arrives at Rhosus SyriaEumenes' Phoenician fleet surrenders to Antigonus' fleet while commander Sosigenes is on shore, and can do nothing about it. 318 DGRBM 3-882, atl4
c.318 ANTIGONUS-I Monophthalamus marches into Cilicia against Eumenes, who withdraws into PhoeniciaAntigonus now controls all Anatolia until 301. 318 anan, atl4, lvD, wikEum
c.318 Admiral Nearchus accompanies Antigonus against Eumenes. 317 DGRBM 2-1147
c.318 A squadron of Phoenician ships surrenders to Antigonus' fleet at Rhosus seaport on the Gulf of Issus. 318 atl4
c.318 LYDIA, under Macedonian satrap CLEITUS from 321, comes under Antigonus until 301. 319 DGRBM 1-786 318 rcT
c.317 ASANDER, governor of Lydia, increases power in Anatolia. 317 DGRBM 1-379
c.317 MITHRIDATES-I king of Pontus 337-16, supports Eumenes against Antigonus. 317 DGRBM 2-1095
c.317 ATTALUS son of Andromenes, Docimus, Philotas, and Polemon, imprisoned from 320, overpower their guards, take over the castle.  They are besieged 1 year and 4 months, then surrender. 317
DGRBM 1-410
c.316 MITHRIDATES-I, king of PONTUS from 337, demoted to satrap until 301 by Antigonus, who becomes king of Pontus until 302. 316 rcT
c.316 ANTIGONEIA Bithynia founded by Antigonus.  Under him until 301. 316 wikNc
c.316 ΛMILETOS Caria, under Macedonia 334-13, under Cassander from ?, comes under Antigonus until 313. 316 OCD 687
c.316 EUMENES, satrap of Cilicia from 321, surrendered by the Argyraspids, and executed at Gabae (Gabiene) Persia.  CILICIA, under Macedonia from 333, comes under ANTIGONUS-I until 301. 317/6 CHJ 2-46     316 B76 III-993, CAH 7.1, DGRBM 1-187, GHH, TAG 6, hwD, rcT
c.316 EUMENES-I of Cardia dies.  Satrap of Paphlagonia from 323, executed.  ANTIGONUS-I Monophthalmus succeeds until 306. 316 wikLPΦ
c.316 ANTIGENES, general under Eumenes, captured by Antigonus-I, who burns him alive. 316 DGRBM 1-185
c.316 Philotas, comes under power of Antigonus-I. 316 DGRBM 3-330
c.316 2nd War of the Diadochi from 319 ends in the west, with the accepance of Cassander as regent in Macedonia, and in Anatolia with death of Eumenes of Cardia at Gabae. 316 frH, lvG
315 lvD, lvG, wikWD
c.315 PERILAOS appointed by Antigonus-I Monophthalamus to command armies in south Anatolia until ?. 315 DGRBM 3-201
c.315 Antigonus-I Monophthalmus, now technically ruling everything from Anatolia to the border of India, invades Phoenicia. 315 B76 8-377, hwD
314 wikAntg, wikΦ
c.315 AMISOS Paphlagonia, under Antigonus-I, besieged by Asclepiodoros, general of Cassander until later 315. 315 DGRBM 3-565
c.315 Antigonus-I Monophthalamus returns from Phoenicia to Anatolia. 315 B76 8-377
c.315 ZIPOETES (Ziboetes), prince of Bithynia 327-279, has a war against Astacos and Chalcedon, which fails in the face of a relief army sent by Antigonus-I. 315 DGRBM 3-1329, GHH, wikZ1
c.315 Antigonus-I Monophthalamus sends nephew Ptolemaeus to relieve Amisos Paphlagonia, and to expel from Cappadocia Asander and his army; but Asander, supported by Ptolemy-I and Cassander, maintains parts of Cappadocia until 313. 315 DGRBM 1-379, 3-565, wikAsn
c.315 ASTACOS, Athenian colony in the Propontis, and Chalcedon besieged by Zipoetes. 315
BHS 1-95
c.315 AMISOS Paphlagonia, under Antigonus-I, besieged by Asclepiodoros, general of Cassander 315 relieved by Ptolemaeos, neph of Antigonus-I. 315 BHS 1-112, wikPtol
c.315 PTOLEMAEOS, neph of Antigonus-I, recovers most of the satrapy of Cappadocia, advances into Bithynia. 315 wikPtol
c.315 BYTHINIA, under Zipoetes 327-279 taken by Ptolemaeos neph of Antigonus-I, who compells Zipoetes to ally with Antigonus-I. 315 B76 8-377, DGRBM 3-565, wikPtol
c.315 POLYCLEITOS partisan of Ptolemy-I and Cassander, with 50 ships, sails from Peloponnese to Cilicia, learns that a fleet under Theodotus, and a land force under Perilaus, are advancing to support Antigonus-I, and to intercept them.  Theodotus and Perilaus are surprised and defeated.  Theodotus is motally wounded.  The 2 commanders and the whole fleet are captured by Polycleitos, and taken to Egypt. 315 DGRBM 3-454, 1072
c.315 ERYTHRAE on coast of Ionia directly opposite Chios island, besieged by ???, relieved by Antigonus-I Monophthalamus. 315 BHS 1-112
c.315 CARIA, under Cassander from 301, taken by Antigonus-I Monophthalamus. 315 B76 8-377
c.315 Antigonus-I Monophthalamus establishes LEAGUE of AEGEAN ISLANDERS including most Aegean islands.  Promises them autonomy and freedom under him. 315 B76 15-181 315/4 B76 8-377
c.315 Antigonus-I Monophthalamus promises freedom to Greek states. 315 atl4
c.315 Antigonus-I Monophthalamus leaves son Demetrius to guard Syro-Phoenicia, prepares to attack Lysimachus in Thrace. 315 B76 8-377 314 atl4
c.315 CASSANDER, LYSIMACHUS, PTOLEMY, SELEUCUS ally against ANTIGONUS-I Monophthalamus.  They deliver an ultimatim to Antigonus-I:
Return Babylonia to Seleucus.
Abandon Syria to Ptolemy.
Abandon Phrygia to Lysimachus.
Abandon Cappadocia & Lycia to Cassander.
Share the loot taken from Eumenes.
Ultimatum reaches Antigonus in winter.
B76 8-377, CAH 7.1, GHH, LEWH 90, 632, MCAW 174, OHG, anan, hwD, lvD
c.315 Antigonus-I Monophthalamus, puts nephew Ptolemaeus in charge of army in Anatolia to continue fighting Cassander. 315 DGRBM 3-565, wikPtol
c.315 3rd War of the Diadochi begins until 311.
Cassander, Ptolemy, and Lysimachus fight ANTIGONUS-I Monophthalmus until 311.
315 B76 1-990, OCD 69, frH, lvD     314 GHH, lvD, lvG, wikWD
c.315 PTOLEMAEUS, neph of Antigonus-I, advances as far as Ionia, threatens Caria, which is defended by Athenian general working for Egypt, Myrmidon. 315 atl4
late 315 wikPtol
c.314 PTOLEMAEUS, neph of Antigonus-I, escapes from an ambush, defeats and captures Eupolemus, general of Cassander in Caria. 314 DGRBM 3-565, atl4, wikPtol
c.314/3 Antigonus-I Monophthalamus winters in Phrygia. 314/3 DGRBM
c.313 Antigonus-I Monophthalamus, now in Phrygia, advances as far as Hellespont, but does not cross it. 313 atl4
c.313 Antigonus-I Monophthalamus, now in Anatolia, allies with Polyperchon, now restricted to Peloponnese, sends troops and money to Greece, under command of his neph Ptolemaeus. 313 wikPtol
no date: hwD
c.313 PTOLEMAEUS, Antigonus' satrap of western Phrygia from 318, is reassigned to GreecePHOENIX succeeds in western Phrygia until 309. 313 rcT
c.313 Antigonus-I Monophthalamus sends general Telesphorus with 50 ships to Peloponnese to oppose Polyperchon and Cassander, and to free Greek cities, hoping to convince them that Antigonus-I cared for their independence. 313 atl4, wikTls
c.313 ASANDER, independent power in Cappadocia from ?, attacked by Antigonus-I Monophthalamus, who forces him to surrender his whole army, restore Greek towns on the coast to freedom, to regard his satrapy of Caria as the gift of Antigonus, and to give his bro Agathon as hostage.  After a few days Asander rescues Agathon, and sends ambassadors to Ptolemy-I and Seleucus for help.  Antigonus retaliates, and Asander drops out of history. 313
BHS 1-112, DGRBM 1-65, 379, wikAsn
c.313 MILETOS Caria, under Antigonus-I from 316, taken by Medios, tyrant of Larissa until 309. 313 DGRBM 2-1004
c.313 DOCIMUS, an agent of Antigonus-I is sent to Caria to free the Greek cities. 313 DGRBM 1-1057
c.313 DEMETRIUS-I takes his army by forced marches to Mallus, Cilicia near the mouth of the Pyramus, but arrives after Ptolemy-I has sailed away. 313 atl4
c.312 Antigonus-I Monophthalamus is in Anatolia. spring 312 BHS 1-52
c.312 DEMETRIUS son of Antigonus-I is holding Cilicia and part of Syria. spring 312 BHS 1-52
c.312 Medios of Larissa working for Antigonus-I Monophthalamus sails from Boeotia to Anatolia at the Hellespont. 312 DGRBM 2-1004
c.311 3rd War of the Diadochi from 315 ends with attempted treaty:  Cassander, Lysimachus, & Ptolemy-I agree on status quo with ANTIGONUS-I, except that Seleucus is not mentioned.  This allows Antigonus-I to continue fighting Seleucus over Syria and Mesopotamia, Cassander to secure Macedonia until 306, and Ptolemy-I to continue expanding in the AegeanGreek towns are recognized by all parties as free and autonomous (but Cassander keeps several garrisons in place).  Boy king Alexander, son of Alex-III & Roxane, would rule the entire empire when he comes of age, in 305 (fat chance).  Polyperchon, though still controlling an army, had lost all authority and could only maintain himself in the Peloponnese.  Uneasy peace lasts until 307. 311
B76 1-990, 8-377, 16-503, CAH 7.1-50, ISBE 3-1048, LEWH 90, MCAW 174, OCD 69, OHG, TAG 7, anan, frH, hifi, hwD, lvD, lvG
c.311 HALICARNASSUS comes under Antigonus-I Monophthalamus until 301. 311 B76 IV-852
c.311 EPICURUS of Samos, at Colophon Lydia from 322, moves to Mytilene Lesbos until 309. 311 CHHΦ, ISBE 2-120
c.310 PTOLEMAEUS, neph of Antigonus-I Monophthalamus, suddenly abandons the cause of his uncle and makes treaty with Cassander and Ptolemy-I. 310 DGRBM 3-344, 565, wikPtol
c.310 PHOENIX, satrap of western Phrygia for Antigonus-I 313-09, persuaded by Ptolemaeus, neph of Antigonus-I to join him in defection from Antigonus-I. 310 DGRBM 3-344
c.310 Philippos, son of Antigonus-I, sent to oppose rebellion of general Phoenix, and recover towns in Hellespont held by Phoenix. 310 DGRBM 3-271, 3-344
c.310 LEONIDAS general of Ptolemy-I, sent to dislodge garrisons of Demetrius-I in Cilicia.  Successful at first. 310 DGRBM 2-752
c.310 DEMETRIUS-I defeats LEONIDAS general of Ptolemy-I in Cilicia, recovers lost lands. 310 atl4
c.310 SCEPSIS Mysia decrees divine honors to Antigonus-I. 310 BHS 1-126
c.310 Heraclides Ponticus, student of Plato & Speusippos, astronomer, dies at Heraclea Pontica.  Said the earth rotates on its axis, from west to east, once every 24 hours, and that the irregular movements of the planets can be explained if the earth moves while the sun stays still. 315 atl4     310 wikHP
c.309 PTOLEMY-I with a large fleet, appears on coast of Ionia posing as liberator. 309 BHS 1-113
c.309 PTOLEMY-I with a large fleet, personally invades LYCIA and CARIA, rules Caria until 305. 309 DGRBM 3-583, ISBE 3-1048, atl4, lctrk
c.309 MILETOS Caria, under Medios, tyrant of Larissa from 313, comes under Ptolemy-I until 305. 309 guess
c.309 XANTHOS Lycia taken by Ptolemy-I until ?. 309 DGRBM 3-583
c.309 CAUNOS Caria, under Antigonus-I from ?, taken by Ptolemy-I until ?. 309 BHS 1-113, DGRBM 3-583, DGRG 1-576
c.309 HALICARNASSUS, under Antigonus-I Monophthalamus 311-01 , besieged by Ptolemy-I, until later 309. 309 DGRBM 3-583
c.309 PHASELIS Lycia, under Antigonus-I from ?, taken by Ptolemy-I until ?. 309 BHS 1-113
c.309 PTOLEMAEUS, neph of Antigonus-I Monophthalamus, imprisoned, by Ptolemy I, forced to suicide by poison. 309 wikPtol
c.309 PHOENIX, Antigonus' satrap of western Phrygia from 313, fired.  Antigonus rules directly until 301.  PHRYGIA comes under Seleucids until 200 309 rcT
c.309 EPICURUS in Mytilene Lesbos from 311, causes strife, moves to Lampsacus in the Troad until 306.  Sets up a school. 309 OCD 390
no date: IDB 2-122, wikEpc
c.309 HALICARNASSUS, under Antigonus-I Monophthalamus 311-01 , besieged by Ptolemy-I 309, relieved by Demetrius-IPtolemy-I withdraws to Myndos for winter. 309 BHS 1-113, DGRBM 3-583
c.309/8 MITHRIDATES-II, tyrant of the Greek town of Cius in Mysia 336-02, reinstated by Eumenes. 309/8 BHS 1-96
c.308 Sis of Alex-III, CLEOPATRA dies. widow of Alexander of Molossia 336-30, mother of Neoptolemus, unmarried in Sardis from 320, quarrels with Antigonus, tries to escape and join the friend of her youth Ptolemy, now in the Aegean.  She is caught by the governor of Sardis, and murdered by underlings to divert blame from Antigonus and his governor. 308 atl4, lvG
c.308 MYNDOS on coast of Caria taken by Ptolemy-I. 308 BHS 1-113
c.308 Ptolemy-I goes from Anatolia to Aegean islands. 308 spring DGRBM 3-583
c.307 DEMETRIUS son of Antigonus-I, is sent by Antigonus with 250 ships from Anatolia? to Greece.
4th War of the Diadochi begins until 306.
308 wikWD     307 B76 8-378, CAH 7.1-55, DGRBM 1-962, TAG 8, frH, lvA, lvD, lvG, wikD1M     306 hwD
307/6 EPICURUS, head of a school in Lampsacus from 309, moves to Athens. 307/6 CDCC 318, OCD 390 306 DGRBM, ISBE 2-120
c.306 After conquest of Cyprus, ANTIGONUS-I Monophthalamus in Syria assumes royal title for himself (until 301) and his son Demetrius-I.  Therefore the following do likewise:  Ptolemy-I, Seleucus, Lysimachus.
Cassander refrains temporarily.
307 LEWH 90     306 B76 1-990, 8-378, CAH 7.1, CDCC 52, 266, 537, GHH, MCAW 178, OCD 69, 632, anan, frH, hifi, hwD, rcSB2, wikAntg
c.306 DIONYSIOS tyrant of Heraclea 338-05, asserts kingship. 306 DGRBM 1-1032, wikDH
c.306 COMMAGENE, area in southeast Anatolia, under Macedonia from 322, comes under Antigonus-I Monophthalamus until 301. 306 rcT
c.306 Philippos, son of Antigonus-I & Stratonice, dies. 306 DGRBM 3-271, 925
c.306 SIGEUM, on the coast southwest of Troy, comes under Antigonus-I Monophthalamus refounded as ANTIGONEIA TROAS until 281. 306 wikAT
c.306 TENEDOS island off the Troad, independent from ?, comes under Antigonus-I Monophthalamus added to Antigoneia Troas until ?. 306 lvA
c.306 PAPHLAGONIA, area in north Anatolia, independent from 323, comes under Antigonus-I Monophthalamus until 301. 306 rcT
c.306 ANTIGONUS-I Monophthalmus satrap of Paphlagonia from 316, is now king of Anatolia.  Paphlagonia is part of his kingdom until 301. 306 wikLPΦ
c.306 IDOMENEOS becomes dignitary in court at Lampsacus until 301.  Becomes friend of Epicurus. 306 CHHΦ, wikIL
c.306 EPICURUS head of a school in Lampsacus from 309, goes back to Athens. 307/6 CDCC 318, OCD 390
306 B76 6-914, BNTH 41, GHH, MCAW 179, wikEpc
c.305 CYZICUS under Macedonia from 334, comes under Antigonus-I Monophthalamus until 301. 305 rcT
c.305 CARIA under Macedonians from 334, under Ptolemy-I from 309, comes back under Antigonus-I Monophthalamus until 301. 305 frH, rcT
c.305 MILETOS Caria, under Ptolemy-I from 309, comes back under Antigonus-I Monophthalamus until 301. 305 rcT
c.305 MELITENE on Anatolia/Syria border, under Macedonia from 333, comes under Antigonus-I Monophthalamus until 301. 305 rcT
c.305 PAMPHYLIA, under Macedonia from 333, comes under Antigonus-I Monophthalamus until 301. 305 rcT
c.305 Tyrant of Heraclea from 338, DIONYSIOS dies age 55.  Said to be the mildest, justest, and fattest of all tyrants.  Widow AMASTRIS is regent for their sons OXYATHRES and CLEARCHOS, who succeed until 284.  Amastris remarries 301. 306 DGRBM 1-137, 3-74 306/5 DGRBM 1-1032, wikDH     305 atl4, rcT
c.305 LYCIA, under Macedonians from 334, officially under Antigonus-I Monophthalamus from 329, but dominated by Ptolemy-I from 309, recovered by Antigonus-I until 301. 305 rcT
c.305 DEMETRIUS, son of Antigonus-I besieges RHODES until 304.  He uses ships transformed into floating battle towers, catapults, rams, and a 9 story siege tower.  But Rhodes is supported by Cassander, Lysimachus, and especially Ptolemy-I. 305 B76 1-990, 8-378, 381, CDCC 821, LEWH 90, MCAW 178, OCD 325, OHG, lvD
c.304 DEMETRIUS, son of Antigonus-I, besieging RHODES from 305, thwarted by Ptolemy-I, but makes a compromise peace with Rhodes.  Rhodians promise loyalty to Antigonus and Demetrius, and would support them against all enemies, except PtolemyDemetrius gives the Rhodians his siege engines, which they sell and use the money to build the Colossus. 304 B76 8-378, 381, 15-181, LEWH 90, MCAW 178-9, OCD 325, OHG, wikCyp
c.304 RHODES names Demetrius-I POLIORCETES (city taker), and Ptolemy-I SOTER (savior), by which they are called ever since. 304 B76 8-378, MCAW 178, lvD
c.303 Cassander and Lysimachus in Macedonia persuade Seleucus-I and Ptolemy-I to join them against ANTIGONUS. 303 MCAW 178 302 hwD
c.303 Earthquakes in Ionia. 303 atl4
c.302 CASSANDER initiates a coalition against AntigonusLysimachus, Seleucus-I, and Ptolemy-I join. 303 ISBE 3-1048
302 DGRBM 2-868, 3-583, 771, atl4, wikPt1
c.302 LYSIMACHUS, reinforced by troops from Cassander, invades Anatolia, meets little resistance, overruns west coast, captures Ephesus and Sardis, Sigeum, Synnada, Colophon, and other cities. 303 lvD     302 BHS 1-59, DGRBM 2-868, atl4, wikLs     302/1 hwD
c.302 PREPELAOS, general of Cassander sent with a large army to help Lysimachus. 302 DGRBM 3-522, wikPrp
c.302 SARDIS betrayed by its commander Phoenix to Prepelaos, general of CassanderPhilippos, son? of Antigonus-I, holds the citadel. 302 DGRBM 3-271
c.302 PREPELAOS, general of Cassander takes Adramyttium and Ephesus, and gets control of almost all Aeolia and Ionia. 302 DGRBM 3-522
c.302 Antigonus-I Monophthalamus hurries from Syria to Anatolia to counter Lysimachus and Prepelaos. 303 lvD
c.302 LYSIMACHUS retreats to a prepared position at Heraclea to withstand Antigonus. 302 BHS 1-59, atl4
c.302 PLEISTARCHOS, bro of Cassander, with 12,000 inf and 500 cav wants to join Lysimachus in Anatolia.  Since the Hellespont is occupied by Demetrius, he tries to sail from Odessos on the coast of Moesia to Heraclea, but loses most of his ships to Demetrius' navy and a storm.  Pleistarchos narrowly escapes shipwreck but gets some of his troops to Anatolia. 302 DGRBM 3-412, lvD
c.302 MITHRIDATES-II dies.  Tyrant of the Greek town of Cius in Mysia from 337/6, suspected of treason by Antigonus-I, and executed, age 84.  Son or neph Mithridates-III Ktistes, with 6 horsemen, escapes east to fort at Cimiata (Cimiatene) in Paphlagonia, gains control of neighboring territory. 302 CAH 9-130, DGRBM 2-1095, OCD 695, atl4, wikKPn     302/1 frH
c.302 LYSIMACHUS escapes with his army from Dorylaeum Phrygia.  Antigonus is unable to pursue him because of bad weather. 302 atl4
c.302 SELEUCUS-I and son Antiochus,with 20,000 inf, 12,000 cav, and 480 elephants, 120 scythed chariots, comes from Syria to Cappadocia, stops for winter. 302 late B76 16-503, BHS 1-59
fall DGRBM 3-771, atl4
c.302 PHILETAIROS, agent of Seleucus-I Nicator gains control of Pergamum until ?. 302 CDCC 659
c.302 PONTUS, under Antigonus from 316, siezed by MITHRIDATES-III Ktistes, who makes himself king until 266.  Still technically vassal to Seleucus-I until 281. 302 B76 8-381,
DGRBM 2-1095, GHH, anan, wikKPn     302/1 frH
c.302 Antigonus-I Monophthalamus is closed in by enemies in Anatolia, recalls son Demetrius-I Poliorcetes from Greece to fight coalition. 302 MCAW 178, hwD
no date: B76 8-378
c.302 DEMETRIUS-I Poliorcetes goes from Greece to Ephesus.  His wife's bro Pyrrhus of Epirus accompanies. 302 MCAW 178, lvD 301 DGRBM, GHH
c.302 Lysimachus is trapped in Anatolia between Demetrius-I Poliorcetes and Antigonus-I Monophthalamus. mid 302 lvD, lvG
c.302 EGRISI, part of Colchis from ?, annexed by Iberia (Kartli) until 101. 302 wikCl
c.302 PHILATAEROS, general under Antigonus-I Monophthalamus from ?, defects to Lysimachus until 282, becomes guardian of fortress of Pergamum. mid 302 B76 VII-939
c.302/1 Lysimachus winters at Heraclea, marries its queen AMASTRIS, widow of Dionysios of Heraclea (died 305) until 300. 302 DGRBM 1-137, atl4     302/1 wikLs
c.302/1 AMYNTAS dies.  General of Antigonus-I in Cappadocia, attacked and killed by Ariarathes-II, claimant to Cappadocia.  Macedonian garrison expelled from Cappadocia. 302/1
BHS 1-97
c.301 Demetrius joins father Antigonus-I. 301 GHH, TAG 10
c.301 Antigonus-I and Demetrius quarrel about Demetrius' mistress Demo. 301 atl4
c.301 Antigonus and Demetrius isolate Lysimachus near Ipsus Phrygia.  Seleucus-I approaches, sides with Lysimachus. 301 lvD, wikLs
c.301 Before Ipsus, DOCIMUS, agent of Antigonus-I, holding fortress of Synnada 15 miles southeast of Ipsus, surrenders Synnada to Lysimachus. no date: DGRBM 1-1057
c.301 Antigonus-I Monophthalamus and son Demetrius-I Poliorcetes with 70,000 inf, 10,000 cav, 75 elephants meets Cassander, Lysimachus, and Seleucus with 64,000 inf, 10,500 cav, 480 elephants, and 120 chariots at IPSUS Phrygia.  Demetrius, with cavalry massed on the left charges, scatters his immediate opponents, but finds that a great mass of horsemen, riding without stirrups, once launched, could not, like galleys, be turned at a signal.  The impetus of his men sweeps him on too far.  He returns to find the battle over, and his father dead. 302 CDCC 537     301 B76 1-991, 8-378, 17-947, CAH 7.1, CDCC 266, 464, CHJ 2-49, Dur 2-558, GHH, LEWH 90, MCAW 178, OCD 69, 210, 632, 1030, OHG, RAH 378, TAG 10, atl4, hwD, lvD, lvG, wikAntg
c.301 ANTIGONUS-I Monophthalamus killed.  Ruler of Anatolia, Mesopotamia and Syria, killed in battle age 81 at IPSUS.  His son Demetrius Poliorcetes escapes to Ephesus. 301 B76 1-991, 8-378, 17-947, CAH 7.1-60, CHJ 2-49, Dur 2-711, LEWH 90, MCAW 181, OCD 69, 1030, RAH 378, RAI2 346, RAI3 413, Shaw 389, TAG 10, atl4, anan, hifi, hwD, lvA, lvD, wikAntg, wikArg
c.301 DEMETRIUS-I Poliorcetes thwarts a plot by garrison commander Diodorus to betray Ephesus, then sails to Corinth. 301 atl4

RESULT of IPSUS:  Kingdom of Antigonus-I Monophthalamus is split up.
Lysimachus in Thrace receives eastern Aegean, Ionia, Lydia, Phrygia, north coast of Anatolia until 281.
Demetrius delivers his wife's bro Pyrrhus of Epirus as a hostage to Egypt.
Pleistarchis, bro of Cassander, gets Lycia and Λ Cilicia until 299.
Seleucus-I Nicator gets Syro-Palestine, Armenia, Mesopotamia, and Persia as far as Sogdiana and Bactria.
Cassander is king of Macedonia, and is declared king of Greece, but Demetrius Poliorcetes holds a fleet, Peloponnese, Aegean islands, Cyprus, Tyre, and some cities in Anatolia.
Ptolemy gets Cyrenaica, Egypt, south Palestine, coastal Syria, and some parts of Lycia and Pisidia.
North Cappadocia goes to Ariarathes-II.  Bithynia and Pontus remain independent.
B76 8-378, CAH 7.1-426, DGRBM 3-412,
MCAW 183, OCD 69, 632, 1031, MRDK, RAH 378, anan, lvD, rcT
300 lvG
c.301 STRATONICE, sis of Perdiccas, in Cilicia waiting for results of Ipsus, sails to Salamis Cyprus. 301 DGRBM 3-925
c.301 ZIPOETES (Ziboetes), prince of Bithynia 327-279 again attacks Astacos and Chalcedon, this time successfully.  Astacos is destroyed. 301 wikZ1
c.301 CYZICUS under Antigonus-I from 305, comes under Seleucids until 263. 301 rcT
c.301 CIUS on the Propontis, under Antigonus-I from ?, comes under Bithynia until 74. 301 rcT '  
c.301 COMMAGENE, under Antigonus-I from 306, comes under Seleucids until 163. 301 rcT
c.301 ILIUM (Troy-8), under Antigonus-I from 323, comes under Seleucids until 263. 301 rcT
c.301 PERGAMUM, mountain citadel in Aeolis, under Antigonus-I from 323, comes under Lysimachus until 282.  Becomes his main treasury depository, and is placed under general PHILATAERUS, who becomes governor of PERGAMUM and remains under Lysimachus until 282. 302 CDCC 659
301 IDB 3-733, rcT     283 frH
c.301 SARDIS, under Antigonus-I from 322, comes under Seleucids until 287, becomes capital of Seleucid governor. 301 ISBE 4-336
c.301 CARIA under Antigonus-I from 305, comes under Pleistarchos until 299. 301 rcT
Lysi 301 livHal
c.301 LYCIA, under Antigonus-I from 305, comes under either Pleistarchus until 295 or Lysimachus until 281. Pleis 301 rcT
Lysi 301 hifi, wikLc
c.301 IDOMENEOS, Epicurean from ?, dignitary in court at Lampsacus from 306, no longer so. 301 CHHΦ, wikIL
c.301 HALICARNASSUS, under Antigonus-I from 311, comes under Lysimachus until 281. 301 B76 IV-852
c.301 ANTIGONEIA Bithynia, under Antigonus-I from 316, is given to Lysimachus, who names it after his wife NICAEA and holds it until 281. 301 wikNc
c.301 PONTUS, under MITHRIDATES-III from 302, confirmed under him until 266, but not an independent kingdom until 280. 301 bk, rcT
c.301 LYDIA, under Antigonus-I from 318, comes under Lysimachus until 281. 301 lvA, rcT
c.301 SINOPE on Black Sea, under Macedonia from 322, comes under tyrant Scydrothemis until 280. 301 rcT
c.301 MELITENE on Anatolia/Syria border, under Antigonus-I from 305, comes under Seleucids until 240. 301 rcT
c.301 PAPHLAGONIA, under Antigonus-I from 306, comes under Pontus until 276. 302 wikLPΦ 301 rcT
c.301 PAMPHYLIA, under Antigonus-I from 305, comes under ?????? until 295. 301 rcT
c.301 CILICIA, under Antigonus-I from 316, comes under Pleistarchos until 299. 301 rcT
c.301 ARIARATHES-II, exiled from 322, recovers (possibly with Armenian help) Cappadocia, now separated from Pontus.  CAPPADOCIA, under Antigonus-I from 319, comes under satrap ARIARATHES-II until 280, nominally under Seleucus-I, and under Seleucids until 260???. 301 frH, rcT
post-301 OCD 107, 203

Anatolia 300-201