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c.495 ILISAMI-II NABAT, becomes king of Kaminahu until 475. 495 rri
c.490 MAHLAY, king of Qedar from 510, ends.  Son  IYAS succeeds until 470. 490 wikQd
c.480 YADIAB AMIR, ruler of Nashan from 500, ends.  Nashan comes under Saba until 250. 480 raxA, rri
c.475 ILISAMI-II NABAT, king of Kaminahu from 495, ends. 475 rri
c.470 IYAS, king of Qedarite Bedawis in Negev from 490, ends.  SHAHR-I succeeds until 450. 470 hifiK, wikQd
c.450 SHAHR-I, king of Qedarite Bedawis in Negev from 470, ends.  Son GASHMU-I succeeds until 430. 450 hifiK, rri, wikQd
c.450 KARIBIL WATAR, priest-king of Saba, assumes title "king of Saba ". 450 IDB 4-145
c.430 GASHMU-I, king of Qedarite Bedawis in Negev from 450, ends.  Son QAINU succeeds until 410. 430 hifiK, rri, wikQd
c.430 KAMINAHU, state in southwest Arabia, probably comes under Ma'an until 160. 430 raxA
c.430 ABKARIB-I becomes king of Ma'in (Yemen) until 415. 430 raxA, rri
c.415 ABKARIB-I, king of Ma'in (Yemen) from 430, ends.  AMMIYATHA succeeds until 400. 415 raxA, rri
c.410 QAINU, king of Qedarite Bedawis in Negev from 430, ends. 410 hifiK, rri, wikQd
c.400 AMMIYATHA, king of Ma'in (Yemen) from 415, ends.  ABYADA-I succeeds until 385. 400 raxA
c.385 ABYADA-I, king of Ma'in (Yemen) from 400, ends.  HUFNUM SADIQ succeeds until 365. 385 raxA
c.365 HUFNUM SADIQ, king of Ma'in (Yemen) from 385, ends.  ILYAFA YAFUSH succeeds until 350. 365 raxA
c.360 YITHA'A AMAR BAYYIN-II becomes last Makrab king of Himyar until 350. 360 rri
c.350 ILYAFA YAFUSH, king of Ma'in (Yemen) from 365, ends.  ABYADA-II succeeds until 320. 350 raxA
c.332 QEDAR, under Persia from 539, comes under Macedonia until 323. 332 hifiK, rcJdn
c.330 Kingdom of QATABAN begins in southwest Arabia.  A line of 31 rulers continues until 160CE. 330 rri
c.330 Founder of the Lihyan kingdom reigns until 320. 330 rri
c.330 SOCOTRA, island off tip of the horn of Africa, raided by Macedonians for its aloe products, under Macedonia until 300. 330 raxA
c.323 QEDAR, under Macedonia from 332, under kingdom of Lihyan until 250. 323 hifiK, rcJdn
c.320 Founder of Lihyan kingdom from 330 ends.  SHAHRU-II succeeds until 305. 320 raxA, rri
c.320 ABYADA-II, king of Ma'in (Yemen) from 350, ends.  WAQAHIL RIYAM succeeds until 310. 320 raxA
c.320 YATHI AMAR BAYIN-III, king of Saba from ?, ends.  KARIB il WATAR-II succeeds until 270. 320 raxA
c.312 ATHENAEUS, general of Antigonus-I Monophthalamus sent against Nabataeans, attacks Petra. 312 DGRBM 1-400
c.311 ATHENAEUS, general of Antigonus-I Monophthalamus surprised at night and defeated by Nabataeans. 311 atl4
c.311 DEMETRIUS-I, son of Antigonus-I Monophthalamus, leads a raid against Nabataeans. 311 atl4
c.310 WAQAHIL RIYAM, king of Ma'in (Yemen) from 320, ends.  ABKARIB-II succeeds until 300. 310 raxA
c.305 SHAHRU-II, king of Lihyan from 320, ends.  Son HANIOS-I succeeds until 290. 305 raxA, rri
c.300 ABKARIB-II, king of Ma'in (Yemen) from 310, ends.  YITHAIL RIYAM succeeds until 290. 300 raxA
c.300 SOCOTRA, island off the tip of the horn of Africa, under Macedonia from 330, no longer under Macedonia. 300 raxA

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