c.327 EUTHICRITOS, eponymous archon of Athens from 328, ends.  HEGEMON succeeds until 326. 327 wikEA
c.327 PHILEMON, New Comedy poet, wins 1st victory. 327 CAH 6
c.327 Athens passes a decree calling Pharnabazos a "benefactor of Athens and helper in her wars". 327
CAH 6-70
c.327 DEMOSTHENES speech "Against Phormio". 328-6 CAH 6-500
c.327 ANTIPATER made viceroy of Macedonia until 319. 327 frH
c.326 Portrait sculptor SILANION flourishes.  Of 2 of his known works, his idealized portrait head of Plato was commissioned by Mithridates of Persia for the Academy of Athens c.370, and an idealized portrait head of Sappho, later copies survive. 328-25 wikSl
c.326 HEGEMON, eponymous archon of Athens from 327, ends.  CHREMES succeeds until 325. 326 wikEA
c.326 Grain shortage in Greece from 330 ends. 326 CAH 6
c.326 LYCURGOS, finance minister in Athens from 338, falls from power.  Becomes manager of the theater of Dionysus until 324. 326 B76 VI-412, Dur 2-468, LEWH 80, bk 326 CAH 6
c.325 Greek Λ CLEPSYDRA (water clock), much improved over the Egyptian, approaches the limits of its technological refinement. 380-71 TTS, TTT 325 MCAW 171
c.325 BoeotiaLake Copias in Boeotia drained to prevent flooding. 325 LEWH 81
c.325 HEGESIPPOS, Athenian statesman, dies. 325 OCD 492
c.325 QUINQUEREMES 1st attested in Athenian navy. 325 DGRA 785
c.325 Athens founds a colony under Miltiades on the shores of the Adriatic as a base to protect grain ships against Etrurian pirates. 325
TAG 85
c.325 CHREMES, eponymous archon of Athens from 326, ends.  ANTICLES succeeds until 324. 325 wikEA
c. 325 Dancing Maenad Dancing MAENAD painted on a Greek red-figure skyphos (2-handled deep wine-cup on a low flanged base), painted by Python.  Found at Poseidonia (Paestum) Italy.  A maenad is a female follower of Dionysus.  Their name literally means "raving ones".  Maenads (aka Bassarids, Bacchae, or Bacchantes) in Roman mythology are portrayed as inspired by Dionysus into a state of ecstatic frenzy thru dancing and intoxication. photo Blacas Collection

330-20 wikHED
350-300 SHIELD PATTERNS by Luke Sarson.
c.325 Tyche EUTYCHIDES of Sicyon, sculptor, pupil of Lysippos, flourishes.  Known mostly for a bronze statue of Tyche, made for newly founded Antioch.  Tyche, who embodied the idea of the city, is crowned with towers, and sits on a rock, with the Orontes at her feet.  This statue was copied by several Ionian cities, and a small copy here by a Roman, now in the Vatican. photo Janmad

350-00 wikEut
c.325/4 ZOPYRION, Macedonian governor of Thrace from 331, ends. 325/4 frH
c.324 LYCURGOS dies.  Athenian manager of the theater of Dionysus from 326, dies, leaving widow Callisto & 3 sons. 326 CAH 6   325/4 CAH 6-850, OCD 629     324 B76 VI-412     323 DGRBM 2-858, wikLyc
c.324 Alex-III in Opis orders Antipater to lead fresh troops into Anatolia, while Craterus, in charge of discharged veterans returning home, is to take over regency in Macedon.  Craterus does not arrive until 322. 324 wikAnt
c.324 ANTICLES, eponymous archon of Athens from 325, ends.  HEGESIAS (Agesias) succeeds until 323. 324 GHH, wikEA
c.324  Decrees  of Alex-III are brought to Greece by legate Nicanor of Stageira:
1.   Exiles Decree :  All Greek cities must recall their exiles.
2.  Deification Decree Alex-III is a god - the new Dionysus, son of Zeus and bro of Apollo.
Nicanor is to replace Antipater as legate of Macedonia until Craterus arrives.  Antipater is to join Alex.
324 B76 1-472, 8-375, DGRBM 1-201, 2-1176, OCD 331, 732, hwD, lxtl
c.324 When the Exiles Decree is proclaimed at the Olympic games, 20,000 men gather to hear it. 324 CAH 6-534, GHH
c.324 Craterus, on orders of Alex-III, offers Phocion his choice of 4 Anatolian cities.  Phocion declines. 324 DGRBM 3-340
c.324 ANTIPATER, Alex's legate of Macedonia 334-23, refuses to leave Macedonia as ordered, sends his son Cassander in his place. 324 hwD
c.324 HARPALUS, Alex-III's runaway treasurer with much loot, sails from Cilicia to Greece, lands at Sunion on east Attica, arrives in Athens, requests asylum, buys off many leaders.  DEMOSTHENES proposes imprisoning him and storing the money in the Acropolis. 325 DGRBM 1-986, 3-341     325/4 CAH 6
spring 324 CAH 6-838, DGRBM, GHH
324/3 CDCC 270, OCD 331, 535
c.324 Athens refuses to comply with Alex-III's exiles decree. 324 B76 8-375
c.324 DEMADES, co-ruler of Athens 335/324-3, proposes to comply with the divine honors for Alex-III decree. 324
B76 III-454
c.324 DEMETRIUS of Phalerum, pro-Macedonian peripatetic philosopher, begins public career at the Harpalus disputes. 325 DGRBM 1-970
c.324 Antipater and Philoxenos order the Athenians to surrender Harpalus.  Phocion and Demosthenes both advise refusing this demand. 325 DGRBM 3-341
c.324 Historian THEOPOMPOS of Chios finishes  Philippika . 324 lvG
c.324 Athens is dominant in the Aegean. 324 GHH
c.324 Areopagus, after inquiry, reports that 9 men had taken bribes from Harpalus.  Demosthenes heads the list with 20 talents.  10 public prosecutors are appointed.  Dinarchos writes, for one or more of these prosecutors.  Only Hyperides is above suspicion.  Demosthenes is fined 50 talents. 324/3 DGRBM 2-539, wikDnr 323
CAH 6-858
c.324 DINARCHOS, Corinthian speech writer in Athens from 336, writes speeches against defendants in the Harpalus affair.  "Against Demosthenes", "Against Aristogeiton", and "Against Philocles" still exist. 324
OCD 344, wikDnr
c.324 HARPALUS' trial. 324/3 OCD 1018
c.324 LYCURGOS finance minister in Athens 338-36 dies. 324 B76 10-1093, GHH, OHG
c.324 HARPALUS dies.  He is allowed to escape custody and leave Athens.  He sails to Crete, where he is murdered by his lieutenant Thibron.  Harpalus' mercenaries are retained by exiles from Cyrenaica. 324 CAH 6-857, OCD 1000
324/3 Athenian general LEOSTHENES, captain of mercenaries in Anatolia, returns to Athens, organizes the return of mercenaries disbanded by satraps in Anatolia, and maintenance of them at Taenarum (southernmost point in Greece). 324/3 OCD 596
324/3 HYPERIDES and STRATOCLES are among those who prosecute DEMOSTHENES in the Harpalus affair. 324 OCD 535
324/3 OCD 1018
early 323 B76 V-253, OCD 331
324/3 DEMOSTHENES prosecuted by HYPERIDES for taking 20 talents of "Harpalus" money, found guilty by Areopagus, fined 50 talents, exiled until 323.  Goes to Trozen. 324 B76 5-579, CAH 6, DGRBM, Dur 2-458, LEWH 80, bk
323 MCAW 172, OCD 331
324/3 Hyperides speech "Against Demosthenes". 323 B76 V-253
324/3 DEMADES, pro-Macedonian co-ruler of Athens 335/4-23, accused of taking a bribe from Harpalus, offers no defense, fined, forfeits citizenship until 322. 324 B76 III-454 323 OCD 323
c.323 GREEK CLASSICAL PERIOD ends.  Began 480.
LATE CLASSICAL Period ends.  Began 410.
HELLENISTIC PERIOD begins until 146.
B76 19-295
323 or 300 CDCC 193
c.323 EPIRUS, under NEOPTOLEMUS-II 330-13 and AIAKIDES (Aeacides), son of Arybbas 331/0-317.  Former king ARYBBAS 360-42 returns and regains power, to confuse the rulership even futher until 319. 323 MRDK, rcSB2
 323 June <b>ALEX-III, Argead king of Macedon from 336 dies in Babylon, leaving wife from 327 ROXANA pregnant with a son.  Imbecillic half bro PHILIP-III Arrhidaeos, also at Babylon, is titular king until 317PERDICCAS and ANTIPATER fight over regency until 321. Jun 323 LEWH 79, RAH 348 wikArg
323 Dur 2-458, OCD 39, 157, wikLKM
Ecbatana: CDCC 34
323 At news of death of Alex-III, CYNANE, dau of Philip II and Audata, goes to Anatolia to offer her dau Eurydice to new king PHILIP-III Arrhidaeos. 323 DGRBM 1-911, wikArrh
323 At news of death of Alex-III, his mom OLYMPIAS begins and easily wins a propaganda war against the house of Antipater, governor of Macedonia. 323 OCD 751
323 CLEOPATRA, sis of Alex-III, widow of Alexander of Molossia 336-30, mother of Neoptolemus-II, now at Pella, sends a letter to Leonnatos, satrap of Hellespontine Phrygia, inviting him to come to Pella and marry her. 323 lvG
323 At news of death of Alex-III, Phocion tries and fails to restrain Athens from celebrating. 323 DGRBM 3-341
323 At news of death of Alex-III, Athenian radical HYPERIDES expells Macedonians from Athens, organizes a new Hellenic League comprising central Greece and the Peloponnese.  It lasts a few months. 323 LEWH 80, OCD 73, lvG, lvLx
323 At news of death of Alex-III, DEMOSTHENES, exiled from 324/3, returns to Athens. 323 CAH 6,
DGRBM 1-987, GHH
323 At news of death of Alex-III, SEUTHES-III, king of Odryssians in Thrace 331-306, rebels. 323 DGRBM 3-809
323 At news of death of Alex-III, the LEAGUE of CORINTH from 337 breaks up until 302. 323 B76 III-150
323 Athenian rebels occupy Thermopylae and fortify it. mid 323 lvG, lvLx
c.323 HEGESIAS (Agesias), eponymous archon of Athens from 324, ends.  KEPHISODOROS (Kephisophon) succeeds until 322. 323 wikEA
323 NICAEA, dau of Antipater is sent to Anatolia to be married to regent Perdiccas. 323 DGRBM 2-1173
323 ANTIPATER, governor of Macedonia and "General of Europe" marches to Thermopylae and is repelled. 323 lvG, lvLx
323 Phocion tries and fails to disuade Athens from voting war with Antipater. 323 B76 VII-956, DGRBM 3-341
c.323 THRACE, contested by Macedonia and Scythians from 330, Macedonian part is assigned to Lysimachus, as satrap until 305, then king until 281, and under his successors until 273Scythians continue to contest it until 310 323 B76 VI-420, GHH, frH, hwD, rcEB, rcSB2, wikLs, wikOK
c.323 The TRIBALLI of Thrace under Macedonia from 335, come under Illyrians until 20, independently until 29. 323 rcWB
c.323 AMPHIPOLIS in Thrace, under Macedonia from 358 comes under Aristonous until 316. 323 rcSB2
c.323 SEUTHES-III, king of Odryssians in Thrace 331-06, with 20,000 inf and 8,000 cav, opposes Lysimachus.  Conflict is indecisive. 323 DGRBM 3-809
c.323 CHERSONESE, under Macedonia from 338, comes under Thrace until 273. 323 rcT
c.323 ARISTOTLE, at Athens from 335, now unpopular as the teacher of Alex-III, accused of impiety, moves to Chalcis Euboea (where his mom's relatives live) until 322.  The LYCEUM comes under THEOPHRASTOS of Lesbos until 287. 323 CDCC 881, EoΦ 1-152, OCD 115, OHG 294, bk, wikArstt     322 DGRBM 1-320, Dur 2-640, GHH, MCAW 173, OCD 1058
322/1 B76 IX-940
c.323 ANTIPATER, governor of Macedonia and "General of Europe" withdraws to fortified city of Lamia on border of Thessaly and Greece. 323 CAH 7.1, wikLmWr
c.323 LAMIAN WAR begins until 322.  25,000 Athenians and Aetolian, Locrian, and Phocian allies against 13,000 Macedonians under Antipater in Thessaly.  Thessalians are with Antipater at first, but soon defect to Greeks. 323 CAH 6, 7.1, CDCC 496, 938, Dur 2-458, GHH, OCD 141, 596, OHG, RAH 351, lvG, wikLmWr     323/2 MCAW 172
c.323 MIDDLE COMEDY ends.  Manners and romance from 400.  Stock characters of all sorts have emerged: courtesans, parasites, revellers, philosophers, boastful soldiers, and especially the conceited cook.  Preserved only in short fragments in authors such as Athenaeus of Naucratis.  No complete Middle Comic plays have been preserved.  NEW COMEDY begins until 260.  Known primarily from fragments of Menander. 340
DGRA 345 323
Dur 2-482, wikAGC
c.323 EPICURUS of Samos age 18, goes to Athens for the 2 years military training necessary for Athenian citizenship, but leaves in 322. 323 B76 6-914,
DGRBM 2-33, GHH, wikEpc
c.323 SICYON, in northeast Peloponese, under Thebes from 369, comes under Macedonia until 309. 323 rcPl
c.323 ELEA in Peloponnese, under democracy from 470, comes under Macedonian dominated oligarchy until 191. 323 rcPl
c.323 Athamanians ally with Athens against Macedonians until ?. 323 wikAθm
c. 323 Son of Hicesias, DIOGENES dies age c.89 at Corinth, having given instructions to throw his body outside the city wall so animals could eat it.  He is considered founder of the CYNICS despite Antisthenes' prior claim.  Mocker of Plato and Alex-III.  Debunker of all convention.  Taught by example rather than a coherent thought system.  Lived in poverty, begged for food, slept in public buildings and in a large urn at the temple of Cybele, crapped in the theatre, and masturbated in public.  Somehow lived to age c.89 trying to convince people that he was happy like this.  Disciple CRATES of Thebes spreads his philosophy. 325 CDΦ 175, OCD 348     324-21 CHHΦ     323 DGRBM, Dur 2-507, GHH, OHG 425, bk, wikDS
322 Dur 2-458
320 B76 III-558
323 late Allies under Athenian LEOSTHENES besiege ANTIPATER in Lamia until 322. 323 B76 8-376, CAH 6, 7.1, DGRBM, LEWH 80, OCD 73, 596, wikLmWr
c.323 LEOSTHENES, besieging Lamia, allows Aetolians in his army to return home because of some Aetolian national business. 322 atl4
323/2 Athenian commander LEOSTHENES, besieging Antipater in Lamia, is killed.  Athenians retreat.  Leosthenes is succeeded by ANTIPHILOS. 323 CAH 6, DGRBM 1-205, GHH
323/2 wikLmWr     322 B76 8-376, LEWH 80, OCD 596, atl4
323/2 Macedonian reinforcements - 20,000 inf, 1,500 cav - from Anatolia arrive at Lamia under Leonnatos, satrap of Hellespontine PhrygiaAntipater is rescued. 323 OCD 596
322 DGRBM 2-753, atl4, lvLx, wikLmWr
c.322 PHOCION becomes virtual ruler of Athens until 318. 322 B76 VII-956
c.322 Athenians fight draw battle with Macedonians at Lamia on Thessaly/Greece border.  LEONNATOS, satrap of western Phrygia, now working for Antipater, defeated and killed by Greek insurgents, including Thessalian cavalry commander Menon. 322 DGRBM 2-753, 1044, GHH, OCD 596, atl4, frH, lvLx, rcT
c.322 CLEITUS, Macedonian Admiral loyal to Antipater, defeats Athenian admiral, Eetion, in 2 battles off Echinades islands, closes Dardanelles to Greek ships. 322 OCD 249
c.322 Athenian fleet wiped out forever at AMORGOS island. 322 LEWH 80
c.322 KEPHISODOROS (Kephisophon), eponymous archon of Athens from 323, ends.  PHILOCLES succeeds until 321. 322 wikEA
c.322 Athenian orator STRATOCLES gets first news of the disaster at Amorgos.  He proclaimes publicly that the Athenians had won, and urges a festival of thanksgiving.  3 days later, when the truth is known, he is charged with deception.  He asks what harm he had done, having caused Athens 3 days enjoyment. 322 DGRBM 3-923
c.322 After the Athenian fleet is eliminated, CRATERUS and Polyperchon, with 11,500 returning veterans in a fleet they had built in Cilicia, cross from Anatolia to Macedonia, join Antipater. 323 B76 8-376, DGRBM 1-201
322 CAH 7.1-32, DGRBM, GHH, LEWH 80, atl4, hwD, lvG, lvLx, wikCrt
c.322 CYNANE dies.  Half-sis of Alex-III, tries to marry her dau Eurydice to Philip Arrhidaeos.  Cynane is murdered by ALCETAS on orders of his bro Perdiccas.  Alcetas' troops are angry about it. 322 DGRBM 1-98, wikAlct
c.322 PHILIP-III ARRHIDAEOS son of Philip-II, marries EURYDICE dau of Amyntas-IV and Cynane, dau of Philip-II.  Arrhidaeos takes direction from Eurydice. 322
DGRBM 1-350, GHH, OCD 423
c.322 Courtesan PHRYNE, notorious for public nudity, is charged with a capital offense and defended by orator Hypereides, one of her johns.  She is acquitted.  A controversial story alleges that Hypereides removed her robe and bared her breasts to the judges. 322 atl4 no date: wikΦrn
c.322 Courtesan LAIS of Corinth, notorious for high price, is turned down for this reason by Demosthenes.  A controversial story alleges that Demosthenes offered her 1,000 drachmas for a night.  She agreed, until she saw him, then upped it to 10,000.  The same story says she did Diogenes for nothing. 322 atl4 no date: wikΦrn
c.322 General AMYNTAS son of Andromenes sent by Alex-III to Macedonia to collect levies, which he delivers to Alex-III in 321. 322 wikAmnt
322 Athenian orator PYTHEAS, opponent of Demosthenes, joins Antipater. 322 DGRBM 3-627
322 Macedonian general MICION dies during Lamian war.  He lands at Rhamnus Attica.  ATHENIAN general PHOCION repels and routs the attackers.  Micion is killed. 323 DGRBM 2-1082, 3-341 322 OCD 826, atl4, wikΦoc
c.322 ATHENIAN general PHOCION persuades Athenians not to invade Boeotia. 322 atl4
322 Sep ThessalyMacedonians under Antipater and Craterus indecisively defeat Greeks led by Athenian Antiphilos and Thessalians under Menon at CRANNON in Thessaly. 322 Sep B76 VI-10, Aug CAH 6, 7.1-32, CDCC 270, DGRBM 1-987, 2-1044, LEWH 80, OCD 331, atl4, hwD, lvLx, wikCran, wikLmWr, wikWD
322 Thessalians under Menon negotiate with Macedonians, causing Greek confederacy to disintegrate.  Greek states come to terms separately with Macedonians. 322 DGRBM 2-1044, atl4
322 LAMIAN WAR from 323 ends.  Athens is defeated on land at CRANNON & on sea at AMORGOSMacedonians then defeat Athenians in several cavalry and hoplite battles. 322 B76 8-376, CDCC 496, 938, DGRBM, GHH, OCD 73, 141, 294, 331, OHG, RAH 351, frH, wikLmWr, wikWD
322 ANTIPATER approaches Athens, which recalls Demades and sends him and Phocion to negotiate.  They meet Antipater at Thebes.  Athenians and allies sue for peace on Antipater's terms:  Athens takes back exiles, pays fine, loses Oropos, surrenders Demosthenes, Hyperides, and others of the war party, accepts an oligarchic government and a Macedonian garrison in Munychia the Piraeus citadel.  Poorer citizens (more than half the population) are disenfranchized.  The new Hellenic League (a few months old) is dissolved. 322 B76 8-376, CAH 7.1-32, CDGRA 445, DGRBM 1-957, GHH, MCAW 171, OCD 73, 80, 141, 535, RAH 351, atl4
c.322 AETOLIAN LEAGUE successfully resists Macedonian invasion. 322 B76 I-117
c.322 XENOCRATES of Chalcedon, head of Platonic Academy 338-14, becomes Athenian envoy to Antipater. 322 CAH 6-611, CHHΦ, OCD 1141, atl4
c.322 DEMETRIUS of Phalerum, pro-Macedonian peripatetic philosopher, becomes Athenian envoy to Antipater. 322 atl4
c.322 MUNYCHIA, a steep hill (86m. high) in Piraeus, garrisoned by Antipater, who puts Menyllos in charge until 319. 322 DGRBM 2-1045, atl4
322 ANTIPATER sends Archias of Thurii to capture Athenian exiles whom he had demanded. 322 DGRBM 1-265, spring atl4
c.322 HYPERIDES, of Athenian war party, delivers a funeral oration. 322 B76 V-253, CAH 6, 7.1
c.322 EPICURUS, age 19, in Athens from 323, rejoins parents at Colophon Lydia. 323 B76 6-914, IDB 2-122, atl4
c.322 ANTIGONUS-I Monophthalmos, satrap of Phrygia, Lycia & Pamphylia, with son Demetrius flees to Greece until 321.  They ally with Antipater and Craterus. 323 wikAntg, wikEum, wikPrd
c.322 Antipater and Craterus, attack the Aetolians, who take refuge in their mountains.  Antipater and Craterus are told by Antigonus-I that Perdiccas plans to divorce Antipater's dau Nicaea, marry Cleopatra, and rule the whole empire.  Antipater and Craterus make peace with the Aetolians and plan war against Perdiccas. 322 GHH, lvG, atl4, wikAnt
c.322 ANTIPATER withdraws from Greece to Macedonia until 321. spring 322 RAH 351
c.322 DEMOCRACY at Athens from 403, abolished by Antipater, Athens is forced to accept an oligarchy under Phocion until 318 along with Demades until 319, and an oligarchic constitution, limiting citizenship to those who have at least 2,000 drachmas - @9,000 out of 21,000 free citizens. 322 CAH 6-565, 7.1-32, CDCC 268, LEWH 80, OCD 344, 535, hwD
no date: B76 8-376
c.322 Macedonian garrison installed in Athens until 307. 322 bk
c.322 Pro-Macedonian Athenian DEMADES, ostracized from 323, reinstated as co-ruler of Athens until 319 to avert attack by Antipater.  Demades uses influence to procure death of Demosthenes and Hyperides. 322
OCD 323, wikDmd
c.322 HYPERIDES, and others of Athenian war party, flee to sanctuary of Aeachos on Aegina island, arrested by Archias, transported to Cleonae in Argolis, and executed. 322 B76 V-253, 8-376, CAH 6, DGRBM 1-266, 2-540, Dur 2-731, GHH, OCD 535, atl4, wikHyp
c.322 DEMOSTHENES dies.  Flees Athens and is condemned to death by decree of Demades.  Demosthenes is pursued and caught at the temple of Poseidon at Calauria island by Archias, agent of Antipater.  Demosthenes suicides by poison, age 62. 322 B76 5-580, CAH 6, 7.1, CDCC 269-70, DGRBM 1-266, Dur 2-458, GHH, LEWH 80, MCAW 172, OCD 331, OHG, TToH, atl4, bk
c.322 At instigation of Olympias, CLEOPATRA, sis of Alex-III, leaves Pella, goes to Sardis Lydia, offers her hand to Perdiccas. Sep 322 lvLx
 322 ARISTOTLE dies age 62.  In Chalcis Euboea from 323, dies of gastrointestinal disease, leaving much more money to his his heirs (nephew Nicanor, bastard son Nicomachus, and 2 young kids) than Plato had left.  THEOPHRASTOS continues as head of Lyceum in Athens 323-288. 322 B76 9-1171, BNTH 41, CAH 6, 7.1, CDΦ 38, CHHΦ, Aug. DGRBM 1-321, Dur 2-555, EoΦ 1-152, LEWH 80, MCAW 173, OCD 114, 115, OHG 294, SHWC 82, TAWH 17, TToH, atl4, bk, wikArstt
c.322 EUDEMOS of Rhodes, in Athens with Aristotle from 335, returns to Rhodes. 322 wikER
322 Dec 1st War of the Diadochi begins until 320. 322 lvD, wikWD
late Dec 322 lvG, lvLx
322 end All Greece is pacified under Macedonia except for Aetolia. end 322 CAH 7.1-33
c.321 ANTI-PERDICCAS ALLIANCE is cemented by marriages:
Antipater gives daughters:  Phila-I to Craterus (who must divorce Amastris) until later 321, Eurydice to Ptolemy, Nicaea, who had once been promised to Perdiccas, marries Lysimachus, governor of Thrace until 301.
322 DGRBM 3-259, atl4     321 OCD 325, lvG, lvLx, lvPt1, wikNM
no date: DGRBM 1-883, hwD
c.321 Antigonus-I and son Demetrius, in Greece from 322, go to Macedonia, join Antipater. 321 DGRBM 1-187
c.321 ANTIPATER and Craterus campaign in Aetolia. 321 DGRBM 1-883
c.321 PHILOCLES, eponymous archon of Athens from 322, ends.  ARCHIPPOS succeeds until 320. 321 wikEA
c.321 ANTIPATER, leaves Polyperchon in charge of Macedonia/Greece, and Polycles in charge of ThessalyAntipater, Craterus, and Antigonus-I cross to Anatolia to oppose partisans of regent Perdiccas. 322 DGRBM 2-1044
321 DGRBM 1-883, 3-458, 469, GHH, OCD 73, wikAnt
no date: DGRBM 1-201
c.321 Now that Antipater is gone, the Aetolians and Thessalians under Menon renew the war against Macedonians.  Aetolians invade Locris, and besiege Amphissa. 322/1 DGRBM 2-1044 321 DGRBM 3-458
c.321 Polycles hurries from Thessaly to relieve Amphissa, but is defeated and killed. 321 DGRBM 3-458
c.321 Pro-Macedonian Athenian DEMADES sends message urging Perdiccas to cross into Europe to attack Antipater' holdings. 321 atl4
c.321 PERDICCAS contender for regency of Macedonia from 323 murdered in Egypt.
1st War of the Diadochi from 322 ends.  ANTIPATER is regent for Philip-III Arrhidaeos until 319.
321 B76 I-424, 8-377, CAH 7.1-36, CDCC 847, GHH, MCAW 172, OCD 799, TAG 6, anan, atl4, hwD, wikArg, wikEur, wikLx     321/20 wikPrd     320 OHG, lvD, lvG, lvLx, lvPt1, wikAnt, wikEum, wikPthn, wikWD     319 frH
c.321 AETOLIAN LEAGUE marches into Thessaly to help against Macedonians, but is forced out by Polyperchon. 321 atl4
c.321 MENON main leader of Thessalians, defeated and killed in battle by Polyperchon. 321 DGRBM 2-1044
c.321 Treaty of TRIPARADISUS in North Syria appoints satraps, in effort to hold the empire together.
c.321 Polyperchon organizes Greece. 321 CAH 7.1
c.321 Athenian New Comedy playwright MENANDER, age 21, produces 1st play:  Orge  "Anger", wins 1st contest. 324 CAH 6     321 B76 VI-781, CAH 6, 7.1, DGRBM 2-1033,
Dur 2-555, OCD 669, OHG, atl4
c.320 SEUTHOPOLIS is made Odrysian capital of Thrace until 281. 320 wikOK
c.320 ANAXIMENES of Lampsacus, historian, rhetorician, dies. 320 OCD 62
c.320 ANTIPATER, guardian of Alex-III's son Alex-IV and bro Philip-III Arrhidaeos, returns with them and Roxana from Anatolia to Macedonia where they remain until 317.  Antipater gets sick, and drops out of the game. 320 DGRBM 1-122, 3-664, GHH, hwD, wikAnt 319 lvLx
c.320 PHILA-I, dau of Antipater, widow of Craterus with one son, given in marriage to DEMETRIUS teenage son of Antigonus-I until 288. 321/0 TAG 6
320 lvΦ1     319-15 wikPdA
no date: hwD, lvLx
c.320 ARCHIPPOS, eponymous archon of Athens from 321, ends.  NEAECHMOS succeeds until 319. 320 wikEA
c.320 PRAXAGORAS of Cos, physician of the logical or dogmatic school, flourishes (mostly in Alexandria).
Ups the 4 humors theory (blood, phlegm, yellow bile, black bile) to eleven.  Agrees that health and disease are controlled by the balance or imbalance of these humors.
CAH 7.1
no date: wikPrx
c.320 THEOPHRASTOS head of Lyceum in Athens 323-288, publishes  On Palms  about herbs. 320 MCAW 175 314 atl4
c.320 XENOCRATES of Chalcedon, head of Platonic Academy 338-14, gets set up by a courtesan (Phryne or Lais), who wants to score with the most uptight prude in Athens.  By deception she ends up in his bed, but fails to inspire him to action.  One version of the story says his students hired the courtesan. 320 atl4
c.320 ARISTAEOS the Elder, mathematician, flourishes.
Λ GEOMETRY:  Publishes 5 books concerning solid loci on conic sections.  All writings lost.   (See Euclid 300)
380 GHH     320-11 TTS
no date: wikArst
c.320 AUTOLICOS of Pitane (Aeolis), astronomer, mathematician, flourishes in Athens.

Λ ASTRONOMY:  Writes  On the Moving Sphere  oldest mathematical treatise from ancient Greece that is completely preserved, consists of only elementary theorems on spheres, but they are clearly enunciated and proved.
Writes  On Risings and Settings  of celestial bodies, expanding on his previous work, supporting Eudoxus' theory of homocentric spheres.   "Any star which rises and sets always rises and sets at the same point in the horizon."
(See astro diary 331, Euclid 300)
330 BHM 84, 680 335- 300 OCD 154, wikAuP no date: OCD 154
c.320 Sculptor PRAXITELES dies.  Main subjects: gods in idealized human form. 330 TToH
320 LEWH 80, SHWC 79
c.320 ACESTORIDES of Corinth invited to Syracuse to arbitrate disputes between Agathocles and his opponents - mainly Sostratus.  Remains until 319. 320 wikAcs
c.320 Apoxyomenos Sculptor LYSIPPOS of Sicyon, creates Apoxyomenos "Scraper", an athlete scraping sweat and dust from his body with a strigil.  Only Roman copies survive. photo Marie-Lan Nguyen

320 CAH 6
c.320 AESOPS FABLES, 580, collected, turned into poetry by Demetrius of Phalerum and written in a book. 320 DGRBM 1-47
c.320 Historian THEOPOMPOS of Chios dies. 320 CDCC 882   305 MCAW 181
c.320 CLEARCHOS of Soli Cyprus, poet, Greek polymath, peripatetic philosopher, writes extensively on eastern cultures, from Persia to India.  Expresses several theories on connection between western and eastern religions.  Josephus quotes him: "Jews are derived from the Indian philosophers; they are named by the Indians Calami, and by the Syrians Judaei, and took their name from the country they inhabit, which is called Judea; but for the name of their city, it is a very awkward one, for they call it Jerusalem." 320 lqsClS, wikCS 250 B76 II-981, OCD 248
c.319 Athenians, to get the Macedonian garrison at Munychia removed, sends Demades to negotiate at Pella. 318 DGRBM 1-957
c.319 DEMADES, pro-Macedonian co-ruler of Athens from 322, secretly plotting with Antigonus-I, is discovered by Cassander.  While on an embassy to Pella Macedonia, Demades and his son Demeas are executed. 320 DGRBM 1-201
319 B76 III-455, CAH 7.1, DGRBM, GHH, OCD 323     318 DGRBM 1-957, Dur 2-722, atl4, wikDmd
c.319 Phocion to Antipater: "You cannot use me both as a friend and as a flatterer." 319 atl4
c.319 ANTIPATER, regent of Macedonia 321-19, compels his army to elect aged POLYPERCHON his successor, instead of his own young and unpopular son Cassander. 319 CAH 7.1, CDCC 847, DGRBM 3-469, GHH, OCD 855, hwD
c.319 CASSANDER son of Antipater refuses to accept Polyperchon as guardian.  Cassander, allies with Eurydice wife of Philip Arrhidaeos, then secretly goes from Macedonia to Anatolia to court more allies, unites with Antigonus-I, Lysimachus, & Ptolemy against Polyperchon. 319
B76 8-377, 15-181, atl4, hwD
c.319 ANTIPATER dies.  Regent of Macedonia from 321, age 81, leaves POLYPERCHON regent until 317.  Polyperchon lacks sufficient prestige to keep his generals together. 319 B76 I-424, 612, VIII-101, 8-377, 15-180, BHS 1-43, DGRBM 3-22, Dur 2-712, LEWH 90, MCAW 174, OCD 73, 210, 855,
TAG 6, atl4, bk, frH, hwD, lvD, lvG, lvPt1, wikAnt, wikArg, wikEur, wikWD 318 BI+N 123
c.319 2nd War of the Diadochi begins when Ptolemy invades Phoenicia.  Lasts until 316.
Polyperchon, lawful regent of (Philip-III Arrhidaeos and Alexander-IV), vs. Cassander, Ptolemy of Egypt, and Antigonus-I Monophthalmus, supreme commander of Macedonian forces in Anatolia.
CAH 7.1, lvD, lvG, wikWD
318 frH
c.319 Polyperchon, regent the empire 319-17, needing allies, sends message to Eumenes in Cilicia; offers Eumenes the post of strategos (commander) of Anatolia.  Eumenes accepts. 319 DGRBM 3-469, atl4, hwD
c.319 Polyperchon, regent of Macedonia 319-17, announces his support for democracies in Greek states, abolishes oligarchies set up by Antipater. 319 DGRBM 3-469, atl4
c.319 Polyperchon, regent of Macedonia 319-17, invites Olympias (mom of Alex-III), in Epirus 331/0-17, to return to Macedonia.  Olympias supports Polyperchon, but remains in Epirus until ?. 319 DGRBM 3-469, atl4
c.319 CLEITUS, Antipater's satrap of Lydia from 321, attacked by Antigonus-I, sails from Anatolia to Macedonia to report it to Polyperchon.  Becomes admiral under Polyperchon until 318. 319
OCD 249, wikClt
c.319 ARYBBAS dies.  King of part of Epirus from 331/0, (while Aiakides and Olympias rule the rest).  Son ALCETAS-II does not succeed until 313.  AIAKIDES (Aeacides), continues 331/0-317 322 rcSB2 319 wikAryb
c.319 NEAECHMOS, eponymous archon of Athens from 320, ends.  APOLLODOROS succeeds until 318. 319 wikEA
c.319 Antipater's general Menyllos at Munychia, the Piraeus citadel, from 322 is replaced by Cassander's general NICANOR of Stagira.  Phocion supports Nicanor. 319 DGRBM 2-1045, 3-341, OCD 732, atl4, wikΦoc
c.318 Polyperchon, regent of Macedonia 319-17, decides to realign Athenian politics in his own interest.  Favoring the popular party, he restores all liberties to Greek towns which had been garrisoned by Antipater.  Many towns side with Polyperchon, but the Piraeus, now under Nicanor, sides with Cassander. 318 lvD wikΦoc
no date:
Dur 2-558
c.318 Cassander arrives at the Piraeus with 35 ships to reinforce Nicanor.  Cassander puts Nicanor in command of the citadel (Munychia). 318 DGRBM 2-1176, 3-470, wikNc
c.318 Polyperchon's son, ALEXANDER, arrives in Athens with a Macedonian army allegedly to expell Nicanor from Munychia, while a rabid multitude of Athenians returns home, expecting revenge against politicians who had exiled them.  Polyperchon expects that Phocion would be forced to leave the urban center.  The Macedonians seize control of Athens. 318 DGRBM 1-125, 2-1176, 3-470, atl4, wikAsP, wikΦoc
no date: Dur 2-558
c.318 A decree is moved by Archestratos at instigation of Agnonides accusing PHOCION of treason, and sending embassies to Philip Arrhidaeos and Polyperchon saying so. 318 DGRBM 1-265
c.318 ATHENS, under Phocion's oligarchy from 322, Democrats regain control until 317. 318
OCD 826
c.318 PHOCION strategos and virtual ruler of Athens from 322, is deposed.  He flees to Polyperchon, who sends him back to Athens. 318 B76 VII-956
c.318 Athenian general PHOCION dies.  Now considered a traitor by both Athens and Macedonia, condemned to death by newly restored democracy.  Phocion, age 85, drinks hemlock. 318 B76 VII-956, CAH 7.1, CDCC 682, DGRBM, GHH, OCD 826, May atl4, wikΦoc
317 DGRBM 3-342, Dur 2-558
c.318 Cassander attacks Salamis island, but is forced back by Polyperchon. 318 atl4
c.318 SALAMIS Island in Saronic Gulf, independent from 350, comes under Macedonia until 230. 318 OCD 945, rcAg
c.318 Polyperchon, regent of Macedonia 319-17, tries and fails to dislodge Cassander and Nicanor from the Piraeus.  He then puts son Alexander in charge of Athens, and goes to Peloponnese. 318 DGRBM 3-470, wikAsP
c.318 Polyperchon, regent of Macedonia 319-17, in Peloponnese, gets all remaining cities to expell or kill their oligarch rulers.  But Megalopolis holds out. 318 DGRBM 3-470
c.318 APOLLODOROS, eponymous archon of Athens from 319, ends.  ARCHIPPOS succeeds until 317. 318 wikEA
c.318 Polyperchon, regent of Macedonia 319-17, tries and fails to capture Megalopolis in Peloponnese. 318 atl4
c.318 Philosopher ANAXARCHOS of Abdera, known for claiming to be happy in any circumstances, falls into a swamp.  His disciple Pyrrho of Elis refuses to help him. 318 atl4
c.318 After Polyperchon, regent of Macedonia 319-17, fails at Megalopolis, he sends Cleitus with a fleet to the Hellespont to prevent forces of Antigonus-I Monophthalmus from crossing into Europe, and to affect a junction with Arrhidaeos satrap of Hellespontine Phrygia, who had shut himself up in the town of Cius. 318 DGRBM 1-786, wikClt
c.318 Cassander sends Nicanor with a fleet to the Hellespont to oppose Cleitus. 318 DGRBM 2-1176, wikNc
c.318 CLEITUS, admiral under Polyperchon from 319, defeats Cassander's man NICANOR near Byzantium, then allows his troops to disembark and encamp on land.  Cleitus is surprised by fleet of Antigonus-I and Nicanor, and loses all ships except his own.  Cleitus flees to Thrace, where he is killed by soldiers of Lysimachus. 318
OCD 249, 732, hwD, lvD, lvG, wikClt
c.318 Sculptor LYSIPPOS dies. 318 LEWH 80
c.318 Philosopher ANAXARCHOS of Abdera, who advised all to worship Alex-III as a god, dies.  The tyrant of Cyprus, commands him to be pounded to death in a mortar.  He endures this with fortitude. 320 wikAnrc 318 atl4
c.318 Architect PHILONIDES builds porticoe of 12 Doric columns for temple at Eleusis for Demetrius of Phalerum. 318 DGRBM 3-314
c.318 ARISTOXENOS of Taras, pupil of Aristotle, writes treatise  Harmonica  on music. 318 MCAW 175
c.318 NICANOR of Stagira returns from Hellespont to Piraeus, where Cassander reinstates him in command of Munychia until 317. 318/7 wikNc
c.318 DEMETRIUS of Phalerum, pro-Macedonian peripatetic philosopher, escapes death. 318 OCD 325
c.317 CLEITOS, king of Illyria from 335, ends.  GLAUCIAS succeeds until until 303. 317 rcWB 295 wikLI
c.317 MolossiaAiakides king of Epirus 331-13, organizes a coup among Molossians and puts NEOPTOLEMUS-II on the throne of Molossia until 313.  Pyrrhus, age 2, is taken into exile under the care of Beroe, wife of Glaucias. 317
CAH 7.1-106 lvG
316 DGRBM 1-484
c.317 EPIROTE LEAGUE, active from 330, inactive until 235. 317 guess
c.317 Polyperchon, regent of Macedonia 319-17, residing in Greece, declares Greeks free. 317
CAH 7.1
c.317 Athens, controled by Polyperchon, makes treaty with Cassander. 317
CAH 7.1
c.317 Polyperchon, regent of Macedonia 319-17, residing in Greece, restricted to Peloponnese. 317
CAH 7.1
c.317 POLYPERCHON regent in Macedonia from 319 ousted by CASSANDER, who gets regency over Philip-III Arrhidaeos until 306.  Polyperchon takes Roxana, and infant son Alex-IV and flees to Epirus, where they join Olympias.  They ally with Aiakides king of Epirus 331-13. 318 DGRBM 3-664
317 B76 VIII-101, CAH 7.1-44, LEWH 90, atl4, frH, lvD, lvG, wikArg, wikCas, wikPoly
c.317 NICANOR of Stagira, working for Cassander from 319, quarrels with Cassander, who has him condemned to death for treason by the army. 318 wikNc
317 OCD 732, atl4
c.317 EURYDICE, cousin/wife of Philip-III Arrhidaeos, joins Cassander and proclaims him regent of Philip-III and Alex-IV, then gets Alex-IV excluded from the succession. 317 OCD 423,
TAG 6, atl4
no date: B76 8-377, DGRBM 3-470
c.317 CASSANDER leaves Eurydice in charge of Macedonia, invades Greece. 317 wikArrh
c.317 ARCHIPPOS, eponymous archon of Athens from 318, ends.  DEMOGENES succeeds until 316. 317 wikEA
c.317 Sculptured tombs banned at Athens. 317 CAH 6
c.317 PIRAEUS siezed by CASSANDER and garrisoned with his Macedonians until 304. 318 atl4     317 CDCC 104, 267, LEWH 90,
no date: OCD 325
c.317 OLYMPIAS, who had stayed low profile in Epirus while Antipater lived, allies with Polyperchon. 317 TAG 7
c.317 ATHENS, under independent democracy from 318, recovered by Cassander, put under oligarchy (people who have at least 1,000 drachmas) until 307Cassander makes peripatetic philosopher DEMETRIUS of Phalerum virtual dictator of Athens until 307. 318 Dur 2-558     317 B76 III-457, 8-377, CDCC 104, 267, CHHΦ, DGRBM 1-970, Dur 2-555, GHH, LEWH 90, MCAW 175, OHG, atl4, hwD, rcSB3     no date: OCD 325
c.317 Athens makes treaty with Cassander.  Athenians keep their city, territory, revenues, boats etc. - but in alliance with Cassander, who reserves the right to occupy Munychia "until the end of the war against the kings". 317
CAH 7.1-43
c.317 CENSUS in Athens:  population 21,000. 317 OHG 257
citizens, 127,660;   slaves, 400,000 317 GHH
c.317 Cassander invades Peloponnese.  Spartans build walls around Sparta. 317 atl4
c.317 POLYPERCHON, OLYMPIAS, and King AIAKIDES of Epirus invade Macedonia while Cassander is in Greece.  They wisely bring the child Alex-IV with them. 317 DGRBM 1-22, 3-23, 664, LEWH 90, OCD 751, 815, atl4, lvD, lvG
c.317 Eurydice and husband Philip-III Arrhidaeos meet Olympias and Polyperchon at the border.  Macedonian army under Eurydice refuses to fight against the son of Alex-III.  Eurydice and Philip-III flee from Pella to Amphipolis, where they are caught and imprisoned.  Given the choice of suicide or execution by Olympias, EURYDICE chooses suicide. 317 CAH 7.1-44, DGRBM 1-350, GHH, atl4, lvG, wikCas, wikEur, wikWD
c.317 Olympias massacres opponents in Macedonia. 317 TAG 7, atl4
c.317 Polyperchon, eclipsed by Olympias, occupies the passes of Perraebia (northeast Thessaly), but is unable to prevent Cassander from entering Macedonia. 317 DGRBM 3-470
c.317 CALAS sent by Cassander to keep Polyperchon busy in Perraebia (northeast Thessaly).  Calas wins over many of Poly's troops by bribery. 317 DGRBM 1-560
c.317 OLYMPIAS, divorcee of Philip-II, takes their imbecile son PHILIP-III Arrhidaeos and flees to Pydna until 316. 317 GHH
c.317 CASSANDER returns from Greece to Macedonia, besieges Olympias and imbecile son PHILIP-III Arrhidaeos in Pydna until 316.  Polyperchon and Aiakides try and fail to relieve the siege. 317 BHS 1-50, DGRBM 1-620, GHH, LEWH 90, OCD 815, atl4, wikOly
316 lvG     no date: lvG
c.317 ROXANA, widow of Alex-III and son ALEX-IV, imprisoned by CASSANDER in Amphipolis until 310. 317 LEWH 90
316 MCAW 174, atl4
317 late Imbecile son of Philip-II and Olympias, PHILIP-III ARRHIDAEOS dies.  Titular king of Macedonia from death of Alex-III 323, executed by either Cassander or OLYMPIAS, who is titular ruler until 316.  Technically the legitimate king of Macedonia is now Alex-III's son by Roxana, Alexander-IV. 317 B76 8-377, CAH fall 7.1, 7.1-483, CDCC 541, DGRBM 1-350, 3-279, GHH, MRDK, OCD 815, OHG, atl4, frH, lvD, rcSB2, wikArrh, wikWD
no date: LEWH 90
Olympias kills Philip: wikOly
c.317 AIAKIDES, son of Arybbas, king of part of Epirus from 331/0, is expelled from Epirus until 313.  Epirotes ally with Cassander, who sends general Lyciscos as his rep. 317 atl4
316 DGRBM 1-22, 2-844
c.317 THEOPHRASTOS head of Lyceum in Athens 323-288, publishes  On Piety . 319-14
CHJ 2-620
c.316 CASSANDER, holds a royal funeral for Philip-III and Eurydice at Aegae, because a new Macedonian king traditionally does this. 316 CAH 7.1-44, DGRBM 1-350
c.316 PYDNA, besieged by CASSANDER from 317, falls.  OLYMPIAS at Pydna surrenders to Cassander, who recovers bodies of Philip-III Arrhidaeos and wife Eurydice. 316 BHS 1-50, CAH 7.1, DGRBM, GHH, atl4
c.316 Calas, general of Cassander, corrupts army of Polyperchon by bribery, blockades Poly in Naxium Perraebia (northeast Thessaly) until death of Olympias. 316 DGRBM 1-560, atl4
c.316 Divorcee of Philip-II, OLYMPIAS dies.  Titular ruler of Macedonia from 317, tried and condemned by army of Cassander, who could find none to execute her but relatives of men she had murdered.  CASSANDER, regent of Macedonia from 317, rules as honcho until 305. 316 B76 VII-526, 8-377, CAH 7.1-483, CDCC 539, 541, 624, DGRBM 3-664, Dur 2-555, GHH, MCAW 174, OCD 815, TAG 6, TToH, atl4, bk, lvD, lvG 315 OHG
c.316 ROXANA and infant son Alexander-IV are captured by Cassander, deprived of any royal claims, and held in the citadel of Amphipolis under supervision of Glaucias until 310. 316 DGRBM 3-664, wikLx4
c.316 AMPHIPOLIS under Aristonous from 323, comes under Cassander until ?. 316 rcSB2
c.316 POLYPERCHON, blockaded in Naxium Perraebia (northeast Thessaly) by Calas, general of Cassander, learns of death of Olympias, breaks out, flees to Aetolia, takes refuge with Aiakides of Epirus. 316 DGRBM 1-560, 3-470, atl4, wikPoly
c.316 POLYPERCHON, flees from Aetolia to Peloponnese, allies with Antigonus-I until 309. 316 atl4, frH, wikPoly
c.316 Athenian exiles ask for assistance from Aetolians. 316 atl4
c.316 DEMOGENES, eponymous archon of Athens from 317, ends.  DEMOKLEIDES succeeds until 315. 316 wikEA
c.316 2nd War of the Diadochi from 319 ends in the west, with accepance of Cassander as regent in Macedonia, and in Anatolia with the death of Eumenes of Cardia at Gabae. 316 frH, lvG 315 lvD, lvG, wikWD
c.316 CASSANDER, to strengthen his position against Polyperchon, marries THESSALONIKE, dau of Philip-II & Nicesipolis. 316 B76 8-377, CAH 7.1-44, DGRBM, GHH, atl4
c.316 ChalcidicePOTIDAEA Chalcidice refounded by Cassander as CASSANDRIA.  Remains under Macedonia until 43. 316
CAH 7.1-226, DGRBM 1-620, OCD 225, 632, 870, atl4, wikCs
c.316 THEBES, under Macedonia 338-290, destroyed 335, refounded and rebuilt by Cassander, but no longer capital of Boeotian League.  Cynic philosopher Crates of Thebes refuses to take part in resettlement. 316 B76 IX-928, 8-382, CAH 6-582, 7.1-292, CDCC 878, DGRBM, GHH, MCAW 174, TToH, atl4
315 DGRBM 1-620
c.316 CASSANDER invades Peloponnese, wins over Argos and most of Messenia. 316 atl4
c.316 APOLLONIDES made governor of Argos by Cassander. no date:
DGRBM 1-236
c.316 CENSUS of Athens taken by Demetrius of Phalerum:  21,000 citizens (males above age 20), 10,000 aliens, 400,000 slaves.  Estimated 527,000 total. 320-05 Dur 2-561 317 DGRG 1-262 316 atl4
309 DGRA 761
c.316 DEMETRIUS of Phalerum begins abolishing festival liturgies at Athens.  By 307 he will have abolished about 100. 316
CAH 7.1-293
c.316 Athenian Playwright MENANDER wins 1st prize at Lenaea festival with play:  Dyscolus  "Misanthrope". 317 OCD 669, OHG
316 B76 VI-781, MCAW 175, bk
c.315 PATRAIOS king of Paeonia from 340, vassal of Macedonia, ends.  AUDOLEON succeeds until 286. 315 rcEB, wikPn
Of the Diadochoi, some like Ptolemy, see that the huge shapeless empire, nominally the heritage of an infant and an idiot, must fragment, and resolve to grab a kingdom for themselves.  Some desire, whether genuinely (as Antipater and doubtless Eumenes), or as pretence (Perdiccas), to try to hold the empire together for the kings.  Antigonus-I, however, tries to grasp the whole empire for himself. TAG 7
c. 315 CASSANDER, LYSIMACHUS, PTOLEMY, and SELEUCUS ally against ANTIGONUS-I Monophthalamus and Polyperchon.  They deliver an ultimatim to Antigonus:
Return Babylonia to Seleucus.
Abandon Syria to Ptolemy.
Abandon Phrygia to Lysimachus.
Abandon Cappadocia & Lycia to Cassander.
Share the loot taken from Eumenes.
The ultimatum reaches Antigonus in winter.
316 DGRBM 3-582
315 B76 8-377,
CAH 7.1, DGRBM 2-867, GHH, LEWH 90, 632, MCAW 174, OHG, TAG 7, anan, hwD, lvD
c.315 3rd War of the Diadochi begins.
CASSANDER, PTOLEMY, and LYSIMACHUS fight ANTIGONUS-I Monophthalmus until 311.
315 OCD 69, frH, lvD
314 lvD, lvG
c.315 Antigonus-I Monophthalmus controls 240 warships. 315 TAG 82
c.315 ChalcidiceTherme northwest Chalcidice refounded as THESSALONICA by Cassander, named after his wife. 316 CAH 7.1-226, DGRBM 1-620
316/5 IDB 4-629
315 B76 IX-951, BAA 324, BBA 322, CDCC 883, ISBE 4-837, atl4, wikθsl
c.315 ARISTODEMOS of Miletos is sent by Antigonus-I to Peloponnese with 1000 talents to maintain friendship with Polyperchon and his son Alexander, and to collect mercenaries.  Aristodemos raises 8,000 mercenaries for war against Cassander. 315 DGRBM 1-305, atl4, wikAM
c.315 Ptolemy-I proclaims freedom of Greek cities (as Polyperchon had already done). 315 CAH 7.1-48, 106
c.315 Thebans demand repayment of an old loan made to Thessalians. 315 atl4
c.315 DEMOKLEIDES, eponymous archon of Athens from 316, ends.  PRAXIBOULOS succeeds until 314. 315 wikEA
c.315 CASSANDER invades Peloponnese again. 315 DGRBM 3-470, atl4
c.315 CASSANDER sends general Prepelaos on a secret mission to Alexander son of Polyperchon, Prepelaos persuades Alex to defect to Cassander. 315 DGRBM 3-470, 522, atl4, wikPrp
c.315 APOLLONIDES governor of Argos under Cassander invades Arcadia, takes Stymphalos. 315 DGRBM 1-236
c.315 Historian TIMAIOS, traveling Mediterranean from 317, settles in Athens. 315 CDCC 889
c.315 THEOPHRASTOS head of Lyceum in Athens 323-288, publishes  On Stones .  Quotes from official Egyptian documents.  Classifies rocks and gems based on behavior when heated, further grouping minerals by common properties, such as amber and magnetite, which both have the power of attraction. 315-14
CHJ 2-620 no date: wikTp
c.314 Cassander puts general LYCISCOS in charge of his troops in Acarnania until 312. 314 DGRBM 2-844
c.314 Acarnanians, at insistance of Cassander, replace their early league with a federation of new fortified cities, and to move into them.  Largest is Stratos. 314 B76 I-48 OCD 2, atl4
c.314 ALEXANDER, son of Polyperchon, , working for Cassander, besieges Cyllene, seaport town of Elis. 314 DGRBM 1-126, wikAsP
c.314 ARISTODEMOS of Miletos asks the Aetolians to support Antigonus-I; and having raised mercenaries among the Aetolians, he attacks Alexander, son of Polyperchon, who is besieging Cyllene, and compels him to raise the siege.  Aristodemos also sacks Aegion (on coast west of Helice) during a raid into Achaea. 315 Agθ 61-62 314 DGRBM 1-305, atl4, wikAM
c.314 PRAXIBOULOS, eponymous archon of Athens from 315, ends.  NIKOROROS succeeds until 313. 314 wikEA
c.314 After Aristodemos returns to Aetolia, the people of Dyme, in Achaea, besiege Cassander's garrison in the citadel. 314 wikAsP
c.314 AETOLIAN LEAGUE successfully resists Macedonian invasion until 311. 314 B76 I-117
c.314 DYME, most westerly of Achaean cities, taken by Alexander, son of Polyperchon, who leaves a garrison there.  Garrison is overwhelmed by residents of Dyme soon after. 314 atl4
c.314 ACROTATOS-I, son of Cleomenes-II, unpopular at Sparta because of opposition to an amnesty for Spartans who had fled from battle of Megalopolis 331, accepts offer from Acragas which asks Sparta for help against Agathocles of Syracuse. 314 DGRBM 1-16, atl4, wikAcr
c.314 ACROTATOS-I sails a small squadron up the Adriatic to Apollonia, which is besieged by Glaucias, king of Illyria.  Acrotatos forces Glaucias to make peace.  He then sails to Taras. 315 Agθ 99, CAH 6-399
no date:
Agθ 62
c.314 LEUKAS Island west of Acarnania, autonomous under Corinthians from 635, no longer autonomous.   See 312. 314 rcSB3
c.314 Son of Polyperchon, ALEXANDER murdered at Sicyon by Alexion, a Sicyonian, but his widow Cratesipolis is popular with the troops, and retains control of Sicyon until 309. 314 DGRBM 1-885, atl4, wikAsP
c.314 XENOCRATES converts Polemon from a dissolute life to study of philosophy.  Polemon and Crantor become friends while studying with Xenocrates.  Menecrates of Elaea, Zenon, and possibly Epicurus are pupils of Xenocrates. 313 atl4
c.314 XENOCRATES of Chalcedon dies.  Head of Platonic Academy from 338POLEMO succeeds to 270. 315 DGRBM 3-434, GHH
314 B76 X-778, 14-539, CAH 7.1, CDΦ 4, Dur 2-641, EoΦ 3-383, KPHP 74, OCD 1141, OHG, TToH, bk, wikXn     314/3 CHHΦ, OCD 850
c.314 Aetolians besiege Agrinium, and massacre the Acarnanians after Agrinium surrenders. 314 atl4
c.314 CASSANDER invades Illyria. 314 atl4
c.314 EPIDAMNOS on coast of Illyria, republic under Greeks from ?, taken by Cassander until 313. 314 atl4
c.314 APOLLONIA on coast of Illyria taken by Cassander until 313. 314 Agθ 99
c.313 EPIDAMNOS, under Cassander from 314, recovered by Corcyrans until 212. 313 atl4
c.313 APOLLONIA, under Cassander from 314, rescued by Corcyrans. 313 atl4
c.313 Greek colonies of western Black Sea coast rebel against Lysimachus, expel his garrisons. 313 wikD
c.313 ODESSOS Thrace under Macedonians from 335, under Lysimachos from ?, rebels as part of a coalition with other Pontic cities and the Getae. 313 wikOd
c.313 SEUTHES-III, king of Odryssians in Thrace 331-06, declares in favor of Antigonus., occupies passes of Mount Haemus, but is defeated by Lysimachus. 313 DGRBM 3-809
c.313 Callatia on east coast of Thrace expells garrison of Lysimachos, declares autonomy. 313
BHS 1-112
c.313 LYCON, admiral of Antigonus-I, sent to help Callatia against Lysimachos, from whom it had rebelled.  Lycon affects nothing. 313 BHS 1-112, DGRBM 2-846
c.313 Lysimachus, satrap of Thrace 323-05, quells local rebellions, defeats and kills Pausanias, general of Antigonus.. 313 atl4
c.313 NIKOROROS, eponymous archon of Athens from 314, ends.  THEOPHRASTOS succeeds until 312. 313 wikEA
c.313 Antigonus-I Monophthalamus in Anatolia sends general Telesphorus with 50 ships to Peloponnese to oppose Polyperchon and Cassander, and to free Greek cities, hoping to convince them that Antigonus-I cared for their independence. 313 DGRBM 3-992, atl4, wikTls
c.313 Antigonus-I Monophthalmus controls 250 warships. 313 TAG 82
c.313 AIAKIDES, king of part Epirus from 331/0, expelled from 317, recalled by Epirotes, but is soon killed. 313 DGRBM 1-22, 3-271
c.313 On recall of Aiakides, Cassander immediately sends an army under bro Philip against Aiakides' holdings in Aetolia. 313 DGRBM 1-22, 3-271
c.313 AETOLIA wars with Cassander until ?. 313 GHH
c.313 Son of Arybbas, AIAKIDES dies.  King of Epirus from 331/0 newly recalled, killed in battle against PHILIP, bro of Cassander.  Bro ALCETAS is recalled to succeed until 307/6. 313 DGRBM 1-22, 98, MRDK, rcSB2, atl4, wikAlct, wikAryb     312 frH
c.313 MolossiaNEOPTOLEMUS-II, son of Alexander & Cleopatra, ruler of some parts of Epirus from 331/0, king of Molossia from 317, dethroned until 302. 313 lvG
c.313 OREOS in Euboea besieged by Cassander until later 313. 313 atl4
c.313 PLEISTARCHOS, bro of Cassander left in command of Chalcis until later that year. 313 DGRBM 3-412
c.313 TELESPHOROS general of Antigonus-I Monophthalamus drives Polyperchon's garrisons from all cities of Peloponnese, except Sicyon and Corinth, which are held by Polyperchon. 313 DGRBM 3-470, 992, atl4, wikTls
c.313 TELESPHOROS general of Antigonus-I Monophthalamus joins with Medios of Larissa in attempt to relieve Oreos Euboea, now besieged by Cassander.  They are defeated and lose several ships. 313 DGRBM 2-1004, 3-992, wikTls
c.313 PTOLEMAUS nephew of Antigonus arrives with a fleet in Boeotia, forces Cassander to abandon siege of Oreos. 313 atl4
c.313 PELOPONNESE, partly under Polyperchon from 316, partly occupied by Ptolemaus, nephew of Antigonus. 313
c.313 PTOLEMAUS, nephew of Antigonus captures Chalcis and Oropos, invades Attica, where he compels Athens' tyrant Demetrius of Phalerum to make peace. 313 atl4, wikPnA
c.313 Cassander loses hold on central Greece.  Peloponnese sides with Antigonus Monophthalmus, who declares freedom of Greek cities. 314 Dur 2-555
313 MCAW 174, lvD
c.313 Phoenician merchant ZENO of Citium Cyprus shipwrecked on coast of Attica, loses his fortune, arrives in Athens, attends Academy and other schools, and by Crates of Thebes and Stilpo of Megara, soon joins Cynics. 314 Dur 2-650
313 BNTH 44, OCD 1145 312 B76 X-874
312/1 CAH 7.1
310 OHG 424   278 GHH
c.313 THEOPHRASTOS head of Lyceum in Athens 323-288, writes about geography of Italy.  1st Greek book giving exact info about Rome. 314/3 E2LM 47 313 atl4
c.312 EPIDAMNOS on coast of Illyria, under Corcyrans from 313, delivered over to GLAUCIAS king of Illyria 317-03.  Under Illyria until 219. 312 B76 III-726, DGRBM 2-273, rcWB
c.312 THEOPHRASTOS, eponymous archon of Athens from 313, ends.  POLEMON succeeds until 311. 312 wikEA
c.312 Antigonus-I Monophthalamus, in Anatolia, puts Peloponnese under command of nephew Ptolemaus, which induces his general Telesphorus to go renegade in Elis, and even plunder the sacred treasures at Olympia.  He is soon forced to submit to Ptolemaus. 312 DGRG 1-819, 3-992, atl4, wikTls
c.312 Medios of Larissa, working for Antigonus-I Monophthalamus, sent with 150 ships to land in Boeotia, now under Ptolemaus, nephew of Antigonus. 312 DGRBM 2-1004
c.312 Medios of Larissa, working for Antigonus-I Monophthalamus, sails from Boeotia to Anatolia at the Hellespont. 312 DGRBM 2-1004
c.312 Λ LEUKAS Island west of Acarnania joins Acarnanian League until 290. 312 rcSB3
c.312 APOLLONIA on coast of Illyria is attacked unsuccessfully by Cassander. 312 atl4
c.312 EPIDAMNUS on coast of Illyria, independent republic from ?, comes under Illyria until 219. 312 rcWB
c.312 General LYCISCOS, Cassander's man in charge of his troops in Acarnania from 314, sent to Epirus. 312 DGRBM 2-844
c.312 Cassander, sends army under Lyciscos to conquer ALCETAS-II king of Epirus 313-06, fails, allies with Alcetas. 312 DGRBM 1-98, wikAlct
c.311 Greek colonies of western Black Sea coast make treaty with Lysimachus, but the siege of Callatia continues until 310/9. 311 wikD
c. 311 3rd War of the Diadochi from 315 ends with attempted settlement:  Cassander, Lysimachus, & Ptolemy-I agree on status quo with Antigonus-I, except that Seleucus is not mentioned.  This allows Antigonus-I to continue fighting Seleucus over Syria and Mesopotamia, Cassander to secure Macedonia until 306, and Ptolemy-I to continue expanding in the AegeanGreek towns are recognized by all parties as free and autonomous (but Cassander keeps several garrisons in place).  Boy king Alexander, son of Alex-III & Roxana, would rule the entire empire when he comes of age, in 305 (fat chance).  Polyperchon, though still controlling an army, had lost all authority and could only maintain himself in the Peloponnese.  Uneasy peace lasts until 307. 311 B76 1-990, 8-377, 16-503,
CAH 7.1-50, LEWH 90, MCAW 174, OCD 69, OHG, TAG 7, anan, frH, hifi, hwD, lvD, lvG
c.311 ChersoneseLYSIMACHUS satrap of Thrace 323-05, secures both sides of the straits, begins building LYSIMACHIA across from Cardia in Chersonese, finished 308. 311
B76 8-378, wikLs
c.311 POLEMON, eponymous archon of Athens from 312, ends.  SIMONIDES succeeds until 310. 311 wikEA
c.311 OLYMPIC DATING, standard from 776, replaced by SELEUCID dating of Babylonian Calendar. 311
DHoI 4-402
c.311 Timaeus the historian moves to Athens. 311 atl4
c.310 THRACE, contested by Macedonians and Scythians from 330, and with Lysimachus from 323, divided between them until ?. 310 wikθW
c.310 CASSANDER helps Audoleon, king of Paeonians, after an invasion by the Autariatae Illyrians. 310 atl4
c.310 AUTARIATAE Illyrians wiped out by Celts. 310 wikAu
c.310 Widow of Alex-III, ROXANA and son ALEXANDER-IV killed.  Prisoners of CASSANDER at Amphipolis from 316, murdered by Glaucias on secret orders from Cassander.  Bodies disposed of secretly. 311 DGRBM 1-122, 620, 3-664, MCAW 174     311/0 DGRBM 2-273     310 B76 8-377, CAH 7.1, LEWH 90, MRDK, OHG, atl4, frH, hwD, lvG, wikRox     310/9 wikCas, wikHrc
c.310 ARGEAD dynasty ends.  Ruled Macedonia from 700, ends with death of Alexander-IV. 311
B76 I-501
c.310 EUHEMEROS, Sicilian mythographer at court of Cassander, writes  Sacred History .  Ascribes a historical basis for all myths.  Describes his travel to Panchaia island in Indian Ocean where he discovered an inscribed stele in the temple of Zeus Triphylius.  Says Olympian gods (Uranos, Kronos, Zeus) were deified kings.
"Euhemerism" = the idea that gods are great men worshipped after their death.
MCAW 179 300 bk, dgrt
c.310 SIMONIDES, eponymous archon of Athens from 311, ends.  HIEROMNEMON succeeds until 309. 310 wikEA
Aug. 15
SOLAR ECLIPSE seen in Sicily, is noted by Diodoros as being in the archonship of Hieromnemon. 310 Aug. 15 Agθ 97, hbar
c.310 Antigonus-I sends a bastard son of Alex-III, named Heracles, and his mother Barsine from Pergamum, to Polyperchon in the Peloponnese, so Polyperchon could use mother and son to raise support for a revolt against Cassander. 310 DGRBM 2-401, 3-470, atl4   309 hwD
no date: lvD
c.310 Citizen class in Attica, 22,000 in 400, has dropped to 21,000. 313 Dur 2-468
c.310 PTOLEMAUS, nephew of Antigonus now in the Peloponnese, abandons his uncle and makes treaty with Cassander and Ptolemy-I Soter. 310 atl4, wikPnA
c.310 HECATAEOS of Abdera writes 1st Hellenic cultural history of Egypt, proposing that Egypt is the birthplace of civilization. 320-05 OHG 300 OCD 490
Battle of Issus
Battle of Issus     {{PD-US}}
c.310 ALEXANDER MOSAIC:  Roman floor mosaic c.100BC by an unknown artist at Pompeii, copy of a 310BC original Greek fresco by Philoxenos of Eretria of the Battle of Issus.  Or possibly a painting by Aristides of Thebes or Apelles of Kos. 310 wikBI
c.309 ChersoneseLYSIMACHIA in northwest Chersonese, founded 311 by Lysimachos.  To populate it, Lysimachus destroys Cardia. 309 wikLT
c.309 Polyperchon, in Peloponnese, allied with Antigonus-I from 316, breaks away from him.  Negotiates with Cassander.  This scares Greek cities, which call on Ptolemy-I to intervene. 309 B76 8-378, wikPoly
309/8 CAH 7.1
c.309 Polyperchon, in Peloponnese, sends a force as far as the borders of Macedon intending to proclaim Heracles, alleged bastard of Alex-III, king.  Cassander decides to negotiate with Polyperchon, promises him much including governorship of Peloponnese if he will murder Heracles. 309
DGRBM 1-620 309/8
CAH 7.1-54
c.309 HERACLES dies.  Alleged bastard of Alex-III and Barsine, murdered at a banquet by Polyperchon, who has been bribed to do so by Cassander, who now has no reason to keep his promises.  Polyperchon retires into obscurity. 309 DGRBM 1-620, GHH, atl4, frH, lvG, wikPoly     308 hwD
c.309 SICYON, in northeast Peloponese, under Macedonia from 323, under Cratesipolis from 314, betrayed by Cratesipolis to Ptolemy-I until 303. 309 rcPl
308 DGRBM 1-620, 3-583
c.309 HIEROMNEMON, eponymous archon of Athens from 310, ends.  DEMETRIOS succeeds until 308. 309 wikEA
c.309 PTOLEMAUS, nephew of Antigonus sails from Chalcis to Cos island to join Ptolemy-I Soter.  Well received at first, but soon offends Pt-I by his intrigues and ambitions, and is imprisoned and forced to suicide by poison. 309 wikPnA
c.309 EPICURUS moves to Mytilene Lesbos, thence to Lampsacus in the Hellespont.  He sets up schools in both.  Teaches until 306. 311 B76 6-914 309 OCD 390
c.309 Son of Cleombrotos, CLEOMENES-II dies.  Agiad king of Sparta from 370.  Son Cleonymos is passed over for being a jerk.  He is guardian for grandson Areos-I, son of Acrotatos.  AREOS-I succeeds to 265. 309 CDCC 74, DGRBM 1-279, 793, 799, IDB 3-603, MRDK, OCD 104, 251, 1007, bk, lvG, rcPl, wikKS     309/8 wikCS
c.309/8 CASTORION of Soli at Athens, commissioned to compose hymns for public festivals. 309/8
BHS 1-232
c.308 AREOS-I, Agiad king of Sparta 309-265, writes letter to ONIAS-I, high priest 320-300 declaring friendship with Jews. 1Mac 12:7-24 no date:
ISBE 3-605
Josephus incorrectly says this letter was to Onias-III. Antiq 12:4:10
c.309 PTOLEMY-I, satrap of Egypt 323-95, invades PELOPONNESE.  Captures Sicyon, Megara, stays until 308. 309 rcPl     308 B76 8-378, CAH 7.1-55, DGRBM, GHH, hwD
c.308 PTOLEMY-I, sails from Aegean islands to Peloponnese, tries to unite Greek States, on pretext of freedom, under his own leadership, captures Corinth, which is betrayed to him by Cratesipolis, tries to revive the Corinthian League, fails.  Captures Sicyon, Megara, stays until 308.
CORINTH, under Macedonia from 338, in unknown condition until 303.
309 rcPl
308 B76 8-378, CAH 7.1-55, DGRBM 1-620, 3-583, GHH, ISBE 3-1048, TAG 80, 371, atl4, hwD
c.308 DEMETRIOS, eponymous archon of Athens from 309, ends.  KAIRIMOS (Charinos) succeeds until 307. 308 wikEA
c.308 PTOLEMY-I, in Corinth, loses local support, comes to terms with Cassander temporarily, garrisons Corinth and Sicyon, retires to Egypt. 308 B76 8-378, CAH 7.1-106, DGRBM 3-583, atl4, hwD, lvD
c.308 CASSANDER, free of trouble from Ptolemy, invades Epirus unsuccessfully. 308 hwD
c.308 ChersoneseLYSIMACHIA in Chersonese begun by Lysimachus 311, finished. 309 DGRBM 2-868 309/8 CAH 7.1-108 308 OCD 1065, atl4
c.308 ACROTATOS-I, son of Cleomenes-II, dies on Crete. 308 atl4
c.307 While Cassander is in Epirus, DEMETRIUS son of Antigonus-I, is sent by Antigonus with 250 ships from Anatolia? to Greece, where Cassander and Ptolemy-I hold all the main cities.
4th War of the Diadochi begins until 306.
308 wikWD
307 B76 8-378, CAH 7.1-55, DGRBM 1-962, TAG 8, lvA, lvD, lvG, wikD1M     306 hwD
c. 307 ATHENS, under Cassander and his minion Demetrius of Phalerum from 317, taken by DEMETRIUS, son of Antigonus-I until 301.  He is well received, and with extravagant flattery from a faction under Stratokles and Dromokleides.  Demetrius of Phalerum, pro-Macedonian dictator of Athens from 317, flees to Boeotia.  Oligarchy from 317 replaced by DEMOCRACY until 301.  Athens is independent until 294. 307 B76 II-612, III-457, 8-378, CAH 7.1, CDCC 104, 266-7, DGRBM 1-188, 620, 970, Dur 2-555, GHH, IDB 2-493, LEWH 90, MCAW 179, OCD 325, 344, OHG, TAG 42, TToH, atl4, hwD, lvD, lvG, rcSB3, wikD1M, wikWD
c.307 KAIRIMOS (Charinos), eponymous archon of Athens from 308, ends.  ANAXICRATES succeeds until 306. 307 wikEA
c.307 Macedonian garrison in Athens from 322, removed. 307 bk
c.307 CASSANDER attacks Ptolemy-I in Greece, quickly confines Ptolemy's garrisons to Corinth and Sicyon, has war with Athens until 304. 307 CAH 7.1-58, atl4
c.307 DEMOCHARES, becomes leader of Athenian democrats until 303, begins FOUR YEARS WAR with Cassander until 304. 307 DGRBM 1-973, LEWH 90, OCD 327
c.307 MUNYCHIA, a steep hill (86m. high) in Piraeus, besieged and taken by DEMETRIUS, son of Antigonus-I.  Citadel destroyed. 307 DGRG 1-307, atl4, wikD1M
c.307 DEMETRIUS, son of Antigonus-I promises Athens wood for 100 new triremes. 307
DGRA 785
c.307 Athenian Assembly declares Demetrius and father Antigonus-I SAVIOR GODS.  They are given divine honors, and a priesthood, Hiereiston Soteron, which lasts until 287. 307 BHS 1-126, DGRA 606, IDB 2-493, atl4, lvD
c.307 DEMETRIA, an annual festival, established at Athens in honor of Demetrius. 307 DGRA 390
c.307 STATUES of Antigonus-I and son Demetrius are made by Athenians, and placed next to statues of Harmodios & Aristogiton. 307 DGRBM 2-350
c.307 DINARCHOS, pro-Macedonian speech writer & orator, in oligarchic Athens from 317, and now rich, accused of secretly dealing with Cassander, condemned to death, withdraws into exile at Chalcis in Euboea until 292. 307 DGRBM 1-950, GHH, OCD 344, wikDnr
c.307 MEGARA taken by DEMETRIUS son of Antigonus-I. 307 atl4
c.307 Temple of Demeter and Persephone at Eleusis enlarged by architect Philon. 307 atl4
c.307 Leaders of philosophical schools must be approved by Athenian Assembly. 307
Dur 2-641
c.307 THEOPHRASTOS head of Lyceum in Athens 323-288, exiled from Athens until ?. 307
CAH 7.1
c.307 STRATOCLES becomes an agent of Demetrius, son of Antigonus-I, in Athens until ?. 307 OCD 1018
c.307 DEMETRIUS of Phalerum, in Boeotia 307, condemned to death in absentia by Athenians, who tear down all but 1 of his 360 statues. 307 DGRBM 1-970, atl4
c.307 DEMETRIUS of Phalerum, in Boeotia 307, goes to Egypt. 307 CAH 7.1, DGRBM 1-970, Dur 2-586
307/6 ALCETAS-II dies.  King of Epirus from 313, murdered by his own people.  His 2 sons are also killed.  Neph PYRRHUS-I, son of Aiakides, (aided by an army of Glaucias king of Illyria) succeeds to 302 as a puppet of Glaucias. 312 atl4     307 B76 8-382, DGRBM 1-98, 2-273, MRDK, OCD 903, rcSB2
306 frH, lvG, wikAlct, wikPyr
c.306 PYRRHUS, king of Epirus 307-02, allies with DEMETRIUS son of Antigonus-I. 307
B76 8-382
c.306 APOLLONIA on coast of Illyria makes treaty with Rome. 306 SORH
c. 306 EPICURUS, age 35, head of a school in Lampsacus from 309, moves back to Athens with his followers.  Friends of Epicurus buy him a house and garden (Kepos) in Athens, in which he founds the EPICUREAN SCHOOL.  Admits freemen, women, and slaves; the 1st Greek philosophical school to admit women as a rule rather than an exception.  The Kepos admits one of Epicurus' slaves named Mouse.  An inscription on the gate says, "Stranger, here you will do well to tarry; here our highest good is pleasure".  He instituted a hierarchical system of levels among his followers, and had them swear an oath on his core tenets. 307 OHG 473
307/6 CDCC 318, OCD 390     306 B76 6-911, 914, BNTH 41, CAH 7.1, DGRBM 2-33, Dur 2-555, GHH, IDB 2-122, KPHP 85, MCAW 179, atl4, brit, wikEpc
c.306 Son of Cotys-!, SEUTHES-III ends.  King of Odrysians in Thrace from 331 (vassal of Macedonia) from 341 ends.  Son Cotys-II does not rule until 300. 306 frH, rcSB2 300 wikLRTD, wikOK
c.306 BYZANTIUM, under Macedon from 334, independent until 73. 306 rcT
c.306 ANAXICRATES, eponymous archon of Athens from 307, ends.  COROEBOS succeeds until 305. 306 wikEA
c.306 LIGHT is recognized by Epicurus as coming from a source, being reflected by an object, and entering the eye to produce a sensation. 300 B76 10-929
c.306 Athenians pass a decree in honor of Lycurgos, one of the 10 notable orators at Athens, and set up a statue of him. 306 Jan atl4
c.306 Athenian democrat OLYMPIODOROS gets help from Aetolia to oppose Cassander. 306 OCD 751
c.306 A proposal is made by one Sophocles son of Amphicleides, and supported by Demochares, to expell all philosophers except Stoics from Attica. 306 wikDmc     286 atl3 no date: DGRBM 1-973
c.306 TRIBES of Athens, 10 from 510, increased to 12 by addition of Demetrias and Antigonis.  Remain 12 until 224/3. 307 CDGRA 647, DGRA 1155     307/6 stoa     306 DGRA 213
c.306 DEMETRIUS-I, son of Antigonus-I, in Greece from 307, sent by father to attack Cyprus. 306 DGRBM, hwD, lvD, wikCyp
c.306 After conquest of Cyprus, Antigonus-I in Syria assumes royal title for himself (until 301) and his son DEMETRIUS-I.  Therefore the following do likewise:  PTOLEMY-I, SELEUCUS, LYSIMACHUS.
CASSANDER refrains temporarily.
307 LEWH 90     306 B76 8-378, CDCC 52, 266, 537, DGRBM 2-868, MCAW 178, OCD 69, 632, anan, hifi, hwD, rcSB2, wikAntg
c.305 CASSANDER regent of Macedonia from 317, honcho from 316, claims kingship of Macedonia until 297ANTIGONUS-I Monophthalmus had already claimed kingship. 306 wikArg
305 B76 II-612, 8-378, 15-181, atl4, frH, wikCas, wikLKM
c.305 CASSANDER operates in Greece while Demetrius besieges Rhodes. 305 DGRBM 1-620
c.305 CASSANDER occupying ELATEA Phocis is defeated by Athenians under OLYMPIODOROS with help from Aetolians. 305 OCD 377, atl4
c.305 Son of Archidamos-III, EUDAMIDAS-I ends.  Eurypontid king of Sparta from 331.  Son ARCHIDAMOS-IV, succeeds to 275. 305 OCD 1007, lvG, wikKS
300 MRDK, rcPl
c.305 LYSIMACHUS, satrap of Thrace from 323, claims kingship of Thrace until 281. 306 MRDK, wikLs
305 B76 8-378, ISBE 3-1048, RAI3 413, atl4, frH
c.305 DOBROGEA (land between north turning of Danube as it approaches Black Sea, and Black Sea itself), under Macedonia from 339, comes under Lysimachus until 300. 305 rcEB
c.305 COROEBOS, eponymous archon of Athens from 306, ends.  EUXENIPPOS succeeds until 304. 305 wikEA
c.304 HALOS in southern Thessaly, destroyed from 346, refounded. 304 lvG
c.304 ATHENS besieged by Cassander. 304 TAG 9
c.304 Polyperchon is conquering the Peloponnese. 304 TAG 9
c.304 EUXENIPPOS, eponymous archon of Athens from 305, ends.  PHERECLES succeeds until 303. 304 wikEA
c.304 DEMETRIUS-I (now called Poliorcetes), son of Antigonus-I, sails 330 ships including transports to Greece, where Athens is besieged by CassanderDemetrius expells Cassander, conquers the isthmus region, wins over Corinth and most of Peloponnese, tries to revive the League of Corinth under himself and his father. 304 B76 8-378, BHS 1-58, DGRBM 1-620, TAG 9, 82, hwD, lvD     303 GHH
c.304 CHALCIS Euboea taken by DEMETRIUS-I. 304 atl4
c.304 DEMOCHARES, neph of Demosthenes, leader of Athenian democrats, arranges an alliance between Athenians and Boeotians. 304 atl4
c.304 FOUR YEARS WAR from 307 between DEMOCHARES, leader of Athenian democrats, and Cassander ends. 304 LEWH 90, OCD 327
c.304 ANTIGONUS-I Monophthalmus fights CASSANDER until 302. 304 OCD 69
c.304 Boeotia, mid-Greece, and a large part of the Peloponnese are conquered by Cassander. 304 TAG 9
c.304 SALAMIS Island in Saronic Gulf, under Macedonia 318-230, taken by Cassander. 304 atl4
c.304 PIRAEUS, under Macedonians from 317, recovered by Athenian democrat Olympiodoros. 304 atl4
c.304 CASSANDER'S army in Attica 304, expelled by ANTIGONUS-I, who pursues it as far as Heraclea Trachis in Thessaly. 304 atl4,
c.304 Envoys from TARAS, a Spartan city in Italy, arrive in Sparta seeking to hire a champion to defend them against Lucanians.  Regent CLEONYMUS, bro of Acrotatus, despised in Sparta for his obnoxious character, sees it as an opportunity for foreign conquest, takes their money, and hires mercenaries. 304 LEWH 90
304/3 Agθ 205/6 303 DGRBM 1-799 303/2 CAH 7.1-406
c.303 GLAUCIAS king of Illyria from 317, ends.  No succesor until 295. 303 rcWB
c.303 Spartan CLEONYMUS, with 5,000 mercenaries, sails for Taras Italy. 304 rcSI     304/3 Agθ 205/6 303 OCD 251, wikCS
no date: Agθ 206, LEWH 90
c.303 PHERECLES, eponymous archon of Athens from 304, ends.  LEOSTRATOS succeeds until 302. 303 wikEA
c.303 Polyperchon cooperates with Cassander and his general Prepelaos against Demetrius. 303 DGRBM 3-470
c.303 MANTINEA Arcadia allies with Polyperchon. 303 rcPl
c.303 STRATOCLES, agent of Demetrius-I Poliorcetes in Athens, upheld by Demetrius-I against partisans of Cassander. 303
OCD 1018
c.303 Polyperchon drops out of history. post-304 DGRBM 3-470, wikPlp
Dies in Peloponnese. 303 frH
c.303 ARGOS occupied by ANTIGONUS-I Monophthalmus until ?. 303 B76 1-991, DGRBM 1-963, rcPl
c.303 SICYON, under Ptolemy-I from 309, governed by his man Philip from ?, surrendered by Philip to Demetrius Poliorcetes, moved to a different location!, and occupied by ANTIGONUS-I Monophthalmus and given to Demetrius-I Poliorcetes until 282. 303 B76 1-991, DGRBM 1-963, 3-271, atl4, rcPl
c.303 Cassander's general Prepelaos holds the important fortress of Corinth with a large force, but is unable to prevent its falling to Demetrius Poliorcetes. 303 wikPrp
c.303 CORINTH, in unknown condition from 308, occupied by Demetrius Poliorcetes, back under Macedonia until 200, then under a Macedonian tyrant until 197. 303 B76 1-991,
DGRBM 1-963, atl4, rcPl
c.303 DEMETRIUS-I Poliorcetes convenes an Amphictyonic Council at Corinth, which grants him the same authority as it had granted Philip-II and Alex-III. 303 DGRBM 1-188, GHH
c.303 Argos, Bura, Orchomenos Arcadia, other cities in Peloponnese, and Scyros island in Sporades, occupied by Demetrius Poliorcetes. 303 atl4
CONFUSION ALERT!  ORCHOMENOS is a city in Boeotia and another in Arcadia.
c.303 Cassander in the isthmus from ?, expelled by DEMETRIUS-I Poliorcetes. 303 CAH 7.1
c.303 ACHAEA, ELIS, and almost all ARCADIA join ANTIGONUS-I Monophthalmus. 303 B76 1-991, rcPl
c.303 DEMETRIUS-I Poliorcetes, at Argos, marries Deidameia, sis of Pyrrhus, who as a child had been selected to be the future bride of Alex-III's son .  Marriage to Deidameia lasts until 298.  Demetrius'other wife, Phila-I leaves until after Ipsus, probably to bro Cassander. 303 CAH 7.1-106, TAG 9, 19, atl4
c.303 DEMOCHARES, neph of Demosthenes, ridicules a decree of Stratocles, which contained a eulogy of Demetrius Poliorcetes.  Demochares is banished from Athens until 298.  He goes to court of Lysimachus. 303 DGRBM 1-973, GHH, TAG 42, wikDmc 302 DGRBM
c.303 ZENO of Citium, follower of Crates the cynic from ?, starts to attend lectures of Stilpon and Polemon. 10 yrs after arrival in Athens: atl4
301 atl4
c.303/2 Λ CORCYRA, recognized as independent from 355, siezed by Spartan CLEONYMOS until 300. 303 B76 8-378, atl4, rcSB3, wikCrf     303/2 wikCS     302 OCD 251, rcSB3
c.302 PYRRHUS, boy-king of Epirus from 307/6, expelled until 297 by CassanderJoins bro-in-law Demetrius Poliorcetes in Greece.  AIAKIDES, son of Arybbas, rebels, and sets up NEOPTOLEMUS-II (313) as king of part of Epirus until 295, under protection of Cassander. 303 OCD 903
302 B76 III-326, 8-382,
CAH 7.1-106, DGRBM 2-1155, MRDK, lvG, rcSB2, atl4, wikPyr
c.302 DEMETRIUS Poliorcetes, returns again to Greece as liberator. 302 wikD1M
c.302 LEAGUE of CORINTH, defunct from 323, revived by Demetrius-I at Corinth as the HELLENIC LEAGUE.  Envoys from all Hellenic states except Sparta, Messenia, and Thessaly elect Antigonus-I and Demetrius league protectors.  An Antigonid garrison is installed in Corinth. 303 B76 III-150, TAG 9 302 B76 1-991, CAH 7.1-59, LEWH 90, atl4, hwD, wikD1M
c.302 LEOSTRATOS, eponymous archon of Athens from 303, ends.  NICOCLES succeeds until 301. 302 wikEA
c.302 DEMETRIUS-I Poliorcetes initiated into Eleusinian mysteries, though it is the wrong time of year. 302 atl4
c.302 Archedicos the poet supports the Macedonian party in Athens. 302 GHH
c.302 Spartan CLEONYMUS sails from Corcyra back to Italy. 302 wikCS
c.302 Spartan CLEONYMUS sails from Italy back to Corcyra. no date: Agθ 210
c.302 DEMETRIUS Poliorcetes, with a force much greater than Cassander, invades Thessaly, but accomplishes little.  Both build large camps and eyeball each other, but avoid battle. Thessaly 302 DGRBM 1-963, atl4, MCAW 178, TAG 9, 86, hwD, lvD
c.302 PHERAE, under Macedonia from 344, taken by DEMETRIUS Poliorcetes. 302 DGRBM 1-963
c.302 HALOS in southern Thessaly, refounded 304, inhabitants are allowed to return and rebuild by Demetrius-I. 302 lvG
c.302 ANTIGONUS-I in Anatolia is closed in by enemies:  Ptolemy, Lysimachus and Seleucus-I.  Therefore his son DEMETRIUS has to abandon his attack on CASSANDER in Thessaly and go to Anatolia until 300.  He takes bro-in-law Pyrrhus of Epirus with him. 302 MCAW 178, TAG 10, atl4, hwD, lvD
c.302 CASSANDER initiates a coalition against AntigonusLysimachus, Seleucus-I, and Ptolemy-I join. 303 ISBE 3-1048
302 DGRBM 2-868, 3-583, 771, atl4, wikPt1
c.302 LYSIMACHUS, reinforced by troops from Cassander, invades Anatolia. 303 lvD     302 BHS 1-59, DGRBM 2-868, atl4, wikLs     302/1 hwD
c.302 Cassander sends general Prepelaos with a large army, to cooperate with Lysimachus in Anatolia. 302 DGRBM 3-522, wikPrp
c.302 PLEISTARCHOS, bro of Cassander, with 12,000 inf and 500 cav tries to join Lysimachus in Anatolia.  Since the Hellespont is occupied by Demetrius' navy, he tries to sail from Odessos to Heraclea Pontus, but loses most of his ships to Demetrius' navy and a storm.  Pleistarchos narrowly escapes shipwreck but gets some of his troops to Anatolia. 302
DGRBM 3-412, lvD
c.302 STOICISM formulated by ZENO of Citium, who begins teaching in the colonnade in the Agora called the Stoa Poikile.  Zeno heads the STOIC SCHOOL until 263. 310 OHG     302 IDB 4-443
301 Dur 2-651     300 CDCC 677, EoΦ 8-19, KPHP 85, OCD 1015, wikZC     299 GHH
c.302 The preserved part of Diodoros' history is interrupted, and Polybius does not take up the narrative until the last decades of the third century. 302
CAH 7.1-413
c.301 MolossiaAIAKIDES, son of Arybbas, restored to throne of Epirus.  Moves capital from Molossia to Ambrakia until 232. 301
CDCC 325
c.301 DEMETRIUS-I Poliorcetes sails from Ephesus to Corinth. 301 atl4
c. 301

c. 301
RESULT of IPSUS:  Kingdom of Antigonus-I Monophthalamus is split up.
LYSIMACHUS in Thrace receives eastern Aegean, north and central Anatolia.
Demetrius delivers his wife's bro PYRRHUS of Epirus to go as hostage to Egypt in 298.
PLEISTARCHOS, bro of Cassander, gets Lycia and Cilicia until 299.
SELEUCUS-I Nicator gets Syro-Palestine, Armenia, Mesopotamia, and Persia as far as Sogdiana and Bactria.
CASSANDER is king of Macedonia, and is declared king of Greece, but DEMETRIUS Poliorcetes holds a fleet, Peloponnese, Aegean islands, Cyprus, Tyre, and some cities in Anatolia.
PTOLEMY gets Cyrenaica, Egypt, south Palestine, coastal Syria, and some parts of Lycia and Pisidia.
North Cappadocia goes to Ariarathes.
B76 8-378, MCAW 183, OCD 69, 632, 1031, MRDK, RAH 378, anan, lvD, rcT
300 lvG
c.301 ATHENS, under Demetrius-I Poliorcetes from 307, comes under Cassander until ? as a nominally free city.  The democracy from 307 is replaced not by oligarchs - all extreme oligarchs were exiled, - but by moderates of different opinions, who stand half-way between the Cassandrean oligarchs and the democrats of Demetrius.  They govern Athens to 296. 301
B76 8-378, TAG 43
c.301 NICOCLES, eponymous archon of Athens from 302, ends.  CLEARCHOS succeeds until 300. 301 wikEA
c.301 NICAEA dies.  Dau of Ptolemy-I, wife of Lysimachus from 321, mother of Agathocles, Eurydice, and Arsinoe-I, dies of unknown cause. 302-00 DGRBM 2-869, wikNM
c.301 LYSIMACHUS marries AMASTRIS, widow of Dionysios of Heraclea (died 305) until 300. 302 DGRBM 1-137, 2-869, atl4

Balkan Peninsula 300-276