c.360 CORCYRA, torn by factions, oligarchs back in power, in 2nd Athenian League from 375, rebels until 355.  Independent under oligarchcy until 303;. 361 B76 8-365, DGRBM 1-682, bk, rcSB3
360 OCD 289
c.360 CRENIDES Thrace, under Odrysians from ?, inhabited by Thracians, renamed DATON until 356. 360 CDCC 675, OCD 816
c.360 TIMOMACHOS incompetent Athenian commander in Thrace from 361, replaced by Cephisodotos until ?. 360 DGRBM 3-1142
c.360 CHARIDEMOS, Euboean mercenary, fights for COTYS-I king of Odrysians in Thrace 384-59. 360 OCD 227
c.360 War between Athens and Olynthos for the possession of Amphipolis. 360 DGRBM, GHH
c.360 AMPHIPOLIS resists attempt by Athenians under Timotheus to conquer it. 360 DGRBM, DGRG 1-126, 684, GHH
c.360 TIMOTHEOS increases his political influence by reconciling with Iphicrates, to whose son Menestheos he gives his dau in marriage. 360 DGRBM 3-1146
c.360 PISA in Elea, in Arcadian League from 364, comes under city of Elea thereafter. 360 rcPl
c.360 The "Greek" PYDNA (not Macedonian Pydna) independent from 410/09, captured by Athenian commander Timotheos until 357. 360 lvG     359 GHH
c.360 DION is banished from Syracuse by Dionysius-II.     DION and bro Megacles flee to Greece until 357. 360 GHH
358 DGRBM 2-1007, GHH
c.360 PLATO, in Syracuse from 361;, returns to Athens until death 348/7. 360 B76, 8-370, CAH 6-608,
CDCC 688, EoΦ 6-314, MCAW 155
c.360 Athenian TIMOMACHOS former commander in Thrace 361-60, prosecuted by Apollodoros (son of Pasion, the banker), who had been one of his trierarchs.  He is condemned, and either fined or executed. 360 DGRBM 3-1142
c.360 THOLOS (circular building) begun at Epidauros Argolis until ??.  Sculptor, Polykleitos the Younger is architect.  It has an ornate astronomical floor design and Corinthian capitals on its interior columns. 360 wikPlY
c.360 NICODEMOS, eponymous archon of Athens from 361, ends.  CALLIMEDES succeeds until 359. 360 wikEA
c.360 ARISTOTLE publishes  Gryllos or On Rhetoric :  Gryllos, killed 362, was much eulogized.  Aristotle either joins them or criticizes them.  Only fragments remain. 361 CAH 6-618 360 OCD 115 336-30 enot
c.360 XENOPHON publishes  "Expedition of Cyrus", "On Horsemanship", "Cavalry Officer", "On Hunting", "Apology", "Symposium", "Memorabilia", "Economics", "Hieron" . no dates:
B76 19-1056, OCD 1142
c.360 ASCLEPIOS, deified 450, entempled 390, :  "Asclepios won yet greater preferment - to raise the dead and to heal the sick; and for these things being a god he has everlasting fame among men.". Xenophon:   Cynegeticus "On Hunting" 
c.360 Theopompos begins his  History  this year. 360 DGRBM, GHH
c.360 XENOPHON publishes  Hellenica , history of Greece 411-362. 360 bk
c.360 ISAEOS, student of Isocrates in Athens, metic speechwriter, flourishes.  11 of his speeches survive, mostly concerned with inheritance, with one on civil rights. 360 GHH
c. 360 Disciple of Gorgias then Socrates, ANTISTHENES of Cyrene dies in Athens.  Sometimes considered founder of the CYNICS in opposition to Diogenes, whom he undoubtedly influenced.
Anti-hedonist.  Happiness is based on virtue, which is based on knowledge.  Revered Heracles.
"God is not like anything.  Hence no one can understand him by means of an image."
fl. 390 CDΦ 175, MCAW 149
368 GHH     366 bk
365 B76 I-427, Dur 2-712, wikAnt
360 OCD 75
350 OHG 425
c. 360

c. 360
EUDOXOS of Knidos, flourishes in Athens 370-50.

Λ MATH V:  proposes Theory of Proportion:  Given 2 magnitudes having a ratio (neither being zero), a multiple by which one exceeds the other can be found.  This leads to his Method of Exhaustion:  If from any magnitude there be subtracted a part not less than its half, and if from the remainder there be subtracted a part not less than its half, ad infinitum, ultimately there will remain a magnitude less than any preassigned magnitude of the same kind.
By this he proves that volumes of pyramids and cones are ⅓ the volumes of prisms and cylinders of the same base and height.
(See Archytas 390, Euclid 300)

Λ COSMOLOGY V:   GEOCENTRIC V universe with sun, moon, planets, stars moving in 27 concentric spheres, later improved by Callipos.  (See China 350)

Λ ASTRONOMY V:  introduces the astronomical globe.

Wrote on the CALENDAR while in Egypt.
no date:
B76 6-1021, BHM 89, 90, OCD 414
c.360 Son of Archidamos, AGESILAOS-II dies.  Eurypontid king of Sparta from 399 dies, returning from PhoeniciaSon ARCHIDAMOS-III, succeeds to 338. 361 DGRBM 1-69, 267, MRDK, rcPl 361/0 OCD 98     360 B76 I-136, 489, CAH 6, CDCC 22, 486, Dur 2-458, MCAW 158, OCD 27, 98, 1007, OHG, bk, lvG
c.360 BARDYLLIS, king of Illyria 393-58 attacks EPIRUS.  King Arybbas of Epirus evacuates his non-combatant population to Aetolia and lets Illyrians loot freely.  The Epirotes then attack the Illyrians now encumbered with booty and defeat them. 360 CAH 6-428, wikAryb
c.359 AMADOKOS-II emerges as an independent ruler in Maronia and Chersonese, when he and his western colleague, Berisades, decide not to treat Cersobleptes as overlord.  Amadokos rules eastern Thrace until 351. 359 CAH 6-460, frH
358 DGRBM 1-135, 484
c. 359 PERDICCAS-III dies.  Argead king of Macedon from 368, and 4,000 Macedonians killed defending against BARDYLLIS, king of Illyria, which gives Illyrians control of parts of Upper Macedonia until 358.  Infant son AMYNTAS-IV succeeds to 356.  Perdiccas' bros; Archelaus, Arrhidaeos, Menelaos, & Philip bid for regency.  Philip, age 23, hostage in Thebes, escapes, hurries home, becomes regent PHILIP-II until 356. 360 CAH 6-428, 727, DGRBM 1-155, 463, 3-274, lvG
359 B76 8-366, 14-225, CDCC 673, DGRBM 3-189, Dur 2-458, GHH, ISBE 3-832, LEWH 77, MCAW 158, MRDK, OCD 815, OHG, RAH 309, RAI2, RAI3, SHWC 70, bk, wikArg, wikLKM     356 rcSB2
c.359 COTYS-I king of Odrysians of Thrace 384-59, supports pretender Pausanias for macedonian throne, but is bribed by Philip. 359 DGRBM 1-870
c. 359 OdryssiansSon of Seuthes-II, COTYS-I dies.  King of Odrysians of Thrace from 384, murdered by 2 men from Aenus, Python and Heracleides, apparently for a personal grudge.  Son CERSOBLEPTES succeeds in east until 342, supported by Euboean mercenary CHARIDEMOS, who marries his sis.  BERISADES rules western Thrace until 352. 360 GHH, OCD 224, 227 359 B76 8-365, CAH 6-460, 464, bk, frH, rcSB2, wikLRTD, wikOK
358 DGRBM 1-135, 869-70, 484, 674, 685, OCD 1065, wikOK
c. 359 THRACE trisected:  Odrysian pretenders BERISADES (in Strimos west of the Nestos and adjacent to Macedonia) until 356, and AMADOKOS-II (in Maronia and Chersonese) until 351, join with Athenians to force CERSOBLEPTES to divide Thrace between them.  Cersobleptes gets land east of the Hebros.  CHERSONESE (supposedly under Athens 386-38) is ceded to Athens and remains under Athens until 338.  Cersobleptes soon repudiates the treaty until 357. 359 rcSB2, wikLRTD, wikOK
358 OCD 224, 1065
c.359 AGIS, king of Paeonian tribesmen from ?, dies.  Son LYCCEIOS succeeds until 340, but does not come to power until 356. 359 wikPn
no date: CAH 6-732, 738
c.359 PHILIP regent of Macedon marches north against Paeonian tribesmen, whose king Agis has just died. 359 CAH 6-732, OCD 140
c.359 Athens wants to recover Amphipolis, so Athens sends Mantias with a fleet and 3,000 mercenary hoplites to Methone Macedonia, intending to put Argaeos, a rival of Philip-II, on the throne.  From here the Athenians send Argaeus with their mercenaries to Aegea, the old capital of Macedonia 40 miles away, to press his claim. 359 ianm, wikBoM
c.359 Pretender ARGAEUS supported by 3,000 mercenary hoplites makes bid for Macedonian throne at Aegea.  The populace does not support him.  They start back for Methone on coast of Macedonia. 359
CAH 6-732, DGRBM
c.359 Pretender ARGAEUS and 3,000 mercenary hoplites are ambushed and defeated by PHILIP regent of Macedon near Methone on coast of Macedonia.  The mercenaries are either killed or captured. 359
c.359 PHILIP regent of Macedon returns to diplomacy, releases the Athenian mercenaries, and sends ambassadors to Athens, abandoning all claim to Amphipolis.  Athenians make peace with him. 359 wikBoM
c.359 AMPHIPOLIS, which is loosely claimed by Athens, is declared a free city by Philip-II until 358. 359 DGRBM, DGRG 1-126
c.359 CALLIMEDES, eponymous archon of Athens from 360, ends.  EUCHARISTOS succeeds until 358. 359 wikEA
c.359 Athenian CEPHISODOTOS is sent with a squadron to the Hellespont to persuade his friend Charidemos, a Euboean mercenary, to help re-annex the Chersonese to Athens. 359 DGRBM 1-669
c.359 Athenian commander CEPHISODOTOS is forced to make a treaty with CERSOBLEPTES king of Odrysians in Thrace.  Athenians repudiate treaty. 359
OCD 224
c.358 MolossiaARYBBAS king of Molossia and Epirus 368-42 allies with new king of Macedonia, Philip-II. 358 lvG, wikOly
c.358 Odrysian pretender BERISADES and son Cetriporis ally with Athens and Illyrians against Philip-II until 353. 358 wikCt
c.358 AMPHIPOLIS, Macedonian Protectorate from 362, declared free by Philip-II in 359, taken by assault by Philip-II.  Annexed, under Macedonia until 323. 358 DGRBM 3-274, DGRG 1-126
357 rcSB2
c.358 phalanxPHILIP regent of Macedon reorganizes army centering on the the infantry PHALANX.  The Macedonian phalanx has smaller and lighter shields than those of a traditional hoplite phalanx.  The sarissa is twice as long as the hoplite spear.  Fully enclosed helmets aren't as widespread as this drawing suggests. pic
pub dom

338 GHH
no date: wikAMA
c.358 PHILIP regent of Macedon subdues rebellious barbarians. 358 LEWH 77    338 GHH
c.358 BARDYLLIS, king of Illyria 393-58, defeated near Heraclea Lyncestis in the Erigon valley by Philip-IIBardyllis accepts a humiliating peace, loses the Macedonian land he had gained in 359. 359/8 IDB 2-681, ISBE 2-803, bk
358 CAH 6-436, 732
c.358 Kingdom of PAEONIA (Vardar Valley area in north Macedonia, and west Bulgaria), under king Lycaeios 359-40, subdued by Philip-II, becomes vassal of Macedonia until 286. 359 CAH 6, GHH
358 B76 14-225, bk, lvG, rcEB
c.358 BARDYLLIS, king of Illyria from 393, age 90, dies (leaving dau Bircenna).  Dates of successors unknown until 335.  GRABUS is most powerful king in Illyria until 356. 359 DGRBM 1-463, GHH
358 rcWB, wikBrd, wikGrb, wikLI
c.358 CHALCIDIAN LEAGUE, begun 432, active from ?, ends. 379-48 B76 II-711 358 rcSB2
c.358 ANTIPHON and CHARIDEMOS, Athenian envoys to Philip-II are sent ostensibly to confirm friendship, but secretly to offer Pydna in trade for Amphipolis. 358 DGRBM 1-685
c.358 Athens and PHILIP regent of Macedon make treaty.  Philip-II renounces claim to Amphipolis, and removes Macedonian garrison.  Athens promises to surrender Pydna (taken 360). 359 CAH 6, GHH 358 LEWH 77, OCD 815
c.358 Athenian CHABRIAS sent to Relieve Athenodoros as commander of Thrace, but arrives with only 1 ship, therefore Charidemos renounces the treaty he had made with Athenodoros, and forces Chabrias to accept a less favorable treaty. 358 DGRBM 1-676
c.358 Athenian CHARES is sent to Thrace, forces Charidemos, independent power in the Chersonese, to ratify treaty he had made with Athenodoros. 358 DGRBM 1-682
c.358 The ALEUADAE of Larissa ask help from Philip-II against Alexander tyrant of Pherae.  Philip marries Philinna, a dau of the Aleuadae, and responds against Pherae. 358
CAH 6-733-4 357 B76 VI-51
c.358 ALEXANDER dies.  Tyrant of PHERAE from 369, strongest ruler in Thessaly, murdered at instigation of wife by sons of predecessor Jason.  TISIPHONOS succeeds until later this year.  THESSALY is leaderless until 352. 367 DGRBM 1-125
359 GHH, bk     358 B76 I-225, OCD 41, rcSB2
c.358 DION, uncle of Dionysius-II, and bro Megacles flee from Syracuse to Greece until 357.  They start raising troops. 360 GHH
358 DGRBM 2-1007
c.358 EUCHARISTOS, eponymous archon of Athens from 359, ends.  CIPHISODOTOS succeeds until 357. 358 wikEA
c.358 PLATO publishes  Sophist   (sequel to Theaetetus 368).  Presents a more mundane conception of the Λ FORMS V, and a new method of definition by the use of a model, comparison of the model with the target kind, division, collection, and deduction from the collected kinds. 375 MCAW 153
360 wikSop
360 or later B76 14-538, OCD 842
c.358 PLATO publishes  Statesman :  Rulers should be above all law.  The best constitution is to turn everything over to experts. 375 MCAW 153
360 or later B76 14-538, OCD 842
no date: wikStsm
c.358 PLATO publishes  Phaedros .  A discussion on love gets diverted to the proper use of rhetoric, then further diverted to soul, madness, divine inspiration, and art.  Speaks of "unwritten doctrines", messages for oral transmission only to a few trusted insiders.  His term for these messages was Λ LOGOS V. 380 bk
370 wikPhdr
360 or later
B76 14-538, OCD 842
c.358 PLATO publishes  Philebos :  The only later dialog featuring Socrates.  Deals with ethical problems.  Beauty, symetry, and truth make a thing good.  Knowledge is closer to good than pleasure is.  "If arithmetic, measuring, and weighing be taken from any art, not much will remain." 375 MNDQ 59
360-47 B76 14-538, OCD 842, wikPhlb
no date:
B76 14-533

PLATO publishes  Timaeos : begins with a distinction between physical and eternal worlds.
"As being is to becoming, so is truth to belief."  Therefore, in describing the physical world, one "should not look for anything more than a likely story".

Λ THEOLOGY V:  Since nothing becomes or changes without cause, the cause of the universe must be a demiurge or god, which Timaeus calls the father and maker of the universe.  (See Svetasvatara 400)

Λ COSMOGONY:  The Creator imposed mathematical order on a preexistent chaos to generate the ordered universe (kosmos), a single spherical living thing, modeled on "the living creature that truly is".  The demiurge created only one world.

Λ PHYSICS V:  The 4 elements are regular solids.  All properties of the world are explained by the demiurge's choice of what is fair and good; or, the idea of a dichotomy between good and evil.  (See Philolaus 400)
360 or later B76 14-538, OCD 840, 842, wikTim
c.358 PLATO publishes  Critias :  2nd of a trilogy preceded by Timaeus and followed by Hermocrates, though Hermocrates was possibly never written, and Critias was left incomplete.  About a good city and a city gone bad, and divinely arranged punishment of the bad city by its defeat by the good. 360 or later B76 14-538, OCD 842
no date: wikCrts
358/7 GRABUS, most powerful king in Illyria from 358, defeated by Macedonians, begins negotiating with Olynthos. 358/7 wikGrb
355 vrb
c.357 BYZANTIUM, in 2nd Athenian League from 378, and PERINTHOS, in 2nd Athenian League from ?, rebel until 355. 357 CDCC 829, DGRBM, OCD 186, 801 356 DGRG 1-658
c.357 SESTOS in Chersonese, under Athens from 361, rebels until 352. 357 OCD 981
c.357 MARONIA Thrace, autonomous from 378, comes under Thrace until 346. 357 rcSB2
Macedonia Thrace
c.357 CERSOBLEPTES, one of 3 Thracian kings 359-42, is forced by Athenian commander CHARES to renounce the Chersonese and agree to partition Thrace. 357
DGRBM 1-674, OCD 224
c.357 Thracian kings BERISADES, AMADOKOS-II, and CERSOBLEPTES all ally with Athens. 357 CAH 6-736, OCD 49
c.357 EUBOEA, under Athens from ?, instigated by Thebes, rebels against Athens, and is quickly suppressed.  Athenians expel Thebans. 358 CDCC 332, DGRBM, GHH     357 B76 8-366, CAH 6-749, LEWH 77
c.357 DION, uncle of Dionysius-II, and bro Megacles at Athens with Plato from 358, recruits 800-1,500 mercenaries, sail from Zacynthos for Sicily. 357 B76 III-559, CAH 6, CDCC 276, 853, DGRBM, DGRG 1-984, 1048, Dur 2-458, 474, GHH, LEWH 80, MCAW 158, OCD 349, 817, 839, bk, lvS     356 OCD 1030
c.357 HYPERIDES and son equip 2 triremes at their own expense for expedition against Euboea. 358 DGRBM 2-538
c.357 The Phocians cultivate a portion of the Cirrhaean plain, sacred to the temple of Apollo at Delphi. 357 DGRG 1-763
c.357 ChersoneseCHERSONESE, under Odrysians from 362, taken by Charidemos working for Athens, and is under Athens, except for SESTOS and CARDIA, under a Thracian prince.  Chersonese is not occupied by Athenians until 353. 357 B76 II-752, CAH 6-464, DGRBM 1-674, OCD 224, wikCard
c.357 AMPHIPOLIS, virtually independent from 421, is besieged and quickly taken, with consent of Athens in exchange for Pydna, by Philip regent of Macedon.  Amphipolis comes under Macedon until 168. 358 GHH     357 CAH 6-736, CDCC 374, Dur 2-477, LEWH 77, MCAW 158, OCD 54, OHG, RAH 309, bk, lvG, rcSB2
c.357 PHILIP, regent of Macedon 359-56, allies with ARYBBAS king of Molossia and Epirus 368-42.  Philip marries Myrtale (later called OLYMPIAS), dau of Neoptolemus-I of Molossia, and neice of Arybbas, whose son Alexander is sent to Macedonia to receive a Greek education. 358 GHH
357 B76 14-225 CAH 6-734, 747, OCD 750, lvG, wikOly
c.357 PHILIP of Macedon now has 4 wives:  Audata, Phila, Philinna, and Olympias.  Only bearing the eldest son could elevate one wife above the rest.  Philinna's son Arrhidaeos may have been older than Olympias', Alexander, born 356, but Arrhidaeos is mentally defective. 357 CAH 6-734
c.357 PYDNA comes under Athens until 356, with consent of Philip-II of Macedon. 357 LEWH 77, OCD 54
c.357 2nd Athenian League comes into conflict with Mausolus of Caria, tightens up on allies.  Result - SOCIAL WAR (aka War of the Allies) begins until 355.  RHODES, COS, and CHIOS, supported by Byzantium and Mausolus of Caria rebel against Athens. 357 B76 8-366, CAH 6, 7.1-285, CDCC 829, 938, Dur 2-470, GHH, LEWH 77, OCD 114, 141, 186, 226, 230, 657, 801, 997, OHG, lvG
c.357 CIPHISODOTOS, eponymous archon of Athens from 358, ends.  AGATHOCLES succeeds until 356. 357 GHH, wikEA
c.357 Athenian CHARES is made commander of land forces in Social War. 357 DGRBM 1-682
357/6 CHABRIAS joins Chares in command of Athenian fleet. 357 DGRBM 1-676 357/6 wikCha
357/6 Athenian fleet commander CHABRIAS at CHIOS Island, sails into the harbor ahead of his fleet, and is killed in battle. 357 DGRBM 1-676, bk
357/6 LEWH 77, OCD 225     356 OCD 997
c.356 PLEURATOS-I becomes king of the Illyrian Taulanti until 335. 356 wikLI
c.356 LYCCEIOS (Lycaeios), official king of Paeonia from 359, comes to power until 340. 356 wikPn
no date: CAH 6-738
c.356 Crop failure causes food shortage in Greece. 356 CAH 6-559
c.356 AGATHOCLES, eponymous archon of Athens from 357, ends.  ELPINES succeeds until 355. 356 wikEA
c.356 Parmenio commands invasion of Illyria, gains one victory. 356 B76 VII-766, DGRBM 3-126, GHH
c.356 Illyria repels a Macedonian invasion. 356 vrb
c.356 AMYNTAS-IV ends. Argead king of Macedon from 359, ousted by regent uncle Philip, who succeeds as PHILIP-II until 336. 359 rcSB2
356 B76 8-367, MCAW 158, TAWH 17, wikArg, wikLKM
c.356 ChalcidiceCities of CHALCIDICE, in Boeotian League from 371, threatened by Athens, drop out and ally with PHILIP-II of Macedon until 351. 356 OCD 225, 815
c.356 POTIDAEA Chalcidice, under Athens from 363, besieged (July) and taken (fall) by Philip-II.  Athenian cleruchs at Potidaea are released without penalty or ransom.  Potidaea under Macedonia until 168.  Placed under Olynthos until 348. 356 CAH 6-738, DGRBM 3-274, Dur 2-477, GHH, MCAW 158, OCD 815, 870, bk, rcSB2
c.356 GRABUS, most powerful king in Illyria, allies with Athens, Paeonian king Lycceius, and Cetriporis Odrysian king of Strimos Thrace. 356
CAH 6-438
c.356 GRABUS defeated by Parmenio and compelled to side with Macedonia. mid 356 CAH 6-438, 747, GHH
c.356 PHILIP-II king of Macedonia 356-36, defeats a Balkan coalition organized by Athens. 356
OCD 815
c.356 120 Athenian ships under IPHICRATES and son Menesthios, TIMOTHEOS, and CHARES attack 100 Chian galleys in straits between Chios and Anatolia near Embata.  Stormy weather persuades Iphicrates and Timotheos, to back out.  Chares, left with ⅓ of his fleet, attacks Chians and is defeated. 356 B76 8-366, CAH 6, CDCC 829, DGRBM 1-682, 3-1147, OCD 997, 1007, wikEmb     355 OCD 551
c.356 Athenian generals TIMOTHEOS, IPHICRATES, and CHARES charged with blundering.  Iphicrates and son Menesthios prosecuted by colleague Chares, is acquitted.  TIMOTHEOS charged with accepting bribes from Chians and Rhodians, prosecuted by Aristophon, fined and exiled until death 354.  Chares remains in Anatolia. 356 B76 8-366, CDCC 891, bk
355 GHH, MCAW 158, OCD 551
354 DGRBM 1-316
no date: OCD 114
356 July ALEXANDER, son of Philip and Olympias, born at Pella Macedonia. 356 B76 8-367, CAH 6, DGRBM 1-119, OCD 39, hmLx, wikLx
  356 July SUPPOSEDLY the same day Alex-III is born, Philip receives news that his general Parmenio had defeated the Illyrian and Paeonian armies, and that his horses had won at the Olympic Games.  Therefore Philip changes his new wife's name from Myrtale to OLYMPIAS. 356
B76 VII-526, lvG, wikLx
c.356 PHILIP-II king of Macedonia 356-36, writes to his friend Aristotle announcing the birth of his son Alexander.  Letter is still extant ! 356 DGRBM 1-318
c.356 Athens renigs on 358 promise to surrender Pydna to Macedonia in exchange for Amphipolis.  PYDNA, under Athens from 357, taken by Philip-II.  Under Macedonia until ?.  Philip / Athens war begins until 346. 357 lvG     356 CAH 6, Dur 2-477, LEWH 78, bk     no date: Ocd 815
c.356 PHILIP-II king of Macedonia 356-36, makes treaty with OLYNTHOS in Chalcidice against Athens. 358 GHH     356 LEWH 78
c.356 Thrace and Athens ally against Philip-II of Macedonia. 356 CAH 6
c.356 GRABUS, most powerful king in Illyria from 358, defeated by Macedonian general Parmenio, compelled to serve under Macedon. 356 CAH 6-747, wikGrb, wikLI
Macedonia Thrace
c.356 PHILIP-II king of Macedonia 356-36, is invited to become protector of DATON (formerly Crenides) Thrace, under Thracians from 360.  Philip takes it, renames it PHILIPPI, and makes it administrative center for local mines. 356 CDCC 675, IDB 3-786, LEWH 78, OCD 816, lvG
c.356 CHARIDEMOS, Euboean mercenary, working for Thracian kings from 362, hires out to Athens. no date: OCD 227
c.356 ALEXIS, Greek Middle Comedy poet, flourishes in Athens.  Writes 245 comedies, of which only fragments survive. 356 GHH
no date: wikAlx
c.356 ARISTIPPOS of Cyrene, pupil of Socrates, founder of the Cyrenaic school of Philosophy, in Athens from ?, dies.  Goal of life is to seek pleasure by adapting circumstances to oneself and maintain control over adversity and prosperity. 366 B76 I-514 356 Dur 2-505, wikArs
c. 356 PhocisAMPHICTYONIC COUNCIL, under leadership of Thebes, fines Phocis for cultivating a portion of the Krissaean plain, sacred to the temple of Apollo at Delphi.  Thebans and their supporters pass a decree declaring WAR on PHOCIS if fines incurred by certain Phocians, including well-known anti-Thebans, are not paid forthwith.  A 2nd resolution denounces all, including Spartans, who owe debts to Apollo. 357
DGRG 1-763
CAH 6-739, OCD 943, wikΦcs
355 LEWH 78
c.356 ARCHIDAMOS-III, Eurypontid king of Sparta 360-38 secretly gives Philomelos strategos autocrator of Phocis 15 talents to help him resist the Amphictyons. 356 DGRBM 1-267
c.356 DELPHI, independent from 421, siezed by Philomelos strategos autocrator of Phocis.  Delphi with all its treasures comes under control of PHOCIS until 351. 357 DGRG 1-763, GHH
356 CAH 6, MCAW 158, 159, OHG, rcSB3
c.356 PHILOMELOS, strategos autocrator of Phocis, allies with Athens and Sparta.  Phocians rob treasury of Delphi sanctuary (20,000 talents gold & silver), raise army of 5,000, the best in Greece. 356 B76 8-367, OCD 822, 943, bk
355 LEWH 78
c.356 Thebes and Locri unite against Phocis. 357 GHH
c.356 Callistratos of Aphidna, Athenian orator, general, finance minister, away from 361, returns to Athens, executed. 356 GHH
350s wikCoA
c.356 PHILOMELOS, strategos autocrator of Phocis, repels Locrians and Boeotians. 356 OCD 822, 943 355 LEWH 78
c.356 ISOCRATES appeals to Archidamos king of Sparta, to appoint to management positions the most competent citizens, i.e. those who will direct affairs of state most effectively and justly.  Isocrates is ignored. 356 CAH 6-599
c.356/5 ARTAXERXES-III OCHUS king of Medo-Persia 359-38 threatens to attack Greece. 356/5 OCD 330
c.355 Λ BYZANTIUM, rebelling against Athens from 357, granted autonomy until 343. 355 B76 8-366, OCD 801
c.355 PERINTHOS, on Thracian side of the Sea of Marmara, rebelling against Athens from 357, granted autonomy until 339. 355 B76 8-366, OCD 801
Macedonia Thrace
c.355 NEAPOLIS Thrace, threatened by Philip-II, seeks help from Athens, without success. mid 355 CAH 6-738
c.355 CORCYRA V, independent under oligarchcy 360-03, rebelling against Athens from 360, recognized as independent until 303/2. 355
B76 8-366
c.355 Phocians, at instigation of Thebes, refuse to pay a fine levied on some of their people by the Amphictionic Council. 355
c.355 Athamanians, an ancient Greek tribe in southeast Epirus and west Thessaly, ally with Macedonians against the Phocaeans until ?. 355 wikAθm
c.355 Λ ECONOMY V:   Λ 57% of the Athenian electorate are property owners. 355
Dur 2-465
c.355 ELPINES, eponymous archon of Athens from 356, ends.  CALLISTRATOS succeeds until 354. 355 wikEA
c.355 SOCIAL WAR (aka War of the Allies) from 357 ends.  Threat of Persian intervention causes negotiations.  Athens, financially exhausted, can no longer effectively patrol the Aegean, recognizes independence of many allies, including Chios, Cos, Rhodes, and Byzantium which become autonomous until ?. 355 B76 8-366, CAH 6-741, 7.1-285, CDCC 829, 938, DGRBM, Dur 2-470, GHH, LEWH 77, OCD 114, 141, 226, 230, 997, OHG, lvG
c.355 METHONE, a port north of Pydna, besieged by Philip-II of Macedon until 354. 355 CAH 6-742, lvG 353 DGRBM
c.355 ATHENS:  After trying to recover Amphipolis from 368 and nearly bankrupt, war party under CHARES and ARISTOPHON is discredited and replaced by pacifist party under finance minister EUBULOS. 355 B76 III-986, LEWH 78, OCD 412
c.355 Pacifist finance minister EUBULOS is given supreme power in Athens.  He revives the economy at the expense of the military, and stays in power until 344. 355 B76 III-986, 8-366     354 bk
c.355 Athens makes peace with Byzantium, Chios, Rhodes, Cos. 355 bk
c.355 ANDROTION, member of Athenian Council, appointed to head a police squad to search for hidden income, collect arrears, imprison tax evaders. 355 Dur 2-466
c.355 ANDROTION accused of making an illegal proposal by Euctemon and Diodoros, who say he should be disenfranchised. 355 OCD 330
354/3 OCD 64
no date: DGRBM 1-177
c.355 DEMOSTHENES writes speech "Against Androtion" delivered by Diodoros.  Attacks Androtion for proposing honors for Council members ending their term of office, though they had not provided new triremes for the navy. 355 CDCC 270, DGRBM 1-983, OCD 330, bk
DGRBM 2-1014
c.355 DEMOSTHENES prosecutes LEPTINES.  Writes speech "Against Leptines". 355 CAH 6-500, CDCC 270, DGRBM 1-983, OCD 330, bk
c.355 Aristophon, Cephisodotos, and others defend the law of Leptines against Demosthenes. 355 DGRBM 1-669
c.355 XENOPHON publishes  De Vectigalibus ,  On Revenues  aka  Ways and Means .  Suggests ways to entice back to Athens the foreign traders who deserted her after the Social War. 355 B76 19-1056, CAH 6-561, bk     354 wikWM
c.355 ISOCRATES publishes  On the Peace . 356 CAH 6, Dur 2-458     355 B76 9-1031, CAH 6-599, OCD 554, bk
c.355 HEGESIPPOS, Athenian statesman, proposes alliance with Phocis against Amphictionic League. 355
OCD 492
c.355 Muscle cuirass Greek MUSCLE CUIRASS, dating from the 5th century, is worn only by generals and emperors.  This one like most archaeological finds, is relatively unadorned, but in sculpture, it is often ornamented with mythological scenes. photo: GNU FDL

370-40 wikMC
355 fall Thebes gets Amphictionic League to declare war on Phocis.  3rd SACRED WAR begins until 346:  Thebes, Thessaly, Locris, and Boeotia vs. Phocis and mercenaries. 357 DGRBM     356 CDCC 316, 878, 938, DGRA 81, Dur 2-477, GHH, wik3SW     356/5 OCD 822
355 B76 I-489, CAH 6-741, CDCC 775, LEWH 78, lvG OCD 323, 822, 943
355 fall PHILOMELOS, ruler of Phocis, can't trust allies: Athens, Sparta, Achaea, uses treasury of DELPHI to increase army from 5,000 to 10,000 against coalition of Thessaly, Locris, Boeotia. 355 LEWH 78, OCD 822     fall 355 CAH 6-741, OCD 822, 943
c.355/4 NEAPOLIS Thrace, taken by Philip-II. 355/4 CAH 6-738
c.354 Athens sends aid to Methone, but it arrives too late. 354 CAH 6-742
c.354 METHONE, a port north of Pydna, besieged by Philip-II from 355, falls, and is destroyed, its land distributed among Macedonians.  Philip gets an arrow in the eye. 355 Dur 2-477
354 B76 8-367, lvG, wikMeth     353 bk
c.354 Greek surgeon CRITOBULOS extracts the arrow from Philip-II's eye without disfiguring his face. 353 DGRBM 1-893
c.354 XENOPHON dies.  In Athens from 366/5, age 90.  He wrote @37 books. 359 GHH     355 wikXn
354 MCAW 161, OCD 1142,
RAH 362, TToH     350 EoΦ 8-354
c.354 DEMOSTHENES age 30 begins to speak in the assemblies. 354 DGRBM, GHH
c.354 THEBES makes friends with Philip-II, but not alliance until 346. 354 B76 8-368
c.354 PHILOMELOS, leader of Phocis, and mercenary army defeats a Locrian/Boeotian force and then 6,000 Thessalians moving into Locris.  Thessaly withdraws from 3rd Sacred war. 355 Dur 2-754
354 CAH 6-741, OCD 822, 943
c.354 PHILOMELOS, leader of Phocis, and mercenary army, defeated by Boeotians at Neon, suicides out.  ONOMARCHOS succeeds until 352. 354 fall CAH 6-741, LEWH 78, OCD 752, 822, 943, bk     353 GHH
c.354 CALLISTRATOS, eponymous archon of Athens from 355, ends.  DIOTEMOS succeeds until 353. 354 wikEA
c.354 TIMOTHEOS son of Conon, Athenian general, dies at Chalcis. 354 B76 IX-1018, CDCC 891, Dur 2-752, OCD 1077
351 MCAW 161
c.354 Callias of Chalcis Euboea, asks Philip-II of Macedon for aid against his rival, Plutarchos, tyrant of Eretria. 354 DGRBM 3-275
c.354 Plutarchos, tyrant of Eretria Euboea, asks Athenians for aid against his rival, Callias of Chalcis, who had allied with Philip-II of Macedon. 354 DGRG 1-847
c.354 Thessaly taken and occupied by Philip-II until 353. 354 B76 8-367
c.354 DEMOSTHENES speech "On the Symmories" (navy boards).  Argues against a proposed expedition to Euboea.  Argues that Athens is not prepared for Persian attack.  Causes Athenians to improve their navy. 354 B76 5-578, CDCC 270, DGRBM 1-983
354/3 OCD 330
c.354 ISOCRATES publishes  Areopagiticus .  Urges Athens to restore to the Areopagos court its power to punish criminals, which had been deprived in 462. 355 Dur 2-458
354 B76 9-1031,
CAH 6, OCD 554, bk
c.354 ONOMARCHOS, leader of Phocis 354-52, employs temple funds at Delphi to bribe Thessaly into neutrality and hire mercenaries from Athens and Sparta. 354 OCD 752, 943
c.354 ONOMARCHOS, leader of Phocis 354-52, defeats Locrians and Boeotians, invades Boeotia, subdues Doris, Locris, and part of Thessaly. 354 OCD 943     354/3 OCD 753, 943     353 PJRh p318
c.354 Phocis and its mercenaries ravage Boeotia. 354 B76 II-114
c.354 Athens makes peace with Mausolus, satrap of Caria. 354 MCAW 158
354/3 Rumor:  Artaxerxes-III is about to attack Greece. 354/3 OCD 330
354/3 Thebes sends 5,000 men (citizen-soldiers rather than mercenaries) under PAMMENES to help Artabazos rebel satrap of Dascylium.  They arrive in 353. winter 354/3 CAH 6-89
c.353 PHILIP-II king of Macedonia 356-36, returns to Thrace ostensibly to escort Theban Pammenes to Anatolia, but more to test Thracian reactions.  Philip pushes along the coast beyond the Nestos to Abdera and Maronia, this time accompanied by a supply fleet.  Abdera and Maronia are not taken.  He remains in Thrace until later that year. early 353
CAH 6-467, 742, DGRBM 3-275
Macedonia Thrace
c.353 PHILIP-II king of Macedonia 356-36, is intercepted by Amadokos-II, king of central Thrace, at Maronia and denied further passage.  Philip makes a treaty with Cersobleptes in eastern Thrace, using Pammenes as intermediary, but then turns immediately homeward on receipt of an urgent appeal from Thessaly and Thebes for assistance against Pherae. early 353
CAH 6-467, 742, DGRBM 3-275
c.353 PHILIP-II king of Macedonia 356-36, returning from east, attacks Maronia and Abdera, defeats Thracian leaders Amadokos-II and Cetriporis, who become his vassals until 351.  The eastern frontier, which was destabilized after the annexation of Daton/Philippi, is secure again. 353
CAH 6-467, lvG, wikCt
c.353 Athenian mercenary leader CHARES, in Anatolia from 355, recalled to Athens on demand of Artaxerxes-III. 355 LEWH 77
353 B76 8-366
c.353 DIOTEMOS, eponymous archon of Athens from 354, ends.  THUDEMOS succeeds until 352. 353 wikEA
c.353 Archidamos of Sparta attacks MEGALOPOLIS Arcadia, which appeals to allies including Athens, which is on the side of Sparta in the Sacred War. 353 PJRh
352 DGRBM 1-267
c.353 AMPHISSA in western Locris, subdued by ONOMARCHOS, leader of Phocis 354-52.  Under Phocis until 346. 353
CAH 6-741, OCD 55
c.353 THRONIUM, 14km east of Thermopylae, subdued by ONOMARCHOS, leader of Phocis 354-52.  Under Phocis until ?. 353
CAH 6-741
c.353 Prosecution of TIMOCRATES, associate of Androtion, by DEMOSTHENES, who writes speech "Against Timocrates", which is delivered by Diodoros. 353 DGRBM 1-983, 3-1137, OCD 330
c.353 ISOCRATES publishes  Antidosis :  Criticizes rivals.
By 353 he has acquired wealth unprecedented for a non-office-holding orator.  "When I was a boy, being rich was considered so secure and respectable that almost everyone pretended he owned more property than was the case, because he wanted to share in the prestige it gave.  Now a man has to defend himself against being rich as if it were the worst of crimes."
354 CAH 6 354/3
CAH 6-549 353
Dur 2-466, OCD 554
c.353 ONOMARCHOS of Phocis siezes Thermopylae and Orchomenos Boeotia, threatens Thessaly, but is defeated by Thebans at siege of Chaeronea. 353 CAH 6-741, LEWH 78, MCAW 158, PJRh 318
CONFUSION ALERT!  ONOMARCHOS is a general.  ORCHOMENOS is a city in Boeotia and another in Arcadia.
c.353 LARISSA Thessaly under Thebes 368-44, asks help of Philip-II.  It is granted.  Philip-II, claiming to fight for Thebes and the honor of Apollo, invades Thessaly. Thessaly 353 lvG
352 DGRBM 3-275, GHH
c.353 PHILIP-II king of Macedonia 356-36, defeats Phocian general PHAYLLOS in Thessaly. 353 PJRh 318
353/2 LEWH 78, OCD 752, 811, 943
c.353 PAGASAE, coastal city in Magnesia Thessaly, siezed by Philip-II. 353 DGRBM GHH
c.353 THESSALIAN LEAGUE, run by Thessalian families: Aleuadae and Skopadae, has its infighting settled by Philip-II. 353 ancs
c.353 Phocian general ONOMARCHOS brings his whole force, including artillery, to aid Phayllos and Lycophron tyrant of Pherae. 353
CAH 6-743
c.353 PHILIP-II king of Macedonia 356-36, is twice defeated by ONOMARCHOS in Thessaly. 353 PJRh 318
353/2 LEWH 78, OCD 752, 811, 943     352 GHH
c.353 late PHILIP-II king of Macedonia 356-36, occupying Thessaly from 354, is forced out by Phocians, Athenians, & Spartans.  Phocian general ONOMARCHOS now controls everything from Mt. Olympos to the Corinthian Gulf plus Thermopylae. 353 B76 8-367, 14-226, LEWH 78, OCD 752, 943     353/2 PJRh 318 352 GHH
c.353/2 DEMOSTHENES turns against EUBULOS. 353/2 OCD 330
c.353/2 DEMOSTHENES speech "On the Syntaxis":  Against allocation of surpluses to festivals, sacrifices, and public entertainments.  Directed against Eubulos, chief commissioner of the Theoric fund. 353/2
OCD 330
c.352 War between Sparta and Megalopolis. 352 DGRBM, GHH
c.352 DEMOSTHENES speech "For the Megalopolitans":  Urges Athens to support Megalopolis Arcadia, rather than leave the task to Thebes.  Athens declines. 353 DGRBM 1-983
352 OCD 330
c.352 CHARIDEMOS, mercenary working for Athens, is declared inviolable by decree of Aristocrates.  i.e. Athens will prosecute anyone who kills him. 352 DGRBM 1-685, 3-828
c.352 DEMOSTHENES speech "Against Aristocrates":  Attacks proposal to honor mercenary Charidemos for his offices in the cession of Chersonese by Cersobleptes.  Regards Cersobleptes as more dangerous than Philip-II. 353 bk
352 OCD 330
c.352 ORNAE Argolis taken by Sparta, which then sacks Helison Arcadia west of Mantinea. 352 PJRh 319, DGRG 1-1038
c.352 ARTABAZUS, satrap of Dascylium from ?, rebelling against Artaxerxes-III from ?, seeks refuge in Macedonia until 345.  His Rhodian bro-in-law Memnon accompanies. 353/2 CAH 6-751 352 OCD 125     350 GHH
Macedonia Thrace
c.352 SESTOS in Chersonese, rebelling from Athens from 357, taken by CHARES, men killed, women and children enslaved, cleruchy established, under Athens until ?. 353 CAH 6
352 OCD 226, 981
c.352 Thracian city of CARDIA in the Chersonese, surrounded by Athenians, makes friendship treaty with PHILIP-II. 352 wikCard
c.352 BYZANTIUM and PERINTHOS, independent 355-?, ally with Philip-II. 352 Nov CAH 6, OCD 801
c.352 THUDEMOS, eponymous archon of Athens from 353, ends.  ARISTODEMOS succeeds until 351. 352 wikEA
c.352 CORONEA Boeotia, autonomous in Boeotaean Alliance from 446, taken by Onomarchos, comes under Phocians until 346. 353 bk     352 CAH 6-745, rcSB3
c.352 PHILIP-II king of Macedonia 356-36, orders execution of the sacrilegious Phocians, proceeds south to Larissa, toward ally Lycophron of Pherae. Thessaly 352 lvG
c.352 Athenian fleet under CHARES sent to the Gulf of Pagasae to oppose Philip-II. 352
CAH 6-745
c.352 Philip-II captures port of Pagasae, pins down the Pheraeans, then turns to face Onomarchos 30km away on the coastal plain west of the Gulf of Pagasae (Paghasitikos). 352 B76 14-226,
CAH 6-586, 745, PJRh
c.352 ONOMARCHOS, Phocian commander from 354 is defeated by PHILIP-II on the coastal plain "Crocus Field" near the Gulf of PagasaeOnomarchos and 6,000 Phocians are killed, 3,000 taken prisoner.  Bro PHAYLLOS succeeds to 350.  Phayllos, with Spartan and Athenian allies, retreats south to Thermopylae. 352 CAH 6-745, DGRBM 3-243, GHH, LEWH 78, OCD 752, 811, 943, lvG, PJRh 319, bk
c.352 DEMETRIAS Magnesia, comes under Macedonia until 196. 352 rcSB2
c.352 Athenians, on recommendation of Eubulos, send an expedition to Thermopylae. 352 wikEub
c.352 Lycophron offers Pherae to Philip-II and is expelled under truce with his bro Pitholaos, and 2,000 mercenaries. 353 DGRA 1094
352 CAH 6-745, CDGRA 610, DGRBM 3-377, GHH
c.352 PHERAE surrenders to Philip-II, but is not made subject to Macedonia until 344. 352 B76 14-226,
CAH 6-586, DGRBM, PJRh
c.352 THESSALIAN LEAGUE elects Philip-II archon. 352 CAH 6-745, 764
c.352 THESSALY, leaderless from 358, united under Philip-II.  Under Macedonia until 336.  Put under governor Eudicus until 344. 352 CAH 6-586, CDCC 674, LEWH 78, lvG, rcSB2
c.352 COUNCIL of 10 established by Philip-II. to govern Thessaly. 352 CDGRA 227
c.352 150 Thessalian cavalry, which had been driven from Pherae with Lycophron and Pitholaos, now fight for Spartans against Megalopolis. 352 DGRBM 2-848
c.352 PHAYLLOS, Phocian commander 352-50 moves into Boeotia and is defeated 3 times. 352
PJRh 319
c.352 PHILIP-II king of Macedonia 356-36, is stopped at Thermopylae by Athenians, Phocians, Achaeans, and Spartans, withdraws. 352 CAH 6-746, DGRBM, LEWH 78, MCAW 160, OCD 412, 815, PJRh 319
c.352 PHILIP-II king of Macedonia 356-36, withdraws from Thermopylae, returns north. 352
CAH 6, lvG
c.352 PHILIP-II king of Macedonia 356-36, invades Thrace.  At his arrival, Amadokos, with Byzantium and Perinthos, are in league against Cersobleptes.  The allies gladly accept Philips help.  Philip reaches the Sea of Marmara in November. 352
CAH 6-746, lvG
c.352 Nov PHILIP-II king of Macedonia 356-36 campaigns at Heraeum on the Sea of Marmara west of Perinthos. 352 Nov
CAH 6-746, lvG
Macedonia Thrace
c.352 Thracian leader AMADOKOS-II asks help from Philip-II against Cersobleptes. 352 CAH 6-746, OCD 49
c.352 late PHILIP-II king of Macedonia 356-36, pushes into Chersonese and Hellespont, negotiates at Byzantium to undermine Athenian influence, allies with Byzantium and Perinthos, makes treaty with Amadokos-II of Thrace to help him against Cersobleptes. late 352
B76 8-367, CAH 6, OCD 49, 330
no date:
OCD 224
c.352 CERSOBLEPTES allies with Athens against Philip-II. 352 CAH 6-467
c.352 Son of Cersobleptes, BERISADES dies.  King of Odrysians of Strimos (Thrace west of the Nestos) from 359.  Son CETRIPORIS succeeds in west until 351.  Cersobleptes declares war against Berisades' children. 356 rcSB2
352 wikOK, wikCt, wikLRTD
no date: OCD 224
c.352 late PHILIP-II and Amadokos-II attack CERSOBLEPTES, ruler of Odrysians in Thrace. late 352 OCD 330
c.352 CERSOBLEPTES, ruler of Odrysians in Thrace, defeated by PHILIP-II, becomes vassal, sends one of his sons as hostage to Pella. 352/1
CAH 6-467
c.352 2 of the 3 Thracian kingdoms become vassal states of PHILIP-II. 352 wikOK
c.352/1 Heraclea on Sea of Marmara, taken by PHILIP-II. 351 GHH
352/1 ChersoneseThracian city of CARDIA in Chersonese, taken by PHILIP-II. 352/1
OCD 205
c.351 Son of Berisades, CETRIPORIS ends.  King of Odrysians in west at Strimos vassal of Philip-II from 353, deposed by Philip-II. 352/1 CAH 6-467
351 wikLRTD
c.351 Euboean mercenary CHARIDEMOS leads Athenian forces in Chersonese against Philip-II. 351
B76 II-752
c.351 Son of Cotys I, AMADOKOS-II ends.  King of Maronia and Chersonese from 359, vassal of Philip-II from 353, deposed by Philip-II, who appoints his son TERES-II to succeed until 342. 351 CAH 6-467, frH, wikLRTD, wikOK
c.351 OLYNTHOS, chief city in Chalcidian League, ally of Philip-II from 356 but scared of him, asks Athens for alliance and aid. 353 CAH 6
351 B76 8-367, LEWH 78
c.351 early DEMOSTHENES advocates prosection of the war for Amphipolis.  Athens refuses. early 351 OCD 330
c.351 DEMOSTHENES advocates reduced dependency on paid mercenaries and return to a citizen army. 351
MCAW 159
c.351 ARISTODEMOS, eponymous archon of Athens from 352, ends.  THEELIOS succeeds until 350. 351 wikEA
c.351 DEMOSTHENES emerges as leader of the anti-Macedonian party in Athens. 351
c.351 DEMOSTHENES speech "On the Liberty of the Rhodians".  Advocates support of democrats of Rhodes against oligarchs supported by Caria.  No mention of the threat of Philip-II. 351 CDCC 270, DGRBM, MCAW 159, OCD 330
c.351 Rumor reaches Athens that Philip-II is ill, or even dead. mid 351 CAH 6-746
c.351 DEMOSTHENES speech "1st Philippic".  Warns Athens against threat of Philip-II.  Advises Athens to help Amphipolis and keep a fleet in north Aegean financed by the rich.  Unsuccessful. 352 DGRBM 1-983, GHH
351 B76 5-579, 8-367, CDCC 270, Dur 2-458, OCD 330, RAH 310, TToH, lvG, bk     351/0 CAH 6
c.351 DELPHI, under Phocis from 356, comes under ARCHIDAMOS-III, Eurypontid king of Sparta 360-38 until 346. 351 rcSB3
c.351 PHAYLLOS, Phocian commander 352-50, invades Peloponnese to help Sparta against Thebes. 351
OCD 811
c.351 PHAYLLOS dies.  Phocian commander from 352, dies of lingering illness.  Onomarchos' son PHALAECOS succeeds to 347.  Mnaseas is regent, but is soon killed in a Boeotian attack.  Phalaecos loses control of Phocian bases in Boeotia. 353
DGRBM 2-1104 351 CAH 6-748, DGRBM 3-233, 243, OCD 811
c.351 HERAEUM on the Sea of Marmara surrenders to Philip-II, who gives it back to Perinthos, and marches homeward. 351
CAH 6-746
Macedonia Thrace
c.350 PHILIP-II king of Macedonia 356-36, decides to conquer Olynthos and vicinity in Chalcidice now that no Greek power could help it.  The Olynthians again appeal to Athens for help. 350 DGRBM, lvG
c.350 THRACIANS, until now armorless, start wearing helmets (mostly the Chalcidian type) and a few greaves. 4th cen. wikθW
c.350 Thracian helmets THRACIAN HELMETS:  Bronze, modeled on the Phrygian cap.  Worn by heavy infantry.  Left from tomb in mound #81, Shipka.  Right has silver decorations. left Apostoloff
right Ann Wuyts

4th cen wikNHM
c.350 PHILIP-II king of Macedonia 356-36, campaigns briefly in Paeonia and Illyria. 350
CAH 6-747
c.350 Λ TORTION CATAPULTS V perfected in Thessaly, possibly under Philip-II. 400-391 TTS     350 OHG 163
340 OCD 128
c. 350

c. 350
DIOCLES of Carystos Euboea, physician, member of the medical sect of the Dogmatici, flourishes in Athens.  Wrote several medical works: on diet and nutrition, herbal remedies, and the 1st systematic textbook on animal anatomy (a word which he supposedly originated).  Only titles and fragments remain.

Λ ANATOMY:  Disects animal wombs.  Describes human embryos of 27-40 days, contradicts popular Greek idea that the entire seed comes from the male.

Λ MEDICINE:  Says health requires understanding the relationship of the universe to man.  Says nerves are channels of sensations, and interfering with them causes disease.
(See Philolaus 400, Hippocrates 400, Herophilos 320)
Dur 2-503 350 TTS 4th cen.: wikDC
c.350 THEELIOS, eponymous archon of Athens from 351, ends.  APOLLODOROS succeeds until 349. 350 wikEA
Roman copies of missing or damaged Praxiteles originals
Hermes & Dionysus
Apollo Sauroctonos
Borghese Collection
Shawn Lipowski
pub dom
Aphrodite of Knidos
c.350 Athenian sculptor PRAXITELES flourishes.  First to sculpt the nude female form life-sized.  He sculpts HERMES and the infant Dionysus, and creates bronze sculpture Apollo Sauroctonos (lizard killer).  Only Roman copies of his works survive.     364 MCAW 155
350 CAH 6, RAH 360, wikAS
c.350 ATHENIAN DRAMA, until now probably performed on a low wooden platform slightly above orchestra-level, in front of a wooden stage-house (skene), now develops into high Hellenistic stage from experiments in staging later Middle Comedy.  But a stone skene does not occur until 300 350 CAH 7.1-381
c.350 Theoric fund (money reserved for festivals, sacrifices, and public entertainments) created (or recreated) in Athens by Eubulos, who manages it until 343/2.   See 340. 350 wikθrc
c.350 PHILIP-II king of Macedonia 356-36, goes to Epirus. 350 CAH 6-747
c.350 Apollodoros carries a decree empowering the people to determine whether surplus money in the Theoric fund might be applied to finance wars.  He is indicted, convicted, and fined a talent.  The decree is voided. 353 DGRA 1126
350 CDGRA 628
c.350 Athenian general  IPHICRATES dies. 353 wikIΦ     350 MCAW 165
c.350 Athenian general PHOCION invades Euboea. 350 GHH
c.350 SALAMIS Island in Saronik Gulf, under Athens from 570, securely from 535, becomes independent until 318. 350 rcAg
c.350 Athenian PHOCION defeats CALLIAS, tyrant of Chalcis, at Tamynae Euboea. 354 DGRBM 3-340     350 DGRBM 1-568, DGRBM 3-339, GHH
c.350 EUDOXOS of Knidos, student of Plato, mathematician, astronomer, dies age 52 at Athens. 355 BHM 88, Burt 111, wikEC
353 Dur 2-725     350 B76 6-1022
340 OCD 414
c.350 CHALCIS Euboea joins 2nd Athenian League until 338.  Becomes a focus of Macedonian intrigues until 338. 350 OCD 226 342 rcSB3
c.350 POLYKLEITOS the Younger, son of the Elder, architect and minor sculptor, flourishes.  Most of his sculpture is of athletes. 4th cen. wikPlY
c.350 Theater begun at Epidauros Argolis until 330.  Sculptor, Polykleitos the Younger is architect. 360 wikPlY     358-30 CAH 6, CDGRA 627, OHG     350 TToH
c.350 CLEPSYDRA (water clock), used to time johns in Athenian brothels. 4th cen. wikWC
c.350 MENAECHMOS and bro DINOSTRATOS, pupils of Eudoxos and friends of Plato, flourish.  Both are credited with the same and similar accomplishments, so its hard to know who did what.

Λ GEOMETRY V:  Solves the problem of doubling the cube by means of the quadratrix.  Squares the circle, not by using ruler and compass alone, but by the trisectrix of Hippias.  Discovers that elipses, parabolas, and hyperbolas are planar intersections of a cone.  (See Archytas 390, Euclid 300)
B76 VI-780, BHM 84, OCD 669
350-41 TTS
no date: wikDns
c.350 HEATING:  Wealthy homes and Temples in Greece are heated by warm air circulated thru flue systems in floors. 350 esylnd, dhc
c. 350

c. 350
PLATO publishes  Laws , his last dialog.
What is the best constitution for a city?  The ideal is unity achieved thru Λ communism V.  Extremes of despotism & freedom are both bad.  Dialectic and philosophy are subordinate to religion.

Λ THEOLOGY V:  Stars are gods.  "GOD(s) must exist beacuse Λ souls V must have an unmoved over."
Originates NATURAL THEOLOGY:  Some theological truths can be demonstrated by reason.
3 false beliefs fatal to moral character:
denial of moral government of the world
Divine judgment can be bought off by offerings.
(see Svetasvatara 400)
360 bk
360 or later B76 14-538, OCD 840-42
no date: MMWP, wikLaws
c.350 ROUND EARTH:  Aristotle formulates 6 arguments to prove the Earth is spherical. 350
B76 11-471
c.350 ISIS:  Earliest known temple to Isis in Greece is built in Athens. 4th cen wikMet
c.350 Serapis BRYAXIS, sculptor, flourishes.  Works include a bronze statue of Seleucus, king of Syria, 5 huge statues at Rhodes, and a statue of Apollo at Daphne near Antioch.  Known mostly for work on the Mausoleum.  This is a Roman copy of his bust of Serapis. photo Jastrow

4th cen. wikBrx
c.350 Apollo Patroos EUPHRANOR of Corinth, sculptor/painter, flourishes.  Paintings include a cavalry battle, a Theseus, and the feigned madness of Odysseus.  Sculptures include Paris, Leto with her children Apollo and Artemis, and Philip and Alexander in chariots.  No known existing statues have been identified as copies of his works, but many are suspected to be, such as this Apollo Patroos. photo Marsyas

mid 4th wikEuΦ
c.349 EUBOEA, under Athens from 378, induced by Philip-II to rebel, so he can attack Chalcidice without Athenian intervention. 349 LEWH 78, MCAW 162, OCD 225, 406, 815
c.349 PHILIP-II begins campaign in Chalcidice. 349 Aug CAH 6-748, DGRBM 3-276, wikPΦ
c.349 32 cities of Chalcidice (but not Olynthos) submit to Philip-II.  Chalcidian League falls apart. 349 bk
c.349 OLYNTHIAN WAR between Olynthos and Philip-II begins until 348. 349 wikRoM
c.349 ChalcidiceOlynthos asks Athens for help against Philip-II. 349
DGRBM 1-261, 983, Dur 2-458, LEWH 78, MCAW 162, OCD 225, 330, RAH 310, lvG
c.349 PHERAE Thessaly, under Philip-II from 352, recovered by Pitholaos, bro of Lycophron, probably with Phocian help. Thessaly 349 CAH 6-749, DGRBM 3-377
c.349 PHERAE Thessaly, under Philip-II from 352, tyrants are again expelled by Philip-II. 349 CAH 6
c.349 APOLLODOROS, eponymous archon of Athens from 350, ends.  CALLIMACHOS succeeds until 348. 349 wikEA
c.349 DEMOSTHENES in 3 "Olynthiac" speeches advocates full and immediate support of Olynthos in Chalcidice. 349 B76 5-579, CAH 6, DGRBM 1-988, Dur 2-458, OCD 330, bk, lvG
c.349 Athenian DEMADES opposes Demosthenes on the Olynthos issue, and continues opposing him. 349 DGRBM 1-957
c.349 DEMOSTHENES speech "Against Neaera".  "We have courtesans for pleasure, concubines for the daily health of our bodies, and wives to bear us lawful offspring and be the faithful guardians of our homes." no date:
Dur 2-304
c.349 Athens makes protective alliance with Olynthos in Chalcidice, but can only respond slowly with insufficient troops.  Chares takes 1st aid package. 349 CAH 6, DGRBM 1-682, LEWH 78
c.349 ChalcidiceMercenary CHARIDEMOS is appointed Athenian commander in the Olynthian War, takes 2nd aid package to Olynthos in Chalcidice, supercedes Chares until 348.  Charidemos ravages Pallene (west peninsula) and Bottike region north of it, which are under Philip-II. 349
DGRBM 1-682, 685, GHH
c.348 EUBOEA:  Kallias of Chalcis attacks Plutarch tyrant of Eretria, who appeals to Athens for aid. early 348
CAH 6-749
c.348 PHILIP-II king of Macedonia 356-36, besieges OLYNTHOS in Chalcidice until 347. 349 DGRBM 1-261, 983, Dur 2-458, GHH, LEWH 78, MCAW 162, OCD 225, 330, RAH 310, lvG     348 CAH 6-749, DGRBM 3-276
c.348 DEMOSTHENES urges Athens to focus only on Olynthos.  EUBULOS urges Athens to send army to Euboea.  Athens chooses to split its army between Euboea and Olynthos. 348 LEWH 78,
OCD 330, 412, 826, wikEub
c.348 Athenian CHARES takes 3rd aid package to Olynthos in Chalcidice, supercedes Charidemos, who fades out of history. 348 DGRBM 1-682
c.348 CALLIMACHOS, eponymous archon of Athens from 349, ends.  THEOPHILOS succeeds until 347. 348 wikEA
c.348 EUBULOS decree urges general Greek alliance against Philip-II. 348 CAH 6
c.348 Athenian general Phocion sent to help Plutarch of Eretria Euboea against Kallias of Chalcis supported by Macedonians. 349/8 IA&CP 348 CAH 6
c.348 PHOCION expects to win EUBOEA by diplomatic means, but Philip-II had bribed local politicians.  With Macedonian support, Euboean general Callias of Chalcis attacks Phocion's camp.  Phocion and mercenary Plutarch of Eretria defeat them at Tamynai Euboea, but Phocion frees captured enemies, fearing the Athenians might treat them too harshly.  Phocion captures fort of Zaretra, leaves general Molossus in charge of Euboea, then returns to Athens. 348
B76 VII-956, CDCC 30, LEWH 78, OCD 826, wikΦoc
c.348 POTIDAEA Chalcidice, under Olynthos from 356, no longer so, but remains under Macedonia 356-168. 348 B76 14-226, rcSB2
c.348 mid PHILOCRATES proposes making peace with Philip-II.  Assembly attacks the motion as unconstitutional.  DEMOSTHENES successfully defends PHILOCRATES. 348 CDCC 270, OCD 330
c.348 Phocion's successor MOLOSSOS loses Euboea, which becomes independent until ?. 348 LEWH 78, MCAW 162, OCD 826
c.348 ChalcidiceOLYNTHOS in Chalcidice, independent from 375, besieged by PHILIP-II, using many different kinds of catapults, from 349, betrayed by Olynthian cavalry commander Lasthenes and Euthycrates, taken and destroyed, citizens enslaved. 348 B76 VII-528, 5-579, 8-368, 14-226, CAH 6-620, 690, 749, CDCC 625, DGRBM 1-37, 983, 2-723, Dur 158, LEWH 78, MCAW 162, OCD 225, 818, OHG, RAH 311, TToH, bk, lvG, rcSB2     347 DGRBM 1-261, 3-276, GHH
c.348 OLYNTHIAN WAR between Olynthos and Philip-II from 349, ends. 348 wikRoM
c.348 CHALCIDICE annexed by PHILIP-II, who destroys 32 cities.  CHALCIDIAN LEAGUE, revived from ?, dissolved again.  Philip-II then opens "friendly" negotiations with Athens. 348 B76 II-711, 8-368, CDCC 674, RAH 311, wikPΦ
c.348 STAGIRA Chalcidice (hometown of Aristotle) destroyed by PHILIP-II. 348 CAH 6-621
c.348 Athenian CTESIPHON sent as envoy to Philip-II, on return, he is convinced that Philip-II wants peace with Athens. 348 DGRBM 1-900
c.348 Eubulos gets Athenians to send embassy to Peloponnese to unite Greeks against Philip-II.  Not successful. 348 DGRBM 1-37
c.348 Aeschines is sent to Arcadia to unite Greeks against Philip-II.  Not successful. 348 DGRBM 1-37
c.348 Athens can't get help from other Greeks against Philip-II.  Even Demosthenes now advises making peace with him. 348
c.348 late Athenian embassy of 10 men under Philocrates, and including Demosthenes and Aeschines, goes to Macedonia to negotiate with Philip-II until 346. 348 LEWH 78, OCD 818
347 MCAW 162
c.348/7 PLATO dies age 80.  In Athens from 360.  Nephew SPEUSIPPOS becomes head of Academy to 338OLD ACADEMY begins until 269. 348 Dur 2-555, OCD 504, OHG
348/7 B76 8-373, 14-532, OCD 114
347 B76 IX-416, 14-539, CAH 6-610, CDCC 688, CDΦ 4, DGRBM 3-894, Dur 2-524, EoΦ 3-383, 6-315, GHH, KPHP 66, LEWH 80, MCAW 165, OCD 1009, SHWC 81, TAWH 17, TToH, bk, wikMA
c.347 ARISTOTLE, in Athens from 367, in Academy from 366, miffed at Speusippos' tendency to "turn philosophy into mathematics," accuses Speusippos of seeing the universe as a series of disjointed episodes.  He leaves the Academy (along with XENOCRATES), both go to Atarneos in Mysia at invitation of former fellow student Hermias until 345.  Aristotle is away from Athens until 344, Xenocrates until 338. 348/7 B76 X-778, S2S 85
347 CAH 6-620, CDΦ38, DGRBM 1-318, Dur 2-524, GHH, MCAW 163, bk
347/6 KPHP 75, OCD 114, wikArstt
no date: B76 1-1163
c.347 SPEUSIPPOS head of Academy 348/7-38, rejects Plato's theory of Λ FORMS.  Plato had said the Good is the ultimate principle.  Speusippos says the Good is secondary.  He also says it is impossible to have satisfactory knowledge of any thing without knowing all the differences by which it is separated from everything else.  Thus he contributes nothing.  He also introduces fees. no date: wikSps
c.347 THEOPHILOS, eponymous archon of Athens from 348, ends.  THEMISTOCLES succeeds until 346. 347 wikEA
c.347 PHALAECOS, Phocian commander from 350, charged with using sacred treasures for private purposes, replaced by 3 new leaders, Dinocrates, Callias, and Sophanes until 346. early 347
CAH 6-751, DGRBM 3-233
c.347 Phocians, with funds running out, send Dinocrates, Callias, and Sophanes to invade Boeotia, their last attempt to win the Sacred War. 347 CAH 6-751, lvG
c.347 ABDERA Thrace in Athenian League from 376, comes under Macedonia until 188. 347 rcSB2
c.347 Thebes and Thessaly invite Philip-II to intervene in 3rd Sacred War 355-46 against Phocis. 347 CAH 6-751, OCD 943, wikPΦ
c.347 PRIVATEERS sent by Philip-II to attack Athenian colonies on Aegean islands. 347 wikPΦ
c.347 Menelaos, son of Amyntas-II, murdered by Philip-II. 347 DGRBM 2-1039
c.347 PhocisMacedonian troops help beat Phocians back from Abae Phocis, but Philip-II is not yet ready for a full commitment to this war. 347 CAH 6-751
c.347 Demosthenes and Philocrates join Council of 500.  Otherwise Demosthenes does not hold any regular office in Athens until 337/6. mid 347 CAH 6-573, 752
c.347 Antipater heads Philip's embassy to Athens to (pretend to) negotiate peace. 347/6 hwD
c.347 Athenian resolutions, moved by Eubulus, Aristophon and Diopeithes, authorize a force to the Chersonese, probably under Chares. 347
CAH 6-752
c.347 Athenian CHARES cooperates with Cersobleptes of Thrace in setting up Thracian forts. 347 CAH 6-753
346 DGRBM 1-682
c.347 CETRIPORIS, king of Odrysians at Strimos Thrace 352-??, becomes subject to Philip-II.  at which time the silver mines also pass to Philip.  Later in 347 Cersobleptes and Amadokos meet a similar fate, having appealed to Philip to arbitrate a dispute between them and then been forced to acknowledge his suzereinty when the 'judge' shows up with an army. 347 wikCt
Cetriporis ends. 347 wikOK
c.346 MARONIA Thrace, under Thrace from 357, comes under Macedonia until 240. 346 rcSB2
c.346 PHOCIS begins to defend Thermopylae, asks Athens and Sparta for help. 347 CAH 6, OCD 943
346 Feb wikPΦ
c.346 ThessalyHALOS, a strategic port in south Thessaly, destroyed by Parmenio.  Inhabitants not allowed to return until 302.  Area is given to Pharsalos, which from now on has access to the sea. 346
DGRBM 3-126, lvG
c.346 PHILIP-II king of Macedonia 356-36 reveals that he intends to send army south with the Thessalians into Greece. 346 Jan wikPΦ
c.346 Athens invites all Greek states to a conference deliberating war or peace with Philip-II. 347/6
CAH 6-753
c.346 EUBULOS supported by AESCHINES, Athenian orator, urges Athenians to protest to Arcadia about growing Macedonian influence, and to make peace with Arcadia.  Successful.  Aeschines heads an embassy to Megalopolis. early 346 OCD 16
c.346 THEMISTOCLES, eponymous archon of Athens from 347, ends.  ARCHIAS succeeds until 345. 346 wikEA
c.346 ARCHIDAMOS-III, Eurypontid king of Sparta 360-38 with 1,000 hoplites, goes to Thermopylae to help Phocis.  Athenians order all men under age 40 to go to help Phocis. 346 Jan CAH 6, DGRBM 1-267, Feb wikPΦ
c.346 PHALAECOS, former commander of Phocis 350-47, regains command until ?.  He orders the Spartans and Athenians out of Thermopylae. 346 Jan CAH 6, DGRBM 3-233, Feb wikPΦ
c.346 ARCHIDAMOS-III, Eurypontid king of Sparta 360-38, supporting Phocis in 3rd SACRED WAR from 354, disgusted with Phalaecos of Phocis, withdraws support.  Phocis is subdued.  All Phocian cities, except Abae, are to be destroyed; inhabitants dispersed to villages containing not more than 50.  Phocis, under Archidamos from 351, goes independent until 285. 346
OCD 98, rcSB3
c.346 Athens knows it cannot be defended without support at Thermopylae, sends 1st embassy: Philocrates, Aeschines, Demosthenes, and 7 others to make peace with Philip-IICersobleptes' envoy, Critobulos of Lampsacus, is deliberately excluded from talks or signing peace negotiations. 347 bk
347/6 OCD 73, 224, 818, lvG
346 Feb CAH 6, CAH 6-468, 753, DGRBM 1-893, wikPΦ
c.346 Philip / Athens war from 356 ends with  Peace of Philocrates .
Athens fails to get ally Phocis included in negotiations.
CHERSONESE (except Cardia) is returned to Athens.  Athens renounces claims to Amphipolis.
Philip reserves right to punish Phocians for "sacrilege" in Sacred War.
346 B76 5-579, 8-368, CDCC 30, 270, LEWH 78, OCD 16, 412, OHG, RAH 311, bk, lvG, wikPΦ
c.346 DELPHI, under ARCHIDAMOS-III, Eurypontid king of Sparta from 351, is independent until 290.  Its more valuable treasures are gone, but it still contains many works of art.  The Phocians are sentenced to pay 10,000 talents divided into annual installments. 347 rcSB3
back under Aniphictyonic League 346 DGRG 1-763
c.346 Phocaean towns split up into villages by Philip-II, who extracts indemnity from Phocaea. 346
B76 VII-957
c.346 Athenian 1st embassy to Philip-II at Pella returns.  All envoys are convinced that peace is necessary, but Demosthenes opposes destruction of Theban power. 346 Mar
CAH 6-754, GHH
c.346 While peace negotiations proceed in Greece, PHILIP-II begins Thracian campaign, captures key forts along Aegean coast and Chersonese, including Serrheium, Doriscos, Ergisce, Myrtenum, Ganos, and Hieron Oros. 346 Mar
CAH 6-468
c.346 When PHILIP-II invades Thrace, Athenian commander Chares and his army are on some personal plunder expedition, and nobody knows where to find them.  Athenians send message to Athens asking where Chares is. 346
DGRBM 1-682
c.346 MacedoniaPHILIP-II formally moves the eastern border of Macedonia east to the Nestos . 346 CAH 6-468
c.346 ARISTOPHON opposes abandonment of Athens' claim to Amphipolis in Peace of Philocrates. 346
OCD 114
c.346 ATHENS politically divided until 342:  Demosthenes, Hegessipus, and Ariston want war with Philip-II.  Eubulos and Aeschines want to preserve Peace of Philocrates. 346
OCD 114, 412
c.346 DEMOSTHENES speech "On the Peace". 346 DGRBM 1-984, 3-276, Dur 2-458
c.346 DEMOSTHENES is shouted down in the Assembly.  AESCHINES points out that their proposals on central Greece, which convinces Demosthenes that Aeschines has been bribed by Macedonians. 346 OCD 16, 330
c.346 Athenian Assembly votes to approve the Peace of Philocrates and ally with Philip-II. 346 B76 5-579, 14-226, LEWH 78, Apr CAH 6-754-5
c.346 2nd Athenian embassy to Pella Macedonia until July.  10 envoys, including Demosthenes, are sent back to confirm the peace, but Aeschines delays enroute knowing that Philip-II is away in Thrace. 346 B76 5-579, 14-226,
May CAH 6, LEWH 78, wikPΦ
c.346 PHILIP-II king of Macedonia 356-36, is clearly the strongest power in Europe. 346 LEWH 78,
MCAW 162, OCD 16, 412
c.346 CORONEA Boeotia, under Phocians from 352, comes under Thebes until ?. 346 rcSB3
c.346 Cersobleptes of Thrace surrenders to Philip-II. Apr. 346 CAH 6
c.346 Philip-II, in Thrace from March, returns to Pella to find the envoys from Athens, and also from Thebes, Phocis, Sparta, Thessaly, and perhaps elsewhere. 346 Jun
CAH 6-755
c.346 PHILIP-II, allies with Thessaly and Thebes, procedes south with all the Greek envoys, halts at Pherae.  Philip lets his allies sign the peace, but Philip doesn't.  Greek envoys head for home.  Philip invades Phocis, occupies Thermopylae. 347/6 lvG
346 B76 IX-928,
July CAH 6-756, LEWH 78, MCAW 162, OCD 16, 412, bk
c.346 All Phocian cities, except Abae, are destroyed by Philip-II in accordance with Amphictyonic decree earlier 346. 346 DGRA 81, DGRBM, GHH
c.346 THESPIA and PLATAEA Boeotia are depopulated. 346 CAH 6-760
c.346 2nd Athenian embassy to Pella Macedonia from May returns with proposed treaty.  Athenian Assembly ratifies treaty.  Athenian embassy leaves for Thermopylae. 346 July CAH 6
c.346 Phocis3rd SACRED WAR from 355 ends.  PHALAECOS of Phocis surrenders to Philip-II.  Antikyra is destroyed.  AMPHISSA, under Phocis from 353, is independent.  PHILIP-II takes the Phocian seat (chairmanship) in the Amphictyonic League. 346 B76 I-489,
July CAH 6, CDCC 674, 775, DGRBM, Dur 2-477, GHH, LEWH 78, MCAW 162, OCD 68, 323, 330, 943, OHG 173, lvG, lvG
no date: OCD 55
c.346 ANTIKYRA, a Phocian town east of Krissa, destroyed. 346 OCD 68
c.346 Athenian ASSEMBLY meets.  Peace and alliance with Philip-II are confirmed and extended to his descendants in perpetuity.  A final clause is added, in vague terms:  If the Phocians do not act correctly and surrender the temple to the Amphictyons, the people shall send aid to achieve this. July 346
CAH 6-757, DGRBM
c.346 AMPHICTYONIC LEAGUE, in obedience to Philip-II calls special meeting. 346 Jul/Aug
CAH 6-758
c.346 Athens refuses to send a delegation to the Amphictyonic League meeting.  Philip-II threatens Athens.  Athens caves. 346
c.346 AMPHICTYONIC LEAGUE meets at Delphi.  Aeschines is sent as Athenian rep. 346 fall CAH 6, DGRBM 1-38
c. 346 PHOCIS in Amphictyonic League from ?, expelled until 279.  Their 2 votes are given to Philip-II.  Phocis is disarmed, cities leveled and replaced by villages limited in size and proximity.  Phocian territory is neither confiscated nor its crops harmed, the population neither killed nor enslaved.  Those who had fled are cursed and made subject to arrest.  Some are harbored in Athens despite Amphictyonic protests.  The Amphictyons estimate the value of pillaged Delphic treasures and impose annual reparations on Phocis, but the first repayments are deferred.  Phocis is not charged for war costs, but receives a Macedonian garrison.  Phocians are forbidden to own horses or weapons. 346 CAH 6-587, 758, GHH, wikDA
c.346 OROPOS Attica remains in Theban hands, EUBOEA under Theban influence. 346
CAH 6-760
c.346 Orator HYPERIDES starts supporting Demosthenes until ?. 346 B76 V-253
c.346 PHILIP-II presides over Pythian games at Delphi. 346 B76 8-368,
Sep CAH 6-759, 761
c.346 ISOCRATES writes pamphlet  Philippus  addressed to Philip-II.  Approves of the peace, but warned that many Athenian orators had no interest in its maintenance.  Invites Philip-II to lead Greece against Persia. 346 CAH 6-91, 747, 762, DGRBM, Dur 2-488, OCD 554, 815
344 MCAW 165
342 CAH 6
c.346 PHILIP-II says he intends to invade Anatolia, and departs from central Greece, leaving a Thessalian garrison to guard Thermopylae stationed at Nicaea 3 miles east of it. 346 fall CAH 6-761
346/5 DEMOSTHENES supported by Timarchos, begins prosecuting AESCHINES for treason for his partiality towards Philip-II, and bribery for his part in peace negotiations with Arcadia. July 346 CAH 6
346/5 MCAW 163, CDCC 30, OCD 16

Balkan Peninsula 345-327