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c. 206 GuanzhongGuanzhong is divided by Xiang Yu into 3 kingdoms under Qin generals:
ZHANG HAN is King of Yong, ruling west of Xianyang with capital in Feiqiu.
SIMA XIN is King of Sai, ruling from Xianyang east to the Yellow River with capital in Yueyang.
DONG YI is king of Zhai ruling over Shang Prefecture with capital in Gaonu.  They are ordered to prevent Liu Bang from returning to Guanzhong.  These 3 kingdoms last until 198.
CHC 116, HFHD 8, 183, 189, 208,
ICMH 114, Feb.
R2T 85, bril
c.206 YONG kingdom begins in Mar.-Apr. under Zhang Han, and lasts only a few months. 206
HFHD 230
c.206 King of Qi from 208, TIAN SHE demoted by Xiang Yu to king of Jiaodong for a few months with capital in Jimo. 206 HFHD 191, ICMH 115, R2T 86-7, bril
c.206 Xiang Yu shifts the King of Qi to Jibei and set his capital at Boyang southeast of present Taian.  This is before Qi is divided into 3 states. 206
c.206 QI is divided into 3 kingdoms by Xiang Yu: Former Qi general TIAN JIA is made king of Qi with capital in Linzi.  Former Qi general TIAN AN, is made king of Jibei with capital in BoyangJiaodong is under Tian Fu.  Qi general TIAN RONG is not granted any title because he had refused to help Zhang Liang. 206
HFHD 194, ICMH 115, R2T 86-7, bril, wik18k
c.206 JINAN (Lixia), part of Qi kingdom from 210, is part of either Qi or Jibei until 203. 206 bril
It is called XIEH, and becomes the kingdom of LU. 206 HFHD 89, 143
c.206 CHU comes under Xiang Yu.  It continues to include Liang guo, Dongjun, Chenliu, Shanyang, Jiyin, (Peijun and Dongping), Huaiyang guo, Runan, Donghai, and Lu.  It now includes Yingchuan, Runan, Nanyang, Donghai, Linhuai, Kuaiji, Danyang, Huaiyang, Liangguo, Luguo, Chuguo, Guangling, and Wuling. 206 bril
c.206 HuaiyangHUAIYANG, independent kingdom from 210, becomes part of kingdom of Chu until 201. 206 bril
c.206 XIANG YU wants to rule himself.  So he demotes is incorporated into Chu until 203. 206 R2T 86, bril
c.206 WEI, revived from 209, moved by Xiang Yu to present Shansi area, and called WESTERN WEI until 205. 206 HFHD 215, 219
c. 206 18 KingdomsChina is divided into 19 kingdoms (called "18 Kingdoms" for some reason) by Xiang Yu.
Changshan, Chu, Dai, Han, Hann, Henan, Hengshan, Jiaodong, Jibei, Jiujiang, Liaodong, Linjiang, Qi, Sai, Wei, Yen, Yin, Yong, and Zhai.
Guanzhong = Zhai + Yong.
The 3 Qins = Guanzhong + Sai.
The 3 Qis = Qi, Jibei, and Jiaodong.
This division doesn't survive the year.
206 CHC 116, HFHD 184, 228, bril, spks, wik18k, wikCHC, wikGz, wikHC
c.206 YEN is divided into 2 states: YEN and LIAODONG. 206 HFHD 118
c.206 NAN COMMANDERY becomes kingdom of LINJIANG until 202.  KUNG AO is king of Linjiang until ?. 207 HFHD8 51 206 HFHD 122
c.206 Xiang Yu appoints several rebel generals as vassal kings, though these generals are subordinates of other lords, who should rightfully be kings.  Xiang Yu leaves out some other important rebel leaders who did not support him earlier, but did contribute to the overthrow of Qin. 206 wikXY
c.206 HAN kingdom begins.  It comprises the later units of Guanghan, Hanzhong, Ba and Shu, established by Xiang Yu, and assigned to Liu Bang. 206 bril
c.206 Yen general ZHANG TU is appointed king of Yen by Xiang Yu, with capital at Ji.  But HAN GUANG, king from 208, is appointed king of Liaodong, capital at Wuzhong. 206 HFHD 71, 198, R2T 86, wikZT
c.206 DAI, part of Zhao kingdom from 210, made a separate kingdom until 114. 206 HFHD 184, bril
c.206 A general under Zhang Er, chancellor of Zhao, who had first taken Henan Prefecture, SHEN YANG is made king of Henan until Nov. by Xiang Yu, capital in Loyang. 206 HFHD 73, 172, R2T 86
c.206 HAN CHENG, king of Hann 208-6, is allowed to remain king of Hann with capital in Zhaiyang (Yangzhai).  But Xiang Yu doesn't let him return because Han Cheng had made no contribution in the wars against Qin. 206
R2T 86, 91
c.206 ZHANG LIANG, former chancellor of king Han Cheng of Hann, but friend of Liu Bang, is again made chancellor of Hann by Han Cheng.  He is duty bound to go with Han Cheng. 206
R2T 89
c.206 DONG, a Qin commandery from 242, is absorbed into Yin kingdom until 205. 206 guess
c.206 Zhao general SIMA ANG made King of Yin until 205 by Xiang Yu, ruling Henei Commandery with capital in Zhaoge. 206 HFHD 183, R2T 86, wikSA
c.206 HENGSHAN, part of Jiujiang from ?, made a separate kingdom by Xiang Yu until 202.  WU RUI is made king of Hengshan until 202.  Capital is Zhu (in Hubei Province). 206 HFHD 72, 221, R2T 86, bril
no date: ICMH 115
c.206 HUAINAN, a former Qin commandery comprising Jiujiang and possibly Hengshan, becomes JIUJIANG kingdom.  Xiang Yu makes Chu general YING BU, king of Jiujiang 206-?, king of Huainan until 196.  Capital is Liucheng (in Anhui province) 206
HFHD 93, R2T 86, bril
c.206 GUANGLING, established as Dongyang commandery, within the restored kingdom of Chu from 210, is in kingdom of Chu until 201. 206 bril
c.206 King of Zhao from 208, ZHAO XIE demoted to king of Dai by Xiang Yu.  Former chancellor of Zhao, ZHANG ER is made king of Changshan by Xiang Yu, ruling former Zhao until 205 with capital in Xiangguo.  Former Zhao general CHEN YU is not granted any title, because after the battle of Julu, he quarreled with Zhang Er.  But Chen Yu has many friends, so Xiang Yu makes him Marquis of Nanpi (in Hebei Province). 206
HFHD 16, R2T 86-7, wikKZ
c.206 Rulers of the 18 Kingdoms return to their respective domains. Apr. 206 R2T 87, wikEK, wikYB
c.206 LIU BANG, now king of Han at Nanzheng, makes Fan Kuai Marquis of Linwu until 201, and Zhou Bo Marquis of Weiwu until 201. 206
R2T 85
c.206 CAO SHEN is made Marquis of Jiancheng until 202 by Liu Bang at Nanzheng. 206 HFHD 199, R2T 85
c.206 Generals under Liu Bang at Nanzheng, disappointed with inactivity, begin deserting to their homes. 206 R2T 93
c.206 HAN XIN, a brilliant strategist recognized only by Zhou Ke, is recommended by Zhou Ke to Liu Bang for the position of commander in chief.  For this reason alone, Liu Bang appoints Han Xin commander of his army, with authority to kill anyone who challenges him. 206
R2T 93
c.206 HAN XIN appoints chief generals: Cao Shen, Fan Kuai and Zhou Bo, and teaches them his preferred tactics. 206
R2T 97
c.206 CHU-HAN CONTENTION Period begins until 202.  War begins between Liu Bang of Han and Xiang Yu of Chu. 207 tcgQ, wikZM
206 wikCHC, wikT
c.206 ZHANG TU, newly appointed king of Yen, leads army to Ji, capital of Yen, to force Han Guang, former King of Yen, to go to Liaodong to be king of Liaodong. 206
R2T 91
c.206 Yen - LiaodongHAN GUANG, king of Liaodong, pretender king Yen, refuses to surrender Yen to ZHANG TU, who attacks, Ji.  Han Guang flees from Ji, but is caught by Zhang Tu's army.  Han Guang is killed in WuzhongZHANG TU proclaims himself king of the unified Yen state until 202. 206 HFHD 71, 198, ICMH 114, 115, R2T 91, wikCHC, wikZT
c.206 On direction by Xiang Yu, king HUAI-II of Chu leaves Pengcheng for the remote area of Chengzhou.  Few of his ministers follow him. 206 R2T 87, 105
c.206 HUAI-II dies.  King of Chu from 208, "Emperor YI of Chu" murdered by Wu Rui and Gong Ao.  XIANG YU succeeds as Hegemon-King of Western Chu until 202. 206 CHC 117, ICMH 115, wikChu
205 wikXY
c.206 YING BU, king of Jiujiang 206-?, is ordered by Xiang Yu to assist him in the attack of Qi.  Ying Bu tells Xiang Yu's envoy he is ill, but sends the envoy back to Western Chu with a general and 4,000 men of Jiujiang.  Xiang Yu stays angry with Ying Bu for not coming in person. 206 R2T 105-6
c.206 Zhao general serving Qin, ZHAO TUO, according to Vietnamese legend, merges Au Lac kingdom of An Duong Vuong with Guangdong and Guangxi, which were under his command during the time of Qin rule. 206 wikZT
c.206 TIAN RONG, controling Western QI, refuses to let Tian She move to Jiaodong.  Tian Rong sends an army to prevent Tian Jia from getting to Linzi to take the throne of Qi.  Tian Du goes to Chu for help.  Tian Rong asks Tian She to stay in Linzi as king of Qi instead of going to Jimo as King of Jiaodong. 206 R2T 89
c.206 TIAN RONG drives Tian Jia into Western Chu, chases Tian She to Jimo in Jiaodong and kills him. 206 HFHD 191, 194, ICMH 115,
Jun. R2T 89, wikCHC
c.206 TIAN SHE dies.  King of Jiaodong 206, killed at Jimo by Tian Rong, king of Qi, who conquers Jiaodong. 206 HFHD 191, wikCHC
c.206 Qi -JiaodongJIAODONG, a separate kingdom under Tian She for only a few months, restored to be a constituent commandery in Qi until 164. 206 bril 201 HFHD 30
c.206 TIAN RONG declares himself king of Qi, marches west, defeats Tian An king of Jibei, outside Boyang, siezes Jebei region, but Jibei is not annexed by Qi. 206 ICMH 115, Jun. R2T 89
c.206 TIAN AN dies.  King of Jibei 206, killed in battle outside Boyang. 206 Jun. R2T 89
c.206 TIAN RONG, king of Qi, puts free agent PENG YU in charge of his army and orders Peng Yu to attack Western Chu. 206 HFHD 161, ICMH 115, Jun. R2T 89, wikCHC
c.206 CHEN YU, former Zhao vice-chancellor, now Marquis of Nanpi 206, asks Tian Rong for troops to attack Zhang Er of Changshan and put Zhao Xie back on the throne of Zhao. 206 HFHD 16, R2T 90
c.206 TIAN RONG king of Qi (in defiance of Xiang Yu) sends troops to support rebellion in Zhao, led by Chen Yu. 206 ICMH 115,
R2T 90, wikCHC
c.206 Changshan to ZhaoZHANG ER, King of Changshan, defeated by Chen Yu, flees for HanChen Yu seizes Changshan until 205. 206 R2T 90, wikCHC
205 wikCHC
c.206 CHIO, prefect of Xiao, sent in by Xiang Yu to attack Peng Yu, who defeats him completely. 206 HFHD 38
c.206 CHEN YU brings Zhao Xie, king of Dai, from Dai to Handan, makes ZHAO XIE king of Zhao until 205.  Zhao Xie makes CHEN YU king of Dai until 205.  But Chen Yu stays in Zhao to help Zhao Xie, and sends Xia Yue to manage Dai as chancellor. 206 HFHD 16, ICMH 115, R2T 90, wikCHC
205 wikCHC
c.206 GONG AO made king of Linjiang at Jiangling until 204, by Xiang Yu. 206 HFHD 111
c.206 While Xiang Yu suppresses rebellions, LIU BANG and Han Xin with an army of 100,000 men leave Hanzhong marches north toward Xianyang.  This is rebellion against Xiang Yu. 206 HFHD 99, ICMH 115,
Aug. R2T 99, wikCHC, wikHX
c.206 Han Xin orders general Cao Shen to take Gudao, which Cao Shen does. 206
R2T 99
c.206 SANGUAN PASS, guarded by troops of Yong, taken by Han general Cao Shen on orders of Han Xin. 206
R2T 99
c.206 CHENCANG, guarded by troops of Yong, taken by Liu Bang and Han Xin.  Its general flees to Feiqiu, capital of Yong, to report to Zhang Han, king of Yong. 206 R2T 99, wikCHC
c.206 GuanzhongZHANG HAN, king of Yong, sends an envoy to Yueyang, capital of Sai, to ask Sima Xin, King of Sai, for help, sends another envoy to Gaonu, capital of Zhai, to ask Dong Yi, King of Zhai (Di), for help, then leads his army to confront Liu Bang.  Zhang Han is defeated by Han Xin and retreats to Feiqiu, where he holds out until 205.  Zhang Han's brother Zhang Ping flees with his troops to Haozhi. 206 HFHD 230, R2T 101
c.206 HAOZHI, under Yong general Zhang Ping, besieged by Han general Cao Shen.  Han general Zhou Bo joins the siege. 206
R2T 102
c.206 General Zhao Ben sent by Sima Xin, King of Sai, reinforces army of Yong in Feiqiu.  An army sent by Dong Yi, King of Zhai (Di), hurries to the Jingshui River to reinforce the army of Yong.  With these reinforcements, Zhang Han leads a united army from the 3 Guanzhong states westward to Rangxiang (in Shaanxi Province). 206 R2T 102
c.206 Han general Cao Shen defeats Zhang Han's 3 state army east of Rangxiang.  Zhang Han and his army return to Feiqiu.  Cao Shen returns to the siege of Haozhi. 206
R2T 102
c.206 Han general CHI CHENG killed in battle at Haozhi. 206 HFHD 25, 72
c.206 HAOZHI taken by Han general Han Xin.  Yong general Zhang Ping retreats from Haozhi north to Beidi. 206 ICMH 115, R2T 102, wikCHC, wikHX
c.206 Han Xin orders general Fan Kuai to besiege Feiqiu, and sends Cao Shen and Zhou Bo to attack Xianyang, now protected by generals Zhao Ben and Neishi Bao. 206
R2T 103
c.206 XIANYANG taken by Han generals Cao Shen and Zhou Bo.  Generals Zhao Ben and Neishi Bao flee.  LIU BANG has now separated Zhang Han from his allies in the east. 206 CHAC 1012, ICMH 115, R2T 103
c. 206 GuanzhongHan general Cao Shen marches to Jingling, east of Xianyang.  Jingling is close to Yueyang, capital of Sai.  Sima Xin leads his main army to surround them.  Zhang Ping marches south to join the attack on Cao Shen, who holds out in Jingling for 20 days, then defeats the Yong and Sai armies.  Zhang Ping retreats north.  Sima Xin retreats to Yueyang. 206 R2T 103
c. 206 Han general Cao Shen pursues Zhang Ping to Xian.  Dong Yi, King of Zhai (Di), sends an army from the north to reinforce Zhang Ping, who now counterattacks Cao Shen.  Han general Zhou Bo reinforces Cao Shen.  Zhou Bo attacks and defeats Zhang Ping, who flees to Beidi.  Zhou Bo and Cao Shen overcome further resistance, and return to the siege of Feiqiu. 206
R2T 103
c.206 Han general Guan Ying sent by Han Xin to attack Yueyang, capital of Sai.  Sima Xin king of Sai lacks sufficient troops to defend, surrenders Yueyang to Guan Ying. 206
R2T 103
c.206 Sima Xin, king of Sai under Xiang Yu 206, joins Han until 205.  SAI ends. 206 HFHD 166, R2T 103
c.206 LIU BANG, king of Han 206-195, moves headquarters to Yueyang.  Sends a detachment to Nanzheng to escort Zhou Ke to Yueyang. 206
R2T 103
c. 206/5 LONGXI (in west Gansu Province) conquered by Han general Jin She. Longxi, Beidi 206
R2T 104
206/5 wikCHC
BEIDI conquered by Han general Li Shang.  Yong general Zhang Ping is defeated again and flees.  He is caught by Han troops. 206
R2T 104
206/5 wikCHC
c.206 GuanzhongHaving conquered most of Guanzhong, Liu Bang and Han Xin leave some troops to continue the siege of Feiqiu, march north to attack Gaonu, capital of Zhai in the north. 206 R2T 104
c.206 Dong Yi, King of Zhai (Di), opens gates of Gaonu and surrenders to Han army.  His kingdom ends. 206 HFHD 208, R2T 104     205 wikCHC
c.206 After conquest of Guanzhong, Liu Bang sends generals Xue Ou and Wang Xi from Wuguan Pass to Nanyang to join Wang Li.  The purpose of this army is to get to Pei to bring Liu Bang's father, wife, and children to Guanzhong. 206/5 wikCHC 205 ICMH 117
c.206 HAN CHENG dies.  King of Hann from 208, he is taken to Pengcheng and killed by Xiang Yu, who appoints ZHENG CHANG king of Hann to oppose Liu BangHan Cheng's chancellor ZHANG LIANG is now free to return to Liu Bang. 206 HFHD 24, 65, ICMH 116, R2T 91, 105, wikCHC, wikHC
c.206 XIANG YU learns of Han armies marching east.  He sends an army to block them at Xiayang (Yangxia), and orders Zheng Chang, King of Hann to send an army to resist the Han army. 206 R2T 106 206/5 wikCHC
c.206 LIU BANG, king of Han 206-195, takes Mei and Pinyang, thus surrounding Zhang Han at Feiqui. 206
ICMH 115
c.206 ZHANG LIANG, now in bad health, rejoins Liu Bang at Yueyang.  Liu Bang makes him Marquis of Chengxin "Marquis Fulfilling His Trust", and a permanent advisor. 206 HFHD 24, R2T 105, wikZL
c.206 GuanzhongXiao Ho arrives at Yueyang.  Liu Bang holds court, decides to take Yellow River areas first, appoints Zhou Ke to stay in Yueyang to administer Guanzhong.  Han Xin to continue siege of Feiqiu (still occupied by Zhang Han).  Generals Cao Shen, Fan Kuai, Zhou Bo and Guan Ying to assist Han Xin.  Liu Bang would lead his main force east out of Hangu Pass. 206 R2T 107, wikHX
c.206 LIU BANG with 100,000 men marches east from Hangu Pass, reaches Shan, establishes headquarters. 206 Sep. R2T 107
205 ICMH 116, wikCHC
c.206 LIU BANG with 100,000 men reaches Loyang. 206 Oct. R2T 107
c.206 SHEN YANG, king of Henan under Xiang Yu 206, at Loyang, surrenders to Liu Bang.  Loyang kingdom becomes Henan commandery. 206 Nov. HFHD 73, 172, 168, Oct. R2T 107, wikCHC
c.206 LIU BANG sends envoy to Zhaiyang (Yangzhai), capital of Hann, ordering Zheng Chang to surrender.  Zheng Chang refuses. 206 R2T 107 205 wikCHC
c.206 HANN XIN (not Han Xin) grandson of the former king of Hann before Hann was conquered by Qin, is appointed king of Hann by Liu Bang, and given a strong army to take Hann.  He takes 18 cities of Hann. 206 R2T 108 205 wikCHC
c.206 Weicheng, chief city of Yufufeng commandery and and former Chin capital, Xienyang, name changed by Liu Bang to New City until 114. 206
c.206 ZHENG CHANG recent anti-king of Hann defeated at Yangcheng (in Henan) by Hann Xin.  Zheng Chang surrenders, and is killed.  HANN XIN (not Han Xin) is now officially king of Hann. 206 Nov HFHD 24, ICMH 116, Nov R2T 108, wikCHC 205 wikCHC
206/5 BAGHUR (called Mao Tun by Chinese) shanyu (chief) of the Xiongnu 209-174, defeats the Tung-hu, and captures people, cattle, and much property.  After this defeat, both the Wuhuan and the Xienpi migrate from Inner Mongolia to Manchuria, and settle in what we now call the Shira Muren River valley and the Laoha River valley (2 upper branches of the Liao River) respectively.  From that time on the Wuhuan become subject to the Xiongnu, and every year send them oxen, horses, sheep, and sable skins as tribute. 206/5
206/5 Sai -ShangjunSHANG COMMANDERY, a commandery completed in 270, is conquered by Liu Bang's generals.  It is made the kingdom of TI by Liu Bang, who changes it back a few months later. 206 HFHD 169, 189     206/5 wikCHC
c.205 Xiang Yu feels more threatened by rebellions in Qi and Zhao than by Liu Bang, marches against Qi to attack king Tian Rong. 205 ICMH 116, wikCHC
c.205 LIU BANG crosses Yellow River from Linjin, enters Western Wei, marches to Pingyang, capital of Western Wei (in Shanxi Province).  Wei Bao, King of Western Wei, opens gate, surrenders to Liu Bang, puts himself and his army under Liu Bang. 205 ICMH 116,
Mar. R2T 109, wikCHC
c.205 WESTERN WEI, a separate kingdom from 206, made part of Hedong until 195. 205
HFHD 219
c.205 CHUNG TI Commandery established just west of Chang'an.  Later renamed Yu-fu-feng. 205
c.205 Chinese GODS, 4 in number from ?, increased to 5, as Liu Bang, in effort to beget a male heir, adds a diety SHANGDI (represented by the color black), whom the kings of Zhou had worshipped. 205 CHC 208, wikHH
c.205 LIU BANG at Shan, with , sends an army to attack Henei Commandery in Henan. 206 R2T 107
205 ICMH 116, R2T 109, wikCHC
c.205 Liu Bang learns that Huai-II (Emperor Yi) of Chu had been murdered (206), holds a 3 day memorial service, accusing Xiang Yu of regicide, and using it to justify war against Western Chu.  Sends envoys to all relevant kings asking for support against Xiang Yu. 205
ICMH 116, R2T 110, wikCHC
c.205 Xiang Yu marches north to Chengyang (southwest Shandong Province). 206 Dec. R2T 106
c.205 XIANG YU defeats TIAN RONG, king of Qi, at Chengyang, and proceeds to take other Qi cities.  Though Qi surrenders, Xiang Yu allows his troops to plunder Qi land.  Xiang Yu reinstates TIAN JIA as King of Qi until later 205. 206 Apr. HFHD 194, 205 Apr. ICMH 116, Jan. R2T, wikCHC
c.205 TIAN RONG, king of Qi, retreats to Pingyuan and is killed by locals. 205 HFHD 192, Jan. R2T, wikCHC
c.205 In spring Xiang Yu puts down rebellions in Qi, devastates Qi all the way to the north coast of Shandong peninsula, inspiring the people to gather in opposition under Tian Heng. 205
R2T 106, wikBP
c.205 TIAN HENG, younger bro of Tian Rong, gathers over 30,000 Qi troops and rebels, siezes Chengyang in Xiang Yu's rear, establishes headquarters at Chengyang. 205 ICMH 116, Mar. R2T 111, wikCHC
c.205 CAO SHEN, general under Liu Bang, departs Hanzhong by Lin-chin Pass. 205 Apr. R2T 111, wikCHC
c.205 ZHANG ER, former king of Changshan, joins Liu Bang, asks for help regaining his kingdom from Chen Yu. 205 ICMH 116, wikCHC
c.205 Yin endsLiu Bang's general HAN XIN conquers Yin and captures king Sima Ang.  YIN, a state from 206, is distributed between Zhao and Henei Commandery of Han. 205 HFHD 20, 183, 228, ICMH 116, R2T 109, wikSA
c.205 CHEN PING, general under Xiang Yu, is unjustly blamed for defeat of Sima Ang by Liu BangChen Ping sends his official seal and the gold back to Xiang Yu, takes only a staff and sword and flees across the river to Liu Bang at Xiuwu (in Henan Province), and is given a high position among Han generals, which causes friction. 205
R2T 109
c.205 CHEN YU king of Dai 206-5 and power behind king Zhao Xie of Zhao, says he will help Liu Bang against Xiang Yu only if Liu Bang kills Zhang Er. 205
R2T 110
c.205 Liu Bang finds a man resembling Zhang Er, kills him, sends his head to Chen Yu, who sends an army to help Liu Bang. 205
R2T 110
c.205 At beginning of summer, TIAN HENG installs Tian Rong's son TIAN GUANG as King of Qi at Chengyang.  Xiang Yu is unable to dislodge him, but plans to deal with Qi before Han. 205 HFHD 192, Mar. R2T 106,
Apr. R2T 111, wikCHC, wikBP
c.205 TIAN JIA King of Qi, supported by Xiang Yu, is defeated by Tian Heng (younger bro of Tian Rong). 205 wikCHC
c.205 Recent king of Qi, TIAN JIA dies.  He is defeated in battle at Chengyang by Xiang Yu and killed. 205 R2T 106, wikCHC
c.205 With Xiang Yu occupied in Qi, LIU BANG musters 560,000 men with support from surrendered vassal kings, and marches east thru Hangu Pass to attack Chu. 205 ICMH 116, wikCHC, wikBP
c.205 PENG YU, mercenary with 30,000 troops, joins Liu Bang. 205 HFHD 161
c.205 LIU BANG encounters mercenary leader Peng Yu, who joins him upon promise of a .  As opposed to combining forces, Liu Bang sends Peng Yu and his 30,000 men. 205 R2T 112, wikCHC, wikBP
c.205 Liu Bang's army (560,000 in all) launches a 3 prong attack on Xiang Yu's capital Pengcheng.  The Chu army is defeated.  Chu generals Xiang Tuo and Long Ju flee to Xiang Yu.  Han army marches to Deng (southwest Henan Province) and Xiao (in Jiangsu Province) and prepares to enter Pengcheng. 205 Apr.
R2T 111-12
c.205 YANGXIA, defended by Chu army, taken by Han Generals Wang Ling, Xue Ou and Wang Xi. 205
R2T 112
c.205 PENGCHENG, capital of Xiang Yu, taken by Liu Bang's army apparently unopposed, looted.  Han army parties several days. 206 spks, wikGz
205 ICMH 117, IUG 4.3, R2T 112, wikBP, wikCHC, wikHXJ
c.205 Shu-sun Tung with more than 100 followers goes to Pengcheng, surrenders to Liu Bang. 205
HFHD 178
c.205 XIANG YU learns that LIU BANG has taken Pengcheng, leaves his generals to finish up in Qi. 205 ICMH 117, R2T 112, bk, wikBP, wikCHC
c.205 XIANG YU returns with only 30,000 elite troops to retake Pengcheng.  Liu Bang, with 560,000 men, is caught off guard at SUI RIVER and loses over 100,000 troops.  His wife Lu Zhi and father are captured by Chu forces.  PENGCHENG is recovered by Xiang Yu.  Han loses its territorial gains in Chu and most of the kings who surrendered to Han earlier defect to Chu. 205 HFHD 99, ICMH 117, R2T 112, bk, wikBP, wikCHC, wikLZ
c.205 After Pengcheng, Guanzhong rulers Sima Xin, King of Sai, and Dong Yi, King of Zhai, with Han from 206, defect to Xiang Yu. 205 HFHD 183, 208, R2T 116, wikCHC, wikSA
c.205 PENG YU, mercenary working for Liu Bang, is made chancellor of Wei, and sent to subjugate Liang. 205
HFHD 161
c.205 Sima Ang, former king of Yin, is either missing in action or killed. 205 R2T 116, wikSA
c.205 LIU BANG retreats to Pei, then to Xingyang with Xiang Yu's troops in pursuit. 205 ICMH 117, R2T 116, wikBP, wikCHC, wikHXJ
c.205 LIU BANG gathers troops who had fled from Pengcheng. 205 ICMH 117, R2T 116, wikBP, wikCHC, wikHXJ
c.205 GuanzhongLIU BANG puts Zhou Ke in charge of Guanzhong, and summons Han Xin to bring reinforcementsHan Xin leaves some troops to continue the siege of Feiqiu and marches east. 205
ICMH 117, R2T 116, wikBP, wikCHC, wikHXJ
c.205 Free agent PENG YU loses to Xiang Yu.  Peng Yu leads his army to Yellow River area to raid Western Chu food transports, and other guerrilla tactics. 205 R2T 135
c.205 Zhang Liang proposes a strategy to Liu Bang to counter Xiang Yu, known as the "Xiayi Plan".  Following this advice, Liu Bang sends Sui Ho to persuade Ying Bu, king of Jiujiang on the Yangzi, to join him; contacts free agent Peng Yu and renews alliance with him; allows Han Xin to lead part of his army to attack other territories on the northern front. 205 wikZL
c.205 Liu Bang at Xingyang appoints Guan Ying cavalry commander with Li Bi and Luo Jia assistants.  They defeat the Chu cavalry east of Xingyang. 205
R2T 117
c.205 Han Xin defeats Chu forces in Battle of JINGSUO and drives them east of Xingyang. 205 ICMH 117, wikBP, wikCHC, wikHXJ
c.205 XIANG YU marches west from Pengcheng to Xingyang. 205 R2T 116
c.205 CHEN YU, king of Dai 206-5, chancellor of Zhao, learns that Liu Bang tricked him, and Zhang Er is still alive.  Zhao, controlled by Chen Yu, turns against Liu Bang. 205
R2T 124
c.205 LIU BANG defends Xingyang firmly, preventing Chu forces from advancing further west. 205 wikXY
c.205 LIU BANG returns to Yueyang.  Han Xin and Fan Kuai accompany him. 205 Jun. R2T 118
c.205 LIU BANG names his son LIU YING crown prince. 205 Jun. R2T 118, wikCHC
c.205 DONGPING in Yanzhou, part of Chu from 210, taken over by Han and assigned to . 205 bril
c.205 LIU BANG permits people to sell their children and migrate to Shu (Sichuan) for food.  This order probably merely sanctions a widespread practice.  See 202. 205 SDFH 86
c.205 FEIQIU besieged by Liu Bang's forces from 206, is flooded and falls.  The king of Yong, besieged in Feiqiu, ZHANG HAN suicides. 205 HFHD 8, R2T 118, wikCHC
203 HFHD 230
c.205 LIU BANG orders Zhou Ke to stay in Guanzhong to help Crown Prince Liu Ying make laws, and build temples and palaces.  Liu Bang returns to Xingyang. 205 Jun. R2T 118, wikCHC
c.205 LIU BANG appoints Han Xin deputy chancellor and sends him, with Guan Ying and Cao Shen and with 30,000 troops,. 205 Aug. R2T 121
c.205 LIU BANG grants Han Xin permission to attack Zhao, Dai, Yen in the north, and Qi in the east. 205 Aug. R2T 124
c.205 Han commander Han Xin and Cao Shen, with Zhang Er, former King of Changshan, march to Dai. 205 Sep. R2T 124
c.205 Han Xin and Zhang Er march southeast, take remaining Zhao cities. 204
ICMH 120
c.205 XIE HECHEN king of Zhao 206-5 orders Chen Yu to oppose Han Xin and Zhang Er at Jing Gorge. 204
ICMH 118
c.205 HAN XIN marches east to Jing Gorge, defeats Chen Yu at Mt. Baideng. 204
ICMH 119
c.205 Dai army under Xia Yue (Xia Shuo?), chancellor of Zhao defeated by Han general Cao ShenXia Yue is killed.  Dai army surrenders. 205 R2T 125, wikCHC
c.205 Han commander HAN XIN marches from Dai to Jingxing, orders Cao Shen to besiege Wuxian, which is defended by Zhao army under general Qi of Zhao.  General Qi flees, is caught by Cao Shen, and killed.  After Dai is pacified, Cao Shen leads his army back to Aocang to join Liu Bang. 205
R2T 125
c.205 Han commander HAN XIN with 30,000 men, marches to Zhao.  When Zhao Xie and Chen Yu learn that the Han army is advancing to Zhao, they mass their 200,000 men in the entrance of Jingxing Pass thru Taihang Mountains. 205 Oct. R2T 125
c.205 Battle of JINGXING PASS (aka Battle of Tao River) 30,000 Han troops, under Han Xin defeat 200,000 Zhao troops under prince Zhao Xie of Zhao and Chen Yu, Lord of Cheng An and serving as Zhao Xie's chancellor. 206 wikT
205 R2T 125-7, wikCHC, wikBJ, wikT
c.205 CHEN YU dies.  King of Dai from 206, Lord of Cheng An and chancellor of Zhao, routed and killed in battle at Jingxing Pass. 205 HFHD 24, R2T 127
c.205 ZHAO XIE, King of Zhao from 206, taken prisoner at Jingxing Pass. 205 HFHD 16, R2T 127
c.205 HAN XIN in Zhao allies with Qi and Yen, secures all Zhao north of Yellow River. 204 ICMH 120
c.205 Following Li Zuoche's advice, HAN XIN sends an envoy to Zhang Tu king of Yen advising his surrender. 205 R2T 130 204 wikZT
c.205 CHANG TSANG, scholar, made chancellor of Dai by Liu Bang to be prepared against attacks on its north border. no date: HFHD 11
c.205 ZHANG TU king of Yen 206-2 surrenders to Han Xin. 205 R2T 130, wikCHC
c.205 HAN XIN sends an envoy to Liu Bang, reports success and asks permission to make Zhang Er King of Zhao.  Liu Bang permits it. 205
R2T 130
c.205 SUI HO, envoy of Liu Bang, sent with 20 men to YING BU, king of Jiujiang, persuades Ying Bu to kill the envoy of Xiang Yu and defect to Han, forcing Xiang Yu to divide his armies. 205 HFHD 180, ICMH 117, Nov. R2T 130, wikCHC 204 HFHD 36
c.205 Xiang Po collects Ying Bu's troops and kill his wife and children. 204 HFHD 36
c.205 Xiang Yu sends generals Xiang Sheng and Long Yu to attack Ying Bu king of Jiujiang. 205 R2T 130 204 HFHD 86
c.205 YING BU, king of Jiujiang 206-196, now an ally of Han, is defeated by Chu general Long Yu, but escapes. 205 ICMH 117, R2T 130
c.205 YING BU and envoy Sui Ho go to Xingyang.  Liu Bang gives Ying Bu some troops and sends him to Chengao. 205 ICMH 117, R2T 130-1
c.205 Liu Bang sends an envoy to Xiang Yu, offers to divide China.  Xingyang and all west of it would go to Han, all east of Xingyang would go to Chu.  Xiang Yu rejects it. 205 ICMH 120, R2T 131
c.205 Liu Bang gives Chen Ping 20,000 kilos of gold to plant rumors in Chu that would generate discord. 205
R2T 132
c.205 Chen Ping's rumors cause Xiang Yu to distrust his most loyal generals: Zhong Li Mei, Long Ju and Zhou Yin. 205
R2T 132
c.205 FAN ZENG dies.  Advisor of Xiang Yu, now under suspicion due to Chen Ping's rumors, retires, leaves for Pengcheng, but dies of skin ulcers on his back before reaching Pengcheng. 205 R2T 133 204 HFHD 54, wikCHC
c.205 XIANG YU besieges Liu Bang in Xingyang. 205 ICMH 117, R2T 132
c.205 Han general JI XIN, who resembles Liu Bang, voluntarily pretends to be Liu Bang, and surrenders to the Chu army, while Liu Bang puts Zhou Ke, old gentleman Tsung, and Wei Bao in charge of Xingyang, then with 30 men Liu Bang escapes thru the west gate of Xingyang.  Xiang Yu has Ji Xin burned to death. 205 R2T 133-4, wikXY
204 HFHD 26, 39, 82, ICMH 120
c.205 LIU BANG, after escaping Xingyang, goes thru Hangu Pass to Guanzhong, where he raises an army. 205 R2T 134 204 ICMH 120
c.205 CAO SHEN, Marquis of Jiancheng 206-2, is made Honorary Junior Lieutenant Chancellor and Infantry General. 205 Sep. HFHD 199
c.205 Yuan Sheng advises Liu Bang not to return to Xingyang, but to go thru Wuguan Pass in the south and attack cities of Yuan and Ye. 204 R2T 134, wikCHC
c.205 LIU BANG goes thru Wuguan Pass to the area between Yuan and Ye (both in Henan Province).  Xiang Yu learns of it and marches south to meet him.  Liu Bang avoids confrontation. 205 ICMH 120, R2T 135
c.205 YING BU, king of Jiujiang 206-196, joins Liu Bang at Yuan. 204 HFHD 82, ICMH 120
c.205 XIANG YU is defeated south of Xingyang at Suo. 205 ICMH 117
c.205 WEI BAO, king of Western Wei, ally of Liu Bang, returns to Wei, arrives at Pingyang, declares that he is no longer an ally of Han, tries to make peace with Xiang Yu. 205 May R2T 120 204 ICMH 118
c.205 HAN XIN sent by Liu Bang against Wei Bao, who defends the Yellow River crossing at Linjin.  Han Xin attacks Anyi in Wei Bao's rear. 204
ICMH 118
c.205 CHANGSHAN, under Chen Yu from 206 comes under Liu Bang until 203.  He makes scholar Chang Tsang governor of Changshan. 205
c.205 Han generals Han Xin and Cao Shen defeat and capture general Wang Shang at ANYI (in Shanxi Province).  Anyi is taken by Han. 205 Aug. R2T 123, wikCHC
c.205 Han Xin and Zhang Er march north on Fen River, defeat Dai troops at Yanyu, send best troops back to rejoin Liu Bang. 204
ICMH 118
c.205 Wei Bao at Pingyang, learns of fall of Anyi, sends envoy to order generals Bo Zhi, Feng Jing, and Xiang Ta, who were in Puban, to come back to defend the capital.  Bo Zhi with 100,000 men hurries back to Pingyang. 205
R2T 123
c.205 Han general Guan Ying and his cavalry join Han Xin and Cao Shen.  They attack Pingyang. 205
R2T 123
c.205 wei dividedWei Bao, king of Wei, is defeated and captured by Han army under Cao Shen.  Pingyang falls to Han.  Han Xin overruns Western Wei.  Territory of Wei is divided into 3 prefectures: Hedong (near Pingyin), Shangdang, and Taiyuan. 205/4
R2T 124
ICMH 118
c.205 Wei Bao, former king of Wei, is spared by Liu Bang, and sent to defend Xingyang. 205/4
R2T 124
c.205 Han forces encamp at Xingyang and build a walled road to get grain from Ao Granary. 205
c.205 Confucian scholar Shu-sun Tung granted title Chi-szu Laird by Liu Bang. 205
205/4 Xiang Yu several times attacks and cuts the walled road of Han. 205/4 HFHD 82
c.205/4 XIANG YU sends LONG JU to attack Han ally Ying Bu. 205/4 HFHD 146
c.204 Xiongnu 205BCEXIONGNU EMPIRE begins until 43. 204 GHCC 119
c.204 , now defending Xingyang for Liu Bang, is distrusted by Han generals Zhou Ke and Zong Gong, who therefore kill him. 204 HFHD 216, ICMH 120,
R2T 134, wikCHC
c.204 CHANGSHAN, under Liu Bang from 205, made a commandery, still under Liu Bang until 203. 204
c.204 PENG YU crosses Sui River, defeats Western Chu generals Xiang Sheng and Xue Gong at Xiapi (in Jiangsu Province), kills Xue Gong. 204 May R2T 135, wikCHC
c.204 Han generals HAN XIN and ZHANG ER march south to north bank of Yellow River, threatening the Western Chu army. 204 May R2T 135
c.204 Xiang Yu decides to deal with Peng Yu and Han Xin before Liu Bang.  Xiang Yu sends an army Han Xin and Zhang Er, sends general Zhong Gong to defend Chengao.  Xiang Yu himself marches east to deal with Peng Yu. 204
ICMH 120, R2T 135, wikCHC
c.204 LIU BANG, now with Ying Bu, uses this opportunity to march north to Chengao. 204 HFHD 45, ICMH 120, R2T 135, wikCHC
c.204 LIU BANG, now with Ying Bu, lures army of Tsao Chin and Sima Xin out of Chengao, and destroys it.  He routs Chu general Zhong Gong at Chengao, takes Chengao, and makes it his headquarters.  Sima Xin suicides, and is beheaded. 204 HFHD 45, 183, ICMH 120, R2T 135, wikCHC
c.204 Han general LU CHEN routs Chu general Cao Jiu at Chengao, and becomes a Chief Commandant. 204 HFHD 147, 199
c.204 Xiang Yu drives Peng Yu out of the Xiapi area. 204 ICMH 120,
Jun. R2T 136, wikCHC
c.204 XINGYANG taken by Xiang YuHan generals Zhou Ke and Zong Gong along with Hann Xin (not Han Xin), king of Hann, are captured and brought before Xiang Yu, who boils Zhou Ke in a pot and kills Zong Gong with a sword.  Hann Xin, king of Hann, surrenders. 204 HFHD 39, ICMH 120, Jun. R2T 136, wikCHC
c.204 Kuai Tong induces Han Xin to disregard Li Yiji's arrangement for a truce between Qi and Han. 204
HFHD 105
c.204 ZHOU KE Grandee Secretary of Liu Bang from 206, boiled alive by Xiang Yu.  Cousin CAO SHEN succeeds until ?. 204
HFHD 38-9
c.204 After the fall of Xingyang, Chu and Han forces are divided on 2 fronts along Henan region.  However, Xiang Yu's forces.  Meanwhile, Liu Bang's ally Peng Yu harasses Xiang Yu's rear, cutting his communications. 204 HFHD 161, wikXY
c.204 HANN XIN (not Han Xin), king of Hann, escapes from Xiang Yu, flees to Chengao.  Liu Bang forgives him. 204
R2T 136
c.204 XIANG YU marches north, to besiege Liu Bang in Chengao. 204 ICMH 120, R2T 136, wikCHC
c.204 LIU BANG and Xiahou Ying at Chengao, know Xiang Yu approaches, flee from Chengao north, cross the Yellow River, 204 HFHD 67, ICMH 120, R2T 136, wikCHC
c.204 ZHANG ER appointed king of Zhao by Liu Bang, if he conquers Zhao and defends it against Xiang YuZHANG ER is made king of Zhao until 202, and sent north to recruit. 204 ICMH 120, R2T 136, 149, wikCHC, wikKZ
c.204 After Zhang Er returns from Zhao with new recruits, LIU BANG appoints Han Xin chancellor of Han, and sends him to attack Qi.  Liu Bang promises to send general Cao Shen with an army and Guan Ying with his cavalry to reinforce Han Xin in Qi. 204
ICMH 120, R2T 137, wikCHC
c.204 XIANG YU takes Chengao (of little value now that Liu Bang is gone) moves west, blocked by a Han force at Gong. 204 ICMH 121, R2T 137
c.204 LIU BANG, now commanding army of Han Xin and Zhang Er, stations his army in Xiuwu. 204 Aug. R2T 137
c.204 XIAO HO, guarding Guanzhong for Liu Bang, recruits several thousand young men from Guanzhong, sends them to support Liu Bang. 204
R2T 138
c.204 LIU BANG sends generals Liu Gu and Lu Wan with 20,000 troops and cavalry across the Yellow River at Baima Ford (in Henan Province) into Western Chu. 204
ICMH 121, R2T 138
c.204 Han generals Liu Gu with 20,000 inf and several hundred cav, and Lu Wan are ordered to attack Chu.  They help Peng Yu by burning Western Chu food stores.  Together they defeat a Chu force at Yanguo. 204
HFHD 126, ICMH 121, R2T 138
c.204 PENG YU, still allied with Liu Bang, crosses Yellow River, defeats a Chu force at Donga in Qi. 204
ICMH 121
c.204 PENG YU campaigns in Wei, takes 17 cities including Suiyang and Waihuang (both in Henan Province). 204 HFHD 161, R2T 138
c.204 Chu general CAO JIU is assigned by Xiang Yu to defend Chengao, but not engage Liu Bang in battle.  Cao Jiu is to prevent Liu Bang from moving east.  Sima Xin, with Xiang Yu from 205, is assigned to help Cao Jiu defend Chengao.  Xiang Yu then marches east to Chenliu. 204
HFHD 199, Sep. R2T 138-9
c.204 CHENLIU taken by Xiang Yu. 204 R2T 138-9     204/3 HFHD 82
c.204 Xiang Yu attacks Waihuang, meets strong resistance from locals and Peng Yu's army.  After several days, Waihuang falls to Xiang Yu.  Xiang Yu marches east again, reaches Suiyang, which surrenders, never catches Peng Yu. 204 R2T 139 204/3 HFHD 82 203 ICMH 122
c.204 LI YIJI convinces Liu Bang to make him envoy to Tian Guang king of Qi. 204 R2T 140
c.204 TIAN GUANG king of Qi, is informed that Han Xin is coming, sends Hua Wu Shang and Tian Xie with an army to Jinan (Lixia) to oppose Han Xin. 204 ICMH 121, R2T 141, wikCHC
204 LI YIJI persuades Tian Guang to surrender and become vassal to Liu Bang. 204 R2T 140
204 HAN XIN reaches Pingyuan, learns that Tian Guang wants to surrender.  But since his orders are to take Qi, Han Xin presses the attack. 204 R2T 141, wikCHC
204 HAN XIN conquers JINAN (Lixia), pursues defeated Qi army to Linzi (Qi capital). 204 Oct. R2T 142, wikCHC
204 HAN XIN conquers Linzi (Qi capital).  Envoy LI YIJI is boiled alive by Tian Guang.  Qi general Tian Ji stations his army in Jiaodong. 204 HFHD 117, Oct. R2T 142-3, wikCHC
c.204 TIAN GUANG king of Qi, retreats across Wei River to Gaomi.  Over the opposition of his people, he sends an envoy to Xiang Yu asking for help and alliance. 204 HFHD 192, ICMH 121,
R2T 141
c.204 TIAN GUANG king of Qi, over the opposition of his people, allies with Xiang Yu. 204 ICMH 121
c.204 HAN XIN pursues Tian Guang. no date: R2T 147
c.204 King of Linjiang at Jiangling from 206, GONG AO dies.  Son GONG WEI succeeds until 203/2. 204 HFHD 111, 113, wikCHC
c.204 XIANG YU sends LONG JU with 200,000 men to reinforce Qi against Han Xin. 204 HFHD 146, ICMH 121
no date: R2T 147
c.204 LU ZHI, wife of Liu Bang, captive to Xiang Yu 205-3, begins affair with fellow captive Shen Yiji, one of Liu Bang's followers. no date: wikLZ
c.204 Chu general LONG JU joins Tian Guang in Gaomi. no date: R2T 147
c.204 Chu general LONG JU attacks Han Xin on the east bank of the Wei River, and is routed and killed by Han cavalry under Guan Ying.  Han Xin pursues Chu forces as far as Chengyang.  Tian Guang escapes, and is then captured at Chengyang by Han Xin and Cao Shen. 204 HFHD 83, ICMH 121-2, R2T 148, wikCHC 204/3 HFHD 146, 192
c.204 King of Qi TIAN GUANG is killed trying to escape.  TIAN HENG proclaims himself King of Qi, and commands his army to fight the Han army under Guan Ying. 204 ICMH 122,
R2T 148, wikCHC
203 HFHD 191-2
c.204 TIAN HENG, king of Qi, is defeated by Han cavalry under Guan Ying at Yingxia.  Tian Heng escapes and joins Peng Yu. 204 ICMH 122,
R2T 148-9, wikCHC
c.204 Han cavalry under GUAN YING marches to Qiansheng (in Shandong Province) to fight Tian Xi, commander of the Qi army.  Tian Xi is killed in battle. 204
R2T 149
c.204 Han general CAO SHEN attacks Tian Ji in Shandong Peninsula and kills him. 204
R2T 149
c.204 Having pacified Qi, HAN XIN sends an envoy to Liu Bang asking him to make Han Xin acting king of Qi. 204
R2T 149
c.204 NanyueNANYUE kingdom established in south China until 111.  Includes parts of Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, and north Vietnam.  Under king ZHAO TUO until 137. 204 rcC, wikNny 203 wikZT
c.204 NAN CHAO comes under NANYUE until 111. 204 rcC
c.204 LIU BANG comes to Chengao and challenges Cao Jiu to battle.  Cao Jiu refuses, as ordered by Xiang Yu, at first, but then lets himself be goaded into attacking.  Cao Jiu is defeated by the Han army at Si River. 203 ICMH 122
no date:
R2T 143
c.204 Battle of SI RIVER: Dong Yi, Cao Jiu, and Sima Xin suicide in river. 204 HFHD 83     203 ICMH 122 no date: R2T 143
c.204 LIU BANG recovers Chengao, then marches west to . 204 R2T 143
c.204 XIANG YU, now fighting Peng Yu, learns of fall of Ghengao, marches west to confront Liu Bang. no date: R2T 144
c.204 LIU BANG learns that Xiang Yu is coming, sets up defensive position on Western Guangwu Hill. no date: R2T 144
c.204 XIANG YU, sets up defensive position on Eastern Guangwu Hill, with Hong Canal between them.  Stalemate for several months. 203 ICMH 123
no date: R2T 144
c.204/3 ZHANG ER made king of Zhao until 202. 204 HFHD 15, wikKZ
203 HFHD 7
c. 204/3 Chu forces await Han Xin on Wei River.  At night Han Xin fills 10,000 sacks with sand and with them damms the river.  At midnight Han Xin crosses the river and attacks Lung Chu's armyHan Xin pretends to be defeated and returns across the riverLung Chu pursues.  Han Xin orders the dam of sacks brokenWater rushes down and most of the Chu army cannot crossHan Xin quickly attacks those who had crossed and kills Lung Chu.  The rest of Lung Chu's army flees.  Tien Kuang flees, but is captured.  Chu troops surrender. 204/3 HFHD 67
c.204/3 XIANG YU learns that his general Long Ju is dead, sends general Wu She to replace him in Qi. no date: R2T 150
c.203 XIANG YU challenges Liu Bang to single combat at Guangwu ravine.  Liu Bang declines.  To save face he writes an eloquent speech accusing Xiang Yu of 10 crimes.  Xiang Yu grabs a crossbow that he had concealed, shoots Liu Bang in the chest.  Liu Bang grabs his foot and calls out, "The scoundrel has hit my toe!" 203 IUG 4.3
c.203 XIANG YU still holds Liu Bang's father, and now threatens to boil him alive if Liu Bang refuses to surrender.  Liu Bang says that he and Xiang Yu are oath brothers, so if Xiang Yu kills Liu's father, he would be guilty of patricide.  Xiang Yu requests an armistice, known as the Treaty of Hong Canal, and returns Liu Bang's family and the rest of the hostages to Liu Bang.  The treaty divides China into east and west,  Hong Canal is mutual border.XIANG YU gets east kingdom of CHU.  LIU BANG gets west kingdom of HAN.. 204 HFHD 83     203 CHC 118, GHCC, ICMH 123,
Aug. R2T 154, spks, wikGz, wikHX, wikLZ, wikXY
no date: R2T 145
c.203 XIANG YU withdraws from Eastern Guangwu Hill, marches east, intending to return to Pencheng. 203 Sep. R2T 155
c.203 LIU BANG sends soldiers to escort his father and wife to Yueyang, decides to pursue Xiang YuLiu Bang marches 100,000 men across Hong canal to pursue the army of Western Chu. 203
ICMH 123, R2T 155
c.203 Chen Ping advises Liu Bang to make Han Xin king of Qi. 203 HFHD 21
c.203 PENG YU, general of Liu Bang, continues to sieze cities which support Xiang Yu and harass Chu supply lines. 203
ICMH 123
c.203 Property tax was first imposed, the same year as the adult poll tax. 203 CHC 599
c.203 ZHANG LIANG is sent by Liu Bang to Qi to make Han Xin king of Qi, and order him to attack Western Chu. 203 CHC 118, HFHD 67,
R2T 149
c.203 HAN XIN is made king of Qi.  He moves against Chu. 203 ICMH 123, wikCHC, wikHX
c.203 Father of Li Zhi dies. 203 HFHD 101
c.203 CHENGYANG area is assigned as a constituent commandery to kingdom of Qi by Liu Bang. 203 bril
c.203 KUAI CHE, advisor to Han Xin, advises him to betray Liu Bang and set up his own kingdom.  Han Xin says he'll think about it.  When it becomes obvious that Han Xin decided against it, Kuai Che fains madness, and lays low.  Han Xin later regrets not taking his advice (196). 203
HFHD 105,
R2T 151
c.203 BOYANG COMMANDERY conquered by Han army, changed by Liu Bang, to TAISHAN COMMANDERY, and put under Qi until 178.  Capital at Fengkao 203
HFHD 184
c.203 CHANGSHAN, a commandery under Liu Bang from 204, made part of Zhao until 186. 203
c.203 LIU BANG pursues Xiang Yu as far as Yangxia, pitches camp, sends envoys to Han Xin, king of Qi, and Peng Yu,, ordering them to bring armies to join him in Guling. 203 HFHD 161, ICMH 123, R2T 155, wikCHC, wikHX
c.203 Han Xin, and Peng Yu delay in mobilizing their forces. 203 HFHD 161, wikHX
c.203 Han forces besiege Chu general Zhongli Mo in Xingyang, then withdraw as Chu forces approach. 203
ICMH 122
c.203 XIANG YU attacks Liu Bang at Guling before his reinforcements arrive, and defeats him.  Liu Bang withdraws to a defensible position and waits for Han Xin and Peng Yu. 203 HFHD 84, ICMH 124, wikCHC
c.203 Since Han Xin and Peng Yu have not arrived, Zhang Liang advises Liu Bang to send envoys offering them more.  LIU BANG agrees and promises to make Peng Yu , and give Han Xin the territory from Chen to the sea. 203 HFHD 67, ICMH 124, R2T 156, wikCHC, wikZL
c.203 HAN XIN, king of Qi, receives Liu Bang's offer, orders Cao Shen to stay in Qi.  Han Xin with generals Kong Xi and Chen Bao, leads 300,000 men to join Liu Bang.  General Guan Ying accompanies with 5,000 cavalry. 203
R2T 156
c.203 GAOMI, part of Qi from 210, becomes a commandery of Qi until 73. 203 bril
c.203 YING BU, king of Jiujiang 206-196, (Han ally from 205) is promised a kingdom in Chu by Liu Bang.  Ying Bu leads army deep into Chu territory, attacks Jiujiang and conquers many cities.  Ying Bu and Liu Gu and persuade Chu general Zhou Yin to defect from Chu to Han. 203 HFHD 36, 42, ICMH 124,
Jul. R2T 152, 156, wikCHC, wikYB
c.203 LiangLIANG, part of Chu from 206, becomes separate kingdom until 3 CE. 203 bril
c.203 , receives Liu Bang's offer, toward Guling to help Liu Bang. 203
R2T 156
c.203 Han general LIU GU also leads an army to march to Guling. 203
R2T 156
c.203 JINAN (Lixia), in Qi from 206, is assigned as a constituent commandery of Qi until 187. 203 bril
c.203 LIU GU, general under Liu Bang, ordered to cross south over Huai River to besiege Shouchun. 203
HFHD 126
c.203 Han general LIU GU besieges Chu city Shouchun in Jiujiang commandery on Huai River in Xiang Yu's rear.  He can't take Shouchun, so he moves to attack Chengfu, where he is joined by Han general Ying Bu. 203
HFHD 84, ICMH 124
c.203 Jiujiang commandery is taken by Han generals Liu Gu and Ying Bu, assisted by Zhou Ying. 203
HFHD 126
c.203 CHENGFU, besieged by Han generals Liu Jia and Ying Bu, falls.  Inhabitants massacred. 203
ICMH 124
203/2 Han generals Liu Gu, Ying Bu, and recent defector Zhou Yin march north, join Liu Bang in attacking Xiang Yu from 3 directions. 202 wikCHC, wikT, wikYB
203 ICMH 124
203/2 PENG YU, working for Liu Bang, takes more than 20 cities and secures more than 100,000 bushels of grain, which he gives to Liu Bang. 203/2 HFHD 161
203/2 Liu Bang, promises to make Peng Yu king of Liang, with the region from Suiyang north to Kucheng as his territory.  So Peng Yu comes to help Liu Bang. 203/2 HFHD 161
c.202 CHANGSHA a Qin commandery from 222 abolished. 202 bril
c.202 XIANG YU with 100,000 men is trapped in Gaixia by 500,000 Han troops and 100,000 more allies. 203Dec. R2T 156
202 ICMH 124, wikCHC, wikT, wikYB
c.202 LIU BANG, king of Han from 206, defeats XIANG YU at GAIXIA. 203 GHCC 110     202 ICMH 124, IUG 4.3, bk, scar, spks, wikGz, wikLZ, wikT     no date: R2T 157
c.202 General under Liu Bang, PENG YU is made king of Liang until ?, with capital at Dingtao. 202 early HFHD 161
c.202 XIANG YU dies.  Hegemon-King of Western Chu from 206, suicides age 32 at Wujiang in Anhui Province.  The rest of Western Chu surrenders to Han. 203/2 HFHD 44, 86
202 B76 V-166, CHC 119, ICMH 125, IUG 4.3, bk, spks, wikChu, wikYB
no date: R2T 162
c.202 End of ContentionCHU-HAN CONTENTION Period ends.  Began 206Han defeats Chu. 202 wikCHC

East Asia 202-201