14 Aug 19 Son of C. Octavius & Atia, AUGUSTUS dies, age 75, at Nola.  Princeps from 27.  Last words, "Have I played the part well? Then applaud as I exit."   Wid Livia keeps his death secret, and sends a messenger to Tiberius.  Legal obstacles interfere with succession.
14 TIBERIUS in Illyricum learns of Augustus death, returns to Rome. 14 implied
14 Sep Augustus'  WILL , sealed Apr 3, 13:  "since cruel fate has robbed me of my sons Caius and Lucius, let Tiberius be my heir."
⅔ of estate goes to Tiberius, ⅓ to widow Livia, who is to be adopted into the Julian line.  Postumus is not mentioned.
14 CAH 10-610-11, wikAP, wikTi
14 Sep A so called  Testament of Augustus  is discovered with his will.  It lists all resources, army postings, etc. of the state, and urges future rulers to leave things alone, and not to expand the empire. 14 reTi
14 Sep Senator Q. HATERIUS asks Tiberius how long he would permit the empire to be without a head.  Tiberius is miffed, because it forces him to declare his intention.  He rebukes Haterius. 14 DGRBM 2-360
14 Sep 18 Senate convenes to validate Tiberius as princeps.  Son of Ti. Claudius Nero and Livia Drusilla, TIBERIUS Claudius Nero named Emperor, age 56, by the senate until 37.  He says he doesn't want it, and asks for only a part of the government.  Senate insists, but Tiberius refuses the titles Pater Patriae, Imperator, and Augustus, and the Civic Crown and laurels.  On same day, senate send condolences to Germanicus and grants him proconsular imperium.  The delegation does not arrive until Oct. 14 B76 18-370, BAA, Dur 3-210, GHH, HRE 138, IDB 4-640, MCAW, TTPC, anhiTi, reTi, wikGrm, wikTi
14 Sep Prefect annonae C. TURRANIUS is among the 1st to swear allegiance to Tiberius on his accession. 14 DGRBM 3-1193
14 Oath of allegiance to Tiberius made by consuls Apuleius & Pompeius, Praetorian Prefect Seius Strabo, superintendent of grain supply C. Turranius.  TAn 1:7
Tiberius wants the Senate and state to simply act without him.  He says he wants the Senate to be more active in government, but avoids specifics.  His direct orders are vague, inspiring debate on what he meant more than legislating.  Tacitus says Tiberius derides the Senate as "men fit to be slaves".     wikTi,
14 Number of legions: 70+ from ?, reduced to 27/8 at Augustus death.  There are an equal number of auxiliaries making a total of 300,000 men. 14 LEWH
14 Sempronius GRACCHUS, paramour of Julia, dau of Augustus, exiled on Cercina island off Africa from ?, executed by order of Tiberius. TAn 1:53
14 DGRBM 2-298, 3-1119
14 Son of Tiberius, DRUSUS Julius Caesar, and L. Aelius SEJANUS with 2 praetorian cohorts and some leading citizens sent by Tiberius to quell mutiny, in Pannonia.  Gn. Cornelius Lentullus accompanies. TAn 1:24     14 B76 III-678, DGRBM 1-1087, GHH, MCAW, OCD 595, wikDJC
15 wikSj
14 CLAUDIUS asks Tiberius for a political office, and is rebuffed. 14 wikCld
14 Germanicus, now in Pannonia?, is given proconsular power by senate at request of Tiberius. TAn 1:14
14 GERMANICUS returns from Rome? to Germany until 17Wife AGRIPPINA-I accompanies.  Son CAIUS (Caligula) is soon sent to join them.  Punitive operations are begun until 16 against Germans. 14 DGRBM 1-78, Dur 3-210, MCAW, wikAE, wikArm, wikGrm
14 Son of M. V. Agrippa & Julia the Elder, Agrippa POSTUMUS dies.  Exiled on Planasia island from 7, killed by centurion C. Sallustius Crispus as possible threat to Tiberius.  Crispus tells Tiberius that his orders have been carried out.  Tiberius denies having given the order. TAn 1:3-6
14 CAH 10-609, DGRBM 1-78, wikAP
14 Tiberius, princeps 14-37, implements Augustus policy whereby the senate becomes the sole electoral body, leaving the people without a voice in government. 14 MCAW
14 Powers of the Comitia Tributa transferred to the Senate. 14 GHH
14 Sep 17 Senate orders AUGUSTUS deified as DIVUS AUGUSTUS, with a temple and priesthood, and is added to the state pantheon.  A gold statue is ordered to be put in the temple of Mars (not his pet god Apollo) 14 CAH 10-488, 611, MCAW
Sep 17
Senate declares Tiberius princeps for life, entitles him and Livia "Lords Imperial". 14 CAH 10-612
14 Sep M. Valerius Messala proposes that the oath to the emperor, now given at 5 year intervals, be repeated annually. TAn 1:8, 3:2
14 DGRBM 2-1052
14 DRUSUS Julius Caesar executes leaders of mutiny in Pannonia and returns to Rome. TAn 1:28
14 OCD 170, wikDJC
14 L. Aelius SEJANUS appointed co-prefect of praetorian guard to serve with his dad, Seius Strabo until 15, then alone until 31. 14 B76 IX-37, CAH 10-624, DGRBM 3-766, MCAW, OCD 970, wikPP, wikSj     15 GHH
14 JULIA the Elder, having a dowry and guaranteed income from 4, has it removed by Tiberius, citing that Augustus had not provided for them in his will, thus leaving her destitute.  Tiberius also denies her permission to leave her house or receive visitors. 14 wikJE
14 Only child of Augustus & Scribonia, JULIA the Elder dies.  Exiled from 2 BC, in Italy from 4, dies of consumption or malnutrition at Rhegium, age 54.  Tiberius is suspected of complicity.  She is forbidden to be buried in Augustus' tomb by his will.  Scribonia returns to the family mansion in Rome. 14 CDCC 478, GHH, MCAW, OCD 566, anhiTi, wikJE, wikScr
14 M. Gabius APICUS writes  De Re Coquinaria , world's 1st known recipe book. 14 TTPC
15 Jan 1 CONSULS:  DRUSUS Julius Caesar (son of Tiberius) and C. Norbanus FLACCUS
Suffete: M. Junius Silanus
15 B76 III-678, DGRBM 1-1087, 2-156, FHBC 84, MCAW, OCD 366, about, wikCon, wikDJC, wikMJS15
15 Jan 1 Senate votes Germanicus a triumph. 15 wikGrm
c.15 Jurist senator C. Ateius Capito and L. Arruntius are entrusted by Tiberius to work on a plan to confine the Tiber after heavy floods, but the project is shelved due to heavy popular resistance. 10/11 wikGAC
15 Information of treason (laesa maiestas) becomes common; hence the rise of the class delatores (informers). TAn 1:73     15 DGRBM 3-1119, GHH
15 Equite FALANIUS is charged with profaning the worship of Augustus by admitting an unpopular person into the rites, and selling his garden which included a statue of Augustus.  Tiberius acquits, saying the gods can care for their own honor. 15 DGRBM 2-133
15 The Tiber floods much of Rome.  Curator Aquarum C. Ateius Capito and L. Arruntius are appointed to control it.  They propose diverting it into substreams and lakes.  Piso opposes, and their plan is rejected. TAn 1:76, 79
15 DGRBM 1-353, 599, DGRG 2-1199
15 A permanent BOARD of CURATORES is appointed by Tiberius on the model of the company set up by Agrippa in 11 BC which saw to the aqueducts. 15 CAH 10-795
15 Granius MARCELLUS, former praetor in Bithynia, accused by his quaestor Caepio Crispinus and informer Hispo Romanus of treason and extortion in his province.  Acquitted of treason; convicted of extortion. 15 DGRBM 2-937
15 Water of the Clanis river is diverted into the Arnus river. 15 DGRG 1-630, 2-1199
15 Historian VELLEIUS PATERCULUS and bro Magius Celer become praetors. 15 B76 X-382, wikVP
15 Crispinus CAEPIO, former quaestor in Bithynia, becomes a major state informer. TAn 1:74
15 DGRBM 1-535
15 M. Valerius MESSALLA BARBATUS marries DOMITIA LEPIDA the Younger until 20/1.  She is younger dau of L. Domitius Ahenobarbus and Antonia Major. 15 wikDLY
15 D. Haterius AGRIPPA is pleb tribune. 15 DGRBM 1-77
15 Confiscations become an established mode of augmenting the treasury. 15 GHH
c.15 L. SEIUS STRABO, co-prefect of Praetorians from 14, resigns to be governor of Egypt until 16.  Son L. Aelius SEJANUS becomes sole-prefect until 31. 15 wikPP, wikLSS, wikSj, wikTi
no date: CAH 10-625
15 PRAETORIAN GUARD, under 2 prefects from 2 BC, now under 1 prefect until ?.  Prefect Seius Strabo ends, leaving L. Aelius SEJANUS sole prefect until 31. 15 GHH
suffetes: C. Vibius Rufus, L. Tarius Rufus, and P. Pomponius Graecinus
16 DGRBM 3-493,4, 677, 985, FHBC 84, OCD 837, 1119, about, wikCon
16 Two opposing schools of jurisprudence established by Masurius Sabinus and Proclus, scholars of Capeto and Labeo. 16 GHH
16 M. Scribonius LIBO DRUSUS dies.  Young noble of the Scribonii, suckered into a treasonable plot by senator Firmius Catus, who then accuses him to Tiberius.  Other accusers include L. Fulcinius Trio, C. Vibius, Fonteius Agrippa, Vescularius Flaccus.  Occult practices are involved.  Drusus suicides, but his trial continues.  He is convicted.  His accusers divide his property. TAn 2:30
16 CAH 10, DGRBM 1-77, 686, 1083, 2-161, 3-1175, 1252
16 After the treason trial and suicide of M. Scribonius Libo, L. Calpurnius PISO speaks openly in senate about corruption in public life, says he plans to move to the country until death.  He is so respected that Tiberius urges his friends to placate him. TAn 2:34
16 DGRBM 3-376, OCD 837, wikLCP
16 L. Calpurnius PISO brings suit against URGULANIA, who owes Piso money.  She is a favorite of Livia, and flees to her palace.  Piso follows her and insists on being paid.  Tiberius is forced to intervene, and Urgulania is forced to pay up.  The royals are now pissed at Piso. TAn 2:34
16 DGRBM 3-376, OCD 837, wikLCP
16 Gn. Calpurnius PISO argues against Tiberius that the senate should be able to conduct business without the emperor if the emperor is away from Rome.  Sycophantic senators say Piso lost the debate. 16 wikGnCP
16  Senatus consultum Libonianum   A man who writes another man's will may not be a beneficiary of that man. 16 SHERL 81
16 CLEMENS, a slave of Agrippa Postumus d.14, closely resembles his dead master, pretends to be Postumus, gathers a following.  Tiberius sends C. Sallustius Crispus to quietly abduct him.  Clemens is brought to the palace, and executed. TAn 2:39,40 16 DGRBM 1-786, 3-698, wikAP
16 Senator Q. HATERIUS proposes a sumptuary law to restrain use of gold plate and silk clothing. 16 DGRBM 2-360
16 Dau of L. Scribonius Libo, SCRIBONIA dies. 2nd wife of Octavian 40 BC, and mom of his only natural child, Julia the Elder. 16 wikScr
16 3 CURATORES TABULARUM PUBLICARUM appointed to restore and organize public archives. 16 CDCC 744
16 Λ Astrologers (mathematici) V and philosophers, expelled by senate from Italy.
[Yet Tiberius is addicted to astrology.]
TAn 2:32
16 GHH, fyf
16 3rd temple of Fors Fortuna near the Tiber in the Gardens of Caesar dedicated. TAn 2:41
16 DGRG 2-814 17 CDCC 359
16 DIAMONDS first mentioned. 16 TToH
Jan 1
CONSULS:  L. Pomponius FLACCUS and C. Caelius RUFUS   suffete: Vibius Marsus 17 DGRBM 2-156, 3-671, FHBC 84, OCD 1119, about, wikCon
17 early TIBERIUS, princeps 14-37, envies Germanicus' popularity, and recalls him from Germany. 17 MCAW
17 early GERMANICUS, in charge of Gaul from 13, in Germany from 16, recalled by Tiberius, returns to Rome.  The people of Rome run out to meet him 20 miles from Rome.  He enters Rome as the most popular hero of his day and rides a chariot with his 5 kids to the applause of the people.  Caligula is age 5. 16 Dur 3-210, reTi 17 CAH 10-619, DGRBM 1-348, GHH, HRE 84, wikAE, wikGrm
17 May 26 GERMANICUS has triumph for victories over the Catti, Cherusci, Angrivarii, etc. between the Rhine and Albis.  Thusnelda, wife of Arminius, with her infant son Thumelicus, whom she bore in captivity, are among the captives.  Fer father Segestes is an honored spectator. TAn 2:41     17 B76 IV-499, CAH 10-619, DGRBM 2-259, 3-1119, GHH, HRE 175, wikAE, wikGrm, wikSg, wikTi
17 D. Haterius AGRIPPA is praetor. 17 DGRBM 1-77
c.17 ARCHELAUS, king of Cappadocia from 36 BC, summoned to Rome on some treasonable charge by Tiberius.  Tried by senate.  Dies. TAn 2:42     17 BNTH 17, CAH 10-175, 744, IDB 1-535
c.17 GERMANICUS is appointed by Tiberius to Asia to manage all eastern provinces, install a new king in Armenia.  At the same time his cousin DRUSUS Julius Caesar is sent to Illyricum until 20, to observe affairs in Europe.  Agrippina and 6 kids including 3rd son Caius accompany. TAn 2:44, 53     16 DGRBM 1-1087     17 B76 III-678, CAH 10-620, CDCC 29, GHH, HRE 175, OCD 366, TTPC, reTi, wikDJC
17 GERMANICUS leaves for Asia via Illyricum.  Wife Agrippina the Elder accompanies. 17 Dur 3-210, GHH, CAH 10-620, HRRP 4.1-302, wikGrm 18 reTi, wikAE, wikGrm
17 Vipstanus GALLUS becomes praetor, and dies in office. TAn 2:51
17 DGRBM 3-1263
17 Vibidius VARRO loses his property by extravagance, expelled from senate by Tiberius. TAn 2:48
17 DGRBM 3-1229
17 Tiberius, princeps 14-37, gets senate to reduce tax on auctions from 1% to ½%. TAn 2:42
17 DGRBM 3-1119
17 Tiberius, princeps 14-37, gets senate to grant 5 tax free years to Asian cities hit by earthquake, makes personal grant of 10,000,000 sesterces to Sardis, and more to other cities 17 CAH 10-651, DGRBM 3-1119
17 SCHOLA MEDICORUM, a meeting place for physicians, founded in Rome. 17 MCAW
17 Roman historian LIVY (Titus Livius) dies at Patavium.  Expressed the spirit of the Augustan Age, and summed up the history of Rome. 17 B76 11-4, CDCC 524, Dur 3-250, HRE 159, MCAW, SHWC 144
17 Grand-niece of Augustus, APPULEIA VARILIA accused of adultery and treason for ridiculing Augustus, Livia, and Tiberius. TAn 2:50
17 DGRBM 1-248
17 Marius NEPOS expelled from senate for extravagance by Tiberius. TAn 2:48
17 DGRBM 2-1159
17/8 Tiberius, princeps 14-37, appoints Gn. Calpurnius PISO governor of Syria, possibly with secret orders to diminish power of Germanicus. TAn 2:43     17 OCD 837 18 CAH 10-620, DGRBM 3-375, MCAW
17/8 Q. Caecilius Metellus Creticus SILANUS legate of Syria from 12, recalled to Rome by Tiberius, who replaces him with a harsh republican to advise and oppose Germanicus.  Gn. Calpurnius PISO succeeds until 19. TAn 2:43
17 DGRBM 3-819, OCD 837, rcS, wikRGS     18 CAH 10-620, MCAW
17/8 Gn. Calpurnius PISO leaves for the east, sails first to Athens.  His wife Plancina accompanies. 17 wikGrm
17/8 PRAETORIAN GUARD downsized by Tiberius until 20, and moved from towns and encampments outside the city walls into Rome itself, giving Sejanus access to 6-9,000 troops.  17/8 reTi, wikTi
18 Jan 1 CONSULS:  TIBERIUS (3rd) and GERMANICUS (2nd) now at Nicopolis Achaea    suffetes: C. Rubellius Blandus and L. Seius Tubero 18 B76 IV-499, CAH 10-620, DGRBM 2-259, 3-1180, FHBC 84, OCD 937, about, wikCon
c.18 Furius CAMILLUS, proconsul of Africa from 17, returns to Rome.  L. APRONIUS succeeds until 21.  Son L. Apronius Caecianus accompanies. TAn 3:21     18 OCD 88, hifiC, rcNA, wikAf 20 DGRBM 1-251
19 Jan 1 CONSULS:  M. Junius SILANUS TORQUATUS and L. NORBANUS BALBUS   suffect: P. Petronius 19 DGRBM 3-820, FHBC 84, OCD 792, 989 about, wikCon
19  Lex Junia Norbana  by ???, All slaves, whose personal freedom was guaranteed by the praetor, are raised to the condition of Latin colonists, i.e. not full citizens.  They can't make a will; so their property goes to their former owners.  This and Aelia Sentia 4CE make 2 new classes of freedmen, Latini Juniani and Dedititii. 19 EDRL 555, ERLG 48, HRL 317, OCD 989, SHERL 172, 667, wikLJN, wikLRL
19  Lex Junia Petronia  by consul M. Junius Silanus and suffect P. Petronius,   In trials concerning the liberty of persons whose status libertatis is not clear, the decision should be in favor of liberty. 19 EDRL 555, OCD 603, 807
19 MAROBODUUS is expelled by his own people, and comes to Italy.  He is given a home in Ravenna, and hept on ice in case he might be useful.  He lives until 37. TAn 2:63
19 DRUSUS, governor of Illyricum 17-20, sent to Germany. 19 GHH
19 4 Roman Jews persuade noble lady Fulvia to send a gift to the Jerusalem temple.  Then they embezzle it.  Therefore Tiberius forbids observance of Jewish law in Italy.
JEWS EXPELLED V from Rome.  4,000 of military age are drafted and sent to Sardinia as a police force.  The rest are expelled from Italy, unless they repudiate Judaism
TAn 2:85     19 BNTH 36, 137, CAH 10-495, 615, GHH, IDB 4-640, ISBE 1-965, 4-848, Jud 5-14, 6-1069, 14-875, MCAW
19 TIBERIUS, princeps 14-37, learns that Germanicus has visited Egypt, sends him a sharp rebuke. TAn 2:59
19  Senatus consultum Larinum   forbids aristocrats to appear on stage. 19 CDCC 285
19 Priests of ISIS, in Rome persuade one Paulina that the jackal-headed Anubis wants her company.  The joke gets out of control. 19 CAH 10-495, 615
19 ISIS cult, in Rome from 100, suppressed by order of Tiberius.  Her image is thrown into the Tiber.  Her priests are crucified. 19 MCAW, IDB 4-640
19 RHESCUPORIS, king of Thrace brought to Rome, tried for murder of neph Cotys, condemned by senate, sent to Alexandria, imprisoned, killed. TAn 2:67
19 CAH 10-175, DGRBM 3-647
19 Oct Vibius MARSUS is sent by Tiberius to Syria to summon Piso to Rome. 19 DGRBM 2-962
19 Oct 9 GERMANICUS dies at Epidaphne Syria, leaving DRUSUS Julius Caesar heir apparent.
Oct 20
Sis of Germanicus, LIVILLA, wife of Drusus Julius Caesar from 4CE, bears twins in Illyricum or Germany?: Oldest is named Germanicus d.23.  Other Tiberius Gemellus d.37. TAn 2:84
19 CAH 10-211, 624, wikDJC, wikGrm
Son of Tiberius, DRUSUS Julius Caesar, governor of Illyricum from 17, returns to Rome to be consul 21. 19 Dec 20 wikDJC B76 III-678
Dec 16
EULOGY for Germanicus delivered by Tiberius during a Senate meeting.
Dec 17 another eulogy is delivered by his son Drusus Julius Caesar.
19 Dec 16 wikDJC
19/20 AGRIPPINA the Elder, widow of Germanicus, lands at Brundisium from Syria, bearing her husband's ashes.  She suspects Tiberius of complicity.  This suspicion spreads to others.  She works for advancement of her sons Nero and Drusus. 19 CAH 10-622 19/20 CDCC 29 20 DGRBM 3-1120, GHH, MCAW, wikDJC
no date: wikAE
19/20 Gn. Calpurnius PISO former governor of Syria from 17 returns with wife Plancina by land from Illyricum to Italy, under suspicion of having murdered Germanicus.  Parties and shows festive spirit. TAn 2:80, 3:8 19 MCAW, TTPC
19/20 MARTINA, notorious for poisonings in Syria, friend of Plancina wife of Piso, charged with murder of Germanicus, sent for Rome, gets as far as Brundisium and dies. TAn 2:74, 3:7
20 DGRBM 2-966
20 Jan 1 CONSULS:  M. VALERIUS MESSALA and M. AURELIUS COTTA 20 DGRBM 2-1052, FHBC 84, about, wikCon
20 Informer L. Fulcinius TRIO accuses Piso before the consuls.  Tiberius rewards him with permission to hold state offices. 20 DGRBM 3-1175
20 Gn. Calpurnius PISO and wife Plancina go from Narnia down the Nar and Tiber rivers to Rome, amid popular indignation for suspicion of murdering Germanicus. TAn 3:9
20 DGRBM 3-375, 382, DGRG 2-1198
20 PRAETORIAN GUARD, 9 cohorts from 17/8, increased to 12 cohorts.  Sejanus now commands complete loyalty of 12,000 troops. 20 wikSj
20 A. Caecina SEVERUS proposes an altar to the goddess of vengeance, to commemerate suppressing the Piso conspiracy. 20 DGRBM 1-530
20 Gn. Calpurnius PISO can't find a defense lawyer.  Best ones including M. Claudius Marcellus decline.  Bro Lucius accepts with M. Lepidus and Livineius Regulus.  Piso's wife PLANCINA asks for a separate trial. TAn 3:11, 15
20 CAH 10-623, DGRBM 2-770, 935, OCD 837
20 Gn. Calpurnius PISO is tried in senate, accused of poisoning Germanicus, insubordination, and invading a province by Q. Vitellius, Q. Veranius, Q. Servaeus, and Fulcinius Trio.  Tiberius is asked to head the inquiry, but dumps it on the senate.  Piso is defended by his bro Lucius, and Livineius Regulus, and acquitted of the murder charge, only.  Wife Plancina is grudgingly absolved, because of friendship with Livia.  Sons Lucius and Marcus are also accused, but acquitted. TAn 3:10, 15, 4:62 19 Dur 3-210     20 CAH 10-623, DGRBM 3-645, 792, MCAW, OCD 837, wikGrm, wikLCP
20 Gn. Calpurnius PISO dies.  Found in his bedroom with his throat cut, and his sword by his side.  Senate has his property returned and divided equally between his 2 sons, on condition that his dau Calpurnia be given 1,000,000 sesterces as dowry and a further 4,000,000 as personal property.  Wid Plancina lives until 33. 19 TTPC
20 DGRBM 3-375, MCAW, wikGnCP, wikGrm, wikTi
c.20  Lex Maiestatis   i.e. treason.  One of many laws about crimes against the Roman people, state, or Emperor. 20 Dur 3-210
c.20 Informers rise. 20 Dur 3-210
c.20 Dau of Mamercus Aemilius Scaurus, AEMILIA LEPIDA, sis of the consul of 11, is accused of adultery, poisoning, consulting astrologers for the purpose of hurting the imperial family.  Condemned by senate. TAn 3:22,23
20 DGRBM 2-761, 3-738
c.20 Servius Sulpicius GALBA is praetor. 20 DGRBM 2-206
20 Son of Germanicus & Agrippina, Gn. NERO Caesar Gemellus, age 13, introduced to senate by Tiberius, who then gets them to promise him quaestorship 5 years before legal age.  He marries cousin JULIA until his death 31.  She is dau of Drusus & Livilla. TAn 3:29
20 DGRBM 2-642, 1166, wikDC
20  Lex Valeria Aurelia  honors the death of Germanicus. 20 wikGrm
20 P. Sulpicius QUIRINIUS sues Aemilia Lepida, whom he divorced 20 years ago, for pretending to have a son by him, among other crimes.  Senate and people disaprove, but Tiberius backs him. 20 DGRBM 3-638
20 TIBERIUS, princeps 14-37, mentions Sejanus to the Senate in terms that treated him as his partner.  For Drusus Julius Caesar, heir apparent, this is a problem. 20 wikDJC
c.20 SEJANUS betrothes his dau Aelia Junilla (age 4) to son of Claudius CLAUDIUS DRUSUS, but the boy dies accidentally soon after. 20 wikDJC, wikClDr, wikSj
20 Dau of M. Agrippa, VIPSANIA Agrippina dies naturally.  Once wife of Tiberius 19 - 11 BC, mom of Drusus, wife of C. Asinius Gallus Saloninus from 11 BC.. TAn 3:190
20 DGRBM 3-1263, OCD 31, wikVA
20 P. Cornelius DOLABELLA, legate pro-praetor in Dalmatia from 14, returns to Rome.. 20 OCD 359, wikDRP
20 Decimus Junius SILANUS, exiled from 8 CE, recalled by Tiberius, thru intercession of bro M.J.S., but not allowed to hold office. 20 DGRBM 3-821, OCD 898
20±7 Greek poet, astrologer, M. MANILIUS publishes  Astronomica  in 5 books in Rome.  First description of astrological houses. 9-14 OCD 644     14-27 B76 VI-568
20 L. Annaeus SENECA (the Younger), age @24, has breathing difficulties, and is sent to Egypt until 31, to live with his aunt. 20 wikSY
20 L. Volusius SATURNINUS dies. 20 DGRBM 3-726
20 C. Sallustius CRISPUS, still officially a friend of Tiberius, dies. 20 DGRBM 3-698
20/1 M. Valerius MESSALLA BARBATUS dies.  Married to DOMITIA LEPIDA the Younger from 15.  She will marry Faustus Cornelius Sulla Lucullus. 20/1 wikDLY
21 Jan 1 CONSULS:  TIBERIUS (4th) and his son DRUSUS Julius Caesar (2nd) 21 CAH 10-617, DGRBM 1-1087, 3-1120, FHBC 84, MCAW, OCD 366, about, wikCon, wikDC, wikDJC
21 early TIBERIUS, princeps 14-37, vacations in Campania until 22 to give son Drusus experience in running the empire TAn 3:31
21 CAH 10-624
c.21 Son of Claudius and Plautia Urgulanilla, CLAUDIUS DRUSUS dies, age 9-17, of asphyxiation. 20 wikDJC
20-27 wikClDr
21 Son of Tiberius, DRUSUS Julius Caesar, governor of Illyricum 17-20, is sent back to Illyricum?. TAn 2:75, 80?
21 A. Caecina SEVERUS proposes that wives not be allowed to accompany husbands on provincial commands.  Opposed by Drusus and Valerius Messallinus, and voted down. TAn 3:18, 33-4 21 DGRBM 1-530, OCD 187
21 Equite Caelius CURSOR falsely accuses praetor Magius Caecilianus with treason.  Executed by order of Tiberius. TAn 3:37
21 DGRBM 1-905
21 Caesius CORDUS, proconsul of Crete accused of repetundae and maiestas by Ancharius Priscus. TAn 3:38, 70
21 DGRBM 3-526
21 Domitius CORBULO complains to senate that L. Sulla failed to give place to him at a gladiator show. Corbulo is counter-accused by Mamercus Aemilius Scaurus, who, after debate, is forced to apologize to Corbulo. TAn 3:31
21 DGRBM 3-738
21 PRAETORIAN GUARD, housed in a barraks outside of Rome, get their powers increased by Sejanus.  21 MCAW
21 TIBERIUS, princeps 14-37, uses restraint in interpreting Lex Juliae, whereby informers can make money by exposing accusations against the emperor.  He says such accusations are not treason. 21 MCAW
21 M. Aemilius LEPIDUS prudently declines proconsulship of Africa in favor of Q. Junius BLAESUS, uncle of Sejanus. TAn 3:35
21 DGRBM 2-769, OCD 597
21 M. Aemilius LEPIDUS is assigned Asia province.  Sextus Pompey says he is unworthy because he's poor and lazy.  Senate disagrees. TAn 3:22
21 DGRBM 2-770
21 L. APRONIUS, proconsul of Africa from 18, returns to Rome, has triumph. 21 OCD 88, 170
21 P. Sulpicius QUIRINIUS dies in Rome.  Eulogized by Tiberius. TAn 3:48     21 DGRBM 3-638, ENBD 1069, IDB 3-976, OCD 908
21 Roman historian FENESTELLA dies, age 70.  Wrote  Annales .  Fragments survive. 19 wikFn
21 DGRBM 2-145
21 late Consul DRUSUS Julius Caesar gets sick.  Equite, Clutorius Priscus writes his elegy.  Priscus had previously written an elegy for Germanicus, for which he was paid.  Priscus recites his elegy before an audience.  An informer tells the Senate, which votes that Priscus be executed.  He is executed without consulting Tiberius.  Tiberius introduces a law requiring Senate to wait 10 days after such condemnations. 21 wikDJC
22 Jan 1 CONSULS:  Decimus (Didius?) Haterius AGRIPPA and C. SULPICIUS GALBA   Suffete: C. Vibius Rufinus 22 DGRBM 1-77, 3-666, FHBC 84, about, wikCon, wikGSG22
c.22 L. Domitius AHENOBARBUS, husband of Antonia, is aedile. 22 DGRBM 1-86
22 M. Junius SILANUS proposes that all public and private documents no longer bear the names of the consuls, but the names of those who hold tribune power - i.e. the emperor. 22 DGRBM 3-821
22 TIBERIUS, princeps 14-37, vacationing in Campania 21-2, declares only son Drusus his successor.  Senate complies with flattery. TAn 3:56
22 spring Son of Tiberius, DRUSUS Julius Caesar, now in Campania, raised to the tribunate, made tribunicia potestas by senate at request of dad Tiberius, an honor reserved exclusively for the emperor and his immediate successors. TAn 3:59 22 B76 III-678, CAH 10-624, DGRBM 1-1087, 3-1120, GHH, HRRP 4.1-317, MCAW, OCD 366, wikDC, wikDJC, wikTi
c.22 Jurist senator C. Ateius CAPITO dies.  Curator aquarum from 11, founder of Sabinian school.  Imperial sell out.  Rival of M. Antistius Labeo.  Tarius Rufuf succeeds as curator. TAn 3:75
22 DGRBM 1-600, HRE 161, OCD 202, wikGAC
22 Senator Q. HATERIUS proposes that a decree granting tribunicia potestas on Drusus be inscribed in gold, and fixed to the wall of the curia. 22 DGRBM 2-360
22 spring Son of Tiberius, DRUSUS Julius Caesar, receives tribunicia potestas, a distinction reserved exclusively for the emperor and his immediate successors. 22 wikDJC
c.22 TACFARNIAS, Numidian chief of the Musulamians 17-24, sends envoys to Tiberius soliciting land for himself and his troops, and threatening perpetual war upon refusal.  Tiberius messages Junius BLAESUS to try harder to catch Tacfarnias. 22 DGRBM 3-967
c.22 C. Junius SILANUS, former proconsul of Asia 20-21, accused of extortion by Asians, sacriledge against Augustus, and contempt of Tiberius by legate M. Paconius, Gellius Publicola, Scaurus, Junius Otho, & Niger.  exiled to Cynthus island. TAn 3:66
22 CDCC 93, DGRBM 3-65, 80, 601, 821, 1162, OCD 182, 989
c.22 L. Aelius SEJANUS, Prefect of Praetorians 15-31, seduces LIVILLA, wife of Drusus Julius Caesar, talks her into getting rid of Drusus. TAn 4:3
22 VIGILES, a firemen/police force of 6,000 slaves from 6 CE, are put under an equestrian prefect entitled praefectus vigilam. 22 wikVg
22 THEATER of POMPEY, 1st stone theater in Rome from 55 BC, destroyed by fire.  Sejanus keeps it from spreading.  Tiberius promises to rebuild it. TAn 3:72
22 DGRBM 3-767, GHH
22 Basilica AemiliaBASILICA AEMILIA, destroyed from 14 BC, rebuilt by Aemilius Paullus Lepidus. reconst. L.VII.C

TAn 3:72
22 DGRBM 2-766, 770, DGRG 2-787, ISBE 4-233
22 TIBERIUS, princeps 14-37, vacationing in Campania from 21, hears of wife Livia's illness, returns to Rome. TAn 3:64
22 CAH 10-634
c.22 ARA PIETATIS "Altar of Piety" proposed to honor Livia during her illness.  Unknown if it was ever built. TAn 3:64
22 CDCC 63
23 Jan 1 CONSULS:  C. ASINIUS POLLIO and C. ANTISTIUS VETUS 23 DGRBM 3-439, 1252, FHBC 84, about, wikCon
c.23 Castra Praetoria PRAETORIAN GUARD, under 2 prefects from 2 BC, comes under 1 prefect - Sejanus alone until 31.  They are housed in fortified barracks (Castra Praetoria) built by Sejanus outside of Rome.  Its front gate, shown here, has since been sealed up. photo: Gustavo La Pizza

23 B76 VIII-174, IDB 3-856, wikCP
23 Tarius RUFUS becomes curator aquarum until 24. 23 DGRBM 3-677
c.23 Uncle of Sejanus Q. Junius BLAESUS, proconsul of Africa from 21, recalled to Rome along with legion IX.  Blaesus has a triumph. TAn 4:23     23 DGRBM 1-1060, hifiC, rcNA, wikAf no date: OCD 359
c.23 Unbounded influence of praetorian prefect, Sejanus, over emperor Tiberius. 23 Dur 3-210, GHH, MCAW, TTPC
c.23 APICATA, wife of Sejanus, and mom of his 3 kids, divorced.  Sejanus now bets his life on his affair with LIVILLA, wife of Drusus, against whose life Sejanus plots. TAn 4:3
23 DGRBM 1-225, wikSj
c.23 Tyranny of the government; the judicia majestatis of Tiberius. 23 GHH
c.23 Gn. Lucilius CAPITO procurator of Asia 23, is accused by Asians for using unnecessary military force.  tried by senate, convicted by Tiberius, who says he had only been given power over imperial slaves and revenues. TAn 4:15
23 CAH 10-647-8, CDCC 93, wikLg
c.23? L. ARRUNTIUS, consul 6, appointed governor of Nearer Spain by Tiberius, but forced to remain in Rome, and govern it thru legates for 10 or more years. 23? OCD 123
c.23 Rome has 25 legions.  1 legion = 6,000 men.  1 legion = 10 cohorts containing 3 maniples, containing 2 centuries. TAn 4:5
23 ISBE 1-296
c.23 At request of Tiberius, ACTORS are expelled from all Italy by senate until 37. TAn 4:14
23 CAH 10-615
c.23 Carsidius SACERDOTOS is accused of having helped Tacfarnias with grain.  Acquitted. 23 DGRBM 3-692
c.23 C. Vibius SERENUS, governor of Farther Spain, charged with vis publica (riot or revolt), but really because he was an enemy of Sejanus.  Convicted and exiled on Amorgos island in Cyclades until 24. TAn 4:28
23 DGRBM 3-787, wikVbg
c.23 STRABO dies in Amasia Pontus.
c.23 Servius MALUGINENSIS dies.  Priest of Jupiter from ?.  Tiberius ignores the custom of election, and appoints his son ??? MALUGINENSIS. TAn 4:16
c.23 Old friend of Tiberius, Lucilius LONGUS dies.  Tiberius honors him with a censor's funeral. TAn 4:15
23 DGRBM 2-805
23 Sep 14 Only son of Tiberius, DRUSUS Julius Caesar dies, age 36, of apparently natural causes.  Probably poisoned by eunuch Lygdus at instigation of his wife from 4 CE, Livilla, Eudemus, physician of Tiberius' wife, Livia, in concert with Sejanus.  Wife's complicity is not disclosed until 31.  He was Herod Julius Agrippa's only source of imperial favor. 23 B76 III-678, 18-371, BNTH 29, CAH 10-738, CDCC 888, DGRBM 1-1087, 2-77, 789, 1166, 3-767, 1120, GHH, ISBE 2-696, LEWH, MCAW, TTPC, reTi, wikAE, wikDC, wikDJC, wikLvl, wikSj, wikTi
23 Sep Herod Julius AGRIPPA, in Rome from 7 BC, buggs out on creditors, returns from Rome to Idumea until 26. 23 BI+N 204, BNTH 29, ENBD 523, GHH, ISBE 2-696, Jud 2-415
23 Sp/Oc NERO and DRUSUS, eldest surviving sons of Germanicus & Agrippina, are adopted by Tiberius as heirs, and recommended to the senate.  This makes them rivals of Sejanus. 23 B76 IX-37, CAH 10-626, OCD 730, wikDC
CONFUSION ALERT!  Tiberius' only son was DRUSUS Julius Caesar, who died in 23.  Germanicus' son DRUSUS Julius Caesar is now adopted by Tiberius.
23 Oct SEJANUS employs Julius Postumus, paramour of Mutilia Prisca, to badmouth Agrippina-II to empress Livia. TAn 4:12
23 DGRBM 3-512
24 Jan 1 CONSULS:  Ser. Cornelius CETHEGUS and L. Visellius VARRO 24 DGRBM 3-1228, about, wikCon
24 Jan 1 Sejanus has priests and magistrates add prayers for the health of sons of Germanicus, Nero and Drusus in addition to those normally offered to the emperor.  Tiberius is miffed. 24 wikAE, wikDC
24  Lex Visellia  by ?????,  Freedmen of a lower degree of citizenship (latini luniani) get full citizenship as a reward for 6 years service in vigiles (fire brigades and police force).  Freedmen who pretended to be free-born are punished.  Freedmen are excluded from municipal offices, especially from the decurionate. 24 CAH 10-896, EDRL 561, OCD 605, SHERL 81, wikVg
24 L. Calpurnius PISO dies.  Accused by Q. Granius of maiestas (treason) against Tiberius.  Suicides before his trial. TAn 2:34, 4:21
20 DGRBM 3-376, GHH     24 OCD 837
24 Popular violence prevents a well-known prosecutor from proceeding with a case against his father. 24 CAH 10-807
24 Plautius SILVANUS condemned to death for murdering his wife. TAn 2:34, 4:21, 22 24 DGRBM 3-823
24 C. SILIUS dies.  Accused of maiestas (treason) and repetundae (extortion).  Suicides before his trial. TAn 4"19
24 DGRBM 3-823
c.24 Senator Firmius CATUS falsely accuses his sis of maiestas, condemned, expelled, and banished by senate.  But banishment is remitted by Tiberius. 24 DGRBM 1-656
24 L. Seius TUBERO is falsely accused of maiestas.  TAn 4:29
24 DGRBM 3-1180
c.24 Orator/satirist Cassius SEVERUS deprived of his property, banished to Seriphos island in the west Aegean. 24 DGRBM 3-804
c.24 Gn. Cossus Cornelius LENTULLUS falsely accused of maiestas.  Tiberius forbids the charge from being prosecuted.  Lentullus (not consul 25) dies 25. 24 DGRBM 2-733
24 Tarius RUFUS, curator aquarum from 23, ends.  M. Cocceius NERVA succeeds until ?. 24 DGRBM 3-677
c.24 SLAVE REVOLT in Apulia quickly suppressed. 24 wikAPl
24 African war from 17 ends because Ptolemy, king of Mauritania allies with Rome. 24 GHH
24 C. Vibius SERENUS, exiled on Amorgos island from 23, accused of plotting against Tiberius by son of same name, aquitted, and sent back to Amorgos.  Son prosecuted. TAn 4:28
24 DGRBM 3-787, wikVbg
c.24 Senate proposes that informers be deprived of reward when the accused suicides before the trial is over.  Tiberius refuses.  "Better to subvert the constitution than to remove its guardians." TAn 4:30
24 P. Cornelius DOLABELLA is refused a triumph by Tiberius, lest it upstage that of Blaesus. TAn 4:26
25 Jan 1 CONSULS:  Cossus Cornelius LENTULUS and M. ASINIUS AGRIPPA 25 DGRBM 1-77, 2-733, about, wikCon
25 Embassy from BAETICA Farther Spain to senate asks permission to build a temple to Tiberius & Livia, as granted to Asia in 23.  Tiberius refuses. TAn 4:37 25 CAH 10-493
25 Gn. DOMITIUS AFER is praetor. 25 DGRBM 1-54, wikGDA
c.25 Narbonese orator, VOTIENUS Montanus, prosecuted for treason, banished, and soon dies.  Called the Ovid of orators because he kept pushing the edge. 25 GHH, OCD 1132
25 C. Fonteius CAPITO accused by Vibius Serenus of impropriety in Asia, but without sufficient evidence. TAn 4:36
25 DGRBM 1-602
25 Historian Cremutius CORDUS dies.  He publishes a history praising M. Brutus, and calling C. Cassius the last of the Romans.  He is accused by Pinarius Natta and Satrius Secundus, of an ad hoc new charge, defends himself to the senate, and suicides by starvation. TAn 4:34
25 CAH 10, DGRBM 2-1143, GHH, HRRP 4.1-341, OCD 298
c.25 L. Aelius SEJANUS, Prefect of Praetorians 15-31, pressed by LIVILLA, wid of Drusus d23, asks Tiberius to let him marry her.  Refused politely. TAn 4:39     25 B76 IX-37, anhiTi, reTi, wikAE, wikLvl, wikSj, wikTi
25 SEJANUS urges Tiberius to retire. 25 MCAW
c.25 P. Cornelius LENTULUS, new rich, dies. 25 OCD 595
c.25 Only son of Gn. D.A., L. Domitius AHENOBARBUS, husband of Antonia, dies. TAn 4:44     25 DGRBM 1-86, OCD 361
25 Temple of MercuryTemple of Mercury at Baiae.  Has the largest hemispherical dome in concrete to that time - 21.5m diameter.  It is used (still today) to enclose the frigidarium or cold pool of the public baths. outside: Ra Boe
inside: Mentnafunangann

25 CDCC 72
Suffetes: Q. Marcius Barea and T. Rusticus Nummius Gallus
26 DGRBM 1-463, 2-1215, 3-680, 689, FHBC 84, OCD 198, 595, about, wikCon, wikGCLG, wikGCS
26  Lex Junia Vellaea    on posthumous children. 26 EDRL 555 27 SHERL 81
c.26 TIBERIUS, princeps 14-37, on pretense of dedicating a temple to Jupiter at Capua and to Augustus at Nola, retires to Campania, and never returns to Rome. TAn 4:57     26 DGRBM 3-1121, HRRP 4.1-342 27 B76 18-371, wikTi
c.26 TIBERIUS, princeps 14-37, persuaded by Sejanus to retire to island of Capri in Bay of Naples until 37.  Friends Curtius Atticus and M. Cocceius Nerva accompany.  Rome is now under SEJANUS. 25 TTPC     26 B76 IX-37, DGRBM 2-1167, GHH, LEWH, TToH, anhiTi, wikTi     27 B76 18-371, CAH 10-632, CDCC 162, DGRBM 1-413, 3-1121, DGRG 1-509, Dur 3-210, IDB 4-640, MCAW, reTi, wikAE, wikSj
c.26 CLAUDIA PULCHRA, cousin & friend of Agrippina, accused of adultery with C. Furnius, prosecuted by Gn. Domitius Afer.  Agrippina intercedes to Tiberius in vain.  Claudia is condemned. TAn 4:52     26 B76 I-119, DGRMB 1-54, 762, 2-191
c.26 AGRIPPINA the Elder, wid of Germanicus from 19, asks permission to remarry.  Tiberius refuses. 25 OCD 31, wikAE
c.26 AGRIPPINA the Elder is told by agents of Sejanus that Tiberius plans to poison her.  She refuses to eat at the emperor's table. TAn 4:54
26 M. ASINIUS AGRIPPA dies. 26 DGRBM 1-77
26 M. Aemilius LEPIDUS becomes proconsul of Asia until 27. 26 DGRBM 2-769
26 Jul 1 CONSULS from Jan, Gn. Cornelius Lentullus Gaetulicus and C. Calvisius Sabinus succeeded by Q. Junius BLAESUS and L. ANTISTIUS VETUS. 26 wikGCS
26 Herod Julius AGRIPPA, in Idumea from 23, returns to Rome to seek court favor; wife Cypros remains in Judea. 26 GHH
c.26 The family of Germanicus is persecuted. 26 GHH
26 Senator Q. HATERIUS dies, age 89. TAn 4:61
26 DGRBM 2-360
27 Jan 1 CONSULS:  M. LICINIUS CRASSUS FRUGI and L. CALPURNIUS PISO 27 DGRBM 3-376, FHBC 84, OCD 837, about, wikCon
c.27 20,000 people crushed to death by fall of a temporary amphitheater built by Atilius at Fidenae. TAn 4:62     22 CAH 10-810     27 DGRBM 3-1121, GHH
c.27 AGRIPPINA the Elder is put under house arrest in her villa outside Herculaneum. 27 wikAE
27 Fire on the Caelian hill levels all buildings.  Tiberius relieves the survivors, and gains temporary popularity. 27 DGRBM 3-1121
c.27 Son of Claudia Pulchra, P. Quintilius VARUS Jr, accused of maiestas.  His betrothal to Julia Livilla is terminated. 27 wikJLvl
c.27 Gn. DOMITIUS AFER is accuser of P. Quintilius Varus Jr., son of Claudia Pulchra.  P. Cornelius Dolabella joins accusation against his own relative, Varus. TAn 3:47,68, 4:23
27 DGRBM 1-1060, 3-1232, DGRG 2-54, wikGDA
c.27 M. Aemilius LEPIDUS proconsul of Asia from 26, returns to Rome.  Sextus POMPEIUS resumes until 29.  Writer, Valerius Maximus accompanies him to Asia. 27 B76 X-338, OCD 1106, wikLRGA, wikVM
27 SEJANUS rescues Tiberius from falling rocks, thereby increasing his popularity with Tiberius.  Sejanus tyrannizes Rome. 27 MCAW
28 Jan 1 CONSULS:  C. Appius Junius SILANUS and P. Silius NERVA
Suffetes: Q. Junius Blaesus and L. Antistius Vetus
28 DGRBM 1-491, 3-821, 1252, FHBC 84, OCD 989, about, wikCon
28 Jan Petillius RUFUS becomes praetor. 28 wikQPC
28 Jan 1 T. SABINUS dies.  Friend of Germanicus d.19, and Agrippina, tricked by Latinius Latiaris into badmouthing Tiberius in private conversation, accused by Latiaris, Porcius Cato, Petilius Rufus, M. Opisius.  Executed by senate. TAn 4:68,71
28 CAH 10, DGRBM 2-725, 3-40, 676, 1121, HRRP 4.1-344
28 Senate votes that altars to Clementia (mercy) and Amicitia (friendship) be built.  The altar of Amicitia is flanked by statues of Sejanus and Tiberius. 28 wikAE, wikDC
28 By arrangement of Tiberius, Gn. Domitius AHENOBARBUS marries Julia AGRIPPINA-II, age 13, dau of Germanicus & Agrippina-I, until his death in 40. TAn 4:75     28 DGRBM 1-81, 3-1121, GHH, OCD 31, wikAY, wikGDA
28 Dau of M. V. Agrippa & Julia dau of Augustus, JULIA the Younger dies.  Banished for adultery from 8 to Trimerus island north of the spur. TAn 4:71     28 CAH 10, DGRBM 3-70, HRRP 4.1-142, OCD 567     29 wikJY
28 Grandson of M. Agrippa, Asinius SALONIUS dies. TAn 3:75
28 DGRBM 3-699
28±5 Capri Tiberius builds 12 villas on CAPRI. map:
Morn the Gorn

no date: wikHC
29 Jan 1 CONSULS:  L. RUBELLIUS Geminus and C. FUFIUS GEMINUS 29 DGRBM 2-239, 3-1276, FHBC 84, about, wikCon
29 The younger Aulus Plautius is suffect consul for 2nd half of 29, with L. Nonius Asprenas as colleague. 29 DGRBM 3-406, wikAPl
29 Dau of M. Livius Drusus Claudianus, mom of Tiberius, LIVIA Drusilla dies, age 82, after several illnesses.  Div of Ti. Claudius Nero, wid of Augustus, 38 BC-14 CE.  Tiberius does not come home from Capri for funeral.  Caligula does eulogy.  Not deified until 41. TAn 5:2     29 B76 VI-276, CAH 10-633, CDCC 524, DGRBM 2-789, 3-1121, Dur 3-210, GHH, LEWH, MCAW, accla, wikAE, wikSj, wikTi
She is habitually called JULIA by Josephus.
29 3rd son of Germanicus & Agrippina, CAIUS (Caligula) Caesar, age 17, moves in with grandmother Antonia Minor, where he will meet 3 Thracian princes: Polemo, Rhoemetacles, Cotys. 29 CAH 10-645, 654
29 By instigation of Sejanus helped by Drusus, younger son of Agrippina, TIBERIUS, on Capri, hears of rebellion by Agrippina-I & son Nero Gemellus. 29 B76 IX-37, CAH 10-640
29 TIBERIUS, on Capri, sends letter to senate accusing Agrippina and son Nero Gemellus of various things, but can't get them convicted.  A crowd gathers outside, claiming the letter to be forged. 29 DGRBM 2-1166, wikDC
c.29 Widow of Germanicus, AGRIPPINA the Elder banisned in chains to Pandateria island off Cumae until death 33.
Her son NERO Gemellus (a potential emperor), charged with treason and sent to Pontia island west of Italy until death 31.  All Sejanus' doing.
28/9 wikDJC     29 B76 I-148, IX-37, BNTH 250, CDCC 29, CAH 10-635, DGRBM 2-1166, Dur 3-210, LEWH, OCD 31, wikAE, wikCal, wikDC
30 DGRBM 1-81, GHH, MCAW
29 Junius RUSTICUS is appointed to record the acts of the senate. TAn 5:4
29 DGRBM 3-680
29 SEJANUS begins purge trials of senators and wealthy equites, removing threats and extending the imperial (and his own) treasury. 29 wikSj
29 Herod ANTIPAS, tetrarch of Galilee & Perea 4 BC-39 CE comes from Judea to Rome. 29 ISBE 2-695
29 2nd son of Germanicus & Agrippina, DRUSUS, marries 2nd cousin AEMILIA LEPIDA, dau of M. Aemilius Lepidus. 29 wikDC
29 2nd son of Germanicus & Agrippina, DRUSUS, accused of treason by Cassius Longinus, convicted by senate, imprisoned in a dungeon on the Palatine until death 33. 29 CAH 10-636, LEWH     30 DGRBM 1-1088, OCD 366, wikCal, wikDC
29 Pomponius Mela, the geographer, flourishes. Thrasyllus, the philosopher, flourishes. 29 GHH
Suffetes: L. Naevius Surdinus and C. Cassius Longinus (2nd half of 30)
30 DGRBM 2-803, 1135, 3-1262, FHBC 84, OCD 212, 365, 567, about, wikCon, wikGCL
30 C. Asinius GALLUS Saloninus, senator age 71, offends Tiberius from general lack of servility, invited to Capri by Tiberius, who then gets the senate to sentence him to death.  Tiberius magnanimously commutes it, and imprisons him until death 33. 30 DGRBM 2-225, GHH, OCD 457, wikGAGS, wikVA
c.30 Servius Sulpicius GALBA is praetor. 30 wikGl
30 TIBERIUS, on Capri, promises Sejanus marriage to Livilla and consulship for 31. 30 CAH 10-636
30 L. Annaeus SENECA (the Elder) writes  Questiones Naturales . 30 GHH
50-59 TTS
c.30 Physician Aurelius Cornelius CELSUS publishes encyclopedia  De Artibus  his collected studies in agriculture, war, oratory, law, philosophy, and medicine.  Describes surgical instruments.  Only the section  De Medicina  survives.  "To open the bodies of the dead is necessary for learners."   It is the greatest medical work from Hippocrates to Galen; written in such pure and classical Latin that Celsus is dubbed Cicero medicorum. 10-30 CDCC 173     30 GHH, MCAW, TTPC, ahcRM
no date: B76 II-674, OCD 218
30 VELLEIUS PATERCULUS writes a history of Rome to 29CE, and dies in 31. 30 or after B76 X-382
c.30 Verona ArenaVERONA ARENA (Amphitheater of Verona) built, accommodates 22,000 persons.  Facade originally of white and pink limestone.  Still in use. photo: Claconvr

30 wikVA 85 GHH
31 Jan 1 CONSULS:  TIBERIUS (5th)(on Capri) and L. Aelius SEJANUS until May
suffect: P. Memius REGULUS
31 B76 IX-37, 18-371, CAH 10-617, DGRBM 3-767, FHBC 84, about, wikCon, wikSj, wikTi
31 SEJANUS begins plotting.  His plot seems to involve Livilla helping him overthrow Tiberius, with support of the Julians, and either assuming the principate themselves, or serving as regent to young Gemellus or possibly Caligula. 31 wikTi
31 SEJANUS' power peaks. 31 reTi
c.31 Curtius Atticus falls victim to Sejanus and Julius Marinus. TAn 4:58, 6:10
32 DGRBM 1-413
31 SEJANUS and LIVILLA, without permission, announce their betrothal. 31 anhiTi, wikLvl, wikSj
31 ANTONIA Minor, sends freedman Pallas to Tiberius on Capri, with a letter warning of Sejanus' treachery. 31 CAH 10-636, DGRBM 3-100, OCD 75, wikSj
31 CAIUS (Caligula) Caesar, secretly summoned by Tiberius to Capri, to keep him safe from consul Sejanus. 31 CAH 10-636, accla, wikCal, wikSj
32 DGRBM 1-564
31 TIBERIUS, on Capri, makes Caligula a priest.  Does same for Sejanus and his son to make Sejanus think he is trusted. 31 CAH 10-636, 642
31 May TIBERIUS, on Capri, resigns consulship, forces Sejanus to do same.  Sejanus remains Prefect of Praetorians. 31 CAH 10-637
31 May New CONSULS:  P. Memius REGULUS and L. Fulcinius TRIO 31 OCD 911, DGRBM 3-1175
31 L. Annaeus SENECA (the Younger), philosopher, rhetorician, in Egypt from 20, returns with his aunt, to Rome.  His uncle dies en route in a shipwreck. 31 B76 16-530, OCD 976, wikSY
31 L. Annaeus SENECA (the Younger) marries POMPEIA PAULINA until his death 65. 31 Dur 3-301
31 T. OLLIUS, dad of Poppaea Sabina the Younger, dies in Picenum.  Widow Poppaea Sabina the Elder will marry P. Cornelius Lentulus Scipio the Elder. 31 wikPS
31 Historian VELLEIUS PATERCULUS dies. 31 wikVP
31 Publia PRISCA, wife of C. Geminius Rufus, accused of something, summoned to senate, stabs herself to death in senate house. 31 DGRBM 3-524
31 Oct 18 TIBERIUS, on Capri, writes letter to the senate denouncing Sejanus as a traitor to be executed without trial, and making Macro Praetorian Prefect.  Macro takes letter to the senate house, tells Sejanus the letter gives Sejanus tribune power.  Macro gives the letter to a consul.  It is read before the senate.  Sejanus is seized and jailed. 31 BNTH 201, CAH 10-637-8, DGRBM 2-887, reTi, wikSj, wikTi
31 Oct 18 Praetorian Prefect from 15, L. Aelius SEJANUS strangled.  Many of his friends and nearest relatives are also executed.  His body is thrown down the Gemonian stairs.  Sutorius MACRO is Praetorian Prefect until 38.  Tiberius remains on Capri. 31 B76 IX-37, BNTH 201, CAH 10-638, DGRBM 1-225, 2-887, Dur 3-210, GHH, LEWH, MCAW, TTPC, wikDJC, wikPP, wikSj, wikTi
31 Oct 24 STRABO, eldest son of Sejanus, is executed. 31 wikSj
31 Oct 26 APICATA dies, divorcee of Sejanus, writes to Tiberius, says Tiberius son Drusus was poisoned by a conspiracy of Drusus wid Livilla, who was balling Sejanus.  She suicides.  Tiberius receives the letter, stays in his house, refuses to see anyone. 31 CAH 10-638, DGRBM 2-789, GHH, LEWH, wikDJC, wikLvl, wikSj
31 Oct Friend of Sejanus, Pomponius Secundus, imprisoned until 37. 31 DGRBM 3-764
31 After Sejanus dies, Dau of Drusus & Antonia, LIVILLA dies, widow of Caius d.4, Drusus d.23, suicides by starvation.  31 CAH 10-640, OCD 614, wikLvl, wikSj
c.31 Flatterer of Tiberius, VALERIUS MAXIMUS publishes  9 Books of Memorable Deeds and Sayings  for use in rhetoric schools.  31 B76 X-338
31 1st son of Germanicus & Agrippina, Julius Caesar NERO Gemellus dies, exiled on Pontia island from 29, starved to death or suicides, leaving bro Drusus Caesar next in line until 33.  Wife from 20 Julia remarries 33. 30 B76 II-459, CAH 10-636     31 HRRP 4.1-348, LEWH, OCD 730, wikAE, wikDC
no date DGRBM 2-1166
31 L. ARUNTIUS, charged with ??? by Sejanus men, acquitted.  31 OCD 123
31 Dec Remaining kids of Sejanus: Capito Aelianus and Junilla, are executed.  Because there is no precedent for executing a virgin, Junilla is raped first, with the rope around her neck and her body thrown down the Gemonian stairs along with Capito's 31 wikSj
32 Jan 1 CONSULS:  Gn. Domitius AHENOBARBUS (dad of Nero) and L. Arruntius Camillus Scribonianus   Suffete: A. Vitellius 32 DGRBM 1-86, 592, 3-1273, FHBC 84, OCD 75, 729, 965, about, wikCon, wikGDA
32 Q. SERVAEUS accused of connection with Sejanus, condemned, saves himself by turning informer. 32 DGRBM 3-792
32±1 Poppaeus SABINUS, governor of Moesia from before 15, returns to Rome. 31 or later TAn 5:10 pre 34 TAn 6:29
32 Friend of Sejanus, Minucius THERMUS is executed. TAn 6:7
32 DGRBM 3-1098
c.32 Disciple of Sejanus, Latinius LATIARIS is executed. 32 DGRBM 3-1121
32 TIBERIUS, princeps 14-37, on Capri, reverses earlier policy, and pays informers to betray people and has them executed for treason.  Executions are supervised by Naevius Sutorius Macro. 32 MCAW, wikSj
c.32 Aurelius COTTA Messalinus is accused by senators of speaking disrespectfully of Tiberius, who doesn't buy it, sends a letter, and gets him acquitted. TAn 2:32, 4:6, 20
32 DGRBM 1-868, 3-1121
32 TIBERIUS, princeps 14-37, on Capri from 26, sails to Campania until 33, comes as far as his gardens in the Vatican, but does not enter Rome. 32 DGRBM 3-1122
c.32 Sextius PACHONIANUS, agent of Sejanus, turns on Sejanus, sentenced to death unless he informs on people, does so, remains in prison until strangled in 35. TAn 6:3,4, 39
32 DGRBM 3-80
32 Aelius LAMIA, governor of Syria from 21, returns to Rome, becomes urban prefect until death 33. TAn 6:27     32 Jud 3-443, rcS, wikRGS
32 4 Herodian princes head a delegation from Judea to Rome, ask Tiberius to tell Pilate to remove the Roman shields from Herod's palace to Caesarea.  Tiberius is angry at Pilate for erecting the shields in the first place. 32 JZ 74
32 Appius Junius SILANUS, accused of maiestas (treason), but saved by Celsus, one of the informers. 32 DGRBM 3-821, OCD 989
c.32 Gaul of Santoni, JULIUS AFRICANUS condemned by Tiberius. TAn 6:7
32 DGRBM 1-56
32 C. Calvisius SABINUS and 3 other men of consular rank are accused of maiestas.  Sabinus is saved by Celsus, tribune of a city cohort. 32 DGRBM 3-690, wikGCS
32 Senator Togonius Gallus proposes that Tiberius choose 20 senators to accompany him as a bodyguard.  This makes Togonius look stupid because everyone knows Tiberius intends to never return to Rome TAn 6:2
32 DGRBM 3-1162
32 Mamercus Aemilius SCAURUS, prosecuted for maiestas, but Tiberius stops the proceedings. 32 DGRBM 3-738
32 D. HATERIUS AGRIPPA is caught for plotting destruction of many men, executed by order of Tiberius.  Wife from ?? Domitia Lepida the Elder remarries 33. 32 DGRBM 1-77, wikDE
32 L. Calpurnius PISO dies a natural death, age 80, given a public funeral by senatorial decree.  He was a pontiff and urban prefect from ?.  L. Aelius LAMIA succeeds as urban prefect until 33. TAn 6:10
32 CAH 10-201, DGRBM 2-714, 3-373, OCD 837
32 late Fufius Geminus RUFUS dies.  Accused of maiestas because of friendship with Sejanus, suicides.  Wife Publia Prisca does likewise.  His mom Vitia mourns, and is therefore executed by Tiberius. TAn 6:14
32 DGRBM 3-674, 1276
33 Jan 1 CONSULS:  Servius Sulpicius GALBA and L. Cornelius SULLA Felix     Suffete: L. Salvius Otho 33 B76 Iv-384, DGRBM 2-206, 3-65, 944, FHBC 84, OCD 454, about, acOt, wikCon, wikGl
c.33 CAIUS (Caligula) Caesar, age 21, allowed to become quaestor 5 years early, and allowed to hold this office until he becomes emperor. 33 CAH 10-654, accla, wikCal
33 Wealthy, influential C. Sallustius CRISPUS Passienus marries widow from 32, DOMITIA LEPIDA the Elder until divorce 41.  She is oldest child of Antonia Major and L. Domitius Ahenobarbus. 33 wikDE, wikDLE
33 Followers and friends of Sejanus still in custody are massacred. 33 reTi
33 Dau of Pompeius Macer, Pompeia MACRINA exiled by Tiberius. TAn 6:18
33 DGRBM 3-473
33 Equite GEMINIUS executed for conspiracy by Tiberius, but really because he was a friend of Sejanus. TAn 6:14
33 DGRBM 2-238
c.33 Owner of gold mines in Spain, Sextus MARIUS dies.  Accused of incest with his dau, condemned, thrown from Tarpeian rock.  Tiberius gets his estate, though it had been declared public property. TAn 4:36, 6:19 33 DGRBM 2-960, 3-1122
33 TIBERIUS, princeps 14-37, in Campania from 32, returns to Capri. 33 DGRBM 3-1122
33 L. Aelius LAMIA, urban prefect from 32, dies. TAn 6:27     33 DGRBM 2-714
33 Tiberius gives order for Drusus Caesar to be starved to death. TAn 6:23
33 DGRBM 1-1088
33 Son of Germanicus & Agrippina, DRUSUS Caesar dies, prisoner in Roman palace from 29, eats mattress stuffing, starves to death 9 days after Tiberius' order, leaving bro Gaius the only son of Germanicus.  Widow Aemilia Lepida survives until 36. TAn 6:23     33 CAH 10-640, DGRBM 1-1088, 2-762, GHH, LEWH, OCD 366, accla, wikDC
33 MONEY:  A dead law requiring capitalists to invest in Italian land is suddenly enforced by Tiberius, causing a financial panic. 33 Dur 3-331, IDB 4-105
33 Land and financial crisis in Italy.  Tiberius offsets it with a loan of 100,000,000 sesterces borrowable by debtors for 3 years with no interest. TAn 6:16     33 CAH 10-642, IDB 4-105
33 M. VINICIUS (cos 30) marries Julia LIVILLA, dau of Germanicus d.19 & Agrippina until her death 41. TAn 6:15
33 DGRBM 3-1262, OCD 567, wikJLvl
33 Friend of Tiberius, L. CASSIUS Longinus marries Julia DRUSILLA, dau of Germanicus d.19, until divorce 37. TAn 6:15
33 wikJDr
33 Dau of Drusus d.23 & Livilla, wid of Gn. Nero 20-31, JULIA marries C. Rubellius Blandus until ?.  She lives until 44. TAn 6:27, 45
33 DGRBM 1-492, OCD 937
c.33 CAIUS (Caligula) Caesar, age 21, marries Junia CLAUDIA SILANA until her death 36.  She is dau of M. Junius Silanus. TAn 6:20, 45     32 DGRBM 1-564
33 DGRBM 3-821, 1122, OCD 989, accla, wikCal, wikMJS15
35 DGRBM 1-762, 3-1122
c.33 Son of Paullus & Cornelia, M. Aemilius LEPIDUS dies.  TAn 6:20     33 DGRBM 2-770, OCD 989
33 Son of C. Asinius Pollio, C. Asinius GALLUS Saloninus dies of starvation, age 74.  Imprisoned from 30, fed little by order of Tiberius, husband of Vipsania Agrippina 11 BC-20 CE, father of 5 sons. TAn 6:23 33 DGRBM 2-225, 3-1122, GHH, OCD 457, wikGAGS, wikVA
33 M. Cocceius NERVA dies of deliberate starvation.  Friend of Tiberius, but disgusted by him, resolves to die.  Tiberius tried to talk him out of it. TAn 6:26
33 DGRBM 2-1167, OCD 731
33 170 public BATHS now exist in Rome. 33 Dur 3-375
33 Oct 18 Dau of M. Agrippa d12 & Julia d14, widow of Germanicus, AGRIPPINA the Elder dies of starvation exiled on Pandateria island off Cumae from 29She was mom of Nero, Drusus, Caligula.  She is buried on Pandateria until 37. TAn 6:25     33 B76 I-148, II-459, CAH 10-639, CDCC 29, DGRBM 1-78, 3-1122, Dur 3-264, GHH, HRRP 4.1-358, LEWH, MCAW, accla, wikAE
no date: BNTH 250
33 late Dau of L. Munatius Plancus, PLANCINA dies.  Wid of Gn. Calpurnius Piso d.20, protected until now by friendship of Livia and enmity of Agrippina, now charged with all the old charges, suicides. TAn 6:26
33 DGRBM 3-382, wikGnCP
34 Jan 1 CONSULS:  L. VITELLIUS and Paulus FABIUS PERSICUS 34 CAH 10-748, DGRBM 3-209, 1273, FHBC 84, OCD 428, 1129, about, wikCon
34 C. Octavius LAENAS becomes aqueduct curator until 38. 34 DGRBM 3-10
34 CALIGULA begins affair with Ennia Thrasylla, wife of Praetorian Prefect Macro, with his consent. 34 wikMcr
34 Mamercus Aemilius SCAURUS dies.  Accused of maiestas, magic, and adultery with Livia by Servilius and Cornelius Tuscus, suicides.  Wife Sextia does likewise. TAn 1:13, 3:31,36 6:9,29     34 DGRBM 3-738, 810, 1193, OCD 958
34  Senatus Consultum Persicianum   people not married before age 60 (men) or 50 (women) are liable to celibacy penalties. 34 SHERL 81
34 Pomponius LABEO dies.  Governor of Moesia from 32, returns to Rome, and is denounced by Tiberius for maladministration.  He and his wife PRAXEA suicide. TAn 6:29
34 DGRBM 2-695
35 DGRBM 3-691, wikGPS
35 Jan 1 CONSULS:  C. Cestius GALLUS CAMERINUS and M. Servilius NONIANUS
suffetes: D. Valerius Asiaticus, A. Gabinius Secundus
TAn 3:36, 6:31
35 DGRBM 2-226, 1207, FHBC 84 about, wikCon, wikDVA
35 Senator Granius MARCIANUS accused of maiestas by C. Gracchus.  Suicides. TAn 6:38 35 DGRBM 2-942
35 Trebellienus RUFUS, previous governor of Thrace in 19, suicides. TAn 6:39
35 DGRBM 3-677
35 L. Fulcinius TRIO, imprisoned from ?, condemned, makes will attacking Macro, Tiberius, and his freedmen - then suicides. 35 DGRBM 3-1175
35 A Parthian faction under Sinnaces and eunuch Abdus goes to Rome, then to Capri, asks Tiberius to send Phraates, son of P-4, to overthrow Artabanus-III.  Tiberius gladly complies. TAn 6:31     35 B76 I-548, CAH 10-748, DGRBM 3-839
no date: OCD 1078
35 PHRAATES, son of P-4 of Parthia hostage in Rome from 10/9BC, released by Tiberius, sails to Syria, gets sick, dies.  TAn 6:31
35 CAH 10-748
no date: OCD 1078
35 TIBERIUS, princeps 14-37, on Capri, undaunted by death of Phraates son of P-4 of Parthia, sends grandson of P-4, TIRIDATES to Syria to overthrow Artabanus-III. TAn 6:32
35 CAH 10-748
35 TIBERIUS, on Capri, makes a WILL.  Names grandson Ti. GEMELLUS and CAIUS (Caligula) joint heirs. 35 CAH 10-642, accla, wikCal
c.35 L. Annaeus SENECA (the Younger), becomes quaestor. 35 Dur 3-301
post-37 wikSY
35 Dec Former governor of Moesia until c.32, C. Poppaeus SABINUS dies of natural causes.  He is grandfather of Poppaea Sabina. 35 CAH 10-184, wikPS
36 Jan 1 CONSULS:  Sex. PAPINIUS ALIENUS and Q. PLAUTIUS 36 DGRBM 3-118, 406, FHBC 84, about, wikCon
36 Procurator of Judea from 26, Pontius PILATE recalled to Rome for trial. 36 B76 VII-1005, BI+N 202, MCAW
36 Equite VIBULENUS AGRIPPA, on trial in the senate, poisons himself, doesnt die soon enough, so he is imprisoned and strangled. TAn 6:40
36 DGRBM 1-78, 3-1122
36 C. Sulpicius GALBA, financially distressed and hated by Tiberius, suicides. 36 anhiGl
36 TIGRANES-V dies.  Former king of Armenia, now in Rome, accused of something, and executed. 36 DGRBM 3-1122, wikT5A
36 Fire damages the circus and houses on the Aventine hill.  Tiberius on Capri gives 100,000,000 sesterces to the homeless. TAn 6:45
36 CAH 10-642, DGRBM 3-1122
36 Q. Junius BLAESUS and son suicide. TAn 5:7, 6:40
36 DGRBM 1-492,
36 Dau of Lepidus d33, AEMILIA LEPIDA dies.  Wid of Drusus d33, infamous for accusations against husband, accused of adultery with a slave, suicides. TAn 6:40
36 DGRBM 2-762, OCD 597, wikDC
36 Dau of M.J.S. d38, Junia CLAUDIA SILANA dies in childbirth.  Wife of Caligula from 33. TAn 6:45     34 wikCal 36 DGRBM 1-564, wikMJS15
36 Sutorius MACRO, Praetorian Prefect 31-38, takes pity on Caligula, offers him the services of his wife, ENNIA. TAn 6:45
36 Herod Julius AGRIPPA-I sails from Syria to Rome, intending to accuse Antipas to Tiberius.  Befriends Caligula, borrows money to pay old debts, remains in Rome until 38. Wars 2:9:5     35/6 ISBE 2-696     36 B76 V-3, BAA 242, CAH 10-642, 744, ENBD 523, IDB 2-591
36 fall Herod Julius AGRIPPA-I gets drunk at a party, says he wishes Caligula were emperor.  Charioteer Eutychus hears it and tells Tiberius. Wars 2:9:5     36 CAH 10-642, IDB 1-591
no date: Jud 2-415
36 fall Herod Julius AGRIPPA-I imprisoned in Rome until Tiberius dies 37. Wars 2:9:5     36 CAH 10-642, IDB 2-591
36 THRASYLLUS, Rhodian astrologer, friend of Tiberius, dies. 36 DGRBM 3-1110, GHH
37 Jan 1 CONSULS:  Gn. Acerronius PROCULUS and C. Petronius PONTIUS NIGRINUS until July 1 37 DGRBM 2-1202, FHBC 84, about, wikCon
37 early L. ARRUNTIUS dies.  A possible threat to Caligula, accused of maiestas and adultery by connivance of Macro, suicides. TAn 6:48
37 OCD 123
37 Wife of Satrius Secundus, ALBUCILLA charged with adultery, treason, and irreverence toward Tiberius, stabs herself ineffectually, and is imprisoned.  Others implicated include Gn. Domitius, Vibius Marsus, L. Arruntius, and senator Fregellanus Pontius, who is booted from the senate. TAn 6:47-8
36 DGRBM 3-496
37 DGRBM 1-94, 353, 2-962
37 T. Flavius SABINUS becomes quaestor and serves in Crete and Cyrenaica. 37 wikVs
c.37 Praetorian Carsidius SACERDOTOS condemned for helping an adulterer with Albucilla.  Banished to an island. 37 DGRBM 3-692
37 TIBERIUS, princeps 14-37, on Capri, hears of defeat of Antipas by Aretas-IV, orders L. Vitellius to take punitive action. 37 Jud 3-76
37 Feb? TIBERIUS, princeps 14-37, on Capri from 26, sails to Campania.  37 Dur 3-265
37 Mar 15 TIBERIUS, princeps 14-37, in Campania, participates in a game that requires him to throw a javelin, pulls a shoulder muscle, goes to bed. 37 B76 18-371
37 Mar 15 TIBERIUS, princeps 14-37, in Campania, goes to Misenum, stops breathing.  Everyone thinks hes dead, and congratulates Caligula.  Tiberius revives, and demands food.  Physician Charicles predicts his death because of weak pulse. TAn 6:50
36/7 DGRBM 3-1122
37 DGRBM 1-684
37 Mar 15 TIBERIUS, dying at Misenum, chooses successors, grandson Ti. GEMELLUS jointly with son of Germanicus CAIUS (Caligula), then goes into a coma. 37 DGRBM 3-1122, LEWH
37 Mar 16 Son of Ti. Claudius Nero Sr. & Livia, TIBERIUS dies at Misenum, age 77, princeps from 14, either naturally, or smothered with a pillow by Macro's order.  Grandneph CAIUS, age 25, only remaining son of Germanicus & Agrippina-I, CAIUS CALIGULA succeeds until 41. Ant 18:6:10, TAn 6:50     37 B76 18-371, BAA 108, BBA 232, CAH 10, CDCC 159, 888, DGRBM 1-563,4, 3-1123, DGRG 2-362, Dur 3-265, GHH HRRP 4.1-367, IDB 1-489, 4-640, Jud 5-60, LEWH, MCAW, SHWC 131, TToH, TTPC, accla, anhiTi, reCld, reTi, vrmCal, wikCal, wikTi
The treasury contains 3 billion sesterces.  In all of Tiberius' reign, only 52 persons were accused of treason, of whom almost half escaped conviction, while the 4 innocent people to be condemned fell victim to the zeal of the Senate, not to Tiberius' tyranny. wikTi

Italy 37-54